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Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™ Podcast is a celebration of people, ideas and companies that stand out. A leader in the category “dialogue podcasts,” it feels like eavesdropping on a surprisingly captivating, candid, insightful, no-BS and conversation. Lochhead features legends whose names you will know and everyday legends who you’ll love getting to know. New York Times Bestselling author Hal Elrod calls it “one of the best podcasts of all time”, NBA Legend Bill Walton calls Lochhead “an exploding star – a quasar across the sky", Fast Company Magazine calls him “a human exclamation point”, The Marketing Journal says he’s “one of the best minds in marketing” and The Economist says he’s, “off-putting to some”.

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Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™ Podcast is a celebration of people, ideas and companies that stand out. A leader in the category “dialogue podcasts,” it feels like eavesdropping on a surprisingly captivating, candid, insightful, no-BS and conversation. Lochhead features legends whose names you will know and everyday legends who you’ll love getting to know. New York Times Bestselling author Hal Elrod calls it “one of the best podcasts of all time”, NBA Legend Bill Walton calls Lochhead “an exploding star – a quasar across the sky", Fast Company Magazine calls him “a human exclamation point”, The Marketing Journal says he’s “one of the best minds in marketing” and The Economist says he’s, “off-putting to some”.

    What is going on? | #1 Tech Analyst R “Ray” Wang Chairman Constellation Research

    What is going on? | #1 Tech Analyst R “Ray” Wang Chairman Constellation Research

    In this episode, we have an amazing conversation with the world's number one tech analyst, Ray Wang. He's the founder of Constellation Research and the author of a spectacular, bestselling book called Disrupting Digital Business. We talk about what's going on with C19, is C 19 a bioweapon, and what's going on with bioweapons. We also talk about the digital giants and stock investing. Additionally, we talked about the future of enterprise tech and much more.

    Is C19 A Bioweapon?

    As a fan of conspiracy theory, Chris asked if indeed, Covid19 is a bioweapon. Ray shares it has not yet been addressed as of the moment but deconstructing the DNA of Covid19 says otherwise. He raised a serious call for treaties among countries as bioweapons are not a thing of the future. 

    “Do we have offensive or defensive capabilities? And the thought crosses through every government's mind as to, what's required? What's within the limits? What treaties have we signed? So I don't think it was intentional. I think the safety protocols were definitely broken. I think it's not necessarily something they were planning to unleash. But it was something that they were studying.” - Ray Wang

    Currency Crisis and Cryptocurrency

    Ray also shares some of his views about the current “devaluing of dollars.” They also touched on the efforts of China and Russia to push forward the use of cryptocurrencies. Ray foresees issues with the use of cryptocurrencies, from currency exchange manipulation to funding of terrorists and untraceable purchase of ammunition.

    “We're seeing some massive shifts, and it's really the attack on the dollar that has been happening for some time. It's as if everybody is not in favor of the dollar being the world's reserve currency.” - Ray Wang

    Ransomware Gangs

    Chris and Ray talk about some recent events where some personalities' Twitter accounts got hacked and were asked to send back Bitcoin to get back their accounts. Aside from this, Ray shares a much deeper kind of attacks they receive, targeted to tech professionals like him.

    “We have insider threats, people inside companies that have either been placed, recruited, or turned. I'll say that again. They've been placed, recruited, scooted, or turned to work against the US, the country or a corporation. And this, we have cyber ransom spies going to work for government agencies and or corporations, with the foreign government agencies, whether knowingly or unknowingly, they have been told that, ‘hey, if you just stick into the drive over here, for a bunch of zero-day vulnerabilities, which we've packaged together very well, you can take out entire networks. And you can do your part, you know, in part of the revolution, or whatever revolution you're in.’” - Ray Wang

    To know more about Ray Wang and what’s going on in the world and tech world today, download and listen to this episode.


    R "Ray" Wang (pronounced WAHNG) is the Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research, Inc.  

    He's also the author of the popular business strategy and technology blog "A Software Insider’s Point of View". 

    With viewership in the 10's of millions of page views a year, his blog provides insight into how disruptive technologies and new business models such as digital transformation impact brands, enterprises, and organizations.  

    Wang has held executive roles in product, marketing, strategy, and consulting at companies such as Forrester Research, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    His new best selling book Disrupting Digital Business, published by Harvard Business Review Press and now globally available provides insights on why 52% of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list since 2000.  

    In fact, this impact of digital disruption is real.

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    175 The Startup Community Way w/ Brad Feld

    175 The Startup Community Way w/ Brad Feld

    Today, we continue our run on top venture capitalists with none other than the legend, Brad Feld. He's the co-founder of Foundry Group and Tech Stars. He's on the Forbes Midas List and a Top Five Investor. He has a new book called The Startup Community Way. 

    We have wide-ranging conversations from C19, making sense of this time of hyper change complex adaptive systems, the future of startups Silicon Valley and work, and why Brad is not leaving his house. Pay special attention to Brad's thoughts on how to deal with an unpredicted situation and where it can feel like we have a lot less control.

    The Three Crises

    Brad shares what’s on his mind at the moment, how he has stepped forward to help the governor of Colorado without leaving the confines of his home, and how he has pondered upon the three crises of the world today.

    “I referred to the health crisis, which is COVID, which generated an economic crisis, which we wouldn't have had otherwise, our economy was very strong, which has generated a mental health crisis and which is subsequently generated. racial equity crisis. All of these things are interacting with each other.” - Brad Feld

    Complex Adaptive Systems

    Brad shares how he realized that all of these crises were complex systems. In fact, in his book, The Startup Community Way, he bases the entire framework of how startup communities develop and evolve on complexity theory and the notion of complex adaptive systems. 

    “I've really been soaked in that intellectually, not just in the COVID crisis, not just in the book, not just in all the dynamics around the businesses that I'm involved in, and I'm an investor in, but just sort of thinking about how as humans, we do such a bad job of understanding how to interact with complex systems. We want everything to become deterministic, linear or well defined and the vast majority of stuff we interact with isn't.” - Brad Feld

    Simple and Complex Systems 

    Simple is making a coffee drink, complicated is designing a Boeing airplane, or conducting a business audit, and complex is raising a child.

    “I think a lot of people have been operating against the backdrop of believing that a lot of things are deterministic and predictive, and trying to function in a way where that is not natural. As humans, we want to control stuff. You want to understand what it is you want to do, fix things so that you're not fighting against them and you want to get to an outcome and you want to set a goal and make a goal.” - Brad Feld

    To know more about Brad Feld, download and listen to this episode. 


    Brad Feld is co-founder of the Foundry Group and has been an early-stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987. 

    Brad previously co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and Techstars, and prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures. 

    Feld was an early investor in Harmonix, Zynga, MakerBot, and Fitbit. 

    A writer and speaker on venture capital investing and entrepreneurship, Brad has written a number of books as part of the Startup Revolution series, and writes the blogs Feld Thoughts and Venture Deals. 

    He currently is chair of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and on the boards of Path Forward, the Kauffman Fellows, and Defy Ventures. 

    Brad holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Management Science from MIT. 

    An art collector and long-distance runner, he has completed 25 marathons as part of his mission to finish a marathon in each of the 50 U.S. states. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.


    The Foundry Group Team - Brad Feld

    The Startup Community Way

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    174 Intentional Integrity | Rob Chestnut, former Airbnb Chief Ethics Officer

    174 Intentional Integrity | Rob Chestnut, former Airbnb Chief Ethics Officer

    In this episode, our host Christopher Lochhead speaks with Rob Chestnut on why integrity matters more than ever. Rob is the former chief ethics officer of Airbnb and the author of the new book Intentional Integrity.

    Chris and Rob go deep on strategies for handling a crisis and how leaders have to deal with the speed required in this age of canceled culture to get positive results. They talk about what exactly a chief ethics officer is, and why more companies are adding the position. Pay special attention to what Rob says about corporate MBAs and his thoughts on what the work world looks like after C19.

    Coping With Change

    Rob shares that the world is changing so rapidly. He says that he admires how we, especially kids, are coping with this incredible rate of change. He also shares the changes in leadership both corporations and governments. 

    “I think the world is moving toward integrity, though. There's a connectedness that has led all of us to think about others in ways that maybe we haven't been thinking about people in the past.” - Rob Chestnut

    Cancel Culture

    Christopher shares a recent incident in a Santa Cruz restaurant and how it got a taste of “cancel culture” from its customers and employees, Rob shares his insights into this current movement, where employees and customers rally online. 

    “Customers want to do business with businesses that share their values. Employees want to work in places that share their values. What we're seeing more and more is, if there's a mismatch, customers leave. Customers will leave very quickly and move their business elsewhere. If they perceive a business that isn't in line with their values. The same thing with employees, more than ever today.” - Rob Chestnut

    Chief Ethics Officer

    Rob also shares what a chief ethics officer does. Rob shares it is important for employees to know that someone is standing up and speaking about issues. He shares how this was implemented in Airbnb who has 5000 employees now. 

    “The chief ethics officer does not make a company ethical, and a company doesn't need a chief ethics officer to be ethical. That role can help drive integrity into the culture of the company, by being the spokesperson on the leadership team, for ensuring that the company doesn't lose sight of its Northstar, of its purpose and its mission and to ensure that the company is thinking about all of this different shareholder, stakeholders, employees and alike.” - Rob Chestnut

    To know more about Rob Chestnut and intentional integrity, download and listen to this episode.


    Rob Chesnut is the general counsel at Airbnb Inc. 

    As Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Chegg,  Rob oversees the company’s corporate and legal relations. 

    Rob brings over twenty-five years of legal experience from high profile e-commerce and technology companies. 

    Prior to Chegg, Rob served as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel for LiveOps, Inc., a leading provider of call center outsourcing services. Before LiveOps Inc., he worked as eBay’s Senior Vice President of the Trust and Safety Department, where he oversaw the development of the company’s global detection infrastructure. 

    With extensive experience in the U.S. Justice Department, Rob is the recipient of the Department’s John Marshall award for litigation, and the CIA’ Outstanding Service Medallion.

    When he’s not working, Rob loves to spend time with his family or head out to the golf course.


    The Intentional Integrity

    Linkedin: Rob Chestnut

    Twitter: @chestnutrob

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    173 A Unique American Perspective w/ MK Palmore, Marine, FBI Exec & Cybersecurity Advisor

    173 A Unique American Perspective w/ MK Palmore, Marine, FBI Exec & Cybersecurity Advisor

    We listen today to an extraordinary and unique perspective on what is happening in the United States right now. Our guest, the legendary MK Palmore, whose entire background positions him to be a leader of this moment that we all find ourselves in.

    Not only does MK have this incredible career as a Marine, as an FBI agent, now, but he's also a Silicon Valley-based executive at a major tech company. He is African American and his perspective on our world right now is like none other I have seen or heard, and we go deep on all of it.  This is a very powerful conversation we hope gets heard by many.

    To Serve and To Protect

    Coming from a solid law enforcement background, MK shares the conversations that he is having with his former colleagues. He mentions that there should be an understanding about the basic concept of “being called to serve and protect” among law enforcers. Unfortunately, a number of law enforcers have a different agenda other than this core mission.

    “It requires, again, an understanding that, ‘hey, a potential problem exists.’ This is from law enforcement to the other side [minorities]. We need to be willing to listen so that we can make adjustments to how it is that we go about policing, which I think will be a huge challenge.” - MK Palmore 

    Police-ing Is Extremely Hard Work

    MK describes the demands of police work. There are certain challenges involved in that profession that don't lend themselves to flow judgments. As these recent situations arise, he believes that there should probably be some training changes that need to happen on the law enforcement side.

    “Law enforcement officers are trained in a particular way so that they can make quick judgments or assessment of situations so that they can mitigate and bring down a situation as quickly as possible, to de-escalate a situation quickly as possible.” - MK Palmore

    Comprise To Let Healing Begin

    MK shares how strong leadership is needed to talk about issues and to compromise. This is the only route where healing can begin. He shares his experiences as an African American former FBI agent and now a Tech professional and how he contributes to the current issues.

    “While I do not believe that there is an explicit racism present in law enforcement, I do believe that there is implicit racism in our society. To believe that law enforcement is somehow immune to this, I think, is misplaced.” - MK Palmore

    To know more about MK Palmore, a Marine, FBI Exec & Cybersecurity Advisor and his unique American perspective, download and listen to this episode.


    MK was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  It’s no surprise he was influenced daily and at an early age by the formative sights and sounds of our government at work.  

    As a youth, he had already decided to embark on a career of service. This led him to the shores of Annapolis, where he was a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, and afterward as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. 

    Following his military service, MK began a 22-year journey as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a key player behind numerous high-level investigations and an early combatant in the fight against cybercrime.

    During this impressive career of public service, MK honed his leadership skills, rounding out his tenure in an executive position leading the cybersecurity investigative teams of FBI San Francisco.


    MK Palmore

    Linkedin: MKPalmore

    Twitter: @mk_palmore

    We hope you enjoyed this episode of Follow Your Different!

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    172 Feelings Are Fickle | Dushka Zapata, Best Selling Author

    172 Feelings Are Fickle | Dushka Zapata, Best Selling Author

    Today, we have one of our regular guest Dushka Zapata, one of the most prolific and important writers on planet Earth. Her work has been viewed on the Question and Answer site Quora, 165 million times. She's got a brand new book out called Feelings are Fickle, and Other Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me. We have a great conversation and she will definitely help you make sense of all that is happening in the world today.

    How Are You?

    Christopher and Dushka discuss how this question has been asked a lot of time during this time of Covid19. They shared how you can respond to this question or how to ask other the same question. Dushka shares the importance of intently asking since most people are suffering during this time. 

    “I think that anyone that you encounter today, anyone is isolated, scared, overwhelmed, maybe unemployed, stressed. It's just like a really, really a moment of reckoning.” - Dushka Zapata

    Writing During Covid19

    Dushka also shares about how she stopped posting online and started listening. She shares her process now as compared to pre-Covid19. The themes of her writing are more about shared experiences and now more than ever, everybody is experiencing the same thing. She finds it universal that everybody can relate now to her writing.

    “I have friends everywhere. I've lived in many places in the world throughout my life, and I have friends in Italy and friends in Switzerland and friends across Asia. We're all going through the same thing, through similar concerns and similar fears. It's horrible and fascinating.” - Dushka Zapata

    Cocoon Time and Optimism

    Christopher asks Dushka about her thoughts about the world being in a cocoon time, where there is pre-Covid19 and then there’s the future. Dushka describes it beautifully as she says this metaphor is full of optimism, as it relates to a caterpillar turning into a colorful and iridescent butterfly. 

    “I think I would want to make a distinction between optimism and toxic optimism. Toxic optimism is: ‘I believe that things will work out in a good way.’ That is optimism. Toxic optimism is ‘me believing that things will work out in a good way’ is a wall between me and understanding the possibilities. So am I putting up other possibilities that people have not considered or am I blind to what's actually happening today?” - Dushka Zapata

    To hear more about Dushka and why feelings are fickle, download and listen to this episode,


    Dushka Zapata is one of the most prolific and popular writers working today. 

    On question and answer site Quora her work has been viewed over 165 million times.

    She’s the author of ten best-selling books.

    Dushka has over 20 years experience as a senior communications executive in Silicon Valley. 

    When she’s not writing, she works as a communications executive in San Fransciso.


    Quora: Dushka Zapata

    Feelings Are Fickle

    Twitter: @dushkaamateur

    Linkedin: Dushka Zapata

    We hope you enjoyed this episode of Follow Your Different! Christopher loves hearing from his listeners. Feel free to email him, connect on a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/legendsandlosers/" target="_blank" rel=...

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    171 Black Entrepreneurs Matter w/ D’Narius Lewis

    171 Black Entrepreneurs Matter w/ D’Narius Lewis

    Today, we have a very big conversation about social change, entrepreneurship, Black Lives Matter, and a whole lot more with author, entrepreneur, and speaker, D’Narius Lewis. We believe he represents a voice that is not being heard enough right now — the voice of young African American entrepreneurs.

    D’narius has gone from homeless to successful. He is the founder of Optimum Outreach, a telecom brokerage firm. Frankly, we need to be asking ourselves “how do we foster an environment where there are a lot more D’narius Lewis’ you see denarius amongst many entrepreneurs?”

    Living in Ground Zero

    Christopher probes D’narius what it is like to be a young black male American entrepreneur, living in the “hood” in Minneapolis, which, as you know, is where George Floyd was killed.  D’narius described how on the same day as his birthday, literally just 30 minutes away, George Floyd suffered from police brutality. 

    “Everyone wants to have this conversation but until you actually put yourself on the ground level and take action and see why people are protesting, see why people are frustrated. There has to be a reform behind everything that's been created. It's a never ending conversation.” - D’Narius Lewis

    What It Would Take For A Breakthrough

    D’Narius believes having the right conversations are essentially what needs to be done to get something out of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

    “Right now, we're still having a debate to why this isn't even a conversation. Racism is not real and so having that first conversation is really  like ‘let's actually sit down and break this down. Let’s not be defensive. Let's actually break down the facts.’ Once we get down that road, then let’s break down defunding the police department. A lot of people want to defund the police department. The police department defunded funds is not completely defunding a police department. It is taking funds that can be allocated to the community, to allocate for individuals and mental health spaces. ” - D’Narius Lewis

    Crime is Crime By Humans

    D’narius shares more about humans committing crimes and how people want to be treated as humans. He also shares about what is happening at the local level, especially why the activists are not the person responsible for the riots.

    “We're still having the same conversation that Martin Luther King had Malcolm X had. Now we're in the 2020s many years away from that conversation and we're still saying, ‘hey, are we're still being killed on the streets by police brutality,’ ‘hey, we're still living in poverty from from years of being set free, but not actually given a system to be a part of.’ The list goes on and on of all these different roadblocks and loopholes that I might know I've had to go through because the system wasn't built for us.” -  - D’Narius Lewis

    To hear more about D’Narius and social change, entrepreneurship, Black Lives Matter, and a whole lot more, download and listen to this episode. 


    D’Narius Lewis was born May 25, 1993, in Shelby County, Tennessee. His family then moved to Minnesota in 1998 where he currently resides. D’Narius was raised by his single mother; being the youngest and only boy in his family shaped his outlook on life and the concept of survival and determination. He has stepped up to the plate as being the man of his household to keep his family as a unit.

    A born entrepreneur, D’Narius Lewis started his sales career at the age of 15 when he began selling iPhones and Androids off Craigslist; this led to his passion for business and entrepreneurship.

    While in college D’Narius balanced a full time job along with being a student. His balance became overwhelming and he often found himself having to decide to go to work or school. He later got fired from his job and eventually dropped out of college in re

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