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Conversations with Coleman is home to honest conversations with leading intellectuals on polarised issues in the realm of race, politics and culture in the West.

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Conversations with Coleman is home to honest conversations with leading intellectuals on polarised issues in the realm of race, politics and culture in the West.

    From Foster Care to Cambridge with Rob Henderson

    From Foster Care to Cambridge with Rob Henderson

    Rob Henderson discusses his memoir and the impact of his early life experiences. He challenges the overemphasis on education as a measure of success and highlights the importance of stable family structures. Rob also questions the narrative of overcoming trauma and the limitations of post-traumatic growth. He acknowledges that some foster parents have ulterior motives, such as financial gain. Additionally, he explores gender differences in foster care and the challenges of addressing single parent homes. The conversation covers topics like the importance of two-parent homes in the neighborhood, the influence of background on work on luxury beliefs, using race as a proxy for disadvantage, the hypocrisy of luxury beliefs, the effectiveness of therapy, and the ethics of surrogacy.

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Is Therapy Bad for You? with Abigail Shrier

    Is Therapy Bad for You? with Abigail Shrier

    Today we discuss Abigail Shrier's new book, "Bad Therapy". She explains the harmful effects of therapy, particularly on children and adolescents, and the risks associated with overdiagnosis and overmedication. Shrier also explores the treatment prevalence paradox, where the rates of mental health issues continue to rise despite increased access to therapy. She emphasizes the importance of authoritative parenting and the negative impact of excessive mental health interventions in schools. Additionally, she discusses the controversy surrounding ADHD diagnosis and the ineffectiveness of drug education programs. We discuss the impact of mental health surveys on children, the influence of social media on mental health, the role of mental health professionals in social contagions, the rarity of happiness, the power of exposure therapy and the therapeutic approach, the contagion of Tourette's on TikTok, the controversy surrounding multiple personality disorder, the overdiagnosis of seasonal affective disorder, the importance of exposure therapy in dealing with anxiety, and the implications for parents in approaching therapy.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Feminism Under The Microscope with Mary Harrington

    Feminism Under The Microscope with Mary Harrington

    My guest today is Mary Harrington. Mary is a writer and contributing editor at UnHerd. She's the author of a great book called Feminism Against Progress. In this episode, we talk about her general critique of feminism, we talk about what she calls progress theology, we talk about the changing social status of motherhood, we talk about the Barbie movie, gender dysphoria, and much more

    • 56 min
    Why? The Purpose of the Universe with Philip Goff

    Why? The Purpose of the Universe with Philip Goff

    My guest today is Philip Goff. Philip is a philosophy professor at Durham University. He's the author of Galileo's Error and Why the Purpose of the Universe.

    Philip believes that science gives us objective reasons to believe that there's value in the universe and he comes at this from a very different angle than say Sam Harris, who reaches the same conclusion for different reasons in his book, The Moral Landscape. Philip relies heavily on the so-called fine tuning argument. So we talk a lot about that in this podcast. We also talk about Philip's theory of panagentialism and much more.

    • 1 hr 7 min
    All Things China with Cindy Yu

    All Things China with Cindy Yu

    My guest today is Cindy Yu. Cindy Yu is an assistant editor at the Spectator Magazine, and she's the host of the "Chinese Whispers" podcast, which is actually one of my favorite podcasts.

    We talk about whether China will invade Taiwan. We talk about whether the West should adopt a Cold War-like mentality towards China. We discuss the phenomenon of Chinese espionage in the West. We talk about the wave of immigration from Hong Kong into the UK. We discuss the nosedive in China's birthrate over the past 10 years. We talk about the so-called century of humiliation. We talk about the legacy of Xi Jinping. We also talk about the apparent futility of the democracy movement in China and much more.

    • 44 min
    Psychedelic Libertarianism with Nick Gillespie

    Psychedelic Libertarianism with Nick Gillespie

    My guest today is Nick Gillespie. Nick is a prominent libertarian journalist and commentator best known for his work at Reason Magazine, where he's been for around 30 years.

    In this episode, we discuss Nick's experience getting engaged at the recent Burning Man. We talk about psychedelic drugs, the promise they hold, as well as the dangers they contain. We talk about the evolution of the libertarian movement in America. We talk about how we should message about drugs to kids. We talk about the differences between MDMA, psilocybin, and LSD. We talk about why trust in government has declined, and much more.

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4.6 out of 5
110 Ratings

110 Ratings

jhinden ,


It is clear to me after listening that this ‘no compromise’ attitude of the guest (and the whole ‘movement’ it seems) is what needs to change in order for there to be change. The definition of insanity example the guest gave applies both ways. Unless he truly believes that the ‘resistance’ is working, then perhaps it’s time to compromise - at least as a first step towards the desired end goal. And if he believes that the ‘resistance’ is working, then something is clearly wrong.

A ceasefire is not a compromise given that there was one in place before this conflict started.

Djmaly ,

Cool dude

Super smart guy

GEMarcus ,

A not well informed discussion - A Nuanced View on Israel and Palestine Conflict

the description of history is too innocent of the actual history and misses serious fractures in each society. The fundamental problem is that each society has a considerable portion who are of the we take it all (Hamas - Settlers to be too simplistic), and likely larger portions of each agreeable to a settlement. Why then has the conflict not been settled? Because the ‘take it all’ side, is willing to kill their own to ensure not settlements. When Arafat turned down the offer from Barack, he did so because he didn’t want to be killed by those in his own tribe. Just as when Rabin was enacting the Oslo settlement, he was assassinated by one of the we want all of Judea and Samaria (i.e., the West Bank) to prevent the then ongoing installing of a viable two state solution. Unless the two tribes ensure that a viable agreement can defeat in some fashion their own absolutists there will be no enduring peace….

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