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Interviews with the world's most innovative leaders. Hosted by respected Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman.

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Interviews with the world's most innovative leaders. Hosted by respected Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman.

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    CIO Strategy: How to Lead Enterprise Data and Analytics?

    CIO Strategy: How to Lead Enterprise Data and Analytics?

    Data and analytics should be a core competence for every Chief Information Officer and Information Technology organization. Given the business, technical, and cultural challenges of using data to make informed business decisions, it’s no surprise that data science and analytics are hard.
    So, how do you make your enterprise data and analytics program a success? Bruno Aziza, head of data and analytics for Google Cloud, explains his approach with valuable lessons based on practical experience.

    The conversation includes these topics:
    -- CIO Strategy: How to Lead Enterprise Data and Analytics?
    -- How to choose a meaningful data problem?
    -- How important is data infrastructure?
    -- What is a data mesh?
    -- How can small organizations take advantage of data and analytics?
    -- Should the CIO own data and analytics?
    -- Chief financial officer as the data owner?
    -- Chief Digital Officer as the data owner?
    -- Value of low-code and no-code products to CIOs?

    Bruno Aziza is head of data and analytics for Google Cloud. He specializes in scaling businesses & turning them into global leaders. He helped launch Alpine Data Labs (bought by Tibco), AppStream (bought by Symantec), SiSense (bought Periscope Data) & AtScale. He was at Business Objects when they went IPO (after acquiring Acta & Crystal Reports, & before SAP bought them for $7B). He was at Microsoft when they turned the Data & Analytics business into a $1B giant. Bruno has written 2 books on Data Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management. His allegiance is to the Analytics Community worldwide.

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    CIO Strategy: How to Partner with Startups?

    CIO Strategy: How to Partner with Startups?

    For Chief Information Officers (CIO) trying to make their enterprises more agile, eagerness to partner with cloud computing startups can be strong. But it’s not always clear how to decide which are worthwhile investments for enterprise IT, or how to successfully partner with startups.

    One of the world's most prominent cloud computing startup advisors, Jason Lemkin, shares his advice for successful collaboration between enterprise information technology and startups.

    Our conversation includes the following topics:
    -- About Jason Lemkin and Saastr
    -- How can CIOs be successful in partnering with startups?
    -- The “social contract” between CIO and startup
    -- How to make the enterprise / startup relationship work effectively?
    -- The enterprise startup maturity lifecycle
    -- Challenges startups face when selling to large companies
    -- How to remove friction from the enterprise / startup relationship?

    Jason Lemkin started the world’s largest community for SaaS/B2B founders, SaaStr.com, and the world’s largest gathering for them, SaaStr Annual | The Biggest SaaS Event on the Planet. In addition to doing his best to help run SaaStr, he is a hyper-founder centric VC with $90m to invest in the top SaaS founders. He served as CEO and co-founder of EchoSign, the web’s most popular electronic signature service, from inception through its acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc.

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    What is SASE? (with Palo Alto Networks)

    What is SASE? (with Palo Alto Networks)

    Secure access service edge (SASE) has become an important part of enterprise networking and security. But what is SASE? We take a deep dive into SASE by speaking with Anand Oswal. Senior Vice President and General Manager at Palo Alto Networks. In this exclusive interview, he explains SASE and shares best practices for securing enterprise resources in today's Cloud-enabled world.

    The conversation includes these topics:
    -- What is SASE?
    -- The five parts of SASE
    -- How does SASE enable business agility?
    -- What are the hardware and software requirements for SASE?
    -- SASE and zero trust security models
    -- SASE and multi-Cloud computing
    -- SASE and SD-WAN solutions
    -- How to deploy SASE?
    -- Advice on SASE for CIOs

    Anand Oswal serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager at cyber security leader Palo Alto Networks where he leads the company’s Firewall as a Platform efforts. He holds more than 60 U.S. patents.

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    What is the Experience Economy? A Discussion with Michael J. Wolf

    What is the Experience Economy? A Discussion with Michael J. Wolf

    A new world of media, technology, and entertainment is emerging right before our eyes. It’s an economy of attention, engagement, and experience, driven by social networks, smartphones, the convergence of online and offline channels, radical transparency of brands, media, and entertainment content, and the movement of consumers away from passive consumption to active participation.

    The age of passive consumers, walled gardens, and linear content is giving way to an era where consumers share real-time experiences across multiple devices, demanding thoughtful content and co-created brand experiences.

    This intersection of media, technology, and entertainment has reached a watershed moment that will add $400 billion to the global economy in the next four years. It is also causing seismic shifts in what consumers expect from digital products, services, and experiences.

    In this episode, Michael Wolf, former President and COO of MTV, and Co-Founder and CEO of Activate Consulting, shares his extensive research into this topic, especially in the new report called, Technology & Media Outlook 2022.

    Topics discussed in this episode include:
    -- About the technology and media convergence
    -- Technology and media convergence
    -- Consumers are “slaves to the algorithm”
    -- What are influencers and super-users important?
    -- Why is business software so boring?
    -- What is the metaverse?

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    CIO Playbook: Strategic IT 2022

    CIO Playbook: Strategic IT 2022

    How can Chief Information Officers ensure that information technology investments support core organizational business goals? In 2022, business leaders expect more than ever from CIO strategy. We speak with Satyan Parameswaran, President of Information Technology at (United Parcel Service) UPS to learn more. With $85 billion in revenue, UPS is one of the world's largest package delivery and logistics companies.

    This conversation includes the following topics:

    -- What is the role of IT at UPS?
    -- IT strategy and IT investment at UPS
    -- Digital twins at UPS
    -- Aligning CIO investment strategy and corporate business goals
    -- Forecasting package loads at UPS
    -- What is the role of technology in the enterprise?
    -- IT investment planning for 2022

    Satyan Parameswaran is responsible for all the application technology used in the UPS package centers, hubs, scanning, automation, retail access points, international regulatory compliance, aviation security, automotive, telematics, preload and on-road technology. He is responsible for the technology that helps UPS deliver ~24 million packages every day.

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    AI Ethics and Responsible AI for Data Scientists

    AI Ethics and Responsible AI for Data Scientists

    As data scientists and business leaders, we need to think about the ethical and privacy considerations of machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, this isn't always easy. What happens when your model is wrong? Or if your model learns something you didn't teach it? And what about fairness -- do certain groups get better or worse results than others?

    To help demystify these topics, FICO's Scott Zoldi shares recommendations around ethics and privacy, as well as practical advice for how AI teams should respond to mistakes or issues that may pop up during testing.

    The conversation covers these topics:
    -- What is responsible AI?
    -- AI governance and AI ethical principles
    -- AI ethical standards and government policy
    -- Ethical considerations and corporate culture
    -- Managing bias in AI planning
    -- What is the responsible AI framework at FICO?

    Scott Zoldi is chief analytics officer at FICO responsible for the analytic development of FICO's product and technology solutions. While at FICO, Scott has been responsible for authoring more than 100 analytic patents, with 65 granted and 53 pending. Scott serves on two boards of directors, Software San Diego and Cyber Center of Excellence. Scott received his Ph.D. in theoretical and computational physics from Duke University.

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34 Ratings

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