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Interviews with the world's most innovative leaders. Hosted by respected Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman.

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Interviews with the world's most innovative leaders. Hosted by respected Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman.

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    Customer Experience in Professional Sports and Entertainment

    Customer Experience in Professional Sports and Entertainment

    Professional sports organizations are transforming as customer and fan expectations evolve, all enabled by digital technologies. To learn more about customer experience, we speak with Jonathan Becher, president of Sharks Sports & Entertainment LLC, the parent organization of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks hockey team and three ice sport facilities in Silicon Valley.

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    The conversation includes these topics:

    -- What are customer experience and fan experience?
    -- Problems with transactional customer experience
    -- How to build and measure customer loyalty
    -- Managing budget constraints and customer experience
    -- Business goals of Sharks Sports & Entertainment
    -- The home team advantage and customer experience
    -- Managing difficult strategic objectives
    -- How to create a community and build customer engagement

    Prior to joining Sharks Sports & Entertainment, Becher spent a decade at SAP in a variety of senior roles, including Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Officer. A three-time CEO, Becher is a frequent speaker at technology industry events, and is a regularly published author on a variety of topics, including the popular blog Manage By Walking Around http://jonathanbecher.com.

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    How Can AI Improve Healthcare?

    How Can AI Improve Healthcare?

    We’re in the middle of a healthcare revolution – and artificial intelligence is going to make the difference. AI can help us diagnose diseases faster, deliver care more effectively, improve outcomes, and increase accountability.

    To learn more, we speak with Kimberly Powell, vice president of healthcare at NVIDIA, and Daniel Kraft, a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator serving as Chair of the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance Task Force.

    The conversation covers topics including the impact of AI and natural language processing (NLP) for healthcare organizations, electronic medical records, healthcare AI startups, and much more:

    -- AI and machine learning in healthcare
    -- AI in drug discovery and development
    -- Why AI is important in healthcare
    -- Obstacles to adoption of AI in healthcare
    -- How to democratize healthcare data and healthcare ai
    -- Managing security and privacy of healthcare data
    -- Data science and bioinformatics
    -- Educational resources for healthcare AI startups
    -- Clinical decision support and trusted AI systems
    -- How AI will change healthcare and medical practice

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    Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and AI in Drug Discovery

    Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and AI in Drug Discovery

    Modern drug discovery relies heavily on predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. As a result, many large pharma and biotech companies are using data science to drive innovation in drug discovery. We speak with Dr. Bülent Kızıltan, Head of Causal & Predictive Analytics • Data Science & AI at the Novartis AI Innovation Center to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry.

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    The conversation includes a discussion of these topics:
    -- AI and data science in pharma
    -- Talent management and diverse teams in pharma
    -- Using AI and data science in drug discovery and precision medicine
    -- Challenges in drug discovery and precision medicine
    -- How Novartis engages community around AI awareness
    -- Managing bias in data science and AI
    -- What are the differences between lab-based and AI-based approaches to drug discovery?
    -- Advice to business leaders on managing AI teams

    Dr. Bülent Kızıltan is a scientist and an executive who drives innovation by combining an entrepreneurial mindset with scientific excellence. Currently, he is leading innovation efforts focused on Causal and Predictive Analytics at Novartis. Dr. Kızıltan holds a PhD in astrophysics with a focus on applied mathematics, two MSc degrees in astronomy and astrophysics with a focus on statistics, and graduated summa cum laude as valedictorian with a BSc in physics.

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    FEARLESS! Lessons from a Big-Time Sports CEO

    FEARLESS! Lessons from a Big-Time Sports CEO

    Scott O’Neil is one of the top sports and entertainment CEO's in the world. In this episode of CXOTalk, he shares practical and personal lessons on how to lead and grow a team. Scott's new book is called Be Where Your Feet Are.

    The conversation covers these topics:

    -- About Scott O'Neil and the book: “Be Where Your Feet Are”
    -- The struggle for authenticity
    -- Lessons from a sports and entertainment CEO
    -- Managing high-performing talent
    -- Impact of negative social media on high performers
    -- “My true love is building teams and developing talent”
    -- How to manage psychological well-being for high-performance and professional athletes?
    -- What is a purpose-driven enterprise?
    -- Scott O’Neil on blockchain
    -- How does a company develop its ethics and corporate culture?

    Scott O’Neil is the former Chief Executive Officer of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment. A decade-long Alternate Governor for the NBA and NHL, O’Neil was acting CEO over all properties in HBSE’s dynamic, global portfolio, including marquee teams, the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils. He is also the Co-Managing Partner and Founding Board Member of Elevate Sports Ventures, a best-in-class sports and entertainment consultancy founded in partnership between HBSE, the San Francisco 49ers, Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Oak View Group. A former President of Madison Square Garden Sports, O’Neil was the key architect in some of the largest venue sponsorship deals in history, while overseeing the iconic New York Knicks (NBA) and New York Rangers (NHL).

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    The Future of Work with Workday Co-CEO Chano Fernandez

    The Future of Work with Workday Co-CEO Chano Fernandez

    Workday’s Chano Fernandez is in a unique position to discuss the changing landscape of our workforce, remote work, and the future of work. As co-CEO of Workday, Fernandez leads the company’s journey to provide software that helps organizations manage and grow their workforce.

    The wide-ranging conversation with Chano covered these topics:

    -- What do customers expect from Workday?
    -- Hybrid work and work from home
    -- How Workday builds corporate culture despite hybrid work and work from home
    -- Importance of culture to Workday’s CEO
    -- How important is employee experience to Workday?
    -- What is a purpose-driven enterprise?
    -- How does Workday measure achieving cultural goals?
    -- Diversity and inclusion at Workday

    Chano Fernandez is co-CEO at Workday and is responsible for the entire customer relationship, which spans acquisition, services, customer success, and customer support. He is also a member of the company’s board of directors.

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    Digital Transformation at Philip Morris

    Digital Transformation at Philip Morris

    #DigitalTransformation #CIO #ChiefDigitalOfficer

    Philip Morris International is going through a digital transformation and wants to become a digital leader. The large tobacco company, with over $76 billion in revenue, believes the industry cannot continue with its current business model. Instead, the company has embraced technology to drive efficiency and change how it develops and markets new products.

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    We speak with Michael Voegele, the company's Chief Digital & Information Officer to explore the technology and business dimensions of this significant business transformation. In this role, he serves as both Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer.

    Here are key topics we discuss:
    -- About the CIO and Chief Digital Officer roles
    -- Culture change and change agents
    -- What are key skills that innovative CIOs must possess?
    -- Digital transformation and customer-centricity
    -- How to build a digital business?
    -- Using data to become customer-centric?
    -- Advice for Chief Information Officers
    -- Is the digital transformation journey ever complete?

    Michael Voegele became Chief Digital & Information Officer in March 2021. Mr. Voegele joined Philip Morris International in 2019 as Chief Technology Officer. Before joining PMI, he worked for Adidas from 2011 to 2018. There, he first served as Vice President, Group Functions, and Head of Enterprise Architecture and went on to become Senior Vice President, IT Sales. Since 2015, Mr. Voegele served as Global Chief Information Officer and was appointed to the core leadership team in January 2017.


    Digital transformation and customer-centricity

    Michael Krigsman: Can you relate this back to PMI and to your work at PMI in terms of how you think about transformation and the connection back to customers and to the changes going on in society around you?

    Michael Voegele: The more internal classic things of looking at this, so how do we simplify our legacy world? How do we standardize around the processes and maybe adjust or change the way we have been doing things for many, many years?

    Then you talk about digitizing certain aspects of the business, but then also moving into automation, utilizing AI and ML to help us to do things more automated or even a better way in version and quality. Those things we can do in finance, you can do those things in P&C. You can do those things in the supply chain, in the manufacturing area.

    When we talk about, for instance, a very simple example in our manufacturing environments, the manufacturing of our products is very sensitive to climate change within the manufacturing environment. How do we use AI and ML to optimize the quality of our products by providing the right conditions via the HVAC in those factories? Very simple examples how technology can help us to produce better products in a way that we have never been able to do it before because we have been monitoring more manually and adjusting the air conditions and the air humidity.

    On the other side, with our smoke-free products, have now a little bit more freedom in the context of how we can create awareness about the category and the benefits of the category. Now we are moving, like many companies, more and more into a direct engagement with our consumers to show them the scientific substantiation behind it that our 500 scientists have created in our Neuchatel research facility.

    We can show them how it impacts their personal health. We can actually go...

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34 Ratings

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