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Interviews with the world's most innovative leaders. Hosted by respected Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman.

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Interviews with the world's most innovative leaders. Hosted by respected Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman.

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    Simmons University President: Higher Education in 2022

    Simmons University President: Higher Education in 2022

    The future of higher education is changing. Millions of students now have access to online courses from the world's top universities. As college becomes ever more expensive, the traditional business model of higher education is under threat

    How can Simmons University and other institutions remain relevant in this rapidly shifting environment? We talk with Lynn Perry Wooten, the president of Simmons University, to explore what's happening in higher education today.

    The conversation includes these topics:
    -- About Simmons University
    -- The state of higher education in 2022
    -- The business model of higher ed
    -- How to develop an economically viable business model for colleges and universities
    -- Technology is an enabler of higher education
    -- Supporting a diverse student body
    -- On the book Arrive and Thrive
    -- Advice for college students making the transition to graduate school
    -- Creating a transformational university experience for students
    -- Advice to women on gender equality in the workplace
    -- What is inclusive leadership?
    -- How to balance economic efficiency against educational quality

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    Lynn Perry Wooten, a seasoned academic and an expert on organizational development and transformation, became the ninth president of Simmons University on July 1, 2020. She is the first African American to lead the university.

    Specializing in crisis leadership, diversity and inclusion, and positive leadership—organizational behavior that reveals and nurtures the highest level of human potential—Dr. Wooten is an innovative leader and prolific author and presenter whose research has informed her work in the classroom and as an administrator.

    Dr. Wooten’s research has ranged from an NIH-funded investigation of how leadership can positively alleviate health disparities to leading in a crisis and managing workforce diversity. She is the author of two books, Positive Organizing in a Global Society: Understanding and Engaging Differences for Capacity Building and Inclusion (2016) and Leading Under Pressure: From Surviving to Thriving Before, During, and After a Crisis (2010). Sharing her work at nearly 60 symposia and conferences, she also is the author of nearly 30 journal articles and more than 15 book chapters, as well as managerial monographs and numerous teaching cases.

    She currently serves on the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Association for Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (AICUM) Board of Directors, the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Trustee Advisory Board, the JFK Library Foundation Board of Advisors, the Fenway Alliance Board of Directors, The George School Board of Trustees, the MASCO Board of Directors, and the WBGH Board of Trustees. In addition, Dr. Wooten serves on the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan Board of Directors and the North Carolina A&T University Board of Trustees.

    She is the co-author of WSJ Bestseller, Arrive & Thrive: 7 Impactful Practices for Women Navigating Leadership.

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    CTO View: From Cloud to Metaverse

    CTO View: From Cloud to Metaverse

    #metaverse #omniverse #cto #cloudcomputing #datacenter #nvidia

    What is the metaverse and what does it mean for you? Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer at NVIDIA, explains the metaverse (or omniverse, as NVIDIA calls it) and links concepts around cloud computing, data centers, digital twins, and AI.

    If you've wondered what the metaverse is or how our digital world is changing, you'll want to watch this interview.

    The conversation includes these topics:
    -- About Michael Kagan, CTO, of NVIDIA
    -- What is the metaverse or omniverse?
    -- On digital twin applications in the metaverse (or omniverse)
    -- On computing platforms and the metaverse (or omniverse)
    -- On AI and the metaverse (or omniverse)
    -- On collecting data for advanced digital simulations
    -- On federated learning and autonomous vehicles
    -- On differences between smart manufacturing digital twins and the metaverse (or omniverse)
    -- On cloud computing platforms, data centers, and the metaverse (or omniverse)
    -- On cryptocurrencies and the metaverse
    -- On how the metaverse (omniverse) will change distributed computing and data storage

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    Michael Kagan has been NVIDIA's CTO (Chief Technology Officer) since May 2020. He joined NVIDIA through the acquisition of Mellanox, where he was CTO and a co-founder of the company, founded in April 1999. From 1983 to April 1999, Kagan held a number of architecture and design positions at Intel Corporation. Kagan holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology.

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    Brand Loyalty: Lessons from the San Francisco 49ers

    Brand Loyalty: Lessons from the San Francisco 49ers

    #BrandLoyalty #CustomerExperience

    For a great example of brand loyalty, look no further than the NFL's San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are famous for their passionate fan base, which is one of the most loyal in professional sports.

    How does one of the most successful sports franchises in America cultivate a fan base that is so intensely loyal? The answer lies in business models that are heavily focused on fan engagement, treating customers as a relationship rather than a transaction.

    In this episode, we talk with Alex Chang, the Chief Marketing Officer of the San Francisco 49ers, for practical lessons on brand loyalty that we can apply to our organizations.

    The conversation includes these topics:
    -- On working in sports branding for the 49ers
    -- Why is fan experience important?
    -- How do the 49ers create fan loyalty?
    -- Create customer loyalty by building customer relationships
    -- How to use data and analytics to cultivate loyal customers?
    -- Building a mission and purpose to drive customer satisfaction and create happy customers
    -- How the 49ers segments customers in their football marketing
    -- Issues and challenges when using data and analytics to drive fan engagement
    -- What is the relationship between brand promise and customer experience?
    -- How can people outside the sports business take lessons from the 49ers’ loyalty programs?
    -- How can marketers build an emotional connection with existing customers?

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    Alex Chang is in his third season with the 49ers and serves as chief marketing officer. In his role with the team, Chang leads all areas of marketing including brand strategy, creative, media, social, digital, content production, game presentation, events and corporate communications.

    Prior to joining the 49ers, he served as the head of partnership marketing for Samsung. Prior to that, Chang worked at elite marketing agencies. He was vice president at Wasserman where he advised global brands on their sports and entertainment partnerships. He also served as vice president at IMG College. Chang became an industry expert while at American Express, where he spent 13 years in various marketing roles including vice president of sports and entertainment marketing and vice president of U.S. advertising.

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    Technology Strategy 2023: Into the Metaverse

    Technology Strategy 2023: Into the Metaverse

    #metaverse #digitaltransformation #digitaltwin

    Enterprise technology is moving rapidly toward the metaverse, a world composed of real and virtual businesses, people, and things operating in a hyperconnected environment.

    Listen to this conversation with Accenture’s Paul Daugherty for guidance as you evaluate your own technology strategy,

    The discussion includes these topics:
    -- About the book Radically Human
    -- Accenture Tech Vision research findings
    -- On technology planning and enterprise CTO strategy
    -- Culture change and the “forever beta” mindset
    -- Advice to CIOs on technology transformation
    -- Enterprise adoption and the metaverse
    -- When will the enterprise adopt the metaverse?
    -- What is the role of digital twins in the metaverse?
    -- What prevents enterprises from adopting new technologies and mindsets?
    -- Advice to CIOs on enterprise technology transformation

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    Paul Daugherty is Accenture's group chief executive – technology & chief technology officer. He leads all aspects of Accenture's technology business. Paul is also responsible for Accenture's technology strategy, driving innovation through R&D in Accenture Labs and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to clients globally. He founded and oversees Accenture Ventures, which is focused on strategic equity investments and open innovation to accelerate growth. Paul is responsible for managing Accenture's alliances, partnerships and senior-level relationships with leading and emerging technology companies, and he leads Accenture's Global CIO Council and annual CIO and Innovation Forum. He is a member of Accenture's Global Management Committee.

    Paul also served as chairman of the board of Avanade, the leading provider of Microsoft technology services, for five years and remains on the board of directors. He serves on the boards of Accenture Global Services Limited, the Computer History Museum and the Computer Science and Engineering program at the University of Michigan. He also sponsors Accenture's partnership with Code.org, which is focused on bringing Computer Science education to students around the world.

    Paul is co-author of the highly acclaimed book Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI (Harvard Business Review Press, 2018), a management playbook for the business of artificial intelligence. He is also the co-author of the forthcoming new book Radically Human: How New Technology is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future (Harvard Business Review Press, April 2022).

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    Ukraine Information Technology 2022: Resilience and Leadership

    Ukraine Information Technology 2022: Resilience and Leadership

    What are the prospects for the IT industry in Ukraine? How will it respond to the challenges of today? If you're interested in finding out more about what is happening with Ukraine IT — this episode is for you.

    To learn more, we speak with Executive Director of the Ukraine IT association, Konstantin Vasyuk. The organization was established in 2004 to "unite the interests of business, the state and international partners for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine."

    We are joined by guest co-host, Dr. David A. Bray, Distinguished Fellow with the Stimson Center, a foreign policy research institute located in Washington, DC.

    The conversation includes these topics:
    -- About life in Ukraine today
    -- Maintaining professional communities during time of conflict
    -- Maintaining professional IT technology deliverables during times of conflict
    -- How can global IT providers help Ukraine?
    -- Business continuity planning in the Ukraine conflict
    -- What kinds of investment does Ukraine need to rebuild?

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    Konstantin Vasyuk has been developing the Ukrainian IT industry as the Executive Director of the IT Ukraine Association, the largest association of the tech industry in Ukraine. Prior to heading the IT Ukraine Association, he held the position of Director of Public Projects at the IT company Itera Ukraine. For more than 5 years he was the head of the IT committee of the European Business Association.

    Dr. David A. Bray is a Distinguished Fellow with the Stimson Center. He is Principal at LeadDoAdapt Ventures and has served in a variety of leadership roles in turbulent environments, including bioterrorism preparedness and response from 2000-2005, Executive Director for a bipartisan National Commission on R&D, providing non-partisan leadership as a federal agency Senior Executive, work with the U.S. Navy and Marines on improving organizational adaptability, and with U.S. Special Operation Command’s J5 Directorate on the challenges of countering disinformation online. He has received both the Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award and the National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal.

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    Data Strategy and Customer Experience (with Google and Albertsons)

    Data Strategy and Customer Experience (with Google and Albertsons)

    #DataScience #CustomerExperience

    Data is central to how companies compete, nurture customer relationships, and develop brand loyalty through end-to-end customer experience.

    In this environment, data strategy is crucial to business success. But, who should be responsible for the data strategy? Who owns the customer and operational data? What are the appropriate metrics and KPIs for a customer-centric data strategy? And most importantly, how does the data strategy support the underlying business goals?

    To address these questions and more, we speak with Danielle Crop, Chief Data Officer of Albertsons, and Bruno Aziza, Head of Data and Analytics at Google Cloud. This episode explores how Albertsons, with over $62 billion in revenue and 325,000 employees, uses data across the company to improve operations and deliver better and more personalized products and services to customers.

    The conversation includes these topics:
    -- On data collection for customer experience
    -- On data sources that drive customer insights
    -- On how to use data science for customer experience and personalization
    -- On ethical considerations of data in customer experience
    -- On data science talent and the data team at Albertsons
    -- On building a data culture
    -- On using data science to deliver business value
    -- On aligning data strategy and business strategy
    -- On the Chief Data Officer role
    -- On customer experience metrics and measuring data performance
    -- On using data to deepen customer relationships and customer loyalty

    Read the complete transcript: https://www.cxotalk.com/episode/data-strategy-customer-experience-google-albertsons

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    Danielle Crop is the Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer at Albertsons and is responsible for building and executing a world-class central data strategy that delivers benefits for the customer regardless of whether they shop in store or on the company’s digital platforms. Her work uses machine learning and advanced data science capabilities to enhance performance across Albertson’s businesses and markets.

    Bruno Aziza is Head of Data and Analytics at Google Cloud. He specializes in scaling businesses & turning them into global leaders. He has helped companies of all sizes: startups, mid-size, and large public companies. He helped launch Alpine Data Labs (bought by Tibco), AppStream (bought by Symantec), SiSense (bought Periscope Data) and AtScale. He was at Business Objects when they went IPO (after acquiring Acta and Crystal Reports, and before SAP bought them for $7B). He was at Microsoft when they turned the Data & Analytics business into a $1B giant.

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34 Ratings

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