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Dr. Wendy Walsh is America's thought leader on relationships and the authority on love, sex and romantic relationships.

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Dr. Wendy Walsh is America's thought leader on relationships and the authority on love, sex and romantic relationships.

    @DrWendyWalsh (03/26) Hour 1

    @DrWendyWalsh (03/26) Hour 1

    The sun is out!! We are talking about the attachment style that kills love. Curing the anxious attachment style. Can your thoughts make you sick? We're talking about all of it!

    • 8 min
    @DrWendyWalsh (03/26) Hour 2

    @DrWendyWalsh (03/26) Hour 2

    Is there a business advantage in your insecure
    attachment style? Can thoughts make you sick? And SEVEN essential nutrients for a
    healthy relationship. Plus, I’ll be taking your calls.

    • 37 min
    @DrWendyWalsh (03/19) Hour 1

    @DrWendyWalsh (03/19) Hour 1

    Rain Rain Go away! Dr. Wendy is talking rain damage. There are 5 conversations every couple should have over and over again. We break it down. Dr. Melanie Balbach is talking the developing male birth control they are developing. What can we expect? How does it work? Dr. Balbach answers all. How did birth control pill for women change society? Dr. Wendy talks about it all on KFIAM-640

    • 31 min
    @DrWendyWalsh (03/19) Hour 2

    @DrWendyWalsh (03/19) Hour 2

    There are five things every human needs to know about love. You'll want to hear this! Dr. Wendy is answering your questions. Taking calls and going to social media. Drive by makeshift advice by Dr. Wendy Walsh. We all love it! How to save your marriage! Counseling may not be necessary. Talking about it all on KFIAM-640.

    • 34 min
    @DrWendyWalsh (03/12) Hour 1

    @DrWendyWalsh (03/12) Hour 1

    Is love at first sight a real thing? Dr. Wendy Walsh talks all about it. If you are overwhelmed by feelings and emotions and think you are falling too quickly, there are tips and tricks to slow down love. Do you have a bad picker? Is that at a thing? Well there a tips to help you pick a healthy mate. Can a liar be cured? Dr. Wendy breaks it down on Dr. Wendy Walsh After Dark on KFI-AM640

    • 32 min
    @DrWendyWalsh (03/12) Hour 2

    @DrWendyWalsh (03/12) Hour 2

    Can a liar be cured? The conversation continues. There are toxic thoughts that can ruin your relationships. Is there really a problem or is it in your head? These thoughts bring down relationships. We are going to Social Media and answering all your questions. Also, there is a something that strenghtens your mental health and it isn't medicine, or therapy. Dr. Wendy explains all on Dr. Wendy Walsh After Dark on KFI-AM640

    • 31 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
93 Ratings

93 Ratings

Sharlene9278 ,

She's helped me in ways no words can describe

I started listening to Dr. Walsh a year ago. My friend turned me to her show. I have since learned so much about myself, and in turn, my relationship. Dr. Wash’s offered lots of perspectives on relationships, and educated listeners especially in the area of the science of love. Great listen! I am always learning something from her!!

natalyag17 ,

She’s the BEST

So much advice and clarity, I had the pleasant opportunity to take her class, and radiates the same energy and more in her podcasts, she is an amazing professor who teaches wonderful, insightful information about our lives, health, and development. She is awesome in all her work. She is my on demand counselor who guides the challenges in life to understand and listen to our body.

maren kelsey ,

Wendy Walsh: Mating Matters

Dr Wendy Walsh’s new podcast, Mating Matters, delivers new informative and enthralling acumen on mating, reproductive and social behavior.
Not only is Dr Walsh offering us new insightful ways of looking into our behavior, she is inviting us to really learn about ourselves in a witty, reflective and enlightening ways.
She’s brilliant! Highly recommend!

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