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In this show, Dr. Shannon and her guest experts share actionable strategies and practical steps to master your life and business so you achieve Epic Success!
From proven systems to achieve big goals, master productivity and time management shortcuts, to achieving mindset and habit mastery, leadership prowess, motivation strategies, and believing God for dreams for your Epic life and Business. Grow Smarter, stronger, happier, more integrated, faith filled, and build an Epic Life and Business that you LOVE!

Epic Success with Dr Shannon Irvine Dr. Shannon Irvine

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In this show, Dr. Shannon and her guest experts share actionable strategies and practical steps to master your life and business so you achieve Epic Success!
From proven systems to achieve big goals, master productivity and time management shortcuts, to achieving mindset and habit mastery, leadership prowess, motivation strategies, and believing God for dreams for your Epic life and Business. Grow Smarter, stronger, happier, more integrated, faith filled, and build an Epic Life and Business that you LOVE!

    Growing an Engaged Group of Buyers in the New Economy with Christina Jandali

    Growing an Engaged Group of Buyers in the New Economy with Christina Jandali

    The economy is shifting. Can you feel it?
    We are in an economy of speed, AI has come onto the scene, and the marketplace has changed in our post-pandemic world.
    At the same time, the market is getting more sophisticated. There are more options, and people spend more time scrutinizing where they will spend their time and energy. How do you capture attention and separate yourself from the crowd?
    In today’s episode, I’m joined by my business bestie Christina Jandali, Business Growth Strategist and community engagement expert, to discuss what has changed in the last 5 years and, more importantly, share some simple, tangible strategies you can use to stand out and lead the pack this year.
    As the world is moving away from human connection with artificial intelligence gaining popularity, companies using robots to deliver packages or entire stores running without a single human cashier, people are craving connection in other ways.
    Those entrepreneurs who find ways to create community, connection, and intimacy with their audience are the ones who will come out on top during this separation season.
    The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:
    Connection and realness will help you stand out in an economy where your potential clients have more options than ever. Gone are the days when you could make a sale with unfounded promises to magically erase any challenges or problems in their lives. People are craving authenticity. Building an audience is CRITICAL in the new economy. And we aren’t talking about a following. We are talking about an audience you have a 2-way conversation with and provide value to. A Facebook Group is a perfect place to create a central hub of two-way dialogue between you and potential clients. You need to generate purposeful engagement and conversation if you want to sell. I loved our conversation about how to intentionally interact with your audience within a Facebook Group to move people from cold to warm to hot leads. A Facebook Group is an incredibly effective way to create genuine connections in 2023. The more connected and intimate you are with your audience, the more you will separate yourself from the crowd and create success.
    Christina is hosting a FREE live training series all about how to Engage Your Group, and you’re invited to join! 
    Click here to register: https://nz324.isrefer.com/go/afbgrp/dolphinsurf 
    This free training series led by Christina is perfect for you if you already have a group OR if you want to start one. I’ll be there too, and if you’re a coach with that vision to scale to 6 or 7-figures, I urge you to join us.
    To your success,
    Dr. Shannon Irvine
    P.S. How would it feel if you knew you had an engaged group of 500, 1000, or 2000+ buyers you could sell to at any given time? Pretty incredible, right? You’re invited to join my friend Christina Jandali in her Engage Your Group LIVE video training series to discover how to grow an engaged Facebook group and use that group to fill your programs with ease. It’s completely free! Click here to register: https://nz324.isrefer.com/go/afbgrp/dolphinsurf

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    3 Biblical Brain-Based Secrets for Success with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    3 Biblical Brain-Based Secrets for Success with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    If you’re here, you’re likely a business owner who wants to scale to 6, 7, or 8 figures of revenue, and you have other goals too…
    You want a 10 out of 10 marriage, or maybe you’re overweight and want to get fit, or you’re sick of fighting with your kids. Whatever the case, what I share in this episode will be super powerful for you.
    This episode will give you the tool to help you create a 10 out of 10 in every area of your life.
    One of the most important actions you can take to create success is to take control of your thoughts. I’m not just saying this because I’m an expert in the brain science of success, and I’m not simply repeating it from a manifestation, woo woo, or new age perspective either. 
    The God of the universe created you and your brain with the full potential to have the life you want, and the Bible tells us what we can do to unlock that potential. It all comes down to 3 keys, and I will share them with you today.
    The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:
    Mind Renewal as a Daily Practice. There’s a reason why we talk about 24-hour cycles in the 67-Day Year. As humans, we naturally progress through life in a daily rhythm. God designed it this way on purpose so you could stay present. It’s those who master living in the micro-moments and renewing their mind daily that create 10 out of 10 results in their lives.

    Take Your Thoughts Captive. This is the daily practice of making your thoughts new each and every day and involves refocusing on your vision and renewing your commitment to what you’re creating. Focusing on the path forward in 24-hour increments keeps you from getting overwhelmed and allows you to receive guidance from God daily.

    Repeat the Good Thoughts. Once you’ve taken negative thoughts captive, repeat the thoughts about the good. When you marinate on what is good, true, and praiseworthy, your brain will create a pathway directly to those things. It’s how God designed it. Give me less than 20 minutes to show you how to take control of your thoughts, align them for success, and generate new subconscious beliefs that make your results inevitable.
    To your success,
    Dr. Shannon Irvine
    P.S. We are accepting applications for the next round of our coach certification. Master our brain-based transformational model and how to apply it with your clients so you can create 100% results 100% of the time. Click here to apply.

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    Create Habits in 24 hours, NOT 21 days! with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    Create Habits in 24 hours, NOT 21 days! with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    Everything the market offers on goal setting and habits works against how your brain allows results. Let that settle in for a minute.
    The good news is that trouble hitting your goals is NOT your fault. 
    I know it can feel like a daily tug of war where you move one step forward and two steps back, leading to conversations in your mind about being tired or overwhelmed.
    In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I’m sharing a brain-based method to create new habits in 24 hours. Listen in to discover a simple system that can make a giant impact on your results this year.
    But let’s be real, it’s not like you’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix 24/7, hoping your goals come to pass with no effort from you. You’re actively chasing down your to-do list and still not getting there.
    You aren’t missing the mark because you aren’t working hard enough, trying hard enough, or not keeping habits. You continue to miss your goals because you’re following systems and structures that work against how your brain is wired to produce results.
    This year, many people have been switching from setting “resolutions” to making habit-based goals. While this is an improvement, the popular habit systems also work against our brain’s wiring too. 
    The brain thrives when you do the same thing every day, and in today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to use this fact to build lasting habits.
    The biggest takeaways from today’s episode:
    Why traditional habit methods fall short. Find out how to hack your brain and implement new habits within 24 HOURS, not 21 days. This will be a complete game changer for you! How to apply the 24-hour micro habit method to any goal you have. I share an example of how to apply this method to a goal so you can do the same with any goal you have. The ONE key to changing your beliefs. When you believe something can happen, you will achieve it. The micro habit system shows you how to effectively change your beliefs which leads to EPIC results in your life over time. Enjoy today’s episode! Send me a DM on Instagram if this makes a difference for you.
    To your success,
    Dr. Shannon Irvine
    P.S. We are now accepting applications for the next round of the coach certification, where you learn our brain-based transformational model and how to apply it with your clients so you can create 100% results 100% of the time. Click here to apply.

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    Goal Setting works AGAINST how your BRAIN allows RESULTS with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    Goal Setting works AGAINST how your BRAIN allows RESULTS with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    Have you ever set goals for the new year, only to find yourself missing the mark by March (or sooner)?
    I have some news for you… it’s not your fault!
    The problem is the system you’ve been using to set goals is broken and doesn’t align with how your brain is wired. Traditional goal-setting is based on an antiquated system designed for the industrial age. It’s focused on producing more output (i.e. widgets) and making you a good employee rather than helping you achieve the freedom and success you desire.
    This is why you feel inspired in January but frustrated by March… and once your motivation wanes, you’re likely to shrink your goals to be more “manageable.” This is a logical course of action but one that puts your brain in fight or flight mode and bathes your brain in neurochemicals that allow you to feel ok about it BUT also stops clarity and forward momentum.

    What if I told you there is a better way? Because there is! Your brain is powerful, and you can create a year’s worth of goals in 67 days when you set your goals the right way. My clients do it all the time!
    The world needs what you have, and you were created with a purpose, mission, and vision you were meant to achieve. Why take a horse and cart to get there when you can step into the Ferrari and get there faster?
    The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:
    Traditional goal-setting is all wrong.  
    The way you’ve been goal-setting was designed to help you produce more output, NOT to help you create freedom and success, and it has to go!
    It’s time to adopt a new approach to goal-setting.  
    Use a goal-setting system that works with your brain’s natural wiring to help you achieve your desired results in record time. When you tap into this system, you can compress your timeline to 67 days!
    You already have what it takes to tap into the system.  
    You need the operating manual, and I’m here to give it to you!
    Don’t go another moment using a broken, antiquated, industrial-age goal-setting system that works again how your brain creates results. This is the year everything will shift.  Join me for our FREE Fast Forward Your Future Live Event this January 10-13, where I will show you how to achieve a year of goals in 67 days like hundreds of my clients have done!
    Your biggest challenge will be deciding what goals to tackle after you crush your current goals by March.
    Click here to join us, and I’ll see you there!

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    The Neuroscience of Success - Unwavering Faith with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    The Neuroscience of Success - Unwavering Faith with Dr. Shannon Irvine

     Do you ever fall into what seems like a never-ending cycle with your business goals?
    You hope and wish for success in your business, but never really gain the traction needed for the success you envision?
    Yep. It happens, and I’ve been there…
    Did you know there is an actual science-based process that can help you go from planning to action, and ultimately to success?
    If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to be successful but just haven’t reached the point of success that you know you’re capable of, then I want to share some science-based secrets that will help you unlock and unleash the success that you already have inside of you.
    I had the pleasure of having my friend Hal Elrod, bestselling author of The Miracle Morning and top-rated keynote speaker, on the Epic Success Podcast a little while ago (you can listen to his interview here). We are so aligned with his formula for the Miracle Equation and how it relates to what I teach with the brain science of success.
    True transformation takes place in our brains when we shift from the “hope, wish and plan” cycle to the mindset that says, “I am going to believe it will happen and make extraordinary efforts to make sure that it happens.”
    If you’re ready to connect the dots between brain science and unwavering faith, so you can become the person you’ve always dreamed of – the one who has the success, income, and impact you want, then lean in and grab something to take notes with!
    The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:
    “Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s happening to you and what you vividly imagine over and over again in your mind.” When you cross into unwavering faith, you start to train your brain to believe that achieving your goals is inevitable. Your brain will have a period of resistance because that area of your subconscious brain is like an overprotective parent. Listen to this episode to learn more about pushing through that resistance, and how your brain responds to that push back – all for your benefit. [3:51]
    “When you truly step into belief, you become the person that already has what you want.” As you repeat this unwavering faith and take consistent action, you’re left with this beautiful system working for you, rather than against you. When this happens, you begin to show up differently and transform into a whole new YOU – the version of yourself that already has the success you’ve been working for. Everything around you begins to align with what you believe. [9:17]
    “Your brain is wired and designed for you to have unwavering faith.” Your brain is always advocating for a belief: either the beliefs that have kept you stuck, or the beliefs that will take you to where you want to go. When you’re able to switch your thoughts off autopilot and learn how to remove the limiting beliefs that have held you back – you are that much closer to unleashing massive growth and momentum in your life and your business. [10:18]
    What’s the one thing that IF it happened, it would become the epic breakthrough for you? 
    Here’s my challenge for you:
    Start to erase the “if” thoughts, because “if” leaves a pathway back to just hoping and wishing for what you want. 
    Start to shift those thoughts to “WHEN” thoughts! 
    Then, you can start working on building your unwavering faith and believing that epic success will happen for you.
    I want you to believe it, so that your brain starts to work for you to unleash the success, impact, influence and freedom in your life that you know you were meant to have.
    Now more than ever, coaching is a vital business that’s growing faster than ever before, and your voice and expertise is needed in the market. Click here to learn more about the only coaching program that teaches you a predictable way to:
    ✔️ Enroll at least 10 new coaching clients every single month
    ✔️ Confidently coach your DREAM clients through ANY problem, si

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    The Mindset Myth with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    The Mindset Myth with Dr. Shannon Irvine

    Want to know something I know about you?
    You have incredible plans. You have big dreams. And I love that about you!
    So out of love, I’m here to tell you, you’re being sold something that doesn’t serve you. 
    The idea of mindset has become polluted and overused in the marketplace.
    The reality is, if you want to be successful in your business & life, you must understand that it’s not about “working on your mindset” with wishing & hoping and trying harder while sitting in the lotus position. Instead, it’s vital that you start to understand that it’s all about the way you think. You must purposefully step in to train your brain to think.
    In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I go into a bit of a rant. All for your benefit. I’ve been watching common messaging around mindset online and it gets me impassioned. Mindset relies too much on willpower, which will fatigue like any other overused muscle.
    If you’re ready to step into the empowered position of training your brain instead of wishing and hoping of mindset, let me show you why and how. 
    The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:
    “It’s not about mindset. It’s about training your brain.” 
    It’s your brain’s job to keep you safe, not successful. You must become purposeful and take the lead in hardwiring your brain for success. “Mindset” is something that is being sold to you but that isn’t serving you. It relies on willpower. Listen in to hear why mindset work is not the most efficient use of your time and attention. [4:09]
    “Nothing is a setback. Everything happens for you.”
    But… you cannot just say “everything happens for me” without the brain priming that gives your brain direction for what you want to happen. You must build the neural-pathways to bring you the success you define and desire. [6:36]
    “Your subconscious mind doesn’t think on its own. It does what you tell it to over and over again.”
    That’s why you get stuck - when you don’t purposefully tell your brain what you want through brain priming, its only option is to then fall back on old thought patterns that no longer serve you. When you really start to use these tools and put the power of the brain to work for you, you see your relationships, health, environment, and business improve. Why? Because you become the person you were always intended to be but just had layers on top of it. [11:04]
    Your breakthrough is so much closer than you realize. The only thing that’s holding you back is the way you think: your automatic programming and how you’re training your brain towards your future.
    With 2020 right in front of us, start taking daily steps toward your success through breaking down old limiting beliefs and brain priming in what you want. If you want some guidance on this, you can start with some brain priming audios I recorded for you to use morning and night. My goal is to see YOU become the creator of your thoughts and not merely “work on your mindset” without lasting change.
    Today I want to give a shoutout to one of my Epic Success podcast listeners who left a 5-star review titled “Taking My Thoughts Captive”:
    “Quite honestly, I never realized what kinds of thoughts were buried in my subconscious & running my life. Dr Shannon is giving me the tools to really see the thoughts that are out of alignment with the truth, tame them captive & get rid of them - replacing them with new thoughts that are obedient to Christ. The brain science with which she imparts her wisdom really provide concrete steps to make lasting changes in my thinking. The tools are helping me propel my life forward to becoming the person God already sees in me, so that I can accomplish the things prepared in advance for me to do.”
    I absolutely love sharing the brain-based process of creating success in your life & business with you each week on the Epic Success podcast! Reviews are how I know you’re finding value and help me share Epic Succ

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
167 Ratings

167 Ratings

Ethan Moore4020 ,

Mindset matters!

Amazing!! Thank you for sharing all your wisdom with us on todays call!

April Styling ,


Episode 176: Hack Your Brain’s NeuroSystems was a God send - literally. I popped in my ear duds for a run and it automatically turned on. I definitely hit a mid year slump and this was just what I needed to hear.

The school year was amazingly productive for me, but once the kids were home for summer there was a MAJOR pattern interrupt in my schedule as I’m a SAHM running my personal styling business from home. I wasn’t on autopilot anymore for all the great habits I built during the school year - because the schedule is completely different.

Being aware of micro-choices is exactly what I need to do to build new patterns for summer. Thank you so much Dr. Shannon! The Lord totally used this to encourage me. Would love to hear your thots on dealing with self judgement! Absolutely LOVE the Epic Success Academy/Program is amazing and has been a game changer for me in my business. Highly recommended for all entrepreneurs!! 💕🙌 -Shannon April


Amazing Podcast!!

Dr. Shannon, host of Epic Success, highlights all aspects of religion & spirituality and more in this can't miss podcast. The host and guests offer advice and information for every day listeners!

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