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Simple, commonsense self-improvement systems

Everyday Systems Podcast Reinhard Engels

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Simple, commonsense self-improvement systems

    Everyday Systems #75: Apps for Mentats

    Everyday Systems #75: Apps for Mentats

    Everyday Systems as Apps for Human Minds.

    • 12 min
    Everyday Systems #74: Tidiness for Demihumans

    Everyday Systems #74: Tidiness for Demihumans

    Four catchphrases for tidier habits

    • 10 min
    Everyday Systems #73: Demihuman

    Everyday Systems #73: Demihuman

    A lighthearted approach to imposter syndrome.

    • 15 min
    Everyday Systems #72: State of the Systems 2022

    Everyday Systems #72: State of the Systems 2022

    A little later and much shorter than last year.

    • 19 min
    Everyday Systems #71: Last Wordism

    Everyday Systems #71: Last Wordism

    A two-word anti-mantra to snap you and your family out of automatic bickering

    • 7 min
    Everyday Systems #70: Surgical Flogging

    Everyday Systems #70: Surgical Flogging

    Food logging: apparently it works. But it's torture to do long term. I discuss a way you can practice a limited, strategic, surgical form of food logging with the No S Diet (or any other diet) that gives you the benefits of food logging – which are real, potentially at least – without the protracted and probably futile misery.  

    • 27 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

litalic ,

A favorite!

I came across the No S diet 4 years ago after an extended period of disordered eating. The No S diet healed my relationship with food. This podcast covers the other systems too - all helpful and effective. I would love to hear new podcast episodes more often, but am grateful that these are here for me to continue to listen to over and over again. Thank you Reinhard!

Mrsycote ,

Love it!

Although I read the “No S” book quite a long time ago, and am struggling to get into the habit of it, I only recently discovered that there was a podcast! I’m glad I discovered it later so I can go back and listen to a bunch. He is a great writer and his voice suits the style. Each one I’ve listened to makes me smile and think in turn and inspires me to keep working to build better habits. Great job! I hope some day it’s all compiled in a book. Written on a manual typewriter, as a Luddite would.

oneillsdc ,

Extreme moderation

It feels bizarre that the advice of a random stranger has been so influential on me since I stumbled upon Reinhard’s advice around 2011. The transparent, long-term, real world accountability of Reinhard’s advice makes it appealing.

Things like “Lawful good biker” and the No-S Diet have served me well. I wish I hadn’t been a Shovelglove skeptic for as long as I was.

Grateful to him for “putting himself out there” over the years.

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