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The Art of Manliness Podcast aims to deepen and improve every area of a man's life, from fitness and philosophy, to relationships and productivity. Engaging and edifying interviews with some of the world's most interesting doers and thinkers drop the fluff and filler to glean guests' very best, potentially life-changing, insights.

The Art of Manliness The Art of Manliness

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The Art of Manliness Podcast aims to deepen and improve every area of a man's life, from fitness and philosophy, to relationships and productivity. Engaging and edifying interviews with some of the world's most interesting doers and thinkers drop the fluff and filler to glean guests' very best, potentially life-changing, insights.

    The 5 Mountains of Personal Development

    The 5 Mountains of Personal Development

    The journey of personal development, of becoming a more excellent and extraordinary individual, can sometimes seem a little abstract. That’s why it’s helpful to imagine it as Mark Divine does, as a set of five metaphorical mountains to scale.

    Mark is a retired Navy SEAL Commander, a professor of leadership, a yogi, the creator of fitness and mindset programs like SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind, and an author. He combines his two decades of military service with his study of martial arts and zen meditation to create the holistic warrior monk development philosophy that informs his work, including his latest book, Uncommon: Simple Principles for an Extraordinary Life.

    Today on the show, Mark acts as a guide to the topography of the five mountains of personal development and the daily practices that will help you summit them. We talk about why mastering the physical mountain comes first and climbing the intuitional mountain comes fourth, the Navy SEAL breathing practice that will help you develop your metacognition, how the Japanese concept of ikigai can help you find your purpose in life, and much more.

    • 54 min
    Stop Drowning in Tedious Tasks by Taming Your Life Admin

    Stop Drowning in Tedious Tasks by Taming Your Life Admin

    Filling out paperwork. Making travel reservations. Paying bills. Shopping for groceries. Returning packages.

    These are all examples of life admin — the little tasks we have to do to keep our lives moving along.

    Life admin is typically pretty tedious and annoying. But staying on top of it is essential to reducing the stress and chaos that would otherwise burden our relationships, muck up the gears of our schedules, and prevent us from participating in all the fun and fulfilling parts of life.

    Fortunately, there are ways to better manage your life admin. Here to share some of them is Dinah Rowe-Roberts, the co-host of the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast and the co-author of a book of the same name. Today on the show, Dinah explains what lists you should be keeping, including the 10-minute time killers list, why you should do a regular “hour of power” to stay on top of things, how to schedule your life admin, how to keep track of and divvy up chores between you and your spouse, how to get all your meal planning and grocery shopping done in less than 15 minutes a week, how to streamline your kids’ schedules and your vacation planning, and much more.

    • 48 min
    A Surprising Solution for Disordered Masculinity

    A Surprising Solution for Disordered Masculinity

    There has been a lot of media coverage and dialogue about the struggles men are facing in the modern day. There's been some solutions forwarded to these struggles as well. Among these, Dr. Anthony Bradley has a more surprising idea that you don't hear every day: revitalizing college fraternities.

    Anthony is a research fellow and professor and the author of Heroic Fraternities: How College Men Can Save Universities and America. In the first part of our conversation, Anthony offers his take on the state of men in the modern day, the difference between heroic and disordered masculinity, the insights that a writer from the mid-20-century can shed on the forms that disorder can take, and why many men today are choosing the path of resignation. We then turn to Anthony's idea that college fraternities can be the training ground for virtue. We talk about the loftier origins of fraternities, why, at some universities, they devolved into organizations that have become symbolic of the worst traits of masculinity, and Anthony's six principles for reviving the potential of fraternities to shape great men.

    • 53 min
    The Sunscreen Debate — Are We Blocking Our Way to Better Health?

    The Sunscreen Debate — Are We Blocking Our Way to Better Health?

    You probably think of the health effects of sunlight as a mixed bag. On the one hand, sun exposure helps your body make vitamin D. But on the other, it can cause skin cancer.

    To get around this conundrum, dermatologists frequently recommend avoiding sun exposure when you can, slathering on sunscreen when you can't, and taking a vitamin D supplement to make up for the lack of sunlight in your life.

    Yet in seeking to solve one problem, this advice may open up many others and be contributing to ill health in the West.

    Today on the show, Rowan Jacobsen, a science journalist who has spent years investigating the health impacts of sunlight, will unpack the underappreciated benefits of sun exposure, and that, crucially, they're not primarily a function of the production of vitamin D and can't be replaced with a pill. We talk about what else is at work in ultraviolet radiation's positive effects on blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, insulin resistance, mood, and more. We also get into how to weigh these benefits against the risk of skin cancer, why health officials in Australia, which has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, have changed their recommendations around sun exposure, and if there's a role sunscreen should still play in your routine.

    • 50 min
    Optimize Your Testosterone

    Optimize Your Testosterone

    Note: This is a rebroadcast.

    When men think about optimizing their hormones, they tend only to think about raising their testosterone. But while increasing T can be important, an ideal health profile also means having testosterone that's in balance with your other hormones as well.

    Today on the show, Dr. Kyle Gillett joins me to discuss both of those prongs of all-around hormone optimization. We start with a quick overview of the different hormones that affect male health. We then get into what qualifies as low testosterone and how to accurately test yours. We also discuss what causes low testosterone in individual men, and how its decline in the general male population may be linked to both birth control and the world wars. In the second half of our conversation, we discuss how to both raise testosterone and get rid of excess estrogen, including the use of some effective supplements you may never have heard of. We then get into the risks and benefits of taking TRT, before ending our discussion with what young men can do to prepare for a lifetime of optimal T and hormonal health.s

    • 46 min
    Books, Routines, and Habits: The Founders' Guide to Self-Improvement

    Books, Routines, and Habits: The Founders' Guide to Self-Improvement

    A lot of self-improvement advice and content feels empty. And there's a reason for that. It often offers routines and habits to practice, but doesn't offer a strong, overarching reason to practice them.

    That's why the self-improvement advice of the Founding Fathers is particularly compelling. Though they were imperfect men, they had a clear why for trying to become better than they were. For the Founders, life was about the pursuit of happiness, and they equated happiness with excellence and virtue — a state that wasn't about feeling good, but being good. The Founders pursued happiness not only for the personal benefit in satisfaction and tranquility it conferred, but for the way the attainment of virtue would benefit society as a whole; they believed that political self-government required personal self-government.

    Today on the show, Jeffrey Rosen, a professor of law, the president of the National Constitution Center, and the author of The Pursuit of Happiness, shares the book the Founders read that particularly influenced their idea of happiness as virtue and self-mastery. We talk about the schedules and routines the Founders kept, the self-examination practices they did to improve their character, and how they worked on their flaws, believing that, while moral perfection was ultimately an impossible goal to obtain, it was still something worth striving for.

    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
13.8K Ratings

13.8K Ratings

Dr. TJV ,

Engaging, varied, and useful

This podcast fills a niche that takes multiple other podcasts to even attempt. The breadth of topics mean everyone has a chance to benefit, and although geared towards men I’ve never felt like the lessons learned were solely about archetypal manliness, and more about being the best “you”. As a millennial I don’t think I got a good education in being a good man and discovering this podcast turned my world around. Lastly, unlike so many partisan or host-centered podcasts, I have a hard time discerning where Brett falls politically and that makes the information feel unbiased, vetted, and digestible. Thank you AoM team for years of service in civility.

LLuvCoolJane ,

7/10/24: something is missing.

With four minutes left to go, I doubt you cover this topic, pornography. I would say that’s a huge problem and one determinant as to whether a male child develops into a masculine heroic young man or into a socially ineffectual one who is a potentially dangerous adult male. in fact, I think you should develop a whole episode to this topic of how pornography has affected youthful relationships between the sexes (Ladies are you down for a little choking?) and how it has honestly warped a lot of young people. Specifically, those who relate to pornography as they would to a substance, effectually making pornography an SUD.

Chris K33 ,

Excellent interviews of podcast guests

This is one of the very, very few podcasts where the attention is on the person being interviewed and the information they can share with the listener. So many other podcasters use the platform just to talk about themselves and I stop listening after an episode or two.

In contrast, Brett keeps the primary focus on the guest and their work. He asks great questions which he can do because he has actually prepared and read their materials beforehand. He also does a great job linking the key points to other studies or people he’s interviewed before, so that it’s easier for the listener to see connections they might otherwise have missed.

The topics are also very relevant for people always trying to better reach their potential. All in all, this is a fantastic podcast.

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