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Podcast by The Art of Manliness

    The Fascinating Life of America's Forgotten Founding Father

    The Fascinating Life of America's Forgotten Founding Father

    My guest will re-introduce us to this forgotten figure. His name is Stephen Fried, and he's the author of Rush: Revolution, Madness, and Benjamin Rush, the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding Father. Today on the show, Stephen takes us through Rush's fascinating life, from his self-made rise out of inauspicious childhood, to how he was able to reconcile an estranged Jefferson and Adams before his death, and what Stephen has learned from studying a character who lived through very fraught and not totally unfamiliar times.

    • 56 min
    How to Develop Greater Self-Awareness

    How to Develop Greater Self-Awareness

    95% of people say that they're self-aware. But only 10-15% of people actually are. As my guest today says, that means "on a good day, 80% of us are lying to ourselves about how much we're lying to ourselves" and this blind spot can have big repercussions for our success and happiness.

    Her name is Tasha Eurich, and she's an organizational psychologist and the author of Insight: Why We're Not as Self-Aware as We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life.

    • 51 min
    Chef-Vetted Answers to Your Cooking FAQs

    Chef-Vetted Answers to Your Cooking FAQs

    In your quest to become a better home chef, you probably find yourself wondering things like: What potato should I use in this recipe? How much salt should I put in this dish? Am I even making spaghetti right? But then you forget to Google the answer to your question, or if you do, you feel overwhelmed by the number of opinions out there.

    Well, my guest will cut through that noise and answer some of your cooking FAQs once and for all. His name is Daniel Holzman and he's a chef and the co-author, along with Matt Rodbard, of Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts.

    • 48 min
    The Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights

    The Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights

    Travel can offer a lot of good: memory-making adventure, mind-expanding experiences, and plenty of fun and relaxation. It's not surprising then that most people say they'd like to travel more than they do. What's keeping them from fulfilling that desire? Well, one obstacle, especially these days, is that the high price of plane tickets puts flying out of reach.

    My guest today can help you surmount this obstacle so you can get away more often. His name is Scott Keyes, and he's the founder of Scott's Cheap Flights and the author of Take More Vacations: How to Search Better, Book Cheaper, and Travel the World.

    • 57 min
    How to Turn a Boy Into a Man

    How to Turn a Boy Into a Man

    A lot of young men today struggle in finding their footing in adulthood. They feel lost, directionless, and unsure of who they are and how to confidently and competently navigate the world.

    Part of the reason for this is that most young men today lack something which was once a part of nearly every culture in the world, but has now almost entirely disappeared: a rite of passage.

    My guest today didn't want his son to flounder on the way to maturity, nor to miss out on having an initiation into manhood, so he set out to create a 6-year journey for him that would help him move from boy to man. His name is Jon Tyson, and he's the author of The Intentional Father: A Practical Guide to Raise Sons of Courage and Character.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Why We Like Puzzles, and What We Get From Them

    Why We Like Puzzles, and What We Get From Them

    Puzzles may seem like fairly pedestrian pastimes — fun ways to while away a rainy afternoon. And while they certainly do make for satisfying diversions, my guest would say they're also more than that, and can teach us plenty about life as well.

    His name is A.J. Jacobs, and he's the author of The Puzzler: One Man's Quest to Solve the Most Baffling Puzzles Ever, from Crosswords to Jigsaws to the Meaning of Life.

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
12.3K Ratings

12.3K Ratings

UB1 ,

Topic doesn’t matter

Such a great interviewer that the topic doesn’t really matter as the result is always interesting. This guy could interview mud itself and my attention would be transfixed!

IthoSapien ,

What makes a Man?

One of the most versatile and engrossing podcasts I’ve listened to. As someone who grew up without a strong male role model; manliness or basic Manly skills were not passed on to me. Enter “The Art of Manliness”, which seeks to bring the forgotten skills and masculine qualities of the previous generations to the modern man. While the website covers tutorials on things like shaving, starting a fire, or changing your car’s oil; the podcast is more in-depth and features a wide variety of guests who talk about famous soldiers, methods to improve your health, or just plain ways to be a better man. Highly recommended!

Tmbier ,

Listened Since 2017! Never dull! So rich and helpful

A group of men recommended the Art of manliness podcast. Skeptically, I listened, thinking it was all about hormones and fitness. Instead, my mind, soul, and relationships get fed.
I am a sold out, all in, follower of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure where all of the authors are in their faith journey, but rarely do I find anyone who is off the way of faith in Christ.
Lastly, I share episodes with my family and friends who also enjoy richness of Bretz questioning and his guests.

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