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Growth Now Movement is hosted by Entrepreneur and Public Speaker Justin Schenck and has been chosen by INC Magazine as a Top 8 podcast every Entrepreneur should follow.

He sits down with top performers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs like Ed Mylett, Joel Marion, Sarah Centrella, and Andy Frisella! They then teach you how to implement things into your life for you to live your dreams!

Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck Growth Now Movement

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Growth Now Movement is hosted by Entrepreneur and Public Speaker Justin Schenck and has been chosen by INC Magazine as a Top 8 podcast every Entrepreneur should follow.

He sits down with top performers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs like Ed Mylett, Joel Marion, Sarah Centrella, and Andy Frisella! They then teach you how to implement things into your life for you to live your dreams!

    Silence Kills: Mastering Crisis Communication with Scott Harvey

    Silence Kills: Mastering Crisis Communication with Scott Harvey

    Are you tired of feeling frustrated and unheard during negotiations? Have you been told to just speak more clearly or be more assertive without seeing any real improvement in your communication skills? It's time to ditch those ineffective methods and truly master the dynamics of effective communication. In this episode, you'll discover key strategies for managing crises, navigate challenging conversations, and explore a new definition of success that prioritizes impact, connection, and family. Don't let poor communication hold you back any longer. Join us and unleash your full potential today.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Refine your skillset in fostering rapport during negotiations and various interpersonal encounters.
    Internalize efficient crisis management techniques with a focus on effective communication.
    Recognize the power of attentive listening and crafting compelling questions that fuel productive dialogues.
    Address sensitive topics with ease during conversations with team members, ensuring a harmonious work environment.
    Embrace a modern approach to success that emphasizes meaningful impact, relationship-building, and valuing family above all else.

    My special guest is Scott Harvey

    Scott Harve is an expert in crisis management and communication who brings a wealth of experience from his 20-year career in law enforcement. Scott has served in various roles, including teaching Dare, hostage negotiation, and acting as a public information officer. Today, he shares his insights with corporate leaders as a speaker, author, and coach. His book, Silence Kills, highlights the importance of open communication in today's fast-paced, cancel culture world. With his unique background and personable approach, Scott is a fantastic guest to discuss the role of communication in navigating corporate crises

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:

    Purchase Scott Harvey's book Silence Kills to learn communication tactics for navigating crises in the corporate world.
    Check out Scott Harvey's coaching services for personalized guidance and support in improving communication skills.
    Attend one of Scott Harvey's speaking engagements to hear his insights and techniques in person.
    Connect with Scott Harvey on social media to stay updated on his latest content and offerings.
    Practice asking open-ended questions and suspending judgment in your own communication to build better rapport with others.

    The Secret Superpower of a Great Communicator
    A great communicator's secret superpower lies in building rapport and establishing trust, crucial not only during negotiations but also in everyday interactions. Ensuring open lines of communication, being genuine, and actively listening to others fosters an environment where business relationships can flourish and thrive. By making an effort to comprehend and appreciate the thoughts and concerns of those around them, communicators create spaces where synergy and innovation occur. In their conversation, Scott Harvey highlights how successful communication can translate to improved personal and professional relationships. In his experiences, he found that understanding and goodwill towards colleagues led to more harmonious work environments and less employee attrition. Harvey emphasizes the need for effective communication and rapport-building to create strong bonds within a company or team, paving the way for shared goals and collaborative success.

    Building Rapport
    Building rapport extends beyond simple pleasantries and becomes an essential ingredient for successful long-term relationships. It involves investing time and effort in getting to know others on a personal level, understanding their values and aspirations. As rapport is established, people begin to trust and feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts and seeking guidance from those around them. This foundation of trust is vital in both personal and professional se

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    Transforming Trauma into Triumph with Rudi Riekstins

    Transforming Trauma into Triumph with Rudi Riekstins

    Do you crave to unlock your full potential and achieve success in both your personal and professional life? Look no further because Rudi Riekstin has the answer! Discover the power of living authentically and watch as you soar to new heights of growth and fulfillment.

    Everything that's happening to you in life, just pretend for a moment that on some level you chose to have an experience so that it would give you a vantage point.
    - Rudi Riekstins

    My special guest is Rudi Riekstins

    Introducing Rudi Riekstin, a renowned leadership visionary and coach who specializes in helping individuals and companies find joy, fulfillment, and freedom in their lives. Rudi's passion for empowering others has led him to develop a unique approach to shifting perspectives through empowered questions, helping high performers unlock their potential and achieve true success. By guiding others to see the value in their life experiences and using them as fuel for growth, Rudi has made a lasting impact in the lives of countless individuals seeking personal growth and transformation.

    This is Rudi Riekstin's story:

    When Rudi Riekstin was faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, he found solace in shifting perspectives through empowered questions. Suffering from abuse and ridicule in his childhood, Rudi realized that he could either allow these traumas to define him or use them as a catalyst for growth. Working with many high-performing clients, Rudi observed that those who had faced adversity yet achieved great success were experts at asking more empowered questions. These questions, like "What's the value in this for me?" and "If I chose this experience, why would I choose it?" enable a shift in perspective, promoting growth

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Transform your past traumas into catalysts for personal growth.
    Enhance your outlook on life by employing empowering questions.
    Unlock the potential of your authenticity for personal and professional development.
    Experience a sense of fulfillment through the act of selfless giving.
    Harness the strength of being present to make the most of every situation.

    Asking Empowered Questions
    Asking empowered questions during challenging times can help shift one's focus from negative emotions to finding solutions and growth opportunities. These questions allow individuals to gain a greater understanding of their experiences and their feelings, paving the way for healing and personal growth. As a result, empowered questions can be a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in both personal and professional aspects of life. Rudi Riekstin discussed the importance of asking empowered questions with Justin Schenck on the Growth Now Movement podcast. He believes that by asking ourselves more empowered questions in moments of adversity, we can shift our mindset and find value in our experiences. Rudi advises individuals to increase their emotional awareness and practice gratitude by asking better questions and journaling their gratitude statements.

    The Power of Purpose
    Understanding one's purpose is vital for achieving a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life. It allows individuals to make better decisions, align their actions with their values, and find meaning in their experiences. A strong sense of purpose can inspire personal growth and enable individuals to leave a positive impact on others. Rudi Riekstin emphasized the power of purpose during his conversation with Justin Schenck. He shared his belief that embracing one's purpose can lead to a more fulfilling life, in which individuals aspire to impact others and make the world a better place. Rudi believes that everyone should focus on living with intention and looking inward to discover their true purpose and achieve greater levels of success and happiness.

    Asking Empowered Questions
    Asking empowered questions during challenging times can help shift one's focus

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    Escaping a Cult and Building an Online Empire with Julia McCoy

    Escaping a Cult and Building an Online Empire with Julia McCoy

    Julia McCoy, the child of a fundamentalist cult leader, defies her father's oppressive control by building a successful writing business online, risking her life and freedom in the process.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Learn about Julia McCoy's astounding resilience and determination in overcoming a cult and founding her prosperous business.
    Realize the value of acquiring relevant skills for enhancing your professional performance.
    Tap into the potential of AI as a game-changing tool in content creation.
    Face your fears and embrace risk-taking to unlock new avenues of growth and achievement.
    Reimagine success by following a path unrestricted by conventional barriers, driven by personal passion.

    My special guest is Julia McCoy

    Get to know Julia McCoy, an exceptional entrepreneur who defied the odds by escaping a cult and starting a successful business. Growing up in a deeply oppressive environment, Julia found solace in her love for writing, which ultimately became her ticket to freedom. Today, she's a thriving business owner and an engaging speaker, sharing her story to inspire others to overcome their own challenges. Listen in as Julia discusses her remarkable journey, the importance of hard work, and how she transformed her passion for writing into a successful career.

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:

    Visit the website for Julia's AI company, Content at Scale, to learn more about their services and how they can help your business.
    Follow Julia on social media to stay up to date on her latest projects and insights.
    Sign up for Julia's email list to receive valuable content writing tips and advice.

    Don't Fear AI
    Artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance at an impressive rate, leading many to worry about the potential implications of AI replacing human workers. However, it's essential to recognize that AI can also be used as a tool to bolster productivity and efficiency, rather than serving solely as a replacement for human labor. During her discussion about Content at Scale, Julia emphasizes the need to view AI as a tool to work more efficiently, not as a threat to human jobs. She encourages those with expertise in content creation to embrace AI technology to amplify their skillset and optimize their work processes. By adopting an innovative mindset and integrating AI into their workflow, individuals can harness the power of technology to achieve greater success in their fields.

    Learning from Negative Experiences
    Negative experiences can be a powerful catalyst for growth and learning, as they often provide opportunities to gain valuable insights into oneself and one's surroundings. It's essential to approach these situations with an open mind, remain willing to learn, and recognize the potential lessons that can be derived from the experience. Julia recounts the instance of having to hire her own mother at her writing agency, only to find her lacking in skill and experience. This situation, while challenging, ultimately served as a learning experience for Julia, reinforcing the importance of having the necessary skills required for a job, not just impressive degrees and certifications. By learning from negative experiences and adapting to the challenges they present, entrepreneurs can continue to evolve and improve their approach to business and life.

    Escape and Entrepreneurship
    Leaving behind a difficult past and embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can be incredibly daunting. However, doing so also offers an opportunity to seize control of one's life and build something truly meaningful. Choosing to face the unknown and take a leap of faith can bring about an adrenaline-fueled sense of freedom and risk, allowing one to cultivate new experiences, develop a strong work ethic, and eventually thrive in a new environment. In this episode, Julia McCoy shares the story of how she escaped a cult, overcame the immense chall

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    Embracing Joy and Self-Care for Future You with Jen Zawadzki

    Embracing Joy and Self-Care for Future You with Jen Zawadzki

    If you're feeling frustrated and defeated because despite all your efforts, you're still not finding the joy and support you crave in your personal growth journey, then you are not alone!

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Embrace the significance of nurturing joy and self-care in your pursuit of personal growth.
    Unlock the hidden potential of words of affirmation and the act of giving to others anonymously.
    Surmount challenging experiences by discovering healing, growth, and purpose within them.
    Cultivate a community that fosters support and nurturing for collective self-improvement.
    Recognize the pathway to success through living a joy-filled life and sharing it with others.

    My special guest is Jen Zawadzki

    Introducing Jen Zawadzki, a determined entrepreneur who founded Future You Project, a company that focuses on inspiring and uplifting individuals through personalized gifts and resources. After overcoming her own challenges and discovering the power of prioritizing joy, Jen now helps others to do the same by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in both their personal and professional lives. With a genuine passion for self-care and personal growth, Jen is dedicated to making a positive impact on those around her.

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:

    Visit Future You Project's website to explore their personalized gift options, including the five-week gift program and one-time gift deliveries.
    Consider purchasing a Future You Project gift for someone going through a difficult time, such as loss of a loved one, battling breast cancer, or struggling with infertility issues.
    Start a joy journal and write down anything that brings you joy, big or small, and use it to inspire intentional decisions towards a more fulfilled life.
    Sign up for a Spartan race or other physical challenge to push yourself towards a healthier lifestyle.
    Believe in your potential and use Future You Project's messages of hope and encouragement to propel yourself towards success in all areas of life.


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    Unlocking Your Emotional Freedom with Henry Ammar

    Unlocking Your Emotional Freedom with Henry Ammar

    Have you heard the myths about identifying unresolved negative emotions for healing and personal growth? From 'you need to go to therapy to overcome your emotions' to 'it's too hard to identify your unresolved negative emotions', there are many misconceptions surrounding the process. But don't worry - Henry Ammar is here to share the truth and show you how to identify your unresolved negative emotions for emotional healing and personal growth!

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Conquer self-imposed barriers through dedication to personal growth and self-realization.
    Tap into the transformative power of choice and the ability to take control of one's own life.
    Apply emotion-based visualization methods to amplify personal growth and successfully achieve objectives.
    Uncover unresolved negative feelings to facilitate inner healing and self-improvement.
    Cultivate a network of like-minded, supportive individuals to bolster personal and career advancement.

    My special guest is Henry Ammar

    Meet Henry Ammar, a dynamic thought leader in the field of emotional healing and personal growth. With over 23 years of experience in studying human behavior, neuroscience, and peak performance, Henry has been on an unstoppable quest to help individuals create lasting change and live their best lives. His journey began as he battled his own fears and insecurities, ultimately discovering the power of choice and the importance of giving meaning to life experiences. As a highly sought-after speaker, Henry captivates audiences with his relatable stories, powerful insights, and unwavering passion for helping others achieve inner freedom and true personal transformation.

    • 35 min
    Unlock Lasting Love with Kathryn Gordon

    Unlock Lasting Love with Kathryn Gordon

    Despite growing up in a difficult home, Kathryn Gordon was determined to find success and love in her life. Little did she know that her path would lead her to create the GRIT framework and author the book "Relationship Grit," helping countless couples strengthen their relationships and achieve emotional intimacy. But the true surprise lies in what she discovers along the way: that adversity can be a powerful force of growth and connection.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Enhance personal connections by employing the GRIT framework and shared experiences.
    Unlock the keys to lasting marital success through embracing open communication and understanding.
    Discover the world of sobriety through non-alcoholic bars and better lifestyle choices.
    Delve into the realms of spiritual growth, self-care, and overcoming addiction.
    Master financial responsibility, mutual support, and conflict resolution techniques to foster a healthy relationship dynamic.

    My special guest is Kathryn Gordon

    Kathryn Gordon is the insightful author of the book Relationship Grit, a powerful guide to building strong, lasting connections in marriages and relationships. Drawing from her own 26-year marriage and the experiences of others she's encountered, Kathryn has developed the GRIT framework to help couples communicate effectively and grow together. A mother of two adult children, she is also the host of the podcast Kathryn for Real, where she shares her wisdom, authenticity, and vulnerability on a range of relationship topics.

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:

    Read Kathryn Gordon's book Relationship Grit to learn about building strong, lasting communication and connection in relationships.
    Listen to the podcast Kathryn for Real to hear more about Kathryn's insights and experiences in relationships.
    Work on improving communication in your own relationships by discussing problems and concerns openly with your partner.
    Consider seeking guidance from a relationship coach if you're struggling with communication or other aspects of your relationship.
    Be mindful of your financial decisions in a relationship, and work together to make smart choices that won't lead to financial strain or arguments.
    Look for ways to make your partner feel wanted and desired in your relationship to maintain a strong, healthy connection.

    Bringing God Into Your Relationship
    Strengthening relationships through spiritual connection can be a powerful way to enhance bonds and establish a deeper understanding of each other. By incorporating spirituality and a higher power into the relationship, partners tend to develop greater humility and gratitude within themselves, paving the way for mutual respect and a stronger connection. This recognition of a power beyond oneself not only allows for growth within the relationship but also fosters the ability to draw strength from something larger. During the podcast, Kathryn Gordon shared her insights on the importance of involving a higher power, such as God, within our relationships. She noted how her faith played an integral role in her own journey to recovery and rebuilt her bonds with others. She emphasized that by bringing her husband and herself closer to God, they were able to strengthen their own relationship, allowing for a renewed sense of unity and love. Her experience underlines the significance of involving spirituality in order to build spiritually connected, healthier relationships.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
202 Ratings

202 Ratings

Health_ Coach ,

Definitely a podcast to follow!

Justin is an incredible host! The way he asks questions and gets the most out of his guests. Definitely a podcast to follow!

PA Consulting Firm ,

They are giving anyone mics now

This host is supposed to be a great host?

kencarfagno ,

This Show STILL Gets YOU into the Growth Mindset!

Updated 2022: I just attended my second Growth Now event. Justin and his movement makers have all grown across the 4 pillars. They do what they teach. The podcast is still as good as ever!

2019: There are tons of podcasts to help you in business, finance, and life. They all dig into the gems that those that WIN use to WIN and likewise why those that WHINE, WHINE. I read the book "Mindset" by Carol Dweck a few years ago and love the simplicy. To win, we need to kill our fixed mindsets and switch to growth. Well, this show tells that story right in the title and the theme of growth is highlighted in the shows I've listened you (new listener still). I've also been to Justin's conference and LOVED the speakers and Movement Makers he brought in! They each had tremendous stories of victory in business & life, but it was their Growth Story that really inspired me. Great show! Keep it real, buddy!

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