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A sexy new podcast giving you the most dramatic scoops and commentary on Bachelor Nation.

Here for the Wrong Reasons Anna and Ryan, Bachelor Superfans!

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A sexy new podcast giving you the most dramatic scoops and commentary on Bachelor Nation.

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4.5 out of 5
199 Ratings

199 Ratings

Luv luv luv it! ,

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Love these 2.
Great takes, love their sense of humor and banter.
Keep it up!
Thank you for the Q&A - I didn’t know I needed the ep! Can’t wait for Part 2!!

Lauren21D ,

constantly laughing out loud

So here for the analysis, the jokes, and all the random but incredible pop culture references. Anna & Ryan have me cracking up during my commute all the time. I feel like we are BFF watching the show together. Love you guys!

Laura P,ELA Teacher ,

I’m here for it...this podcast rocks!

Anna and Ryan are hands down the best Bachelor Franchise podcast duo out there! They are the English professors I wish I had in college and the married couple I wish I could talk to about relationships, literature, rhetoric, politics, movies like Center Stage, 80’s and 90’s television shows, and of course the Bachelor! Based on the references Anna makes, I think we are very close in age, which is just one of the many reasons I love this podcast. I have actually jotted down some notes before writing this review so I don’t forget anything I want to say! Little do you guys know, but I listened to your first podcast on the morning of my new job as a substitute high school teacher. But that was only the beginning of all the firsts I would experience while listening to your podcast. I began interviewing for a full time teaching position at several schools and it just so happened that each interview coincided with a new episode. I began listening to previous seasons once I found a podcast streaming app that went all the way back to the very first episode. I was listening to Here For the Wrong Reasons on my first day as a high school English Language Arts teacher too. I can relate to almost every comment or reference made on the show, whether that’s literature, academic papers on the Bachelor you want to write (I’m jealous about how easy it is for you to come up with a title, that’s something I struggle with), how horrible Ethan Stiefel looks now, crappy student papers, guys on Anna’s list who are also on my list, asking someone from Maine if they know Stephen King (I literally do the same thing each!), and aggravation over the improper use of the word “literally.” I love listening to Anna and Ryan banter and laugh at each other. Anna definitely gives Ryan a hard time, but he takes it really well it’s clear there is truly so much love in their relationship. I wish I had half as much love, laughter, and literature discussions in my own relationship. I recently watched Matt Grant’s season and Ali Fedotowsky’s season and now I finally have context for all of Anna’s quips about Matt and Kasey!
I have one thing to say to anyone who leaves a negative review for this podcast; in particular to the recent one by “SecretSlob.” Did you know that you don’t have to listen to a show you don’t like? That you can *actually* just keep scrolling until you find a show that shares the same political view or ideology that you have? We all have a right to our own opinions and beliefs, including podcast hosts. Writing a negative review that brings down the overall rating just because you don’t agree with what they are saying (shocker in this divisive political climate) is ridiculous. Just listen to something else. These are the same type of people who leave a negative Yelp review because they didn’t get to sit on the patio of a waterside restaurant after they requested it on OpenTable, but fail to look at the restaurant’s website which clearly states that there are no reservations allowed for patio tables. Okay, rant over.
Thank you Ryan and Anna, for unapologetically staying true to yourselves and for being a part of MY journey as a new teacher. Now you know that you have been with me every step of the way. This podcast has made me laugh so hard that tears came out, and I had to hold my hand over my mouth to muffle the sound to keep from waking up anyone in the house. I hope this review isn’t coming in too late this week and you get to read it before recording the last podcast of the season. I love you guys and I love this podcast. ❤️🥀

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