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We are on a mission to create impact at scale by connecting you with experts to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many men feel disconnected and distant from the man they know they can be and we want to be the catalyst to bring you to the best version of yourself!

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We are on a mission to create impact at scale by connecting you with experts to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many men feel disconnected and distant from the man they know they can be and we want to be the catalyst to bring you to the best version of yourself!

    Ep 40: Confronting the 'Not Enough' Fallacy: Steps Toward High-Value Masculinity w/ Jaguar

    Ep 40: Confronting the 'Not Enough' Fallacy: Steps Toward High-Value Masculinity w/ Jaguar

    In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Jaguar Heart , Jaguar Heart is a transformative teacher, therapist, and physicist who leverages proven  principles to guide divorced men toward healthier lives. He specializes in unearthing core traumas and breaking the hindering patterns, fostering secure relationships, and releasing suppressed emotions. With a blend of empathy and innovation, Jaguar offers a unique journey of profound internal shifts for a fulfilling existence.

    ⦁    Jaguar Hart, a teacher, therapist, and physicist, specializes in using physics and language to help men identify core trauma, break patterns, develop loving relationships, and release suppressed emotions. He is excited to speak to the men of the Resisting Beta community who have experienced divorce and relationship struggles.
    ⦁    Jaguar Hart believes there is a societal attack on masculinity, with men being blamed for relationship failures. He advocates for a balanced expression of true masculine and feminine essences and advises men to focus on becoming the right partner themselves rather than chasing the right woman.
    ⦁    Andrew acknowledges the frustration and criticism of societal issues raised by figures like Jordan Peterson, but emphasizes the importance of moving beyond mere complaints. He seeks practical solutions to help men shed societal conditioning and embrace healthy masculinity, offering steps towards becoming a high value man.
    ⦁    Jaguar highlights the need for men to develop awareness, create space from negative influences, cultivate discipline, and prioritize personal growth before seeking healthy relationships.
    ⦁    Andrew reflects on how he found comfort and validation in understanding concepts like sexual market value. He asks Jaguar to explain the characteristics of a balanced, high-value man.
    ⦁    A balanced, high-value man contributes to society, possesses discipline, physical fitness, financial success, integrity, and the ability to think for oneself.
    ⦁    Jaguar finds Ryan Holiday's representation of stoic philosophy lacking because he believes Holiday doesn't physically embody the masculine principles he discusses, unlike someone like Jocko Willink.
    ⦁    Jaguar's journey towards embracing masculinity was influenced by figures like Judo Krishna Medi, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and David Goggins due to their teachings, intensity, and embodiment of discipline.
    ⦁    Jaguar's journey involved learning from his father's negative traits and experiences. He chose to embody the opposite qualities, facing his weaknesses, pursuing personal growth, and becoming the man he aspired to be.
    ⦁    Jaguar incorporates principles of physics into his methodology to create a provable and verifiable foundation for his work. He explains how vibrations, language, codes, and subconscious programming influence our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and ultimately our life experiences.
    ⦁    In relationships, men may feel they are not doing enough. Jaguar advises men to assert self-respect by saying no, focus on personal fulfillment, and meet their own standards instead of seeking validation from their partners.
    ⦁    Andrew emphasizes the importance of keeping personal promises to oneself for maintaining self-worth and trust. Jaguar advocates for men to prioritize physical health as an example for their children and partners.
    ⦁    Andrew expresses gratitude for connecting with Jaguar on Instagram and recommends following him for insightful content. Jaguar discusses the importance of living what one preaches and mentions accounts promoting biblical masculinity as positive trends in masculinity.
    ⦁    Jaguar suggests starting the day with three rounds of Wim Hof breathing and taking a cold shower for quick wins and increased mental resilience. He advises setting small goals for self-discipline and gradual elimination of neg

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    Ep 39: The Mind-Body Transformation: Recasting Your Health Journey w/ Kevin Varno

    Ep 39: The Mind-Body Transformation: Recasting Your Health Journey w/ Kevin Varno

    In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Kevin Varno, Kevin Varno is a health transformation specialist, dedicated to assisting men in achieving sustainable health and fitness. Shifting focus from fad diets and short-lived fitness routines, Kevin encourages men to alter their beliefs and identity for lasting change. He is committed to empowering individuals to uncover their optimal health, fostering a long-term, holistic approach to wellness.

    ⦁    Kevin Varno is a guest on the Resisting Beta podcast, helping men achieve sustainable health by changing their beliefs and identity. He discusses the detrimental effects of grocery shopping, the reasons behind men lacking a healthy body, the challenges in accessing accurate information, and the five components for attaining the desired mind and body.
    ⦁    Kevin Varno overcame personal struggles and found his passion in fitness, becoming a personal trainer and later transitioning to behavior modification coaching to help clients address mindset, identity, and lifestyle for lasting health transformation.
    ⦁    Many men who struggle with their weight have a mindset that perpetuates a cycle of trying and failing, gaining and losing, which keeps them from achieving their desired health and body goals.
    ⦁    Many individuals stuck in a cycle of weight loss and gain struggle to break free because their motivation is solely driven by moving away from pain, rather than creating an empowering self-image and finding pleasure in pursuing a new identity and lifestyle.
    ⦁    The fitness industry's portrayal of perfection and idealized physiques can make men feel inferior and unable to embrace a healthier identity, but Kevin aims to inspire by sharing his vulnerabilities and showing that health is attainable for everyone, regardless of insecurities or perceived shortcomings.
    ⦁    Many men seek validation by showcasing idealized physiques on social media, but the reality is that a shredded physique doesn't guarantee happiness or fulfillment, often leading to sacrifices in libido and overall life satisfaction.
    ⦁    Kevin believes that chasing external validation through an idealized physique is not admirable, as instilled by his father. He sees the pitfalls of bodybuilding and how reaching that level can make everything else seem inadequate.
    ⦁    Andrew chose a functional fitness goal, such as participating in a Spartan race, to challenge himself and avoid the pitfalls of purely aesthetic or endurance-focused goals.
    ⦁    Having a challenging event or goal on the calendar provides motivation and inspiration for individuals to change their lifestyle and experience personal growth beyond just the event itself.
    ⦁    Transformation goes beyond weight loss; it involves adopting new lifestyle habits, embracing personal growth, and becoming the best version of oneself, leading to profound changes in relationships and overall well-being.
    ⦁    Exterior changes often precede internal mindset shifts, but strategic methods like progress photos and envisioning the desired self help individuals see their transformation and build the life of their ideal identity.
    ⦁    The compound effect of consistent actions, tracking progress, and understanding the power of mindset and habits plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable transformation and improved well-being.
    ⦁    Tracking and being mindful of what we eat is a transformative process that helps us make honest assessments of our choices and take the first step towards positive change and improved well-being.
    ⦁    Being a man means knowing and embracing your true self, having the courage to live authentically, and betting everything on it; and taking small daily steps towards your desired outcome for quick wins and momentum.
    ⦁    To break the downward spiral, choose one small action and consistently follow through to build se

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    Ep 38: From Victim to Victor: Reclaiming Your Identity & Breaking Fitness Plateaus w/ Will Ballanger

    Ep 38: From Victim to Victor: Reclaiming Your Identity & Breaking Fitness Plateaus w/ Will Ballanger

    In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Will Ballanger, Royal Navy Senior Physical Training Instructor, father, husband and proud advocate of honest hard work. Passionate fitness myth debunker and general S&C smartypants.
    Will Ballanger, a Royal Navy physical training instructor and online fitness coach, joins Andrew on the Resisting Beta Podcast to discuss how lifting, supplements, and overcoming plateaus can help achieve fitness goals and reduce anxiety. Andrew explores Will's personal experience with anxiety and depression and how he has navigated through them. Will shares his personal journey of experiencing anxiety and depression, losing his identity and regaining it through fitness, and how his story resonates with many men facing similar challenges. Will offers advice for men who have lost their athletic identity due to stress and adult responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of taking small steps to regain physical fitness, rebuild confidence, and prioritize self-care. Will advises men who are struggling with their mental health, particularly stress-related anxieties, to seek help before reaching a crisis point, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing their well-being and not being ashamed to ask for assistance. When Will sought help, he acknowledged the importance of seeking assistance for his mental health and recognized the need to take action, emphasizing the societal misconception that asking for help is a sign of weakness, particularly for men. When seeking help, Will reached out to a trusted friend, which provided validation and reassurance, and later sought professional assistance through a physician to address his mental health struggles. Andrew asks how Will's journey has impacted his ability to help others with their physical fitness goals and earning the nickname "Big Will." Will believes that while exercise, healthy eating, and avoiding alcohol are important for mental health, for him personally, he had to take an abrupt and high-intensity approach to get back in shape and regain his identity as a gym advocate and exercise professional, but acknowledges that this may not be suitable for everyone and encourages people to find what works for them. Andrew asks how to help men improve their bullshit detector in the health and fitness industry to avoid conflicting and misleading information and achieve better results. Will advises men to be cautious of the supplement industry and avoid relying on supplements for fat loss, emphasizing the importance of energy balance through proper nutrition and exercise. Andrew asks how to differentiate between online fitness trainers who just look the part versus those who actually know how to coach to success, with the rise of Instagram influencers and the importance of finding trustworthy professionals in the industry. Will advises being cautious of fitness trainers who ask for a large upfront fee and emphasizes the importance of building a relationship to determine if the trainer is the right fit, regardless of their appearance on social media. To navigate plateaus in weight loss, Will emphasizes the need for understanding why we store fat and making changes in energy expenditure or intake, while maintaining relentless consistency and staying true to the chosen course of action. Bodybuilding focuses on aesthetics and appearance, while CrossFit emphasizes performance and functional training, with a potential for aesthetic improvements. The choice depends on whether one aims to primarily look better or achieve both fitness and performance goals. To replace minerals lost through sweat, focus on a well-rounded diet with adequate micronutrition and consider using electrolyte supplements as an insurance policy. Andrew and Will discuss what it means to be a man, with Will stating that a man is someone who is sure of himself and knows where he's going in life, and gives homework for men to write down th

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    Ep 37: 7 Steps to Create Unbreakable Healthy Habits w/ Jason Gootman

    Ep 37: 7 Steps to Create Unbreakable Healthy Habits w/ Jason Gootman

    In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Jason Gootman, Jason Gootman is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a certified nutritionist and certified exercise physiologist. Jason helps people reverse and prevent type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments with evidence-based approaches to nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, holistic wellness, and, most importantly, lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation. As part of this work, Jason often helps people lose weight and keep it off, in part by helping them overcome the common challenges of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating. Jason helps people go from knowing what to do and having good intentions to consistently taking great care of themselves in ways that help them add years to their lives and life to their years.
    Jason is passionate about serving men and helping them create lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation, particularly in areas such as reversing and preventing chronic diseases, weight loss, and overall holistic wellness. Jason is passionate about holistic wellness and helping individuals proactively meet their needs to live their best lives, emphasizing the importance of behavior improvement and habit formation for lasting lifestyle changes. Struggling to adopt new habits is rooted in our tendency to stick to familiar patterns, conserving energy. Relying solely on willpower often falls short of creating lasting change. Additionally, cultural paradigms such as "no pain, no gain" and the notion that enjoyable things are unhealthy create unsustainable approaches to wellness. Overcoming these hurdles requires finding ways to align enjoyment with beneficial actions in both exercise and nutrition. Narrowing down choices is important because attempting to do too much at once can lead to failure. Popular programs that require multiple habits can be overwhelming and set people up for failure. Working on fewer habits at a time and starting with small, achievable steps increases the chances of success and builds confidence while setting high standards can lead to feelings of failure and quitting. Step one is to be clear and focused on your goal, applying SMART goal principles. Step two is to clarify your personal motivation and values, understanding why you want to pursue the desired change. Self-reflection and connecting with your integrity are important for this step. Taking small steps towards your goal is like climbing a ladder with closely spaced rungs, leading to momentum, confidence, and the ability to tackle bigger challenges while attempting to take big steps too soon can leave you feeling discouraged and stuck. Andrew suggests starting small and creating simple, daily habits to improve one's health instead of trying too much too soon and comparing oneself to others on social media. Aligning your habits with your values, interests, and strengths leads to greater motivation and success, rather than trying to conform to what others are doing. Exploring the question "When do you feel most alive?" helps individuals delve into their values, interests, and strengths, leading to a fulfilling life where actions align with desired outcomes and attract genuine attention and connections. After aligning their interests with their values and exploring activities genuinely desired, men should focus on taking intentional steps forward, free from transactional motives, and embracing personal growth and self-discovery. To facilitate the process of trying something new, it is important to reduce friction and make it as convenient as possible, minimizing unnecessary difficulties and conserving energy, while still embracing the inherent challenge and growth potential. Embracing the paradox, it's important to find enjoyment in simple plans and solutions, focusing on the why behind them, rather than gett

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    Ep 36: Work-Life-Win: Mastering the Balance for Optimal Health. w/ Daniel Raz

    Ep 36: Work-Life-Win: Mastering the Balance for Optimal Health. w/ Daniel Raz

    In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Daniel Raz, Daniel Raz is an online fitness coach renowned for helping busy men lose 30 pounds in 4 months without a gym. A University of British Columbia graduate in exercise and nutrition, Daniel leverages technology to provide personalized programs that transform lives.
    Andrew is interviewing Daniel Raz, an online fitness coach who helps men lose weight without going to the gym. They discuss how to overcome the failure demon and achieve success in weight loss. Daniel grew up in Israel and China, studied to be a physiotherapist in Canada, worked as a personal trainer, and transitioned to online coaching during the pandemic, achieving even greater success. Andrew asks Daniel about the hurdles that most men face before seeking his help and how he helps them overcome their stubbornness and reluctance to ask for help. Daniel explains that getting in shape is not about working harder, but working smarter and getting leverage by learning the best principles and ways to navigate through fitness with the help of a coach or instructor. Daniel explains the importance of differentiating between principles and individual preferences in fitness, with principles such as calorie deficit and hydration being universally applicable, while individual preferences such as diet and workout routines vary. Andrew discusses how men can navigate their preferences in weight loss amidst conflicting information and avoid analysis paralysis. Daniel suggests categorizing foods as healthy/tasty, healthy/not tasty, tasty/not healthy, and not tasty/not healthy, aiming for 80% healthy and tasty, 10% healthy but not tasty, and 10% tasty but not healthy, trying new healthy foods monthly, and not feeling obligated to finish unhealthy foods. Andrew and Daniel discuss the misconception of timing in diet and the negative impact of the "clean your plate" mentality, which Daniel suggests stems from past generations' food scarcity. Andrew shares his personal experience with this mentality and wonders if it's common among men. Andrew and Daniel discuss the importance of changing the language from "can't" to "don't" to shift internal narratives and reshape one's identity. They also stress the importance of letting go of outdated habits and mindsets that do not align with one's goals or values. Daniel emphasizes the importance of changing the words we say to ourselves and adopting an athlete mindset. He believes that people should focus on doing things that are good for them and seek accountability to reach their goals. Start with easy wins to stay motivated towards your goals, suggests Daniel, such as keeping a water bottle within reach or improving sleep quality. Andrew and Daniel discuss the importance of small, sustainable habits for achieving long-term goals, and preparing for worst-case scenarios to make success inevitable.  Daniel suggests dismantling irrational excuses with another irrational statement, recommends focusing on small but consistent workouts, and using a calendar to identify available time. Daniel recommends tracking food intake for a few weeks to fine-tune intuition, and suggests taking pictures as it helps to better understand portion sizes. Insightful conversation on weight loss and mindset: Intermittent fasting, emotional eating, discipline, and consistency can transform one's habits and self-confidence. Daniel defines a man as someone who sticks by his word and does what he says he's going to do, even if he doesn't feel like it, and emphasizes the importance of keeping promises made to oneself to build confidence. Andrew and Daniel share tips for men to improve their health including hiring a coach, staying hydrated, getting quality sleep, setting reminders to move, and making decisions based on future goals. Contact Daniel for coaching and advice. Daniel shares his website, social media, and an ebook offer for men's health, while An

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    Ep 35: Maximize Your Mojo: 3 Hormone Hacks to Keep Father Time at Bay w/ Dustin Baker

    Ep 35: Maximize Your Mojo: 3 Hormone Hacks to Keep Father Time at Bay w/ Dustin Baker

    In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Dustin Baker, Dustin Baker is the President of BioProtein Technology and creator of BioPro+. With years of experience working intimately with some of the world's most elite professional athletes, trusted physicians, and even international private security / military personnel his passion remains the same, to help individuals maximize their physiological and cognitive potential safely. Since his 20s Dustin has been instrumental in the product design and brand development for natural products in the professional athletics, fitness, and medical supply categories. 



    The ResistingBeta podcast discusses human growth hormone (HGH) with guest Dustin Baker, president of BioProtein Technology, focusing on the effects of low HGH levels and the difference between HGH and steroids, as well as Dustin's passion for safely maximizing physiological and cognitive function. 
    Dustin expresses his gratitude for being on the show and appreciates the opportunity to talk about a topic that he can relate to as an aging male. 

    Dustin relates to the average successful man as he is one of them, and he wants to offer the best for his family, friends, and people who depend on him by being the best version of himself. 
    Dustin describes the state of masculinity as atrocious, citing studies that show men today have the lowest rate of hormonal decline in modern history, with the average human male in his twenties having the hormone level of a man who's 67. 
    Andrew dislikes the narrative that getting old sucks and wants to explore what choices are causing physical issues instead of attributing them solely to aging. He seeks advice on how to approach this with older men in his life. 
    Dustin suggests that changing the mindset and addressing personal purpose, physical obstacles, and basic needs can help alleviate the negative effects of aging, and that mindset is imperative when it comes to the stories we tell ourselves about aging. 
    Andrew challenges the idea that age should limit one's ability to pursue activities one enjoys, using Tom Brady as an example of defying age expectations. 

    The speakers discuss the importance of lifestyle choices in regard to aging and hormone production. Tom Brady is used as an example of someone who prioritizes his health and aging process through strict diet and exercise. However, the speakers note that anyone can make an effort to improve their health through better lifestyle choices, including getting adequate sleep, which is free and easy to achieve with dedication. 
    Dustin and Andrew continue their discussion on health optimization. Dustin emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated and being adequately nourished, stating that most Americans are chronically dehydrated and nutritionally deficient, which puts the body into fight-or-flight mode. 
    Dustin and Andrew discuss diet and nutrition, emphasizing the importance of individualized goals and calorie intake, and recommend using apps or online tools to help track and calculate nutrient needs. 
    Dustin emphasizes the importance of exercise in optimizing the effects of food, water, and sleep, and recommends high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for its ability to increase growth hormone production. Andrew and Dustin acknowledge that these are basics that many people know but may not be doing. 
    Dustin and Andrew discuss the importance of consistency and discipline in achieving success, emphasizing the accumulation effect of small daily actions. 

    To Dustin, being a man means taking responsibility for those around you, providing for their needs, serving and working for others, and being disciplined in self-sacrifice and dedication to a specific worldview. It is also important to know how to take care of oneself before caring for others. 
    Andrew advises listeners to reflect on

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