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Just The Fitness Tip with Michael Ulloa & Jason Auld.

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Just The Fitness Tip with Michael Ulloa & Jason Auld.

    #93 Expectations Vs Reality; How steroids & social media create unattainable bodies

    #93 Expectations Vs Reality; How steroids & social media create unattainable bodies

    On episode 93 of Just the Fitness Tip, Jason & Michael read an article in the Hindustan Times about actress Deepika Padukone's latest Instagram post, leading to us ask the question; are our health and fitness expectations too far removed from reality?

    Does social media cherry picking, filters, airbrushing and lighting create the false idea of an attainable body?

    Are our favourite physiques achieved using steroids?

    Are you aware of what is real and what isn't? Do you care? Are you happy for images to be posted as long as it's made clear how they've been achieved? Or do you think only unedited photos should be used in mainstream media and any use of performance enhancing drugs should be totally banned? 

    Is Nate Diaz right when he says "Everyone is on steroids?"

    Plus we find out what Gymnasiums have to do with being naked.

    Mich's obsession with Dolly Parton's theme park, Dollywood.

    The Metro's latest health and fitness product "hit list" including vegan meal prep; do you care if vegan food compares itself to meat?

    And BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Aniston starts eating bread again.

    Do you eat carbs? Do you feel guilty about eating carbs? Why do celebrities care so much about carbs?

    All this and more on the latest episode of Just the Fitness Tip.

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    "Best of the Guests" ft Dr Giles Yeo, The Fat Doctor, Phil Learney & more

    "Best of the Guests" ft Dr Giles Yeo, The Fat Doctor, Phil Learney & more

    It's our first ever compilation episode. "Best of the Guests" revisits some of the best conversations, soundbites, facts, tips and laughs we've had with a small selection of previous guests.

    We know what you're thinking, you've heard it all before right? Listening back, we found some gems that even we overlooked first time around which is easy to do after 91 episodes. Plus we give you our thoughts and feelings on the interviews.

    Guests include;

    Dr Giles Yeo; We talk to esteemed BBC presenter, podcaster and scientist about the genetics of bodyweight and how obesity often is not a choice.

    Dr Natasha Larmie aka The Fat Doctor; Our most popular episode to date, Dr Natasha caused controversy in her outspoken beliefs on body positivity and bodyweight stigma. Is it possible to be overweight and healthy? Should there be more overweight role models in mainstream media?

    School of Calisthenics; Tim & Jacko talk to us about exercise through play, how the fitness industry has made exercise boring and how you too can get more like on Instagram.

    Claire Tracey; Strength & Conditioning coach at Gloucestershire University and former rower, Claire talks about her experience as a female in a male dominated industry, working with professional and amateur athletes both male and female.

    Phil Learney; The PT Coach talks to us about how communication is the key to successful personal training, why Joe Wicks & James Smith have been so successful and the difference between a Soho PT & a Canary Wharf PT.

    Anthony Lolli; Star of Amazon Prime documentary "Fat Lolli to 6 Pack Lolli", we find out how Anthony shed 125lbs in only 9 months in preparation for his first ever bodybuilding and how the tragic death of his trainer only weeks out, motivated him more to achieve his goal.

    Lewis from Grams Edinburgh; Grams is a health food cafe in Edinburgh co-owned by our mate Lewis. He talks to us about his new cafe focused on encouraging people to try vegan food without the heavy-handed approach that puts some people off. He shares the difficulties of creating tasty dairy free, gluten free, meat free cuisine and some of the difficult customers he's faced.

    Listen back to all of these episodes in our archives and let us know your favourite, along with the myriad of other guests we didn't have time to include.

    We'll be back soon with brand new guests as well as Mich & Jason's usual musings on health, fitness and the silliness of the industry.

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    #91 Pride Month Special - interview with PT Mark Brownlie

    #91 Pride Month Special - interview with PT Mark Brownlie

    We're proud to celebrate Pride Month by welcoming mental health advocate and Glasgow based personal trainer, Mark Brownlie to Just The Fitness Tip.

    Having previously worked in social care, Mark brings a holistic approach to training his clients with a focus on the benefits exercise can bring to mental health.

    Mark is an openly Gay man and he opens up about the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community in the fitness industry and the gym environment, as well as the role that unrealistic body image and our relationship with masculinity plays on exercise & diet habits.

    We ask Mark;

    Is there greater pressure on Gay men to work out?

    How do heterosexual men treat him in the gym?

    Does being Gay help or hinder his ability to identify with clients?

    And what all of us can do, regardless of sexuality, to make the gym a more welcoming place.

    You can find follow Mark
    on Instagram: @markbrownlie_fitness

    or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markbrownliefitness/

    Get in touch with Mark about working together via his website: https://markbrownliefitness.com/

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    #90 Why 30 minutes of exercise won't counteract sitting all day

    #90 Why 30 minutes of exercise won't counteract sitting all day

    We made it to episode 90!

    Today, Jason & Michael talk about the worrying new study suggesting sitting can be as bad for us as smoking. The recommended amount of exercise, 30 minutes per day, might not be enough to improve overall health for those sitting up to 11 hours per day.

    We provide fitness tips on the easiest ways to add movement into your daily routine, without having to spend hours in the gym.

    We also talk about Colby Watson, a man suing Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop because his vagina scented candle exploded.

    Check out the article in The Metro about sitting here.

    Check out the story about a man engulfed in vagina scented flames here.

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    #89 Should restaurants be forced to put calories on menus?

    #89 Should restaurants be forced to put calories on menus?

    Episode 89 kicks off with the question "should restaurants be made to put calories on their menus?" after it's teased that the government could enforce a new law on establishments with over 250 employees.

    Do you think this will do more harm than good? Do you think it will help you make healthier choices? Let us know.

    We talk mood-based workouts and how they can help you stay consistent with your training regardless of what life throws at you.

    And of course, it wouldn't be Just The Fitness Tip if we didn't mock Gwyneth Paltrow for admitting she "broke down" and ate bread.

    What's a quinoa cocktail?

    Is she playing a character to promote her company Goop or is this real? Jason ends the show with a Tip Hop Quote inspired by the bread breakdown.

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    #88 Skiing Blind - Interview with British para alpine ski racers James & Alice Luetchford

    #88 Skiing Blind - Interview with British para alpine ski racers James & Alice Luetchford

    James and Alice Luetchford are not only two of Michael's clients, they're also rising stars in the world of para alpine ski racing. 

    The married couple have had a bumpy ride from day 1, with James being diagnosed with severe sight loss the day before their wedding.

    Their career in skiing was born when on holiday, a ski instructor suggested Alice guide James down the slope.

    In November 2016, they competed in their first ski race for Great Britain and the rest is history.

    In today's pod, we hear more from James & Alice on their relationship as partners and athletes, the sport itself and their constant fight to get funding and support after an error saw James reclassified as having had his eyesight restored.

    An amazingly inspiring story for the Tip Nation, on revaluating your potential and setting goals that may seem beyond your abilities.

    To follow James & Alice's journey, find them on Instagram @LuetchfordSkiRacers

    You can check out their website for more information on them and the sport of para alpine skiing here: https://www.luetchfordskiracers.com/

    And you can find some of Alice's amazing artwork here: https://www.aliceluetchfordartist.com/ All proceeds go towards funding their ski training so invest in a wonderful piece of art for your home whilst investing in British athletes.

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