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Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit.

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Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit.

    3366: A Decent Standard of Living

    3366: A Decent Standard of Living

    Super Bowl LV: Chiefs at Buccaneers (+3) and COVID-sniffing dogs; Larry King died from the coronavirus and Dave Chappelle contracted COVID at his perfectly safe shows; Fran Lebowitz’s Pretend It’s a City; Keith’s archenemy John Deforest Petrie died and may have a storage facility with Keith’s things

    • 49 min
    3365: 13th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

    3365: 13th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

    Donald Trump remembered, Joe Biden’s impeachment, and Joe Exotic’s freedom
    The 2020 KATGuh Award Winners
    Best Fight: Ray Gootz - Chemda vs. The Gootz feat. Billy Procida
    Best New Guest: Karen Morrow
    Biggest Political Statement: Rod Morrow - Joe Biden Rocks Despacito
    Most Romantic Moment: Joe DeVito - The 16 Women Fantasy Love Kumite
    Most Heartbreaking Moment: Kyle Ocasio - Being a Mom
    Most Ridiculous Moment: Carrie Gravenson - Keith’s Sense of Direction
    Best Rant: Ken Malley - Ken’s Vegetarian Burger aka You ARE Gonna Take It

    • 1 hr 12 min
    3364: Inauguration 2021

    3364: Inauguration 2021

    President Trump’s pardons, last-minute policies, The National Garden of American Heroes, and Impeachment #2; President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.; Father Malley vs. The Nursing Home; the fight against a $15 minimum wage; NFL’s Final Four - Take 2; Gwyneth Paltrow’s goops; Tiger King and Capturing the Friedmans

    • 50 min
    3363: Piece of Your Heart w/ Ophira Eisenberg

    3363: Piece of Your Heart w/ Ophira Eisenberg

    Contracting COVID-19; NBA’s Kyrie Irving attends maskless indoor party, loses at least $850,000; Armie Hammer, cannibal pervert

    • 53 min
    3362: 13th Annual KATGuh Awards

    3362: 13th Annual KATGuh Awards

    Bill Belichick turns down Trump’s Presidential Medal of Freedom, Trump’s second impeachment, major companies turn on republicans, and NYC cancels Trump contracts; COVID-19 U.S. deaths: 392,463 - 4,320 yesterday alone; Bruce Willis kicked out of Raid Aid for refusing to wear a mask
    The 2020 KATGuh Award Nominations
    Most Ridiculous Moment: Lori Loughlin Readies Herself For Prison; Carrie Gravenson - Keith’s Sense of Direction; Oscar! Oscar!; Danny Vega - April Fools During a Pandemic; Newsychu - Chemda the Firebug; Karen Morrow - Mom Shoots Wood Most
    Heartbreaking Moment: Her Majesty vs. The Royal Horses; Micah Sherman - The Duke and Duchess of WHAT?!; Kyle Ocasio - Being a Mom; Benny Ocasio - Kobe and Gigi Bryant; MAtt Baer - The Diamond Dog Hat; Det. Mark DeMayo - Gun Play
    Best Fight: Keith vs. His Dad; Ray Gootz and Wendi Starling - Chemda vs. The Gootz; Billy Procida - Chemda vs. Billy Best Rant: George Floyd, Bad Police, and Unrelatable Family; Chris Matthews and What CAN I Say?; Lindsay Goldwert - Chemda’s Lesson for Dads; Ken’s Vegetarian Burger aka You ARE Gonna Take It
    Biggest Political Statement: VOTE!; Rod Morrow - Joe Biden Rocks Despacito; Rod and Karen Morrow - Conservatives Love Rules; Adam Brown and Craig Klein - Don Jr. Visits Mel’s in Somerset
    Most Romantic: Paul Hooper and Myq Kaplan - Paul’s Other Two Wheels; The Attraction of Marilyn Monroe; Joe DeVito - The 16 Women Fantasy Love Kumite; Katharine Heller - Being Awake for Sports Illustrated

    • 2 hr 57 min
    3361: Puppets

    3361: Puppets

    The NFL’s Final Four; a Sex and the City revival without Samantha; Smokey Robinson honors Chanooka; Capitol deaths and arrests; free speech and social media bans; Andrew Yang learns about NYC

    • 36 min

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4.7 out of 5
1.6K Ratings

1.6K Ratings

just another cris ,

1 star losers

Some of these people genuinely say that KATG talk about the same thing every show for 15+ years. Lol, ok 1 star losers. I’m a huge fan and although I haven’t listened to all 3,000+ shows, I know that every show is so uniquely different special. I love the katg family so much and they’ve helped me survive living among the idiots of the world. Peace, love and OMAT.

Seeita1979 ,

The First and The Best!

Keith and The Girl is the original comedy podcast and the best! Keith and Chemda are relatable and hysterical! I love hearing Keith’s views on the stories of the day as Chemda injects positivity in the funniest way even just to get Keith going. I never tire of Keith’s rants ...and boy does he rant whether it’s about Trump or his Trumpesque dad. Chemda is so positive and adorable but just as witty and cutting when she has an issue in the news or with a guest. AND the guests are great! I love My Keith and The Girl! Please give us 15 more years!

DarrenTy ,

An underrated, Hall-of-Fame podcast!

Keith and Chemda are one of the all-time duos. Their show has made me laugh, cry, and laugh 'till I cried. I've listened to hundreds of different podcasts, but theirs is the one I keep coming back to year after year.

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