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Featuring masterminds with real estate leaders, coaches and influencers PLUS eye-opening strategy sessions with up-and-coming agents, you'll learn exactly how to go from Agent to Entrepreneur.

Level Up - From Agent to Entrepreneur Greg Harrelson - Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur & Coach

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Featuring masterminds with real estate leaders, coaches and influencers PLUS eye-opening strategy sessions with up-and-coming agents, you'll learn exactly how to go from Agent to Entrepreneur.

    The Eyes Are On The Internet, Where Are You?

    The Eyes Are On The Internet, Where Are You?

    With millions of people stuck indoors in these uncertain times, people are spending a lot more time online than before, especially through their phones. This means we have a huge captive audience of people we can inform and connect with. There’s an opportunity to engage with people and there are many ways we can leverage it.  
    How do we capture mindshare through information so that we become the people they want to talk to, and the people they want to work with when certainty returns? 
    In this episode, we talk about how to leverage the added eyeballs and attention online and the kind of content we can create. 

     We have to be positioned where their eyes are pointed. -Greg Harrelson  

    Takeaways + Tactics 

    The frequency at which we’re consuming the information we’re interested in has gone through the roof. 
    People have more time to Google and research us online, it’s important that we put our best digital feet forward. 
    Focus on informing people not on giving advice. 
    Leverage online marketplaces. Right now, the number of views a new listing is getting is going to skyrocket.

    • 14 min
    Fill in the Blank - I Wish I Would Have___

    Fill in the Blank - I Wish I Would Have___

    When things change in the market and there’s an interruption in the direction we were going, we need to adjust and react quickly. Depending on how we respond to what’s happening, a year from now, we can either look back with regret or gratitude that we took the right actions. 
    Once we’re in the clear, and the dust has settled, there will be the agent who took market share and the agents who contracted. We can make the decision on which side of the divide we want to be standing. 
    How can we future-proof ourselves so that we’re not looking back wishing we’d done things differently? In this episode, we talk about an important thought process that needs to govern our choices right now. 

    Most people miss the opportunity that’s presented when there’s disruption in the market, because they withdraw from it. -Greg Harrelson 
    We also discussed:

    Why we already know what we need to do to avoid regret 
    How we’re all in a leadership role for ourselves
    The difference between motion and advancement 

    • 17 min
    Breakdown or Breakthrough - The Choice is Ours

    Breakdown or Breakthrough - The Choice is Ours

    As leaders, the times that we’re living through are going to require more mental and emotional bandwidth from us. Times of turmoil create more intensity and more things that we have to be concerned with. It can feel like things are breaking down, but the biggest positive changes come from breakdowns. 
    How do we compensate for the rising intensity level? Why is it so important for us to fight for something bigger than ourselves? 
    In this episode, we talk about what it takes to break through the pain of a rise in intensity or the challenge of a new routine. 

    Breakdowns are necessary if we want to experience massive breakthroughs, the bigger the breakdown, the bigger the breakthrough. -Greg Harrelson 
    In This Episode You’ll Learn 

    Why breakthrough is preceded by breakdown
    The difference between being offensive and defensive in our approach 
    Why we can have a big WHY and still be complacent

    • 22 min
    Plan B: The New Business Plan

    Plan B: The New Business Plan

    Coronavirus, the ensuing uncertainty and market volatility requires us to adopt an alternative business plan. 
    Whatever business plan we created at the beginning of the year isn’t going to cut it right now. We need a plan for what we need to do right now to sustain our businesses. 
    If we’re rethinking our business plans, what are the non-negotiable activities that need to be a part of them? What do we do to make sure when the crisis is over we come out of it running instead of crawling? 
    In this episode, we talk about creating your Plan B business plan.

    When we come out of this, the consumer is going to go back to demanding skills from their agents. -Brendon Payne 
    Takeaways and Tactics

    Take a look at expenses and be really realistic about what’s giving you a return and what’s not necessary at the moment. 
    Our business plans need to include our routine, our activities and accountability.  
    Get in touch with past clients, centers of influence and your database. Stop thinking about it as prospecting, and see it as connection and support. 

    • 21 min
    How to Keep Making Calls During the COVID-19 Crisis w/Dale Archdekin

    How to Keep Making Calls During the COVID-19 Crisis w/Dale Archdekin

    Despite all the uncertainties in the market at the moment, people still need to buy and sell houses, and if we conduct ourselves the right way, we could be the agents to help them proceed. How can we continue to make calls in such a sensitive time,  and is there a right way to handle our database’s anxieties? How do we know which contacts we should be nurturing during this period? On this episode, Dale Archdekin, Founder of Smart Inside Sales, shares how to keep making calls during the COVID-19 crisis. 

    Don’t be tone deaf to people’s fears right now: we have to be sensitive and empathetic. -Dale Archdekin
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    While we have to keep reaching out, it’s important we don’t come across as tone deaf. Be mindful of the challenges people are facing and speak with empathy.
    If an important announcement has just been made, go ahead with calls but offer to call back in a week or two with an update on the market. People are most anxious immediately after an announcement, so call them again in a few days, when their stress levels have stabilized somewhat.
    Ask potential clients if the only reason they’re hesitant to buy or sell now is because of the current pandemic. If we know they’d be willing to go ahead with a transaction if not for COVID-19, we can keep nurturing a relationship with them in the meantime.

    At the start of this episode, we spoke about the importance of adapting our scripts to be as empathetic as possible during this time. We also discussed why it’s so important to stay productive during this period if we want to ensure our future in the industry.
    On this episode we discussed:

    Why the current situation will make or break real estate professionals
    The importance of building rapport with our database now
    How to avoid pushing people into a business conversation

    Guest Bio- 
    Dale Archdekin is the Founder of Smart Inside Sales, a coaching and training company serving residential real estate agents and brokers. As former Director of Lead Generation for a top-5 Keller Williams Realty mega team, Dale was instrumental in more than doubling the team’s sales to over $200 million in just 3 years. Dale has been a residential real estate salesperson for close to 10 years now. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, who is also a residential real estate agent with close to 10 years of experience, and their two amazing kids. Dale and his wife invest in real estate as well and real estate is their main vehicle for their retirement planning. 
    To find out more about Dale, head to:
    You can also email him directly at dale@smartinsidesales.com

    • 37 min
    Understanding The Shift That Has Happened

    Understanding The Shift That Has Happened

    In a time of widespread confusion, concern and fear, it can be hard to put a finger on what has really shifted and changed, and how to respond to it.
    What has really happened and what should we be focusing on in response? How does where we are impact how our clients will act and make decisions? 
    On this episode, we talk about what the shift that’s taking place is actually a sign of, and what we need to do to win in this space.  

    The key to developing and sustaining a good real estate business through turmoil is being the professional who brings certainty back into the conversation. -Greg Harrelson 
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    If you’re hearing people’s legitimate concerns as objections, you’re going to come across as ‘salesy.’ This won’t work in this market. 
    Things change quickly, and the way of communicating a week ago might no longer be relevant to the current concerns of consumers. 
    Learn how to shift your listening and your activity in order to be prepared for what’s happening in the market on this episode of The Level Up podcast.

    • 10 min

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4.9 out of 5
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79 Ratings

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Whether you’re well established as a real estate entrepreneur, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Greg, Brendon and the entire team do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving real estate business, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Mike Swim ,

Best real estate podcast!

Thank you Greg and Brendan for always bringing real deal stuff to us Realtors! Love your show.

Clarisse Gomez ,

Awesome Podcast!!!

Greg, host of the Level Up - From Agent to Entrepreneur podcast, highlights all aspects of real estate, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

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