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Learn how to get unSTUCK in your life, work, and relationships, and get CLEAR, so you can go on Living Deliberately, with award-winning author, Shira Gura.

Living Deliberately Shira Gura, Emotional Well-Being, Mindset, and Success Coach

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Learn how to get unSTUCK in your life, work, and relationships, and get CLEAR, so you can go on Living Deliberately, with award-winning author, Shira Gura.

    The Courage to make a shift

    The Courage to make a shift

    When you are feeling stuck, you are probably "being" someone you don't want to be.

    You get hijacked by your emotions and your emotions take control of the real you.

    But when you go through the process of getting unSTUCK, there's an opportunity for you to shift.

    To shift out of who you were being and into the person you truly want to be.

    It's simple, but not easy.

    Tune in to this week's Living Deliberately podcast to learn more.

    • 25 min
    Stuck on what other people think of you

    Stuck on what other people think of you

    Do you ever get stuck on caring what other people think of you?

    It's a very common human behavior to do this, but there are lots of problems about it.

    In the Living Deliberately community this month, we are focusing on and internalizing the word "Courage."

    I have lots of different definitions for courage.
    One of which is letting others be wrong about you.

    Tune in to this week's Living Deliberately podcast to hear more and how you can bring some more courage into your life.

    • 22 min
    Say "NO!" to New Year's resolutions

    Say "NO!" to New Year's resolutions

    2021 has just begun. And with it comes lots of feelings of excitement and hope.
    Many people make New Year's resolutions.
    Unfortunately, statistics show that New Year's resolutions don't work.
    And that's because New Year's resolutions are devoid of the secret to creating change.
    The secret is not so much about the actions you take, but rather about something else entirely.
    Tune in to learn more and to see what YOU can do this year to create the changes and improvements you are looking to create.

    • 26 min
    Trusting your process

    Trusting your process

    There are two ways to look at life: That it's happening to you, or that it's happening for you.
    It's very easy to feel fearful, uncertain, or hopeless when you aren't getting the results you want or hope to see. But staying in difficult emotions like that will only keep you stuck.
    Getting unSTUCK and trusting the process will open your heart and mind to realize that life is unfolding exactly as it should for you, because it's exactly what you are experiencing and nothing different.

    • 26 min
    On generosity

    On generosity

    This month, the Living Deliberately community focused on practicing generosity in their lives.

    But have you ever stopped to consider what really is generosity?

    Is generosity just a willingness to give support and help, or is something more?

    Do you need to feel generous in order for something to be considered an act of generosity or are your feelings about it irrelevant?

    Tune in to hear some thoughts I've been pondering this month and the conclusion I came to regarding what generosity really is.

    • 20 min
    How to Feel on Purpose (Deliberately)

    How to Feel on Purpose (Deliberately)

    Most people erroneously believe that it's the things outside of them (like, the people and circumstances in their lives) that cause them to feel the things they feel.

    But, the truth is, feelings come from within.

    Feelings are generated by the thoughts you choose to believe.

    No one and nothing can make you feel anything you don't want to.

    What you feel is always a choice.

    The power is always within you.

    Tune in to learn more about creating feelings on purpose!

    • 28 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
65 Ratings

65 Ratings

Krista Luzio ,

Small steps lead to a positive big picture outlook.

I recommend this podcast for anyone going through a challenging phase and wanting to make changes - big or small - in their life or perspective. Listening helps me feel more hopeful for myself and my capacity to grow and learn and change in my relationships. Her strategies are also remarkably easy to understand and don't make me feel overwhelmed. A huge plus!

alisal18 ,

How Do You Want To Show Up Each Day?

I started listening to Shira’s podcasts about 2 years ago. She shares her own stories using her method of Living Deliberately that truly resonate with me. I look forward each week to her podcast to learn and hear how she uses her method to stay CLEAR and unSTUCK. Shira shares a wide range of relatable topics from her life. Each story is well reasoned and insightful on how to Live Deliberately each day. I have recommended her podcast to so many. Each have come back to thank me for introducing them to Shira’s podcast and books. I highly recommend to all.

WVyogi ,

Life changing tools and teacher

Shira’s ability to create, share and teach emotional well-being tools is not only one of her gifts, but it is a gift to us all.

Shira has gifted me with the profound power of better understanding myself. Her tools, compassion, and honesty, supports my ability to embrace the challenge of shifting my mindset, instead of staying stuck and mindlessly floating through life.

I am grateful to have stumbled upon Shira in a podcast over a year ago. I felt an immediate pull towards her message and my intuition has served me well.

Thank you Shira for sharing your time, energy and light. The world is better place because of you.

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