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A marketing conversation for business owners. In these brief conversations with marketing pros from around the world we discuss digital and traditional marketing, web design, technology and life as an entrepreneur. - Marketing Podcast.

More than a Few Words Lorraine Ball

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A marketing conversation for business owners. In these brief conversations with marketing pros from around the world we discuss digital and traditional marketing, web design, technology and life as an entrepreneur. - Marketing Podcast.

    #993 Using AI to Collect, Analyze and Use Data | Parker Olsen

    #993 Using AI to Collect, Analyze and Use Data | Parker Olsen

    In this conversation, I jumped into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications beyond just content creation. Focusing on automation and workflow efficiency,  AI enthusiast, Parker Olson discusses how he uses AI to streamline operations in his business, PodPitch - an initiative fueled by AI.
    Day-to-day business tasks like data collection, data analysis, content creation, and more can be efficiently automated using AI. Olson introduces us to some handy tools for such purposes, like Bardeen and the ChatGPT API for Google Sheets. These tools can gather data from popular websites, analyze large datasets, clean and summarize the data, and even outreach prospective customers - all in real-time.
    Today's businesses are leveraging AI to automate their LinkedIn tasks, using tools like MeetAlfred. Coupled with ChatGPT and Bardeen, this AI trio can run a comprehensive LinkedIn profile analysis to determine potential customers. By comparing and contrasting your profile information with others, it gives you a list of potential business connections.
    But AI doesn't stop at LinkedIn automation; it also helps identify other sources for content publishing and relevant websites for clients. By creating a Google filter for specific search terms, AI tools can gather data on the latest publishing channels directly into a spreadsheet and provide an insightful analysis of the content.

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    #992 What is Your Problem Solving Style? | Kris Ward

    #992 What is Your Problem Solving Style? | Kris Ward

    Kris Ward is back in the guest chair, this time with a lively conversation about entrepreneurial personalities. She delves into her unique approach of categorizing entrepreneurs into five distinct personalities based on their problem-solving and process management styles. From the "Rushaholic" who thrives on speed but may overlook details, to the "Sufferpreneur" who excels at crisis management but struggles with burnout, each personality has its strengths and weaknesses.
    As Kris introduces each personality type, she highlights the common pitfalls and misconceptions associated with them. You probably won't change your type so it is important to understand your tendencies and find a balance between the strengths and weaknesses of your personality.  Kris encourages entrepreneurs to lean into their unique traits effectively, whether it's the meticulousness of the "Perfectionizer" or the multitasking prowess of the "Jugglerrama."
    Mastering your personality starts with self-awareness and Kris has offer listeners the opportunity to explore their own entrepreneurial personality with this simple quiz. 

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    #991 Social Media Chef

    #991 Social Media Chef

    My husband is an amazing cook. He reads recipes, comes up with his own variations, blending and layering ingredients in new and delicious ways. Even though he is amazing in our kitchen, he could not own a restaurant. Why? He knows how to time a meal with three dishes for eight people, but expanding that to thirty dishes, for one hundred people requires skills he does not have.
    What does it take to be a social media chef?
    The same challenge exists when it comes to professional social media. Lots of people are good on social media. They are funny and engaging. They have a large following and interact regularly. But just because they are great at managing their own accounts does not mean they have the skills to be a successful social media chef.
    Precise Recipes
    It is easy to improvise when you are cooking for a few people. A pinch of this, a dash of that. If you don’t have enough potatoes you can substitute with carrots. When you are cooking for a larger group and they expect a potato, that is what you have to serve. Slight variations will dramatically change your dishes when you are cooking on a large scale, so a precise recipe is required to order the food you need in bulk. In professional social media, that recipe is your content calendar. It outlines the ingredients (types of content) and the schedule (how often and when you will post). It is also used to create your shopping list.
    A professional doesn’t just grab a random stock image at the last minute. Posts are planned, appropriate images and Gifs are selected, or created and scheduled to drop in the timeline at exactly the right time. While many experts have conducted research to find the exact right time, Sprout social has a terrific post on this topic. A professional social media chef knows how to use the industry standards, individual client data, and their own experience honed across a range of clients to create the ideal schedule.
    Manage the Kitchen
    When my husband is cooking the rest of the family stays out of the kitchen. He manages his time, switching from pot to pot so every dish arrives on the table at the same time. That works on a small scale, but restaurant chefs must create standard practices, train their staff, delegate tasks, and stay on top of everything that is happening at the same time. They can let go because they have laid the groundwork.
    A professional social media chef will do the same thing.  Whether they are part of your marketing team or an outside expert, their first task must be to create standard practices. Next, social media won’t work if you are relying on just one person to put messages out there. Everyone on your team needs to be trained and know how to engage in order to support the company’s social media program. Non-profit organizations with small staffs and large volunteer groups should extend this training to the loyal external community. When it comes to social media, the more people supporting the chef, the more delicious the result.
    Walk into any restaurant kitchen during the dinner rush and it feels a bit like managed chaos. Somehow, in this chaos, the chef knows what is going on at each station. Social media management can feel that way as well. This is especially true as you widen your team, allowing multiple people to share and even post directly to your social pages. A good social media chef is continually training, coaching, providing guidance to marshall the resources of their entire team.

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    #990 Selling on LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

    #990 Selling on LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

    In this episode, I am joined by LinkedIn strategist and CEO of Uplevel Media, Karen Yankovich. A seasoned expert with over 30 years of experience, Karen talks about how LinkedIn can be instrumental in empowering women entrepreneurs and guiding individuals towards becoming industry thought leaders.
    The conversation begins with Karen elaborating on her approach to marketing based on relationship selling, a concept deeply ingrained in her due to her rich background in sales. By focusing on forming connections and creating mutually beneficial solutions, she explains how businesses can significantly benefit.
    Highlighting the platform’s positioning as a hub for all things business, she shares her views on why LinkedIn holds significant potential for wealth creation, personal branding and facilitating high-level business deals. She insists on investing even just 15 minutes a day building strategic relationships on LinkedIn can pave way for big contracts.
    Karen notes that to use LinkedIn effectively, it is crucial to have an appealing profile containing keywords related to your field of work. This way, your LinkedIn profile begins to attract suitable business prospects, thus creating a magnet-like effect.
    She further unpacks her networking strategies, discussing how to create impactful connections with potential clients, people with a similar target audience as yours, and journalists or influencers in your field. As a final note, Karen emphasizes consistency during this outreach process - connecting with a small number of people every week, rather than trying to meet everyone at once.
    Users are encouraged to apply Karen’s recommendations on their LinkedIn strategies to reach their business growth objectives. Tune in to this episode for game-changing insights from Karen Yankovich!

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    #989 The Confirmation Process

    #989 The Confirmation Process

    Join this insights-packed episode as we welcome Janet Falk, a seasoned communication professional, and the chief strategist at Falk Communications and Research. She brings over 30 years of experience and discusses her innovative approach to understanding the buyer's journey, diverging from the traditional perspectives.
    Janet challenges the common belief that the buyer's journey is a passive process. She proposes an alternative idea she dubs "the confirmation process". Through this lens, the buyer undertakes a more active role, seeking to validate the identity, skills, and credibility of the professional or vendor they consider.
    The episode delves deep into this confirmation process and its three critical steps: Confirming the identity of the vendor, the adequacy of their skills and experience, and social proof from others. Janet further explores how professionals can facilitate these steps, increasing their chances of positively influencing the buyer's journey.
    Moreover, this episode emphasizes the crucial role of client-focused content and the science of online presence in creating an effective buyer's journey. Janet neatly ties these concepts together, outlining a roadmap that optimizes both the vendor's showcase of expertise and the buyer's needs.

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    988 - The Dangers of Marketing Wallpaper

    988 - The Dangers of Marketing Wallpaper

    Has your brand become like background noise in the marketing landscape? Repeatedly saying the same thing has value as you try to establish a consistent brand . However, when it becomes a monotonous drone, your audience tunes out.
    If your message has lost its flavor and faded into the sea of sameness, it’s time to rekindle interest in your brand through subtle adjustments.
    Introduce a fresh hue into your visual palette or refine your verbiage to highlight a singular aspect of your message. These subtle shifts within the familiar can jolt your audience out of complacency and reignite their attention.
    It is like giving your brand a fresh coat of paint, revitalizing its presence in the minds of your audience.

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5.0 out of 5
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90 Ratings

ferasa ,

Relevant and to the point

Lorraine covers practical points on marketing and tech for anyone who is interested in running a business. Definitely a podcast to add to your list.

Tanyashoutsout ,

What’s Your Problem Solving Style?

I am a rushaholic! And I want it yesterday. Great episode.

Sean Del ,

Great Show

Fantastic show and content. I love how the episodes are short and actionable. Great stuff!

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