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A marketing conversation for business owners. In these brief conversations with marketing professionals from around the world we talk about digital and traditional marketing, web design, technology and leadership. - Marketing Podcast.

More than a Few Words Lorraine Ball | Digital Toolbox

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A marketing conversation for business owners. In these brief conversations with marketing professionals from around the world we talk about digital and traditional marketing, web design, technology and leadership. - Marketing Podcast.

    #789 Empathy and Action

    #789 Empathy and Action

    Since we were in middle school there's always been someone who said something negative about us. You'd think after all this time we'd learn how to respond but the truth is when you get a negative review or a negative social media comment it still hurts. 
    This week, guest David Oates shares some tips on how to deal with negative reviews and comments.  It all begins with empathy and action.  It is important to acknowledge the person writing the review is unhappy and open a dialogue, offline, to resolve the issue so others see you are willing to take action. 

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    #788 The Follow Up Process

    #788 The Follow Up Process

    When the phone rings, there's always that moment of excitement. This could be a customer! I've been through enough sales training so I feel comfortable moving prospects through that conversation. But at some point, the phone call ends.
    So what do you do to continue that conversation? While it will depend on how the conversation went, it's always helpful to have some resources ready to send as a follow up.
    What should you send? Regardless of the business you're in, think about what people need to know to make a good decision.  Perhaps there are common questions that don't come up in that first phone conversation. If so, create a blog post entitled FAQs. Google will absolutely love that. It'll give you authority and search. But also at the end of the call, you can say to someone "Hey, I bet you're going to have a few more questions when we're done. So I'm gonna send you a link to FAQs"
    The fact that you're anticipating their needs, reassures them and makes them feel comfortable that they're not the only ones who don't have the answers. And so, the next time you answer the phone, start thinking about what you're going to send when you finish the call.

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    #787 MEGA Position

    #787 MEGA Position

    This week we are talking about positioning. I know that sounds like some techie, marketing thing that you need an MBA to figure out but it really isn't. Your position is simply what you want people to think about you when you're not in the room and to have that conversation. 
    My guest, Reuben Swartz shared his simply acronym MEGA as a way to think about your position statement in four simple pieces
    M- Magnetic - The key thing to remember is a magnet has two poles of equal strength. People make the mistake of trying to attract everybody. You can't do that. Your position should be a really powerful magnet that attracts your ideal clients and repels people who aren't so you avoid wasting time on bad fits. 
    E - Easy -  The job of positioning is to make sales and marketing easier.
    G - Gorilla -  You want to select a market where you can be the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  So define your brand and you niche narrow enough so that you can dominate. 
    A - Authentic - Your position should reflect you. Don't try to copy others, be you.  
    Learn more about Reuben:
    http://mimiran.com  and The Sales for Nerds Podcast 

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    #786 Lessons from Improv

    #786 Lessons from Improv

    A friend of mine who is an improvisational artist, and a marketer told me there were many things he learned when studying improvisational comedy that he could apply to marketing. The first is the rule of the Yes. And….
    In an improvisational interaction, anytime someone says anything, you immediately say yes. This behavior allows you to build on the ideas of others. That’s actually how the internet works. If you’re looking for content ideas, find something someone else has written, and apply the rule of yes and.  Create your own blog post by talking about what they said and add your own information on top of it.
    The second rule in improvisational comedy is to tell the truth. When an artist speaks about things that are true to them it is easier to connect to the audience with these shared experiences. The same can work for your content marketing.
    So as you’re getting ready to work on your next blog, or piece of content,  watch an episode of Saturday Night Live to channel your inner improvisational spirit.

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    #785 Copywriting Style Guide

    #785 Copywriting Style Guide

    In this episode Lorraine chat's with Maddie Osman about style guides. But the conversation is not about colors and fonts. Your brand is more than just colors and fonts, it is also about the words you choose.
    Your style guide sets tone for your brand.  Your word choice can be inclusive or exclusive, depending on the objectives of your content. Standardizing your word style will also help you save time as you create and edit content. 

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    #784 New Tech - Finding What is Right for You

    #784 New Tech - Finding What is Right for You

    It seems like every day there is some new tool or trend. So how do you decide which  new technology, software tools and digital trends deserve attention and resources and which don’t?  Over the years, I have developed a simply strategy to figure out which new technology and tools are right for me.
    The first part of the strategy is staying ahead of the curve by reading, reading, reading. There’s no single expert in the field so I have several websites I check on a regular basis.
    When I find new software tools which pique my curiosity, I switch over to evaluation mode.  I dive in and start  reading product reviews and searching for discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn. Then I kick the tires for myself to see if the product works the way they say it will. Next I evaluate  how this addition fits with the rest of my marketing program.  This is where many exciting ideas get sidelined because even if a tool looks great, if it doesn’t fit with everything else you’re doing, it’s not a great fit for you.
    And finally I embrace the tools I think are a great fit. This means making a decision to go big and commit the resources needed to make it successful. If you are not willing to do that, just don't play with the tool.

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5.0 out of 5
64 Ratings

64 Ratings

work_wonk ,

A business marketing sampler

I think this format works so well because it introduces you to new ideas. If it’s something that you need to hear about, she points you to more resources. If you don’t, you haven’t invested a ton of time. It curates the firehouse of information effectively.

Strategy By Sasha ,

Great Tips in an easily digestible format

Lorraine really is an expert with marketing and the show helps distill down what to do in bite-size pieces. Great show!

itsmaddylol ,

Marketing advice in perfectly bite-sized episodes

Lorraine is a great host who focuses on getting straight to the point with her expert guests. I find it hard to focus on 1 hour long podcasts, but Lorraine keeps things short and sweet with episodes that aren’t much longer than 10 minutes. Perfect for gaining new insights while on the run!

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