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A marketing conversation for business owners. In these brief conversations with marketing professionals from around the world we talk about digital and traditional marketing, web design, technology and leadership. - Marketing Podcast.

More than a Few Words Lorraine Ball | Digital Toolbox

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A marketing conversation for business owners. In these brief conversations with marketing professionals from around the world we talk about digital and traditional marketing, web design, technology and leadership. - Marketing Podcast.

    #659 Start in the Middle

    #659 Start in the Middle

    Many "would be writers" think they should start with a title and let the story unfold.  Our guest, Tina Bakehouse suggests starting in the middle.  Begin by fleshing out the content in the middle.  Once you are clear on the body of what you're writing it will inspire the title and the flow from beginning to end.

    While a good title will grab the reader's attention, the best part of any story is the conflict or twist in the middle portion, which carries the reader along on the ride with with the storyteller.

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    #658 Go Negative with Your Blog Titles

    #658 Go Negative with Your Blog Titles

    If your blog titles don't grab reader's attention, they're not going to read your blog posts.  While it might seem that people want to see something positive in these challenging times, surprisingly negative titles work better.

    Look at the newsfeed on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. Posts with negative titles stand out and are more likely to be read, create engagement and be shared.

    So, I want you to commit to not boring readers with weak language in your subject line. If you start your blog post with words like improve common mistakes tips for success, your titles look like all the other articles on the same subject. We all want to improve, so you'd think these safe titles would work, but they don't.

    These nice helpful blog titles are like a serving of broccoli. We know it's good for us, but the Devil's Food Cake is so much more enticing. One of the most successful series of posts, white papers and seminars I created were built around the theme of why people hate your website. The series was and still is effective because the word hate stops readers in their tracks. It is such a strong negative word no one wants to be hated so they pause and learn more.

    Looking for other tips on your subject lines?  Grab a copy of our Ultimate Guide to Headlines

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    #657 Social Media is Personal

    #657 Social Media is Personal

    Ultimately, social media is a human platform. If we can read a story and we can relate to it, we're more likely to engage with that, we're more likely to comment on it, like it and share it. Our guest, Victoria Lee suggests in every single post you create, you want to relate that back to your own experience.  She believes those personal posts are the top type of posts when it comes to creating content that gets the best levels of engagement.

    Even larger firms can be personal. The trick is to engage others beyond you as the owner.  Bring in team members and tell their stories.  And don't forget your customers. They have stories and experiences with you as well. Their stories may come in the form of testimonials talking about working with your and the results they have achieved.

    As you are trying t bring a personal touch to your marketing, consider video.  Your social media video don't have to be slick and over-produced.  A simple smart phone video, will bring a personal touch to your story and highlight the human side of your business. 

    About Victoria Lee

    Victoria is the CEO & Co-Founder of 100 Pound Social which is a fully productised, low-cost social media content agency — run like a SaaS company! 100 Pound Social was founded in 2017 and was fully bootstrapped. Now 100 Pound Social has over 200 customers, 72% average year-on-year revenue growth and 52% average year-on-year customer growth. Victoria started out working in journalism then started 100 Pound Social following spinal surgery in order to create a work-from-home flexible job for herself. Today, 100 Pound Social is a full remote/distributed company with over 20 team members. 

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    #656 Kiss Your Email

    #656 Kiss Your Email

    As you plan your next email marketing campaign don't overwhelm customers with multiple offers. They won't spend the time reading all that text. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of research which proves the more choices you give someone, the less likely they are to make any decision at all.

    So if you want to create an effective email, make one compelling offer.  Why?  Think about kids on Christmas morning. When they see all the presents under the tree  they freak out and don't know where to start. So you hand them gifts to open one by one.

    Treat your customers the same way. Give them one email promotion at a time that will jump off the page. It won't be right for everyone, but that's okay. Your next offer might be just what they are looking for.

    Remember the kiss method. Keep it simple, and you will succeed

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    #655 Let Your Goals Flow

    #655 Let Your Goals Flow

    ​Goals are an important part of a successful business, but we often don't achieve them as quickly as we would like.  Coach Cailen Ascher suggests business owners take a few lessons from yoga.

    They have these wonderful teachings around non grasping, and detachment, which often get misinterpreted, as being blasé about life. That is not the point. Think if it as goals with an open hand rather than a clenched fist.

    When we are running our businesses entirely from the ego from our humaneness, we can get ourselves all worked up about stuff that actually then creates more problems because we are bringing such negative energy to it. When we allow ourselves to trust that things are working out in the highest for all and explore that possibility that maybe there is a force greater than ourselves, it allows us to see things with a bit more humor.

    Taking this approach Cailen envisions herself as more of a channel through which  work is flowing through rather than  as the creator of everything. That allows her to feel more in flow, more like a messenger of the work she's doing rather than a expert who needs to meet these these rigid HARD goals.


    About Cailen

    Cailen Ascher is a Soulful Business Coach with a 3-day workweek, a mom of two little girls and the creator of Success Made Simple Accelerator™, a program that helps women attract their first clients with ONE high-ticket offer.

    Best known for helping her clients become $100K coaches, Cailen is an award-winning business coach who has been featured in Business Insider, Huffington Post and Inspired Coach Magazine and has been interviewed on top podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and She Means Business Podcast among many others. She is also host of The Soulful Business Show™ which airs weekly.

    Her masterminds and teachings have helped 1000s of women transform their lives and businesses with her proven strategies for creating a soulful, successful and scalable business.

    Cailen lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband, two small daughters and a spunky dog named Olive.

    If you’d like to learn Cailen’s 3-step method for attracting soulmate clients, grab a seat for her upcoming masterclass here: www.CailenAscher.com/masterclass

    If you'd like to learn your Soul Business Archetype, take the quiz here: www.CailenAscher.com/quiz

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    #654 Don‘t be afraid of Negative Reviews

    #654 Don‘t be afraid of Negative Reviews

    You may not believe this, but negative reviews are a gift. They give you a chance to improve to change your customer perception, and maybe even be a hero.

    When someone writes a negative review, they're annoyed at your company, not you, so don't let it get personal. Instead, put yourself in the customer shoes and get ready to engage. Be sure to respond quickly to take control of your brand and the narrative.

    As you respond, be sure your answers are well written with good grammar and spelling and resist the urge to respond quickly on your phone. Why? Because autocorrect may make you look a bit foolish and may make things worse.

    Remember people often write a negative review because they just want to be heard. So give them that opportunity. Reach out, try to take it offline so you can resolve the issue.

    Finally, deliver service with a smile. It's hard when someone says something negative but that's what you need to do. Thank them for their feedback, acknowledge their dissatisfied and do not try to prove them wrong. The argumentative tone never ends well. The fighting escalates, you don't make the person happy and worse. You show other people but if they're dissatisfied, you're likely to treat them poorly as well.

    The bottom line, don't be afraid to see it as an opportunity to do better

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