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Truth in Mortgage Marketing

    From Facebook Ads to AI: A Modern Marketing Masterclass

    From Facebook Ads to AI: A Modern Marketing Masterclass

    On this episode we welcome Travis Thom, a renowned Facebook and Instagram ad expert and AI marketing strategist, back to Mortgage Marketing Radio for an insightful episode on cutting-edge digital marketing strategies in the mortgage and real estate industries.
    Key Points Discussed:
    - The transition from traditional long landing pages to streamlined, mobile-optimized versions that enhance conversion rates.
    - The emergence of concise bio links and lead ad forms, challenging the dominance of traditional landing pages.
    - Skepticism towards the capabilities of AI in fully replacing human interaction, with a focus on maintaining a balance between technology and personal touch.
    - The "perfect funnel" strategy for video content marketing and its effectiveness in creating brand awareness and customer retargeting.
    - Recommendations for budgeting and reach on video marketing campaigns aimed at maximizing brand visibility.
    - Elevated REM Training as a resource for mastering AI and social media marketing tactics.
    - The importance of personal branding and authentic content production within organizations, leveraging employee-driven content creation.
    - Discussion on the future of AI and human customer service integration, including the potential of indistinguishable AI-human voice capabilities.
    - Highlights of Travis Thom's successful track record in ad management and his advisory role with Facebook.
    Check out Travis' website here.
    Follow Travis on Instagram here.
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    The Power of Authentic Video Content in Mortgage Marketing

    The Power of Authentic Video Content in Mortgage Marketing

    Today we're talking with Mike Faraci. He's the Founder & CEO of Red Button Media, a video content agency that specializes in creating authentic, professional video content and marketing strategies that get you the attention you deserve.
    **Here's a breakdown of the top takeaways from our conversation with Mike:**

    1. **Harnessing AI Tools for Content Creation:** Mike dishes out how features like Zoom's AI summary are revolutionizing content repurposing, helping you save time and be more efficient in your marketing efforts.

    2. **The Art of Connecting Through Authenticity:** Dive into the nuances of being genuine and discover why it’s okay to feel uncomfortable in your own skin – it’s your secret weapon to build real connections.

    3. **Content Strategy - Quality Over Quantity:** Find out why chasing viral fame won’t beat creating sincere content that resonates deeply with your target audience.

    4. **Developing Engaging Content Hooks:** Forget clickbaits! Learn how to create hooks that deliver real value and promise, so your audience stays hooked from start to finish.

    5. **Video Content vs. AI-Generated Content:** In an era of tech advancements, hear why authentic video content can have a more significant impact in building trust and eng

    Gear up and dive into the full episode right here to transform your mortgage marketing game. Mike Faraci's practical tips and insightful strategies are what you need to stay ahead of the curve in 2024 and beyond.

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    How to Optimize Your Client Experience to Get More Referrals

    How to Optimize Your Client Experience to Get More Referrals

    In this episode, we dive into the art of refining the client experience in the mortgage industry with expert guest Mike Seminari, Director of Customer Experience (CX) with STRATMOR Group.
    Discover how to transform excellent service into a robust referral system and why your process can make or break client satisfaction.
    Key Points Discussed:
    - The strategic importance of optimizing the customer experience to gain more referrals in the mortgage sector.
    - Mike Seminari’s tips on how to incorporate monthly customer experience (CX) enhancements and why he recommends reaching out for his CX tip sheet.
    - The detrimental effects of process pain points like miscommunication and redundancy on the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
    - The significant impact that effective communication and setting accurate expectations have on a customer's likelihood to refer.
    - Using visual aids to guide customers through the loan journey and the vitality of being adaptable to feedback.
    - STRATMOR's Mortgage CX program benefits, including detailed analysis and benchmarking for loan officers.
    - Mike’s perspective on the importance of prior relationships and testimonials over interest rates in lender selection by clients.
    Listen in to continue to pivot, innovate, adapt, and overcome!
    Episode Resources:
    Get Mike's 7 Commandments of CX HereConnect & Follow Mike for More CX Tips on LinkedIn Learn More About myAgent Classes
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    The Blueprint for Engaging Real Estate Partnerships

    The Blueprint for Engaging Real Estate Partnerships

    Join us in this enlightening episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio, with guest Daniel Simoanvsky, a top-referred insurance broker in the Kansas City area and a co-founder of a thriving insurance agency.
    In this episode, we delve into Daniel's innovative approach to building meaningful relationships within the real estate and mortgage industry by leveraging social media, valuable content creation, and personal branding.
    Time Stamps:
    05:54 Focused on mortgage lenders, shifted focus to agents.
    15:02 Real estate agents need your solutions now.
    19:21 Being true to yourself attracts the right people.
    21:15 Adding value to real estate agents through partnerships.
    28:38 Successful agents are always hungry for growth.
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    Embracing Digital Strategies with Jason Henneberry

    Embracing Digital Strategies with Jason Henneberry

    We've got Canadian Mortgage innovatorJason Henneberry as our special guest on today's episode. Jason dropped invaluable insights on emotional selling, financial education, and the critical skills for thriving: audience building, deal creation, and deal conversion.
    05:34 Tightened regulations impact mortgage market, 2025 surge.
    07:32 Retail versus independent mortgage brokers in sales.
    12:16 Real estate market shifting due to rising rates.
    13:31 Business strategies evolving, focusing on social media.
    18:39 Connect, convert conversations into meaningful business interactions.
    20:27 Content should address emotional pain points effectively.
    24:06 Key to education, expert status attracts engagement.
    27:24 Loan officers teach real estate financing strategies.
    29:49 Consistency and perseverance lead to success in business.
    32:42 Unique situations go beyond traditional borrowing limits.
    36:01 High income earners often seek alternate financing.
    40:27 Prepare for future busy periods and adjustments.
    43:46 Book focuses on deliberate practice, not habits.
    44:54 53 days on program led to lasting habits.
    Connect with Jason Here
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    Unleashing YouTube Success for Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals

    Unleashing YouTube Success for Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals

    I am thrilled to bring you my conversation with the renowned YouTube strategist Sean Cannell. We dissect the nuances of creating powerful YouTube content for mortgage professionals, blending high-value content with the seamless use of AI and the irreplaceable human element that propels your marketing to new heights.
    **Key Points We Discussed with Time Stamps:**
    - 00:02:34 - Starting with available resources and emphasizing content value over production polish.
    - 00:09:52 - Strategies for employing AI as a tool while maintaining the creative and strategic processes that define us.
    - 00:16:27 - The critical role of continual learning and personal development in triumphing over the dynamic challenges of online marketing.
    - 00:23:45 - The impact of short, magnetic YouTube videos and the importance of consistent improvement of your video production skills.
    - 00:31:19 - Unpacking the YouTube algorithm and how to tailor content to match audience behaviors and preferences.
    - 00:39:58 - The collaborative exchange on our respective experiences and strategies for designing videos that captivate and convert.
    - 00:48:16 - Exploring the "perfect video" recipe from effective hooks to a call to action.
    - 00:56:40 - Breakdown of the three Ps—passion, proficiency, and profit—in finding and dominating your YouTube niche.
    - 01:03:12 - How to leverage brilliant content ideas from successful channels across various industries.
    **Memorable Quotes from Today’s Episode:**
    - "Start where you are, and build from there. It's about the message, not just the medium." - Sean Cannell
    - "Building a community is about connection, not just conversion. It's about people, not just pageviews." - Me, Geoff Zimpfer
    **Resources I Mentioned with Time Stamps:**
    - [00:57:15] "YouTube Secrets" book by Sean Cannell
    - [01:18:42] Sean’s free podcast and on-demand class, available here.

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4.9 out of 5
252 Ratings

252 Ratings

AshtonLG ,

Great podcast for LOs and agents alike!

This podcast is incredibly helpful! I love listening to Jeff’s podcast. He gets great guests who give phenomenal advice and tips. Highly recommend!

OSServer ,

One of the best mortgage coaches!

Mortgage Marketing Animals content is entertaining, motivating and educational. Carl is honest and funny and always providing value. I listen to the podcast in the car and watch the YouTube videos during lunch. I highly recommend to LOs and anyone else working in mortgage/real estate!

MortgagesByDerek ,

Great show

This podcast continually delivers exceptional, actionable content. Highly Recommend!

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