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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had. www.kimanami.com

Orgasmic Enlightenment with Kim Anami Kim Anami

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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had. www.kimanami.com

    Sexual Shadow Work Is the Only Shadow Work You Need

    Sexual Shadow Work Is the Only Shadow Work You Need

    “Shadow work” is a hot topic these days. 

    The reason why I say that sexual shadow work is THE most powerful shadow work—and I’d assert the only shadow work anyone really needs—is because there is SO MUCH taboo, repression, misinformation about all things sexual.

    And it runs SO deep.

    Whether it’s outright physical violation, genital mutilation or absorbing all of the negative beliefs projected upon us, everyone has some level of sexual trauma.

    Since our sexual energy is the core of who we are, when that gets suppressed, EVERYTHING In our life gets suppressed.

    If you go deep here, it’s the panacea for all.

    The pounds come off, dream careers materialize, and lives change.

    All through Anami-style, f**k-your-demons-away sex. 

    In this episode:

    - Why sexual shadow work is THE only shadow work you need
    - Orgasms as the most powerful nervous system reset
    - Reap the benefits of so much taboo
    - Cervical orgasms and the vagus nerve
    - My own adventures in conscious BDSM

    In ALL of my salons, I show people how to do your sexual shadow work to illuminate your blind spots—and your dark spots—and alchemize them into power.

    Next up on the Anami Roster is my How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman Salon. 

    In this 10-week online salon we explore: 
    How to clear your sexual blocks Quantum techniques for sexual shadow work Conscious BDSM practices to illuminate your “dark sides” and explore the power of surrenderHow to have the deeper female orgasms—the deepest ANS and vagus nerve resets there areUsing Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices to harness your pro-creative power Tapping into your feminine power to achieve more by learning the art of surrender  
    The WFW salon opens for registration in June. Get on our mailing list to be notified when and take the “Are you underf**ked?” quiz. 

    You’ll also receive access to the WFW free video preview series with multi-orgasmic techniques you can practice tonight. 


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    The Healing Power of 69

    The Healing Power of 69

    Sex is medicine. 

    As Director for the Center of Underfucked Disease Control, the CUFDC, I am constantly looking at what makes the best sex, and giving people the prescriptions they need to elevate their sex lives. 

    I’m the best doctor ever. And one of the only ones who shows people how to heal themselves. 

    Did you know you can find God up your ass? And that eating ejaculate makes you smarter and cures depression? That daily cervical orgasms keep you in a state of spiritual bliss? 

    You would know that if you’ve been living in Anami Land for a while. If not, let me give you a tour around the place. 

    Let’s talk about the illustrious act of 69. 
    In this episode:
    Absorbing ejaculate to tap your creative geniusBalancing your yin and yang energiesHelping your partner to own and love themselvesYour sexual duty to adore your partner’s genitalsThe Fountain of Youth between your legs In my Coming Together for Couples Salon for creating conscious relationships and quantum sex: 
    You’ll learn: 
    Sexual reflexology of the yoni and lingam My prescription guide for different sexual positions to heal various ailments Tantric and Taoist techniques to harness your sexual energy and use it for healing, rejuvenation and creative genius How to have multiple, full-body and energy orgasms Supercock stamina techniques for men Amplifying masculine and feminine polarity to increase your chemistry attraction: going from buddies to headboard slammers And all my secrets to coming togetherSignup now!

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    How to Have a 5-Day Sex Date

    How to Have a 5-Day Sex Date

    Well-F**ked All Stars Jeff and Jen have been married for 30 years. 
    They found my work last year and have been on an Anami pilgrimage ever since! 
    They also happen to be endurance athletes. When they heard my philosophy of multi-hour and multi-day sex dates, it was game on!
    You’ll hear them share their story of turning around their relationship of three decades, how they become ultra-sex marathoners and what a 5-day sex date looks like.
    In this episode: 
    What’s a typical day on a 5-day sex date? Sex as an extreme sport Secrets of slow sex Orgasm without ejaculation and semen retention 100 orgasms in one session Owning being the hottest woman in the roomOvercoming the Madonna/whore dichotomy Reaching age 50 and starting over sexually Jeff and Jen kicked off their Anami Land journey with the Coming Together for Couples Salon last year, which is now open for registration. 
    This is my 10-week online signature program for creating conscious relationships and gourmet sex.
    You’ll learn: 
    How to have full-body and energy orgasmsBuilding Supercock male stamina so he can last for hoursHow to achieve the deeper, life-changing vaginal orgasms for women: G-Spot and cervicalSexual reflexology of the genitalsTantra 101Full guided tutorials on yoni and lingam massageMy prescriptions for healing using sexual positionsBusting out of the buddy rut to create sizzling chemistry And much more!Signup now!

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    180 Days of Sex

    180 Days of Sex

    Well-F**ked All Stars Alexis and Mitchell made 2023 their year of Anami.
    They’ve implemented pretty much every element of my philosophy and teachings into their lives and bed.
    Then they took it to the next level, Anami-style, by committing to six months of daily sex:
    “It started as a 180-day pact, and now it’s just a way of living.”
    Before you protest, yes they have children: three of them!
    And yet they still have sex every day—usually twice a day—with multi-hour sex sessions and the occasional “quickie” at 45 minutes.
    We talk:
    180 days of sex: WITH THREE CHILDRENFucking your reality into existence: Financial abundance and career advancement via your bed36 orgasms a day x 180 daysWhen semen retention becomes essential for sexual growth  Orgasm telepathy Sunday sessions: hour-long lingam and yoni massagesAnal orgasms and anal enlightenment Forgoing alcohol and TV in pursuit of gourmet sex Women testing menOn morning sex: “You can’t fuck the world if you don’t fuck in the morning.”Reignite the sizzling-hot passion in your relationship!
    In the Coming Together for Couples Salon, we explore:
    How to break out of being “buddies” and bring back the guttural passion with your partnerKeeping sexual chemistry hotNatural laws of attractionHow to use different sex acts to tap into different emotional and healing qualitiesHow to shift unconscious patterns that keep repeating once and for all, so that they never repeatSpecific tips and tricks for irresistibility, orgasm and attractionHow to channel orgasmic and creative energy into everyday lifeRegistration is NOW OPEN!
    Check out the salon here.

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    The 5 Sexiest Things a Woman Can Do

    The 5 Sexiest Things a Woman Can Do

    Last week we talked about the 5 Sexiest Things a Man Can Do. 

    This week, we’re all about the women. 

    What makes a woman irresistible? 

    What are the qualities of the feminine that speak to the primal, archetypal masculine, turning him on and bringing him to his knees? 

    What brings out his guttural manliness that inspires him to throw her over his shoulder and ravish her? 

    In this episode:
    The superpower of surrender Necessary life skills for women: vaginal hand jobs and deep throatingJust be hotSeparating the girls form the women and the clitoris from the vaginaThe most seductive feminine quality Death by a thousand cunts Cock love and cultivating cockfidence Join my free 7-day Sex Cleanse for Couples!
    Every woman can f**k her man into a new, better, ideal, full-bodied Supercock.
    Every man can f**k his woman into a sexually powerful, gushing, orgasming, well-f**ked woman.
    Every couple can have cosmic-connecting orgasms, with an off-the-charts libido at any age and stage of life.
    Are you ready?
    In this 7-day relationship renewal sex cleanse, you and your partner will explore:
    How to keep the simmer going 24/7The beauty of her G-SpotPowerful stamina techniques for himSquirting 101My favorite weekly connecting dateI'll see you in there. 

    • 16 min
    The 5 Sexiest Things a Man Can Do

    The 5 Sexiest Things a Man Can Do

    The seduction guide for men. 
    I guarantee that the following techniques have opened many a heart and legs, bringing them to their knees, and giving them deep, life-changing orgasms. These truly are the keys to the queendom. 
    I can give Neil Strauss a run for his money with the Anami Game Protocol. 
    Here’s how to game the chicks. 
    In this episode:
    My top five seduction techniques: must-dos for all men How to f**k a woman into oblivion Who is naturally more insatiable: men or women? The most important sexual skill men can have The most important emotional skill men can have The archetypal masculine: making pussies wet for the last 100,000 years Join the free Coming Together 7-Day Sex Cleanse. Each day, you’ll receive an email with an assignments to deepen into each other, sexually and emotionally.

    Side effects of this Sex Cleanse may include: 

    ~ Ejaculate-soaked bed sheets
    ~ Broken bed frames
    ~ Being fully energized by each other's life force energy
    ~ Clearing of relationship blocks
    ~ Stronger stamina
    ~ Feelings of safety and security
    ~ Sky-rocketing libidos
    Signup today.

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4.4 out of 5
1.4K Ratings

1.4K Ratings

lijahd ,

Absolutely love this podcast

For the woman (or man) looking for tips on how to truly embrace your femininity, own your sexual energy, find fun ways to spice up your relationship and look to use sex as part of your spiritual journey this is it. Ive been an avid podcast listener for 10+ years. This is one of the first and only podcasts Ive binged and left a detailed review like this one. ✨

alexph2012 ,

Let’s have sex 1 on 1

I’m 22 and I need oral sex with you

silkysusan ,

Can’t do it

I’ve tried to listen, but aside from her non-research-driven stances and anti-LGBTQ+ stance, she has a verbal affect I can’t stand listening to. I’m out.

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