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A podcast collaboration with the Daily Cardinal and Sex Out Loud.

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A podcast collaboration with the Daily Cardinal and Sex Out Loud.

    Fetishizing Fatness in the Context of (Non-Ethical) Pornography REUPLOAD

    Fetishizing Fatness in the Context of (Non-Ethical) Pornography REUPLOAD

    00:30: Defining fetishization 

    02:45: Origins and intersections of anti-fatness and  anti-Blackness 

    09:50: (Un)intentionally ignoring fat fetishization 

    14:00: Distinguishing a kinks and fetishes

    14:40: Challenging anti-fatness despite the prominence of fetishization 

    26:24: Portrayals of fatness in media

     33:10: Resisting fetishization 

    34:48: Intersections of queerness and fatness  

    40:00: Using our bodies to resist societal normality 


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    • 44 min
    Let's Talk Porn Part 2

    Let's Talk Porn Part 2

    In Part 2 of Out Loud’s Porn Series, Ky, Elena, and Mia dive even further into the world of porn and encourage the consumption of ethical porn while expanding on porn literacy.

    00:20: What is Ethical Porn?

    02:20: Why should we consume Ethical Porn?

    06:28: Porn Consumption & Relationships

    09:35: Teaching Porn Literacy

    17:13: What Ethical Porn Offers

    20:13: What to Avoid When Watching Porn

    22:00: Resources & Ethical Porn Suggestions !

    • 26 min
    Porn Part 1

    Porn Part 1

    In part one of this two part series, Ky, Elena, and Mia open up the conversation surrounding the ethicalities of porn. They discuss the origins of pornography and its role in our society, explore the most recent statistics surrounding Porn Hub, and examine both the benefits and critiques of consuming porn in the United States.  

    00:25: An overview on porn 

    02:30: Porn as sex education

    08:20: The (convoluted) history of porn

    20:15: Pornhub 2022: A year in review and touching on fetishization 

    25:20: Reflecting on the types of porn we consume 

    34:00: Benefits of watching porn (solo) 

    38:38: Benefits of watching porn (partnered)

    40:00: Exploring critiques on porn

    • 50 min
    International Women’s Day, Feminism and Reproductive Justice

    International Women’s Day, Feminism and Reproductive Justice

    In this episode, Elena and Mia highlight the importance of International Women’s Day through exploring the lens in which we view feminism, intersectionality and reproductive justice.

    00:20: International Women’s Day: context & history 

    03:15: A look into the Waves of Feminism 

    03:15: The First Wave

    06:30: The Second Wave

    12:33: The Third Wave

    15:30: The Fourth Wave

    18:00: Stigmas & feminism 

    22:50: Revolutionary feminist highlight 

    27:34: Reproductive justice (context, history, & current implications) 

    39:48: Resources and how we can collectively support reproductive justice

    • 43 min
    Sex Tech & Sexting

    Sex Tech & Sexting

    In this episode, Ky, Elena, and Mia explore the implications that the rise of modernized technological advancements have on our sexual experiences. 

    00:50: What exactly is Sex-Tech? (and Teledildonics!) and where did it originate?

    05:35: Why would I be interested in Sex Tech? 

    07:26: (Very cool) products on the market right now 

    -NICE (Free IOS app to track Sexual Activity) 

    -The Lioness (Sex Toy that monitors muscle contractions) 

    11:50: Let’s talk about sex dolls 

    16:18: The ins and outs of fleshlight launchpads 

    17:18: Motorized masturbation sleeves

    20:55: Virtual reality & porn

    25:00 LOVENSE Highlight!   

    29:03 Sex-Tech’s implications for inclusion & disabilities 

    34:55: Porn, virtual sex, & future implications of Sex Tech 

    39:35: Let's talk about sexting (& helpful tips!)

    54:04: Sex Tech advancements in our society

    • 55 min
    Hookup Culture

    Hookup Culture

    In this episode, Out Loud discusses the prominence and origins of hookup culture, particularly on our campus. Whether or not we choose to engage in hookup culture, Out Loud provides insight on how to have safe, fun, and positive experiences when hooking up with people.

    00:15: What is hookup culture exactly?

    00:30: Where did hookup culture come from?

    03:15: Defining consent & checking in during a hookup

    07:30: Tips for having a positive hookup experience

    10:23: Being real about challenges associated with hookup culture

    20:00: Navigating performance anxiety

    25:09: Connections between hookup culture and sexual assault

    30:35: Accessing resources for sexual assault

    • 32 min

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