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Teaching kids to live an active and healthy life isn’t an easy task, and one that leaves physical educators with little time to focus on their own growth. This Physical Education podcast offers quick tips, activity ideas and teaching strategies in short, 3-5 minute episodes. PE experts share quick tips that you can listen to anytime and anywhere. Join us for 2-3 new PE Express episodes each week!

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Teaching kids to live an active and healthy life isn’t an easy task, and one that leaves physical educators with little time to focus on their own growth. This Physical Education podcast offers quick tips, activity ideas and teaching strategies in short, 3-5 minute episodes. PE experts share quick tips that you can listen to anytime and anywhere. Join us for 2-3 new PE Express episodes each week!

    Using AI Language Models in Physical Education | Ep. 207

    Using AI Language Models in Physical Education | Ep. 207

    The world we live in is changing rapidly thanks to the rise of AI language models, which are set to revolutionize the way we communicate and interact in countless ways. What does this mean for us as health and physical education professionals? In today's episode, we'll cover how AI language models are being used in communication education, the concerns around biases and accuracy, the role of open AI prompt engineering for improving prompt quality and the potential use of AI models and physical education.
    Hi, I'm Collin Brooks, and I am an Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education at the University of West Georgia. The voice you hear right now is not actually mine. It is an AI voice. This podcast itself was assisted by AI by using an AI script writer which I collaborated with to create this podcast, I wanted to show some of the power of AI while discussing its potential use in physical education. With that said, let's get started. 

    Microsoft Copilot, Google Bard, and Grammarly go are all great examples of AI language models that we can use to facilitate communication and enhance collaboration. When it comes to leading the way in developing powerful and widely used tools, open AI is undoubtedly at the forefront. These tools have the potential to help people communicate more effectively across languages and cultures. And translation models like Google Translate are already enabling real time communication without the need for a human translator. AI language models also have amazing potential for education. They can provide personalized learning experiences and assist teachers with grading and feedback. Double-checking generated text. 

    Being mindful of biases and using AI generated text in conjunction with other sources of information and professional expertise is critical. One popular way to use an AI language model is through open AI chat generative pre-trained transformer GPT three tool to access chat GPT language capabilities, you can visit the chat GPT page on the open AI website and click start chatting to interact with it directly in the chat window. Once in the chat window, you can ask to chat GPT questions or give prompts for it to generate text, such as creating a sentence about a specific topic or providing ideas for a new lesson plan. One of the benefits of using chat GPT is that it is free and requires no special software or hardware. However, it is important to note that it only has access to data from 2021 and earlier. If you want to save your conversations with chat GPT you can sign up for an account. You can also upgrade to chat GPT for more features, such as plugins from platforms like Zapier.
    While chat GPT is a powerful tool, it should not be used as a substitute for human expertise and judgment. Health and Physical Education professionals can use chat GPT to assist in their work, but should still rely on their own knowledge and experience. It is also important to critically evaluate chat GPS responses for accuracy and appropriateness. In the following sections, we will discuss how Chat GPT can help create quality learning content and lesson plans, specifically through prompt engineering. Effective prompt engineering is the key to unlocking the full potential of these models. Prompts are specific and precise instructions that enable the AI language model to generate high-quality responses that are aligned with the user's goals. The quality and specificity of prompts directly impact the AI language model's output quality, so good prompt design is critical. Asking chat GPT for information about a particular topic with a vague and open-ended prompt like what can you tell me about topic X might not yield accurate results. Instead, it's better to use a specific and well-structured prompt that clearly defines the topic and what information is being requested. For example, a prompt like what are some effective teaching strategies to help students manage stress and anxiety during the C

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    The PE Huddle | Effective Teaching Practices that Groom Students for Success

    The PE Huddle | Effective Teaching Practices that Groom Students for Success

    Join the PE Huddle with two outstanding teachers who have had over 20 years of success. How they manage and teach students to reach their full potential will be discussed from many different angles. Both teachers have experience with students in many settings and have learned the fundamentals of “assuring students learn.” In addition, learn how they challenge themselves to improve and grow and maintain their desire to be the best teachers they can be.
    Alvin Mariteragi has been an educator for 24 years in Hawaii.  His experiences in teaching have taken him from Pre K, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and to the University level.  Physical Education, Health Education, Adaptive PE, & Weight training are his main focus.  He is also the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach who trains and services all the athletic sports at Kahuku High School.  In the midst of this he still finds time to teach at Brigham Young University Hawaii as an adjunct faculty member.  He is a firm believer that managing students is the key to unlocking their potential to learn.  

    Brian Hull taught secondary physical education for 10 years in Denver, Colorado (in Denver Public Schools). All of Brian’s experiences have been in high needs Title 1 schools. In 2018, Brian received the SHAPE Colorado High School Teacher of the Year award. Additionally, in 2020, Brian was named the SHAPE America National High School Teacher of the Year. In July 2021, Brian transitioned out of teaching and joined the SPARK and Gopher Sport teams. Brian firmly believes in the “education” aspect of physical education.

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    Five Tips to Refuel and Energize This Summer! | Ep. 206

    Five Tips to Refuel and Energize This Summer! | Ep. 206

    Welcome to the P E Express Podcast, powered by Gopher! As the school year winds down and summer approaches, we know it can be tough to balance getting everything done with making the most of your time off. That's why we're here to help with tips and strategies to recharge and push yourself during your summer break. This article was written by Matthew Bassett. Matthew has been teaching Physical Education since 2001. He is a Nationally Board Certified and an adjunct professor. He is active in both the Elementary Physical Education Workshop and CAHPERD. You can find him on Twitter at phys ed apps. 
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    Welcome to today's episode where we'll be discussing 5 tips to help you prepare for the upcoming school year. Let's dive right in!
    Number one on our list is to learn something new. Take a class. Read an educational book. Watch a webinar. Do something that is not work/subject related. Disconnect from your teaching brain by learning something new. Put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to learn something new that you do not already know. You will enjoy the change of pace and your brain will change as the result of this challenge.
    Next up, number 2, seek out professional development opportunities. Summer is a great time for you to learn something inside of your profession or subject. Going to a workshop, conference, or work-related webinar is a great way to hone your teaching skills. My favorite is the K through 8 Elementary Physical Education Workshop or E PEW. Not only do I get to learn from some of the best #physed teachers around but I’m immersed into the experience. I’m able to be around like-minded individuals from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. We eat, learn and play together. Sometimes the best interactions happen when a small group goes out to get some ice cream during the evening. These interactions drive me. I set myself up for the best possible start for the coming school year when I join these experiences. 
    Number three is all about getting some rest.  During the summer I’m able to rest a lot more. The first few days are normally spent taking a lot of naps and sleeping in. I love being able to get up a little later during the summer and not before the sun gets up. I am also able to spend some time sitting on the couch binge watching a TV show or catching a movie. I can catch up on Star Trek or rewatch Star Wars. I struggle with getting rest during the school year as I seem to be always doing something from teaching phys ed to one of my college classes. The summer I find the change of pace difficult but necessary. I use the summer to let my aging body recover a bit. I also make it a priority to get away. My kids are getting older and only have time for a few more family adventures. Some years we stay more local and experience a lot of day trips. Other years we plan a big trip across the country. Travel helps me to learn and grow but also gives me time to unwind and disconnect from my computer. I also try to get away with my wife for a few days. The time to reconnect is important as our daily life seems to be work and shuffling the kids around from point A to point B. Ideally, if I had the funds and time, I would attempt to get away for at least a few days after I get out for the summer and also a trip before I have to go back. I find myself getting more anxious as I get closer to returning to work and having the time away helps to minimize those feelings.
    Our fourth tip is to complete any necessary time-consuming tasks ahead of time. Spend some time during the summer completing those time-consuming tasks that eat up your life when you start teaching again. Maybe you need to revamp your curriculum? Maybe you wanted to overhaul your roll sheets? Maybe you need to create new Plicker cards? Maybe you want to make new peer assessment worksheets? Take the time to update your playlists so they are ready

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    6 Reasons to Inventory your Equipment | Ep. 205

    6 Reasons to Inventory your Equipment | Ep. 205

    Keeping an inventory equipment list and sharing it with your principal demonstrates that you value and care for your equipment. It also clearly defines your equipment needs and helps you share a clear and consistent vision for your PE program.
    If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the PE Equipment Calculator. This is a free resource that gives you an essential inventory list that you can use to monitor your equipment needs each year. After you complete your inventory, this calculator matches your program’s equipment with SHAPE America National Standards and Outcomes and calculates which outcomes can be taught with the equipment available. Share this calculator with your principal or PE leader to strengthen your ask for additional funding and equipment.

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    The PE Huddle: Making a Difference - Artie Kamiya’s Long and Storied Career

    The PE Huddle: Making a Difference - Artie Kamiya’s Long and Storied Career

    Making a Difference – Artie Kamiya’s Long and Storied Career
    Artie Kamiya has held a wide variety of jobs and titles over his career. First of all, he was Mr. Kamiya, elementary physical education teacher. Then he was demoted into administration and was Artie Kamiya, Physical Education Consultant for the NC Department of Public Instruction. Then demoted further to the Chief Consultant for K-12 Healthful Living for the same state agency. In 2001, he left to work with Wake County Public Schools as the Senior Administrator for Health & PE. In 2005, he retired from public service having put in enough time to earn his 30 year pin. From 2005 – 2018, he worked for Great Activities Publishing Company. Finally, after messing everything up to the best of his ability, he became the Executive Director of NC SHAPE where he gets to work with some of the most amazing K-12 health and physical education teachers he knows.

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    Midyear Corrections: Little Things that Make a Big Difference

    Midyear Corrections: Little Things that Make a Big Difference

    Tune into the PE Huddle to hear about how to make personal changes in your teaching practice to make your profession personally rewarding. Topics such as emotional and physical safety, off-task behavior, modeling desired behavior, and efficient planning are just some of the topics to be discussed. As one of our speakers puts it, “The art of a tough few weeks of consistency to create a well-oiled machine” is a good place to start.
    Holly Aungst is a Professor and Administrator in the Health Sciences Department at Northern Arizona University. She prepares teacher candidates to deliver appropriate instruction that is physically and emotionally safe for all learners. With nearly 15 years’ experience, Holly shares her expertise often by presenting at state and national conferences.
    Theresa Freas has taught Health, Physical Education and Yoga for 24 years at Coconino High School in Flagstaff AZ, (her Alma Mater). Theresa has served as Department Chair for 15 years, was a Link Crew Coordinator for 15 years and coordinated the Alternative to Suspension program. Theresa earned her bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Health Education in addition to Athletic Training at Southern Utah University.

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4.7 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

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Love listening to the huddle. But also like the quick tips. Bob oangeazi is a wise man!

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Quick advice to start the day!

The PE podcast is exactly what I need to start my day. Great advice from PE experts in a short format that’s easy to digest.

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Just what this PE Teacher needed

This podcast is exactly what I need. Quick, relevant, and helpful for anyone needing some inspiration in their very busy P.E. teaching day. Thanks and keep it going.

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