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Blubrry's official podcast where we discuss the podcasting industry, Blubrry news and interview podcasters on why they started their podcast.

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Blubrry's official podcast where we discuss the podcasting industry, Blubrry news and interview podcasters on why they started their podcast.

    How to Use Visual Elements to Market Your Podcast Effectively

    How to Use Visual Elements to Market Your Podcast Effectively

    In this episode of Podcast Insider, hosts MacKenzie Bennett and guest Aaron Hope discuss effective strategies for using visual elements to market a podcast. They open by emphasizing the importance of incorporating design and aesthetics into podcast marketing to enhance listener engagement and share-ability across digital platforms.

    Today's Hosts: MacKenzie Bennett and Aaron Hope

    1. Social Media Graphics

    Why Use Them:

    Grab attention quickly in crowded social media feeds.

    Convey key information about your podcast episodes.

    Increase share-ability and engagement.

    How to Use Them:

    Create Episode Announcements: Design visually appealing graphics to announce new episodes. Include the episode title, a brief description, and where to listen.

    Highlight Guest Appearances: If you have guest speakers, create graphics featuring their photos and names to attract their followers.

    Share Quotes and Clips: Pull interesting quotes or clips from your episodes and pair them with relevant images or backgrounds to create engaging posts.

    Tools to Use:


    Adobe Spark

    Pablo by Buffer

    2. Promotional Videos

    Why Use Them:

    Videos are highly engaging and can convey more information in a short time.

    They help to build a stronger connection with your audience through visuals and sound.

    How to Use Them:

    Teaser Videos: Create short teaser videos that highlight what listeners can expect from the next episode. Include key points or interesting segments.

    Behind-the-Scenes Clips: Show the making of your podcast, interviews, and fun moments. This builds a personal connection with your audience.

    Listener Testimonials: Compile short video testimonials from your listeners sharing their favorite episodes and what they love about your podcast.

    Tools to Use:



    Adobe Premiere Rush


    3. Audiograms

    Why Use Them:

    Combine audio clips with visual elements to create engaging content.

    Easily shareable on social media platforms.

    Highlight key moments or interesting segments from your episodes.

    How to Use Them:

    Highlight Key Segments: Select impactful or intriguing segments from your podcast episodes and turn them into audiograms.

    Promote New Episodes: Use audiograms to tease new episodes by featuring compelling sound bites.

    Share on Social Media: Post audiograms on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to reach a wider audience.

    Tools to Use:




    Tips for Effective Visual Storytelling

    Consistency is Key: Maintain a consistent visual style and branding across all your graphics, videos, and audiograms. Use the same color scheme, fonts, and logo to build brand recognition.

    Engage Your Audience: Ask questions, encourage shares, and respond to comments to foster engagement. Use visuals to create interactive content like polls and quizzes.

    Track Performance: Use analytics tools to track the performance of your visual content. Pay attention to engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments to understand what resonates with your audience.

    Stay Authentic: Authenticity builds trust. Show your personality and let your unique voice shine through in your visuals.

    Concluding the episode, MacKenzie and Aaron emphasize the importance of consistency and authenticity in visual marketing. They encourage podcasters to maintain a consistent aesthetic that aligns with the podcast’s core message and brand identity. This consistency helps in building a recognizable brand across various platforms.

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    Missing Pieces: How to Fill the Gaps in Your Podcast's Success

    Missing Pieces: How to Fill the Gaps in Your Podcast's Success

    In this episode, MacKenzie and Mike discuss critical elements that may be missing from your podcast. They cover essential areas to enhance your podcast's success and listener engagement.

    Being this is Episode 404, we figured it would be a good time for you (and us) to try and figure out what might be missing from your podcast.

    8 Potential Gaps Holding Back Your Podcast's Success

    1. Marketing and Promotion:

    • Strategies for effective social media marketing

    • Leveraging SEO for podcasts

    • Collaborating with other podcasters for cross-promotion

    • Utilizing email newsletters to engage listeners

    • Paid advertising options and best practices

    2. Audience Engagement:

    • Techniques for increasing listener interaction

    • Running contests and giveaways

    • Creating a community around your podcast (e.g., Facebook groups, Discord servers)

    • Responding to listener feedback and incorporating it into episodes

    3. Technical Aspects:

    • Advanced audio editing tips

    • Best practices for remote recording

    • Upgrading your podcasting equipment

    • Troubleshooting common technical issues

    • Backup strategies for recordings and files

    4. Content Creation:

    • Brainstorming unique episode ideas

    • Structuring episodes for maximum impact

    • Storytelling techniques for podcasters

    • Incorporating multimedia elements (e.g., video, live streaming)

    • Scripting versus improvisation: finding the right balance

    5. Monetization:

    • Different monetization models (ads, sponsorships, merchandise, Patreon)

    • Approaching potential sponsors

    • Pricing and negotiating sponsorship deals

    • Creating exclusive content for paying subscribers

    • Financial management for podcasters

    6. Analytics and Growth:

    • Understanding podcast analytics and metrics

    • Tracking and improving listener retention rates

    • Strategies for growing your listener base

    • Analyzing competition and finding your niche

    • Using feedback and data to improve your content

    7. Legal and Ethical Considerations:

    • Understanding copyright and fair use in podcasting

    • Contracts and agreements with guests and collaborators

    • Ethical interviewing and content creation practices

    • Handling sensitive or controversial topics responsibly

    8. Personal Development:

    • Time management and productivity tips for podcasters

    • Maintaining creativity and avoiding burnout

    • Continuing education and staying updated with industry trends

    • Networking with other podcasters and industry professionals

    • Setting and achieving podcasting goals

    We're sure all podcasters could come up with more things to check and make sure you are including in your podcast work-flow.

    Thanks for listening! You can always find us at podcastinsider.com and of course, blubrry.com.

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    Secrets to Consistent Podcasting Success

    Secrets to Consistent Podcasting Success

    The Blubrry team spills their secrets on how to be consistent and how to stay motivated for podcast success. Mike and MacKenzie have a combined 30 years of podcasting and in this episode, they explore practical strategies, share inspiring stories, and offer expert tips to help you keep your passion alive and your episodes on schedule.

    Join us as we uncover the secrets to sustaining your podcasting momentum and turning your creative vision into a long-term success.

    Here Are 11 Tips to Help You Podcast Consistently

    1. Set Clear Goals:

    Define what you want to achieve with your podcast. Clear goals give you something to strive for and help maintain focus. Whether it’s reaching a certain number of episodes, growing your audience, or monetizing, having a target can be very motivating.

    2. Create a Content Calendar:

    Plan your episodes in advance. A content calendar helps you stay organized and ensures you have a steady flow of topics to cover. It can also help you align your episodes with relevant events or seasons.

    3. Batch Recording:

    Record multiple episodes in one sitting. This can be a great way to ensure you have a backlog of content ready to go, reducing the pressure of producing an episode every week.

    4. Engage with Your Audience:

    Listener feedback can be incredibly motivating. Engage with your audience through social media, emails, or comments. Knowing that people are listening and valuing your content can give you the boost you need to keep going.

    5. Collaborate with Others:

    Collaborating with other podcasters or guests can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your show. It can also introduce you to new audiences and provide a motivational boost through shared enthusiasm. Maybe even promo swaps or guesting on other podcasts in your topic area.

    6. Continual Learning and Improvement:

    Invest in your skills by learning more about podcasting, audio editing, marketing, etc.

    Improvement can be a great motivator as you see the quality of your podcast enhance over time.

    Listen to podcasts (Like this one) and others that report about what is going on in podcasting.

    Sign up for podcasting newsletters.

    Take an audio editing class or watch YouTube videos about the editing software you are using.

    Attend relevant topic conferences and podcast events

    7. Stay Passionate About Your Topic:

    Choose topics that you are passionate about. Your enthusiasm will not only keep you motivated but also engage your listeners more effectively.

    8. Take a break if you need one:

    Don’t be afraid to take breaks when needed. Burnout can be a major de-motivator, so it’s important to take care of your mental and physical health. Schedule breaks or hiatuses to recharge. Play re-run episodes or run an episode you recorded earlier to cover your break.

    9. Celebrate Milestones:

    Celebrate your achievements, whether it’s your 10th episode, 100th download, or first piece of positive feedback. Recognizing your progress can be very encouraging.

    10. Monetization and Rewards:

    If possible, monetize your podcast. Financial rewards can be a strong motivator. This could be through sponsorships, merchandise, Patreon, or other revenue streams.

    11. Join Podcasting Communities:

    Being part of a community of podcasters can provide support, inspiration, and accountability. Online forums, social media groups, or local meetups can be great places to connect with fellow podcasters.

    Implementing these strategies can help you maintain motivation and consistency in your podcasting journey.

    The best place for support with any Blubrry product or se...

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    Innovative Podcast Tools You Didn't Know About at Blubrry

    Innovative Podcast Tools You Didn't Know About at Blubrry

    We have been busy! Today let's go over all the innovations Blubrry offers that you should know about – but might not have heard of. Whenever something new comes out we put the word out and our course build documentation. Then we tend to press on to the next big thing. Sometimes it’s good to step back and give you an overview of all we have to offer.

    Blubrry's Innovative Podcast Tools

    Hosting and Publishing

    Podcast Hosting: Various plans from Standard to Pro, including unlimited storage and advanced tools.

    WordPress Integration: PowerPress plugin for seamless management from WordPress.

    Private Podcasting: Secure podcasts for designated listeners.

    Vid2Pod: Converts YouTube playlists into audio podcasts.


    Programmatic Advertising: Automatically inserts ads into your podcasts.

    Dynamic Ad Insertion: Allows sophisticated ad campaigns for both new and existing episodes.

    Premium Podcasting: Provides options for ad-free, bonus content, and early releases.

    Value4Value: Accepts donations in Bitcoin and traditional currency.

    Analytics and Growth

    Podcast Statistics: Detailed analytics including geo, apps, and devices.

    Audience Surveys: Collects demographics directly from listeners.

    Podcast Directory: Promotes your podcast in a large directory.

    MyCast: This service combines all your subscriptions into one RSS feed.

    A great use-case is to take all your video podcasts from RSS feeds and combine them into one “Playlist” style feed to subscribe to in a Set-top Box (Roku or Apple TV) podcast app.

    Media Kit: Creates a comprehensive overview for potential advertisers.

    Additional Features

    Podcast AI Assistant: Assists with planning, production, and promotion.

    Thrive Bundle: Enhanced tools including advanced stats and ad insertion.

    Pro-Production: Professional assistance for podcast launch and regular publishing. blubrrypro.com.

    Concierge Service: Full setup assistance for your podcast.

    Transcription and Closed Captioning: Makes podcasts accessible with transcriptions.

    Media Mastering: Professional audio processing by Auphonic.

    Podcasting 2.0 support: Blubrry is the #1 podcast hosting company for supporting Podcasting 2.0 features. Learn more at podcastindex.org.

    Blubrry offers a robust set of tools and services to support podcasters from inception to monetization and growth, making it a comprehensive platform for both new and experienced podcasters​.

    The best place for support with any Blubrry product or service is our ticket system. Tickets give the whole team access vs. direct emails or calls. General podcasting discussion and more can be shared on the Blubrry Podcasting Facebook group.

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    The Potential of Video Podcasting

    The Potential of Video Podcasting

    Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast! In this episode, we discuss the world of video podcasting and specifically just how easy it can be with Blubrry. Podcasters and creators of all levels will learn about the unique opportunities and challenges video podcasting presents. Join us as we discuss the technical aspects of video production, content creation techniques, and how to effectively engage with your audience through visual storytelling.

    When it comes to podcasting in general, a video podcast is not that much harder to publish in an RSS feed than audio is. Simply upload an mp4 (the best format for a video podcast) and the rest is the same. On the production side, it’s a bit more complex.

    Doing a video podcast via RSS is more cancel-proof. It also allows you to distribute to more than one platform.

    Here are some things to think about if you are going to do a video podcast:

    Technical Setup

    Quality Equipment: Invest in a good camera, microphone, and lighting.

    Editing Software: Use reliable video editing software to ensure high-quality production.

    Hosting Platform: Choose a hosting platform such as Blubrry that supports video files and can generate an RSS feed.

    Note: Video files are much larger than audio files.

    Content Preparation

    Script/Outline: Prepare a script or outline to keep the podcast organized and engaging.

    Consistency: Maintain a regular schedule for releasing episodes.

    Target Audience: Know your target audience and tailor content to their interests.


    Environment: Record in a quiet, well-lit space to minimize background noise and visual distractions.

    Testing: Test your equipment and settings before recording to avoid technical issues.

    Backup: Always have a backup recording to prevent data loss.


    Editing: Edit for clarity and pacing, and remove any mistakes or unwanted sections.

    Video can be more challenging to edit than audio.

    If you are going to do an audio version of your video, edit the video and then extract the audio for your audio podcast (in that order).

    Branding: Add intros, outros, and any branding elements to create a professional look.

    Transcripts: Provide transcripts for accessibility.


    RSS Feed: Ensure your RSS feed is properly configured to distribute video content.

    Platforms: Submit your RSS feed to various podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Podcast Index and some others. (Video is not used on as many platforms as audio is.)

    As a secondary distribution, upload to YouTube, Facebook, X, Spotify if you're careful and other social media.

    SEO: Optimize episode titles, descriptions, and tags for better discoverability.


    Promotion: Use social media, email newsletters, and collaborations to promote your podcast.

    Engagement: Engage with your audience through comments, social media interactions, surveys and feedback.

    Analytics: Monitor analytics to understand viewer behavior and improve future episodes.

    Legal Considerations

    Copyright: Ensure you have the rights to all content used, including music and images.

    Disclaimers: Include any necessary disclaimers or disclosures for transparency.


    Storage: Have adequate storage for video files and backups.

    Updates: Keep your equipment and software updated to avoid technical issues.

    Adaptability: Be open to feedback and willing to make changes to improve your podcast.

    Thanks for tuning in to this episode all about video podcasts!

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    400th Episode of Blubrry's Podcast

    400th Episode of Blubrry's Podcast

    We've got a special episode of Podcast Insider as the Blubrry team celebrates our 400th episode! Join us as we reflect on our journey, share highlights and stories from past episodes, and discuss what's next for Blubrry Podcasting. This milestone is a testament to our incredible community of podcasters, listeners, and supporters. Thank you for being part of our journey!

    Episode 400 is likely not completely accurate. We guessed when we started Podcast Insider by adding up all the prior episodes of all the prior podcasts, but it’s close enough :)

    Cathy and Todd reflect on attending the Podcast Show in London in May

    Different names of this podcast

    Blubrry community podcast - Just about anything, no schedule.

    PowerPress Podcast - MacKenzie interviewed PowerPress and Blubrry users -  Weekly(Ish)

    Your Podcast - Todd and Mike talked about deep subjects around podcasting - Weekly(Ish)

    We combined PowerPress Podcast and Your Podcast into Podcast Insider - The current show with Mike, Mac and Todd weekly

    Todd has been a podcasting pioneer for 20 years Inaugurated into the Podcaster Hall of Fame in 2015, wrote the first book on podcasting

    Humble beginnings - Started with just Todd in 2004 and then brought on other staff in 2005 and then added more full-time employees in 2015 and have continued down that road.

    We want to extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who have been part of this incredible journey. Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind our success. We've shared countless stories, learned valuable lessons, and built a community that thrives on the passion for podcasting.

    Here's to the next 400 episodes and beyond—continuing to innovate, inspire, and celebrate the world of podcasting together. Stay tuned for more exciting content, and as always, happy podcasting!

    The best place for support with any Blubrry product or service is our ticket system. Tickets give the whole team access vs. direct emails or calls. General podcasting discussion and more can be shared on the Blubrry Podcasting Facebook group.

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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

App Rover ,

Pretty good, but…

Content is usually good and helpful for podcasters. But newest episode is an interview with a podcaster which slowly becomes too focused on the content of their podcast (not useful to other podcasters) rather than the production and marketing of their podcast (useful to other podcasters).

Do be careful about this with future interviews that “feature” a podcaster. Thanks!

The Blind Blogger ,

Podcasting news from podcasting experts

Accurate up to date news about podcasting from three top experts in our world. They give the news straight, to the point, with heart and warmth. And they aren’t above mentioning people or shows they find have value. These three people are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, and I’m glad they choose to take the time to collect this information and share it with us. Thanks, Maxwell

Bigredrobot ,

Podcasters Podcast

For those who are podcasters, I think the topics and industry news is valuable. Other reviews say its not flashy but coming from a video podcaster, no audio podcast is going to have as much production value. The audio is clear and polished. If I could give any feedback, make your guests review on iTunes to help water down bad reviews.

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