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In this podcast we explore the intersection of relationships, performance and wellness, and how we can best thrive in the systems and organizations we lead.


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In this podcast we explore the intersection of relationships, performance and wellness, and how we can best thrive in the systems and organizations we lead.

    Transforming Our Anxiety -- Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

    Transforming Our Anxiety -- Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

    Earlier this year I was really impacted by Michael Easter's book The Comfort Crisis. And I think what stood out to me the most was really the idea that in order to grow, one must work on becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable -- and I liked how he connected it with the idea of progressive overload that we often find in the exercise/strength literature.
    When I came across that it really resonated with my work on anxiety. Mainly -- that for people to really transform their anxiety it is a process of taking their insight and putting it into practice -- but that transition is really uncomfortable and anxiety inducing. But it is in many ways a progressive overload of anxiety that one intentionally puts upon themselves to grow and heal.
    Lots of people have insight about their anxiety, but often they are missing some deeper truths about it that can bring healing, or they become paralyzed with insight. Too much info that keeps them from moving into practice.
    And sometimes people will try all kinds of new things to attack their anxiety, or will spend a life managing it, but don't have the insight to get at the healing they need.
    Navigating our anxiety requires that we gain deep insight about it, and then we put that insight into intentional consistent practice. That is what transforms it. But the process can create anxiety, and so learning to get comfortable with the uncomfortable is the journey we must all be on.

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    Some Lessons I've Recently Learned About Hiring a Coach (and how it may help you)

    Some Lessons I've Recently Learned About Hiring a Coach (and how it may help you)

    In this episode I share with you some lessons I've recently learned in hiring an endurance running coach to help me train and complete the UTMB trail race this year in the Alps. 
    I talk about the importance of hiring a coach (therapist, executive coach, etc) to help with:
    coming up with a flexible plan to create change and accomplish your goals. the importance of accountability that comes with hiring a coach and how it increases discipline, provides correction and creates an environment for practice. the benefit of receiving encouragement in a coaching relationship/therapeutic relationship. connecting to the resources and tools and networks that will help you to continue to grow. Check out the episode. 

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    Anxious Progression One Day at a Time

    Anxious Progression One Day at a Time

    This podcast episode is a further exploration of the blog post, Anxious Progression One Day at a Time. 
    In this episode I explore the concept of progressive overload in physical fitness, and how that same concept can be applied to working through anxiety -- mainly, progressively adding anxiety to our lives that we have to sit with, face, overcome, etc. It's through the progressive overload of anxiety that we are ultimately transformed.
    In this episode I share my own journey of doing this, as well as share some ideas and stories how others have used this concept -- all set against the backdrop of my 100 mile run (which was a progressive overload for me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually -- over the course of many years).

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    Acknowledge, Identify and Reframe Your Depression and Anxiety

    Acknowledge, Identify and Reframe Your Depression and Anxiety

    I recently wrote about this on my blog -- because I've realized the last few months that I have been depressed and anxious for a while.
    Spurred on by the continual navigation of COVID, and how that has impacted things culturally, as well as some of the way things are currently done on a day to day basis -- I've realized that there has been a latent affect to what has been going on for 18 months, and finally some of that was starting to emerge in my mental health.
    In this episode I talk about three important things that can really help you if you find yourself struggling with your mental health -- particularly, depression and anxiety.
    I will take a look at what it means to acknowledge, identify and reframe your depression and anxiety -- and how these things could be really crucial to navigating your mental health in a positive way.

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    I'm Doubling Down on Breath Work

    I'm Doubling Down on Breath Work

    I have always been a fan of breath work, especially in the way that it has not only been so helpful for my own life and the anxiety that I have struggled with -- but I have literally seen it change the people's lives that I work with. Breath work is integral to our ability to emotionally regulate -- to stay calm and connected, not only with ourselves, but with others. In this episode I explore:
    the book that really shifted my belief in breath work some tools that I recommend for breath work my 110 day experiment with taping my mouth shut at bedtime helpful apps to practice breath work why breath work is so critical. how my anxiety levels decreased drastically and my sleep increased drastically. varying breath work methods I used in my running and weight lifting training.   Here are some of the Things/People that I mention in this episode:
    Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor Art of Manliness Interview with James Nestor Headspace app Calm app Don't Panic app Breathwrk app

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    My Ongoing Experiment with Fasting

    My Ongoing Experiment with Fasting

    We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin I'm definitely no expert on the topic of fasting, but I have been experimenting with it for a few years, and finally decided to do my longest fast since I first tried it back on Maunday Thursday in 1999.
    In early February I did my first ever 5 day water only fast. And it was a very difficult and amazing experience. I want  to share with you my ongoing experiment with fasting -- but as I do -- I always recommend that you consult with your doctor, health coach, etc, before you decide to do your own. Though I grew up in a rich faith tradition where fasting was an important spiritual practice, I know that fasting is really an integrative discipline that interconnect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. In this episode I will discuss:
    the basic details of my fast what I added to my water (lemon juice, salt, LMNT) my experience of losing 13lbs in 5 days. defining your purpose for fasting the double standard when it comes to fasting how fasting brings your emotional, mental and spiritual life to the surface in a very raw form.   Links to Things/People Mentioned in the Episode Valter Longo The Longevity Diet
    Zach Bush
    Ion Gut Health
    Prolon -- 5 Day Fasting/Mimicking Diet

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Lantz Howard ,

Authentic Guide

Rhett is an authentic guide that will help you on your journey. His podcast is simple and genuine. No hype and sales. Allow his insights to inspire you to your next area of growth.

Kimberly Guz ,

The Real Deal

Love Rhett Smith and love all of the podcasts! It is life changing, relationship-building, good stuff that has given me useful tools to bring joy and peace to my everyday life. Nothing beats one on one therapy with Rhett but to have this resource and be able to scroll through the different topics and listen and re-listen as needed has been a wonderful (and free!) resource that I wish I would have had when my kids were teenagers or even when I was a teenager and beyond. Counting my blessings that I have Rhett Smith Podcasts at my fingertips now! It is powerful, inspirational and most of all Rhett is real! He has a passion and a gift for making you feel like you are right there in the room with him as if he's speaking, listening and caring specifically about you. My favorites are on the Pain and Peace Cycle and his books ("The Anxious Christian" and "What it Means to be a Man" -girls can read this too!) have also been life-changing resources that I have read and re-read. The podcasts are so convenient to listen to, relevant no matter what topic comes up and it has even helped me stop my Coke Zero soda addiction. When I am so engrossed in listening in the car I don't stop at convenient stores anymore to get my soda fix! I've even lost a few pounds since I've discovered Rhett Smith! Can't thank him or recommend him enough for sharing his personal stories and insight through his podcasts and interviews! His website is filled with many other resources as well. Amazing guy who practices what he preaches, struggles along with you but also knows when to let you sit with your own struggles and use the tried and true simple tools to dig down deep and deal with the real.

Ouchyitchy ,

Thank you for so much information

I am thankful for your podcast. So much helpful info on Anxiety and other issues. Just one thing, please record at a higher volume, it is so hard to hear even with my volume turned all the way up. I’m not that old but I do live in New York so its hard to hear when I’m not at home listening with absolutely no background noise.

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