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Lou Rosenfeld talks with a LOT of brilliant, interesting changemakers in the UX world and beyond. Subscribe to the Rosenfeld Media podcast for a bird's eye view into what shifts UX faces, and how individuals and teams can respond in ways that drive success.

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Lou Rosenfeld talks with a LOT of brilliant, interesting changemakers in the UX world and beyond. Subscribe to the Rosenfeld Media podcast for a bird's eye view into what shifts UX faces, and how individuals and teams can respond in ways that drive success.

    Conversations with Things: UX Design for Chat and Voice

    Conversations with Things: UX Design for Chat and Voice

    Diana Deibel and Rebecca Evanhoe first crossed paths on a Slack channel back in 2018, where they were seeking out colleagues who might know a thing or two about conversation design.. Fast forward to 2021, and their new book on conversation design is finished and available for preorder! Conversations with Things teaches you how to design conversations that are useful, ethical, and human-centered—because everyone deserves to be understood, especially you. In this episode, they chat with Lou about writing the book, the ethics of voice design, and more.

    Diana recommends:
    • AmberNechole Hart’s Why does Siri sound white? https://slideslive.com/38925092/why-does-siri-sound-white?ref=tag-33116-latest
    • We Should Get Together by Kat Vellos https://weshouldgettogether.com/books

    Becca recommends
    • Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need By Sasha Costanza-Chock https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/design-justice
    • Design Justice Network https://designjustice.org/

    • 31 min
    Writing About Writing: Steve Krug returns to the Rosenfeld Review Podcast

    Writing About Writing: Steve Krug returns to the Rosenfeld Review Podcast

    Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think, and Rocket Surgery Made Easy, is back for a third appearance on the Rosenfeld Review Podcast! Here, he shares some details with Lou about his book in the works, Writing Made Slightly Easier, and his perspective on the process of writing in general (and why he might advise against it!).

    Check our Steve’s previous two appearances:
    How To Get Usability Testing Right: https://soundcloud.com/rosenfeld-media/how-to-get-usability-testing-right-steve-krug
    Life with the Apple Watch and other wearables: https://soundcloud.com/rosenfeld-media/conversation-with-steve-krug-life-with-the-apple-watch-and-other-wearables

    Steve’s wise words for writers:
    Don’t be afraid to always start at the beginning. Always assume that your reader knows less rather than more.

    Steve recommends:
    Follow Laura Klein on Twitter https://twitter.com/lauraklein

    More about Steve Krug: https://sensible.com/

    • 42 min
    The Power of Care: From Human-Centered Research to Humanity-Centered Leadership

    The Power of Care: From Human-Centered Research to Humanity-Centered Leadership

    What is the role of care in user research? Why is care a user researcher's greatest superpower—not only in how we do our work but how we lead? In her talk at Advancing Research 2021, Etienne Fang, Principal Researcher at Amazon Search, will discuss the importance of inclusive leadership and share lessons on leading through care, helping researchers leverage their research strengths for leadership as individual contributors, team leads, and people managers alike.

    Etienne Fang is a human-centered research and strategy leader passionate about people and the power of their stories to create inclusive experiences for all. She is currently a Principal Researcher at Amazon focused on inclusion and has previously led research teams at Uber, Method Products, and The Clorox Company. She is the founder of Redefining Having It All, a non-profit organization that supports female empowerment through stories of women’s ambition.

    • 29 min
    But Do Your Insights Scale? with Katy Mogal

    But Do Your Insights Scale? with Katy Mogal

    When stakeholders have access to real-time data about millions of user interactions, how can qualitative researchers articulate the value of small-sample studies for product and business strategy?

    Katy Mogal, UX Research Lead at Google Assistant, joins Lou to offer a preview of the case study she’ll share at Advancing Research 2021 (https://rosenfeldmedia.com/advancing-research-2021/sessions/but-do-your-insights-scale/), including learnings about how human-centered researchers can effectively collaborate with functions like data science and business strategy, and how to persuade analytically-minded stakeholders to embrace rich qualitative data about people’s needs and motivations as an input to business strategy.

    Katy recommends:
    • Ideo University’s course “ Insights for Innovation” https://www.ideou.com/products/insights-for-innovation
    • Jump Associates’ workshop on how to move from data to insights through a synthesis process: https://www.jumpassociates.com/learning-posts/insight-action-making-connection/

    Register for AR2021: https://rosenfeldmedia.com/advancing-research-2021/register/

    About Katy:
    Katy is on a mission to help product teams develop and ship experiences that make people’s lives better, through building and leading research teams that deliver synthesized insights with a strategic point of view. While working in marketing at Warner Bros. in London, Katy became fascinated with the idea of using survey and analytics data to understand and build for human needs. After graduating from the Wharton School she joined strategic consultancy Lieberman Research Worldwide as an account manager, where she led insights-based strategy engagements for clients including Nike, Weight Watchers and Viacom. Later she moved to Cheskin Research, a design and marketing consultancy that was a pioneer in applying ethnographic research to problems of design strategy. Exposure to a wide variety of data types, and experience bringing them together to tell a holistic story of user needs, became a theme that has run through her career in research and insights. She went on to build and lead UX and Design research teams at Fitbit, Facebook and most recently at Google, where she currently leads research teams on Google Assistant. Katy’s current focus is on developing the research function as a strategic partner to UX, Product Management and Engineering, and as a force for culture change in product organizations. Her side hustles include teaching product design and design research courses at Stanford Continuing Studies and California College of the Arts, and frequent speaking engagements at conferences such as UX Week, UX Lisbon, FlUXible and People Nerds. In her spare time Katy enjoys throwing weights around at the CrossFit gym in San Francisco’s Mission District, where she lives with her husband, son and two rescue dogs.

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    Promise Theory with Jeff Sussna

    Promise Theory with Jeff Sussna

    Lou and Jeff Sussna, author of Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT in the Digital Service Economy, examine the relationships between Design and Operations, DevOps and DesignOps, and DevOps and Agile before wending their way to promise theory, which looks at the “promise” made between a product and its user. Color Lou convinced on the promise of product promises!

    • Watch Jeff’s presentation at the 2017 DesignOps Summit: https://youtu.be/uWZxsul8Rek
    • Read Jeff’s book, Designing Delivery: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/designing-delivery/9781491903742/
    • Listen to Jeff on a previous episode of the Rosenfeld Review, DesignOps in a Post-Industrial World: Crash-Coursing Complex Systems: https://rosenfeldmedia.com/designops-community/archive/designops-jeff-sussna/
    • Jeff recommends: Mark Burgess’ Thinking In Promises: http://markburgess.org/TIpromises.html

    Jeff is Founder and CEO of Sussna Associates, a Minneapolis consulting firm. Sussna Associates helps software teams and executives meet the demand for continuous service delivery.

    More about Jeff: https://www.sussna-associates.com/about#jeff
    Twitter: @jeffsussna
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffsussna/

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    User Science: Product Analytics & User Research with Marieke McCloskey

    User Science: Product Analytics & User Research with Marieke McCloskey

    Want to help make better product decisions? You’ve got to combine qualitative human insights from user research with data analytics and experimentation. Questions about how many users do something goes to analytics, questions about which design might work better goes to user research. But what if you partnered with those other teams to answer the questions together? In her session at Advancing Research 2021, Marieke McCloskey, UX Research Lead at Humu, will share how, as a qualitative UX researcher, she’s partnered with analysts to identify high-growth opportunities and gain a deeper understanding of users.

    In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, Marieke offers a glimpse into her presentation, and what led her to the insights she will share at the conference.

    • Marieke recommends: No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy
    • Follow the authors: https://twitter.com/lizandmollie

    • Attend Advancing Research 2021
    • About Marieke

    • 28 min

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14 Ratings

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Two issues. First, is with audio levels. The host’s audio level is lower than the guest’s. This causes the listener to constantly fiddle with the volume to get it just right. Please fix that! Second, as a host even though you are knowledgeable, the show is really about the guests that you invite. So let them be the focus.

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