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We’ve done some revamping over here on the podcast transforming Eat Play Sex into Sex Love Psychedelics.
Sex Love Psychedelics with Dr Cat Meyer will stimulate + titilate your brain with all of the psycho-sexual conversations + guest experts to answer your curiosities on sex, love, and the psyche. Whether we are analyzing the complexities of love, giving tips on energetic orgasms, or getting off on the latest research in psychedelics, it’s going to be a very WILD + expansive experience for us all.
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Sex Love Psychedelics Dr. Cat Meyer

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We’ve done some revamping over here on the podcast transforming Eat Play Sex into Sex Love Psychedelics.
Sex Love Psychedelics with Dr Cat Meyer will stimulate + titilate your brain with all of the psycho-sexual conversations + guest experts to answer your curiosities on sex, love, and the psyche. Whether we are analyzing the complexities of love, giving tips on energetic orgasms, or getting off on the latest research in psychedelics, it’s going to be a very WILD + expansive experience for us all.
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    156: Relationship Power Trips + Grieving Old Love While in New Love with Starielle Hope

    156: Relationship Power Trips + Grieving Old Love While in New Love with Starielle Hope

    Relationship & Intimacy Coach Starielle Hope joins me to explore relationships as their own arena for growth. We share practices that you as an individual or you and your beloved can do to recognize + take accountability for your patterns around love.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

    Common mistakes people make in relationships + how to solve them

    Reprogramming “the happy ever after” fantasy

    Cultivating high-level relational skills to create soul-fulfilling connections

    Taking self-responsibility for our own patterning and programming

    Strategies to access your unconscious mind and create new belief systems

    Using breath, sound, movement to regulate your nervous system and create healthy attachment patterns

    Unconscious Power dynamics in a relationship -- How to identify them, how to resolve them

    Reciprocity and dynamic polarity in committed relationship

    Sex as a ceremony for transformation, healing + elevation of consciousness

    Starielle’s personal journey of listening to her body to discern aligned relationships

    Somatics/language of the physical body plus parts work to access the unconscious and bring into conscious awareness for behavioral shifts

    Moving sexual energy through the body without penetration or sensation

    How psychedelics can be helpful for couples -- especially for men not conditioned in this society to have a relationship with their emotions. 

    Navigating grief while in a relationship -- new or long term.


    Femme Ketamine Retreat:


    Vetting Your Practitioners: https://learn.sexloveyoga.com/Vetting%20Your%20Guide


    Starielle is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach who specializes in working with people who have been successful in their careers but have struggled to find that same level of success in their romantic and personal relationships. She guides them in clearing blocks to intimacy, revealing subconscious patterns that are keeping them from the sex & connections they want to experience, and develop the skills that will enable them to attract world-class partners. She also teaches Emotional Intelligence based Leadership to executive teams to help them work more efficiently and unlock maximum creative and productivity potential. She has a decade of experience studying somatic modalities, Internal Family Systems, sexuality, evolutionary psychology, communication techniques, masculine/feminine energy dynamics and tantra. She holistically teaches skills for deeper intimacy by addressing the emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual planes to empower her clients to experience new depths of connection in their romantic relationships and broader communities.


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    155: Sensuality of 5 MEO DMT, the Tradition of Priestesses, + Being Your own Shaman with Flor Bollini

    155: Sensuality of 5 MEO DMT, the Tradition of Priestesses, + Being Your own Shaman with Flor Bollini

    Named The Corporate Shaman by Forbes Magazine, Flor Bollini is regarded as one of the trailblazers in the plant medicine world.

    Flor joins me to share her Shamanic perspective in the work of psychedelics + sexuality and how we can discern for our own selves what feels right for us.

    In this episode, you’ll hear: 

    The convergence of ancient cultures in relation to psychedelics and sexuality

    Flor's personal journey highlighting the symbiotic relationship between sexuality and psychedelics

    The significance of understanding your sexual energy as a vital life force for overall well-being

    Exploring the shadow aspects of sex and psychedelics, and the consequences of suppressing sexual energy

    Contrasting underground movements with the current Psychedelic Renaissance, empowering individuals to connect with the divine

    The synergy between chemical compounds and the soul of entheogens

    Clinical ketamine therapy infused with ritualistic elements

    Advocating for safety and approaching complex compounds with reverence

    Embracing the role of being your own shaman and embarking on your hero's journey

    Integrating psychedelic experiences and recognizing the potency of microdosing

    Empowering women in the realm of medicine and honoring the Tradition of Priestesses

    Serving others while on the healing path

    Developing the ability to discern between intuition and fear through accessible techniques to enhance intuition


    Flor Bollini. Pioneer, entrepreneur and medicine woman. Named The Corporate Shaman by Forbes Magazine, Flor is regarded as one of the trailblazers in the plant medicine world. With over a decade of experience pioneering her empathetic, feminine approach to serving and integrating psychoactive medicines, her methods have been adopted by the leaders in the space and have made Flor one of the most respected psycho-spiritual entrepreneurs in the world. Flor is the founder and CEO of NANA Health, first foundational platform for Psychedelic-Initiated Transformative Medicine. She’s also the co-founder of ReWire Therapeutics LTD, a UK biotechnology company that provides the first time released combination drug products in the psychedelic industry.


    Vetting your practitioners for psychedelics: https://learn.sexloveyoga.com/Vetting%20Your%20Guide


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    154: Pleasure, Psychedelics for Queer BIPOC + Connecting to Ancestral Guides with Courtney Watson

    154: Pleasure, Psychedelics for Queer BIPOC + Connecting to Ancestral Guides with Courtney Watson

    In this episode with Courtney Watson, we talk about how psychedelics can be a powerful tool for personal exploration in identity, pleasure, + resilience.

    She shares about her work with Queer BiPOC , as well as, practices + rituals to access inspiration from ancestral wisdom.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

    Building resilience strategies amidst complex trauma

    Navigating the repercussions of the pandemic and reclaiming a connection to pleasure

    Courtney's impactful work with Queer BiPOC 

    How to create a sex-positive environment and educate children about pleasure

    The significance of intersectionality in therapy, addressing unique challenges in sexual expression and healing

    Empowering individuals to explore their sexual identities for greater self-acceptance

    Broadening understanding about bisexuality and queerness beyond societal norms

    The role of psychedelic therapy, particularly ketamine-assisted therapy, in sex therapy, with a focus on Queer + BIPOC

    Unpacking the concept of energetic sex and embracing our fullest sexual selves through pleasure

    Practices for connecting with ancestral guides and the wisdom they offer

    Tapping into ancestral guidance to navigate sexuality and learn from familial patterns for healing and releasing shame.


    The dynamic founder of Doorway Therapeutic Services, Courtney, is not just a highly qualified therapist but a passionate advocate for those she serves. Her love for her work is deeply intertwined with her dedication to serving marginalized communities, particularly Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer Folx, trans/gnc/non-binary/2 spirit Folx, those exploring non-traditional relationships, and sex workers.

    Courtney’s passion lies in her service to her community and has led her to transform her solo practice into a group practice of predominantly Queer, BIPOC and TGNC providers offering their therapeutic expertise as a beacon of understanding and guidance to the community. Her goal is not just to help but to champion the healing journey of her clients and the professional development of her employees.

    As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, she utilizes her rich educational background to work in tandem with breadth of knowledge that her lived experience provides. Academically speaking, she has a B.S. in Psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana (an HBCU), an M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from UNLV, and an M.Ed. in Human Sexuality from Widener University and might finally be finishing her PhD studies in Human Sexuality this fall! Additionally she has trained with MAPS to provide MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy, CIIS to provide Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Polaris Insight Center to provide Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. As these medicines are rescheduled by the FDA and available to the public, Doorways will offer psychedelic therapy in addition to the current Ketamine offering now.


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    153: Shameless Sex + Psychedelics with April + Amy

    153: Shameless Sex + Psychedelics with April + Amy

    We are exploring my favorite topic + the focus on this show: Sex and Psychedelics.

    Amy + April from Shameless Sex and I all play moderators as we muse on our personal explorations + discoveries in plant medicine + psychedelics. 

    Some of these stories are beautiful + sweet, and some of them represent the darker, harder lessons we had to identify. Each of them is profound and valuable. Hopefully this talk inspires you, and if you need more support, I’ve created a guide for you.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

    The movement towards decriminalizing psilocybin and a focus on harm reduction

    Safety considerations when combining psychedelics with sexual healing

    A redefinition of the complexities surrounding "sex" and exploring how psychedelics can aid in this discovery

    The supportive role of psychedelics in experiencing self-love and surrender on a profound, embodied level

    Dr. Cat's personal journey as a sex therapist, integrating psychedelics into her professional practice

    Exploring the erotic nature of psychedelics + Dr. Cat’s model: Erosynthesis

    Personal Ayahuasca experiences shared by Cat, April, and Amy, along with the valuable lessons learned

    The destigmatization of the natural ebbs and flows of eroticism, particularly during times of grief

    Holistic integration of psychedelic experiences + talk therapy

    Guidance and suggestions for individuals curious about working with psychedelics

    A comprehensive look at safety considerations and tips for selecting the right facilitator for your psychedelic journey

    The importance of preparation, integration, and building trust with your chosen journey companions

    Mental health considerations that should be addressed before delving into the world of psychedelics

    Exploring the potential for transformative and deeply connected self-exploration during solo psychedelic experiences

    The differences between feminine and masculine facilitators in the psychedelic realm

    The crucial role of establishing and maintaining boundaries to facilitate a deeper surrender into emotional depths for profound healing.


    Vetting Your Practitioners: https://learn.sexloveyoga.com/Vetting%20Your%20Guide

    Retreat Waitlist:



    Amy Baldwin is a sex educator and sex and relationship coach trained in both the Somatica and Hakomi Methods. Amy is also the lead educator for überlube, co-owner of a mother-daughter owned online pleasure boutique called Pure Pleasure Shop, and was voted Sexpert of the Year within the pleasure products industry.

    April Lampert is co-owner and chief sales and partnerships officer of Hot Octopuss, an innovative and award-winning sex toy company. She was voted Woman of the Year in the pleasure products industry and has been educating people about sexual pleasure and sex toys at a global scale since 2008.

    Together, Amy and April created the Shameless Sex podcast, inspiring radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy. Shameless Sex is known for its unabashed real talk about sexuality with a playful twist, and has been featured in mainstream media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, GQ, and Maxim, among other platforms.


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    152: Plant Medicines: Preconception + Pregnancy to Postpartum with Mikaela de la Myco

    152: Plant Medicines: Preconception + Pregnancy to Postpartum with Mikaela de la Myco

    Mikaela de la Myco has been a leading voice in this space connecting plant medicine for fertility, motherhood, + womb health.

    For new moms + moms-to-be who are curious about entheogens… This episode will be for you. We dive into how plant medicine can support women during their pregnancy journey, and the key considerations to be mindful of along the journey. 

    As a reminder, this is for informational purposes only. Please consult your healthcare provider before pursuing any of the products discussed. I do not believe psychedelics are for everyone, please do the preparation + work necessary to care for yourself.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

    Microdosing Moms - How Entheogens Support Women Throughout Pregnancy

    Consequences of the Birth Extraction Process in Western Practices

    Entheogens Role within Postpartum and Mothers

    Systemic Trauma and the Business of Birth: A Closer Look at Perpetuating Factors

    Plant Medicine's Supportive Role in Pregnancy + Considerations for the Journey

    The Mother's Role and Family Dynamics in the Psychedelic Space

    Breastfeeding and Entheogens: Safety Considerations and Detection in Breast Milk

    Clarifying Psilocybin Toxicity + Reproductive Risks

    Ancestral Wisdom in MesoAmerican Traditions: Indigenous Rituals and Their Modern Relevance

    Mushrooms for Hormone Balancing: Entheogens in Pregnancy Considerations

    Mikaela's Personal Journey of a Mushroom Experience During the Third Trimester

    Guidance on Responsible Psychedelic Exploration: Finding Trustworthy Guides and Leaders in the Field

    And MORE!


    Mikaela de la Myco comes from a blended ancestry.  Her peoples come from the hills of southern italy, the caribbean and the deserts and mountains of mexico. 

    In her everyday life, she is a mother, an entheogen educator, a womb care practitioner and acts as a community ceremony facilitator in occupied Kumeyaay & Luiseno territory, also known as San Diego, CA.

    She passionately serves all people in ancestral healing ways with special focus in serving creatives, families, bleeding people, folks within the birthing continuum and people navigating conscious contraception.

    Mikaela organizes quarterly ceremonies so people can journey through the dark amenta to uncover ancestral messages, rewrite trauma wounds and make meaning with mushroom and other earth medicines.

    Her platform, Mama de la Myco is a creative space at the intersection of medicine woman, psychedelic mother and sacred hoe.  Mikaela de la Myco has made the commitment to rematriate entheogens, do ma'at always and prove to the world that psychedelics are for families.

    Her Survey for Mamas:



    Sensual Awakening: https://learn.sexloveyoga.com/sensual-awakening


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    151: Psychedelic Supplementation with Shawn Wells

    151: Psychedelic Supplementation with Shawn Wells

    Today I’ve got Shawn Wells who is brilliant at mapping out how we can support our nervous systems, energy, brain, + cellular health from a supplement + biohackers perspective especially if we are journeying with psychedelics.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

    Key principles or practices that are essential for a balanced and sustainable approach to biohacking

    Common pitfalls encountered by individuals in their pursuit of biohacking for optimal health and energy, along with strategies to avoid them

    How psychedelic journeys can confront individuals with their deepest fears and traumas, and the ways in which biohacking, mindset, and nutrition can aid in this exploration

    Guidance for individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts, including how to seek support and explore alternative healing methods like psychedelics in a safe manner

    Distinguishing between evidence-based supplements and potentially risky or unproven products in the quest for optimal health and energy

    Research on how the combination of psychedelics and therapy is contributing to mental health support

    The significance of conducting ceremonies in conjunction with therapy.

    Understanding the neurological toxicity of MDMA and identifying supplements to support the nervous system

    The importance of cultivating a healthy nervous system before embarking on a psychedelic journey

    Recommended supplements for optimal health before, during, and after a psychedelic journey

    Shawn's top-recommended supplement for enhancing neural plasticity

    Exploring psychedelic supplement stacks

    Echo dosing techniques to prolong neural plasticity and enhance integration

    Addressing mitochondrial health as a means of healing trauma in the body

    Supplements that support the use of stimulants and hallucinogens.

    Holistic approaches to healing trauma

    Understanding the interaction between 5HTP and MDMA and the risks of serotonin toxicity


    Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN, stands at the forefront of nutritional biochemistry and supplement formulation, celebrated globally as "The World's Greatest Formulator." His expertise extends beyond crafting over 1000+ health products and holding more than 20+ groundbreaking patents; he is a pivotal thought leader in the realm of mental health and psychedelics, educating on the potential of psychopharmaceuticals worldwide.

    Wells boasts a profound educational foundation with a Master's in Nutritional Biochemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill, complemented by a rich background in Business Administration and Exercise Science. As Biotrust Nutrition's former Chief Science Officer, he propelled the company to achieve a formidable $125MM in annual revenue, managing everything from R&D to regulatory affairs.

    A seasoned entrepreneur, Wells has a hand in eight businesses and played a significant role in transactions exceeding $425 million, including the notable acquisition of Dymatize by Post Holdings. His business savvy, however, is matched by his commitment to mental wellness and the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, a topic on which he has become an authoritative voice. Recently, he's taken his message to the international stage, keynoting in Poland and Estonia for MindValley, emphasizing the importance of mental health and education in psychedelics.

    With resources available through his Zone Halo Research and his personal website, Wells is an inexhaustible source of knowledge for those seeking to improve their well-being. His ongoing contributions to the discourse on mental health and the safe use of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes are recognized and respected worldwide.

    Connect to Shawn's ever growing community:

    Website - https://shawnwells.com/

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shawnwells/

    Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/Ingredientologist/

    TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@ingredientologist?lang=en

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176 Ratings

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