She Wants More Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
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202 Ratings

MassachusettsMaggie ,

Taboo topic gets attention—great podcast

You won’t hear or read this content anywhere else! Very important topic explored here. Tell all your friends!

T-htx ,

Just some racy stories…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m listening. But I think the “mission” of this podcast is disingenuous. This podcaster had some good tea to share but instead of just putting it out there, she decided to shroud it in a cloak of female empowerment and sexual entitlement. That isn’t what this is. This is about incredibly selfish people who made bad decisions and then doubled down over and over again. Not journalism. Not science. Not politics. Just tea. Hey, I like tea. I like gossip. But let’s be straight about it.

Y2856Y ,

Glorifies Selfish and Damaging Behavior

If your committed relationship isn’t working for you be an adult and be honest with your partner and decide with them to work on it or depart it.

Purpskurdurp ,

They really for the streets


Queens to Kona ,

I hope this has a season 2

More than loving hearing from women who are putting themselves first, i loved hearing that it’s about time that women put themselves first. I appreciated the supportive information from psychologists, researchers and others who acknowledge that it’s okay for women who aren’t getting what they want from their partner to find what they need. Please keep sharing these stories…there are more out there!

puddle2 ,

One sided podcast if that’s what you’re looking for

This is not journalism. It is story telling. Good story telling at least, but it’s being sold as journalism. This podcast is not about why women cheat. It’s about why the podcaster thinks it’s okay for women to cheat. Her interview style is one of a girlfriend who asks some softball tough questions but really just supports whatever her friend says. She never asks the direct questions that would probably sound accusatory, such as “why do you choose infidelity over your children and marriage?” “Why don’t you get divorced?” “If you got caught cheating and that resulted in losing custody of your children, would you still feel justified in your decision to cheat?” Perhaps she’s afraid the women will shut down I’m the interview if asked these questions. Perhaps she agrees with infidelity. She never says outright so this podcast never finds its purpose. I can’t believe Malcolm Gladwell endorsed this. He must not have listened to it.

KBDance22 ,

“She Wants More” is right

I loved this, but I binged them and now I’m left—you got it—wanting more. I hope there will be another season or another iteration.

pphuel ,

Hedonistic Trashfire

I’m not sure what I was expecting coming into this, but the portrayal of cheating as an act of self care when all these women admit some sort of pain or general unhappiness correlated to their affairs is absurd. Lost me completely when monogamous same sex couples were equated to the progressive racy lifestyle choice of cheating on your husband for a buzz.

Reflective of a absolute low point in modern feminism, if anything.

gnrhippie ,

A variety of narcissists

Sugar coated, self centered, hedonistic view of sex through the lense of only the person lying to their partner.

Griffin119 ,

Missing the mark

Horrible communication ruining relationships is not empowerment. It’s wrong to violate another’s trust regardless of gender.