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Murder can be fun if it's not you! We cover mysteries, true crime, and generally weird topics from a humorous perspective.

Strangeful Things Strangeful Things

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Murder can be fun if it's not you! We cover mysteries, true crime, and generally weird topics from a humorous perspective.

    Deborah Wilson

    Deborah Wilson

    A woman is staying up late at Drexel University to finish a project. She becomes the victim of a senseless crime in a place where she was supposed to be safe.
    But, because Graveyard Grace didn't want a mystery, at least people will just finish this episode angry, instead of angry and frustrated.  Join us for the case of the murder of Deborah Wilson.

    • 50 min
    The Gatton Murders

    The Gatton Murders

    When someone is murdered, or, in this case, more than one person, the family can only hope that the police do everything they can to catch the killer, making sure that they do everything methodically and carefully.
    There are times when the combination of diligence, intelligence, and good fortune solve cases and bring some measure of peace to the bereaved.
    This is not that story. But Acadia and Graveyard Grace are gonna tell you about it anyway.

    • 59 min
    Peter Dupas

    Peter Dupas

    Peter Dupas is an Australian criminal who assaulted and murdered women over the course of decades. He probably would have done it more often but he was in jail a lot. Like, a lot. But still, not enough. 
    I don't even know what to think about this one because on one hand, I hate things like "Three Strikes" and mandatory sentences and stuff like that.
    On the other hand: Peter Dupas.
    Join us and find out why Australia needs to check itself!

    • 52 min
    Michael Swango

    Michael Swango

    Hearing "The doctor will see you now." can be a relief if you've been sitting in the waiting room for an hour. But if the doc you are seeing was Michael Swango, you will probably want to sacrifice your copay and gtfo of the office.
    Learn how this jerk pretty much showed all his cards right from the start with his scrapbook of death and still managed to get hired at wayyyy too many hospitals.  Join Acadia and Graveyard Grace to learn about this travesty. And you might find out how much it costs to touch a bullet wound, too!  Bonus!

    • 53 min
    The Borley Manor Haunting (Part Two)

    The Borley Manor Haunting (Part Two)

    Get ready for the chilling(ish) conclusion of our investigation into Borley Manor! Acadia and Graveyard Grace are back with more mildly scary ghosts, a legit mystery, and the general nonsense you are used to. Unveil the secrets hidden within the eerie Gothic-style cottage as they delve into tales of tragic romance and a skull in a cupboard. Brace yourself for Acadia's terrible theory on forensic gender determination.

    (GUESS WHO WROTE THIS PART): This podcast blends humor, horror, and history - listen at your own risk! Tune in now and prepare for an unforgettable journey!
    And, as promised, here is the link to the book that was used as one of the sources!

    • 54 min
    The Borley Manor Haunting (Part One)

    The Borley Manor Haunting (Part One)

    In this episode of Strangeful, Acadia takes us across the pond to explore the dark and mysterious history of Borley Manor, a Gothic-style cottage near the ruins of Borley Rectory, once dubbed “the most haunted house in England”. What secrets lie beneath the ashes of the rectory, which was destroyed by fire in 1939? Who are the ghostly figures that have been seen and heard around the manor and the nearby church? And what is the connection between Borley Manor and a tragic love affair between a monk and a nun in the 14th century? Join Acadia and his cohost Graveyard Grace as they delve into the first part of this spine-chilling saga. And don’t worry, they will also explain the difference between a rectory, a monastery, and a convent, because we know you’re dying to know. Warning: this podcast contains humor, horror, and history. Listen at your own risk! And if you’re wondering if England is the kind of place where you can use a cow to get a girlfriend, well, you’ll have to tune in to find out!

    • 44 min

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4.3 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

cold raw beans good ,


Great episode, very dark. Love all three of you. Bring Snoops back.

Ternalforms ,

Legit bad

Terrible audio, annoying personalities, unfocused. Unbelievably bad.

mamakurt ,

Midwestern put downs

Making fun of and putting down people from the Midwest just shows your ignorance. Just like profiling any group, race, or religion assuming everyone is the is same is wrong, you are too.

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