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Join Frances in conversations that help support you on your wellness journey. Topics range from the very basics of yoga and Pilates to in depth anatomy and teaching topics. Feel empowered while working with special conditions in your body from pre and post natal to musculoskeletal injuries and more. Feel better in your body, more excited and motivated so you can go about your day with a smile on your face.

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Join Frances in conversations that help support you on your wellness journey. Topics range from the very basics of yoga and Pilates to in depth anatomy and teaching topics. Feel empowered while working with special conditions in your body from pre and post natal to musculoskeletal injuries and more. Feel better in your body, more excited and motivated so you can go about your day with a smile on your face.

    024 Beth Tascione - On Restorative Yoga and Reiki

    024 Beth Tascione - On Restorative Yoga and Reiki

    0:00 Meet Beth Tascione
    2:37 Judith Hanson Lasater’s Influence
    5:10 The Audition Story about Fitting In
    6:20 Channeling Judith Hanson Lasater's Wisdom
    6:58 Choosing Language to Create a Safe Supportive Space
    7:43 What Is Restorative Yoga ?
    8:43 Creating Support So The Body Can Open in an Effortless way
    10:13 How "A Type Personalities" Can Relate to Restorative Yoga
    10:35 Mukunda Stiles Three Pillars of Wellness
    11:20 Restorative Yoga Is Important to Balance Out "Doing"
    11:35 Like Sleep Only Better
    15:25 Restorative Yoga Correlation with Meditation
    16:55 Prenatal Yoga
    17:30 Prenatal Yoga Exercise Simulating a Contraction
    20:23 Curiosity Calms Stress
    26:02 Restorative Yoga and Reiki for Self Care
    29:22 How to Unwind if You Are Tense
    35:30 Self Care With Reiki
    39:45 Pain and Fear
    40:40 Observing Mukunda Stiles Sessions
    47:27 Adding to Your Wellness Bank Account
    50:00 Surrender And Receive
    51:45 Layers Of Still Wantng "To Do"
    53:41 Tips To Take Away Today
    53:45 Lie Down
    54:30 How To Find Beth
    54:40 Find Upcoming Workshop On Schedule Page Dec 4
    55:00 Replenish Your Soul With Restorative Yoga and Reiki
    55:55 Saturday Dec 4th Workshop
    56:05 Thisisyourbliss.com
    57:43 Free Download "Introduction to Restorative Yoga"
    57:53 www.taylorfitwellness.com

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    023 Sue Hitzmann - M.E.L.T Method - Understanding Facsia

    023 Sue Hitzmann - M.E.L.T Method - Understanding Facsia

    00:00:40 Meet Sue Hitzmann
    00:00:58 How The M.E.L.T. Method Came To Be
    00:01:20 When Chronic Pain Is Unexplained
    00:01:50 What Do You Do For Inflamed Fascia?
    00:02:45 Fascia As A Doorway To Healing Multiple Issues
    00:03:00 Developing Self Care Techniques
    00:03:15 Sue's First Book
    00:03:25 Sue's Second Book
    00:03:55 The Story About Great Grandma
    00:04:35 The Epitome Of Wellness
    00:06:00 The Wellness Field's Dirty Little Secret
    00:06:15 Fascia as the 4th Dimension of Wellness
    00:06:47 Sue Hitzmann's Turning Point
    00:09:10 A Deep Dive Into Fascia
    00:09:40 Fascia Defined
    00:10:19 Fascia Supports Cell to Cell Communication
    00:10:35 Fascia as The Stability System Of Your Body
    00:13:10 Fascia... a biotensegrity System
    00:14:30 Fascial Relates issues
    00:14:40 Daily Living's Impact on Fascial System
    00:15:40 M.E.L.T Method Indirect Before Direct Approach
    00:15:50 The Crying Kid Analogy
    00:16:50 Feeling the Effects of Fluid Dehydration
    00:17:30 Cumulative Stress
    00:17:55 The Toaster Analogy
    00:18:50 Foot and Hip Example
    00:19:12 The 4 R's of M.E.L.T.
    00:19:18 Reconnect
    00:21:20 Stronger But More Dysfunctional
    00:21:55 Setting Up For Injury Over Time
    00:22:30 A Better Route
    00:22:50 Reconnect Rebalance Rehydrate Release
    00:24:15 The Neurofascial System Stabilizes Us
    00:24:55 Tips To Feeling Better And Looking Younger
    00:25:27 Fascial Link To All Other Systems in The Body
    00:26:04 Clean Up Your Fascial Environment
    00:26:12 Fascial Relation to Immune Health
    00:27:00 Stuck Stress Loves to Live In Spaces
    00:29:24 How to Stay Youthful Active and Resilient
    00:30:59 How to Keep Youthful Looking Skin
    00:31:35 M.E.L.T Mini Face Treatment and Full Face Treatment
    00:32:43 Emotions and Fascia and Much More
    00:33:50 Emotional Link to Pain
    00:34:11 The Asking for a Raise Story
    00:35:40 Becoming a True Listener
    00:35:58 A Surprise Guest!
    00:36:38 The Kids on the Bus Story
    00:41:55 Mindful Meditation Practice
    00:43:09 Mindful Meditation in M.E.L.T. Rebalance Sequence
    00:44:14 How The M.E.L.T. Foam Roller is Different
    00:45:45 Help Your Own Auto Pilot
    00:46:03 The Tuck and Tilt Downregulates Stress
    00:46:25 The 3D Breath
    00:47:00 Boost The Rest and Restore Regulation Of the Body
    00:50:41 Measuring Fascia With High Powered Micron Microscopes
    00:51:10 Moving The M.E.L.T. Method to Online Classes
    00:51:23 2000 instructors and 5 Levels of Training
    00:51:45 Streaming App
    00:52:25 MELTMethod.com
    00:52:25 MELT on Demand App
    00:53:33 Simple Tips
    00:53:40 Tip #1 Sip Water Frequently
    00:54:05 Tip #2 Decrease
    00:54:10 Tip #3 Sleep in a Dark Room
    00:54:35 Tip #4 Send Out Positive Energy
    00:55:24 We Lift Each Other Up
    00:56:14 MELTMethod.com
    00:56:21 MELTMethod on instagram
    00:56:22 MELT Method on Facebook
    00:56:25 MELTMethod on Pinterest
    00:56:27 MELTMethod on YouTube
    00:56:35 MELT On Demand
    00:57:30 Free Give Away "How To Reduce Sugar Cravings"
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    022 Charlie Morley - Lucid Dreaming Expert and Author of "Wake Up To Sleep"

    022 Charlie Morley - Lucid Dreaming Expert and Author of "Wake Up To Sleep"

    00:00:45 meet Charlie Morely
    00:02:40 Wake Up To Sleep(affiliate link)
    00:11:00 Best Practice for PTSD Treatment in Veterans
    00:11:09 Veterans Yoga Project in Oakland
    00:12:45 Yin Yoga
    00:13:45 Addressing Deep Seated Trauma
    00:14:40 Body and intra-pshychic world of dreams as the Best way to find integrate and release trauma
    00:16:05 Keep a Nocturnal Journal
    00:16:30 How Stress or Trauma Affects Specific States of Sleep
    00:18:00 Know how stress and trauma affect sleep
    00:20:15 Sleep Walking/Talking and Night Terrors Can Be Signs of Brain Growth
    00:22:35 Nightmares Can Be a Sign of Healing
    00:23:35 A nightmares like a scab, essential to our healing process
    00:24:15 Three Ways Trauma can be Integrated
    00:25:10 Dreams in Prehistoric Times and Threat Simulation Theory
    00:27:10 Dreaming and Absence of norepinephrine
    00:28:00 Safe Mode for Your Brain As You Dream
    00:31:35 When Nightmares are a Good Sign
    00:32:05 Sharing Dreams as Healing
    00:32:40 Sharing Your Dreams Raises Empathy Levels
    00:33:00 Download and Discharge the Emotional Trace of Dreams and Increase Wellbeing
    00:35:19 Anxiety Dreams are Like Fire Drills and Can Give You A Neurological Advantage
    00:37:30 Classic Yoga Teacher Nightmares
    00:39:36  Western World Pathologizes Sleep
    00:40:40 Back in the Days When We Went to Sleep When The Sun Went Down
    00:41:30 Many May be Mis Diagnosed With Insomnia
    00:42:25 Reverse Siesta
    00:42:52 Research Says Almost Everyone Can Benefit From Napping
    00:44:06 The difference Between a Nap and Yoga Nidra
    00:46:10 Yoga Nidra Increases Parasympathetic Drive
    00:47:25 What If You Feel Like You Are Not Dreaming?
    00:47:50 The Brain Prioritizes Dreaming
    00:48:25 Sleep Torture Taking Away Dreams
    00:49:00 Set The Intention To Remember Your Dreams
    00:50:19 When Using A Sleep Tracker Goes Wrong
    00:51:30 Tips TonTake Away Today
    00:51:49 Keep a Nocturnal Journal
    00:53:00 Rest The Bridge Between Wakefulness and Sleep
    00:53:42 Breathe
    00:55:23 charliemorley.com
    00:55:32 on instagram @charlie_morley_lucid_dreaming
    00:55:34 Find Charlie Morley on
    00:56:35 Special Bonus Free Online Yoga Class (for a limeied time)
    00:56:38 Come to Yoga and be Entered to WIn A Copy Of Charlie's Book

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    • 57 min
    021 Beth Terranova - Scholiosis and Strength Training

    021 Beth Terranova - Scholiosis and Strength Training

    00:00:30 Meet Beth Terranova
    00:01:05 Strength train to support scholiotic curve, limit progression and maintain bone health
    00:01:38 Scholiosis Break Down
    00:02:08 Cobb angle to measure how much side bend in scholiotic curve
    00:04:40 determining treatment for scoliosis
    00:06:30 scoliometer to measure the surface rotation in scoliosis
    00:07:37 Structural versus Funcitional scholiosis
    00:08:57 Can Sitting Improperly contribute to scoliosis?
    00:11:08 Strength Training is safe for scoliosis
    00:12:00 Personal Experience with Strength Training and Scoliosis
    00:13:38 Will Lack of Exercise Likely Lead to More Pain With Scoliosis?
    00:14:13 Scoliosis is a Condition of Instability
    00:14:45 Focus on Training the Postural Muscles With Pilates Yoga and Strength Training
    00:15:40 Pain Can be Related to the Need to Build Postural Stability
    00:18:45 Osteoporosis and Weight Bearing Exercises
    00:20:22 Bone Cells and Remodeling
    00:22:05 The Piezoelectric Effect
    00:29:50 Individualized Sessions for Scoliosis
    00:30:25 Finding the Best Corrective Posture
    00:33:05 Does a Lumbar Curve Affect the Sacroiliac Joint?
    00:33:50 How The The Psoas Is Affected
    00:35:50 How an X-Ray Looks vs How a Person Feels
    00:38:13 The Map Is Not The Territory
    00:40:44 Tips to Take Away Today
    00:42:40 follow beth on instagram @strengthandspine
    00:42:46 www.strengthandspine.com
    00:42:55 free guide to start strength training with scoliosis on instagram links section
    00:44:25 free download 5 ways we see the spine, a scoliosis primer
    00:44:30 resources page www.taylorfitwellness.com
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    • 44 min
    020 Jennifer Brilliant ~ Yoga and Personal Training

    020 Jennifer Brilliant ~ Yoga and Personal Training

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    00:00:40 Meet Jennifer Brilliant
    00:01:05 Jennifer Muller/The Works
    00:07:52 The Wellness Focused Teacher's Perspective
    00:08:40 Fixing Other People and Fixing Ourselves
    00:09:53 Susanna Weiss
    00:12:20 Teacher Training Trainer for Om Yoga With Cyndi Lee Before Yoga Alliance
    00:12:40 ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
    00:13:00 Certified Yoga Therapist
    00:13:43 Yoga For Trauma
    00:16:00 The Unconditional Model of Teaching
    00:17:52 Erich Schiffmann
    00:19:25 Inviting Movement and Feeling Your Intuition
    00:21:30 Truly Embodying Your Own Self In Yoga
    00:21:50 Developing a Personal Practice in a Group Setting
    00:25:41 The Reason for Yoga Teachers to Que Class
    00:31:20 "Yes, and ...? No!" Blog Posts
    00:34:02 Yoga During the Pandemic
    00:34:51 Transitioning from Teaching In Person to Going Virtual
    00:37:20 Tips To Take Away Today
    00:37:30 Continue Learning
    00:37:53 Get Support
    00:38:30 Delve into Your Practice to Recognize Asymmetries And Let That Journey Bring You Peace
    00:39:06 Try Different Modalities
    00:39:20 Book Reccomendation "Burnout: The Secret To Unlocking The Streess Cycle"
    00:39:34 Get Physical Rest
    00:40:05 Understand We Can Make A Difference And Keep Going
    00:41:26 Find Jennifer Brilliant: Website
    00:41:45 Find Jennifer Brilliant: Instagram
    00:41:48 Find Jennifer Brilliant: Facebook
    00:44:01 Download Your Free Stretching Sequence
    00:44:07 Download Your Free PDF on Trusting Your Instincts As A Student

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    019 Randi Stone - Director of NYC-Pilates - On Working With Disc Issues, Prenatal Pilates And Scoliosis

    019 Randi Stone - Director of NYC-Pilates - On Working With Disc Issues, Prenatal Pilates And Scoliosis

    00:00:50 Meet Randi Stone
    00:01:33 Injury Led to Opportunity
    00:03:15 From ER to Aisle in Less than a Month
    00:04:10 Discectomy at L5 S1
    00:05:15 Trying All the Right Things
    00:05:35 How Pilates was More Profound for Healing
    00:06:05 Importance of Connecting Transverse Abdominals and Obliques
    00:06:25 Neurosurgeon Recommends Pilates When All Else Fails
    00:07:50 Working With Romana Kryzanowska after Visiting Sean Gallagher's Pilates Studio
    00:10:40 How Scoliosis Figured In To Herniated Disc Issues
    00:11:10 When Exercise Can Increase Chance Of Injury
    00:11:50 Core 360
    00:12:40 When Straightening Out Feels Crooked
    00:13:40 Mukunda Stiles View on Working With Scoliosis
    00:15:36 "You Gotta Go Right To Go Left"
    00:16:05 The Great Benefit Of Not Coming From A Movement Background Is The Ability To Teach To Students Who Are Also Not From A Movement Background
    00:17:15 The Importance Of Exercise For Scoliosis
    00:18:00 Complimentary Modalities
    00:18:10 The Tupler Technique - Diastases Rehab
    00:21:10 Working Personally With Diastases and Disk Issues Gave Randi The Tools To Help Others With Those Issues
    00:22:35 Pelvic Floor Muscles and Balance
    00:25:54 Balancing Out The Four Quadrants Of The Pelvic Floor
    00:26:30 Diamonds And Hammocks Are A Girl's Best Friend
    00:30:00 The Importance Of Releasing The Pelvic Floor
    00:31:20 Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Pilates
    00:32:05 Diaphragm Stress and Pelvic Floor Connection
    00:32:40 Pilates for Pregnancy
    00:33:45 Vena Cava Syndrome
    00:34:01 Breathing For Prenatal Students
    00:35:06 Perimenopause Breath Anxiety and Waistlines
    00:37:25 Hypothyroid Cortisol and Vigorous Workouts
    00:39:00 The Food/Thyroid Connection
    00:40:00 Over Exercising and Foods You Though Were Healthy For You
    00:41:45 Sue Hitzman's M.E.L.T Method
    00:42:30 M.E.L.T Strength and Pilates
    00:43:50 Connecting to Your Core On The Foam Roller
    00:45:00 Breathing
    00:46:46 Personal Experience With Covid Recovery and Breath Work
    00:49:19 Shifting With The Times "The Garden State Analogy"
    00:53:30 Moving On From Where You Used To Be
    00:54:25 Teen Athletes Incorporating Pilates into Their Training
    00:56:10 The Roaming Foam Roller
    00:56:30 Tips To Balance from Too Much Sitting
    00:57:52 Tips To Take Away Today
    01:01:10 Find Randi at NYC-Pilates.com
    01:03:06 Free Download Scoliosis Basics www.taylorfitwellness.com "Free Stuff" Page
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    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Dinneen from Retrain Back Pain ,

Life knowledge

Frances is an experienced yoga and fitness pro in NYC and her voice and interviews are really engaging. Her guests are supremely qualified in their fields and each interview I learn something new to help me stay sane, keep organized and be healthy!

DrJoella🦋 ,

Powerful Words of Inspiration

I highly recommend you take a break and take a listen to these powerful stories of triumph, persistance, health and well-being.

Here is a sample nugget of the wisdom that is shared in episode #006 with Jennifer Chin. "Try not to be competitive. Try not to compare yourself, even with yourself! Just be where you are."


chweyl ,

Wonderful wellness info

I highly recommend this fun and informative podcast. I love the chill and caring vibe and wonderful topics.

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