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We're just two people trying to untangle the giant web of disability.

The Accessible Stall Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau

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We're just two people trying to untangle the giant web of disability.

    [81] Representation and Dolls

    [81] Representation and Dolls

    In this episode we fangirl over American Girl dolls and talk about why there isn’t any freakin’ representation in toys, man.

    • 31 min
    [80] 2019 And Beyond

    [80] 2019 And Beyond

    Celebrate your holidays with us with this little minisode. We hope you had a FABULOUS 2019. And we’ll see you in 2020. We’ve got SO much exciting stuff to share with you all! ❤️

    Transcript coming soon.

    • 17 min
    [79] An Evening With Ryan J. Haddad

    [79] An Evening With Ryan J. Haddad

    Ryan J. Haddad is an actor, playwright, director, and all around cool person. He’s starring in the Netflix show The Politician, where he plays Andrew, a quick-witted high school senior with cerebral palsy. We talked with him about disability, representation, and just how freaking cool it is that there’s a person with cerebral palsy in a show on a major streaming service!

    Find Ryan on Social @ryanjhaddad on all platforms, and check him out at www.ryanjhaddad.com


    A transcript for this episode can be found here. The transcript for this episode was sponsored by SeamlessDocs.

    • 52 min
    [78] Cannabis with Kings Floyd

    [78] Cannabis with Kings Floyd

    We’re NOT doctors. This is not medical advice.

    Hi, we talked about cannabis in this episode. A transcript for this episode can be found here. The transcript for this episode was sponsored by SeamlessDocs.


    Notes from this episode: Study Finds Cannabis Dispensaries Reduce Opioid Deaths by 21%, Medical Marijuana Use Worker Protections Growing, Rulings Show, A Marijuana Wake-Up Call on Accommodating Employees with Disabilities

    Find Kings!

    Kings’s website

    • 41 min
    [77] Bathrooms

    [77] Bathrooms

    CN: We swear in this episode

    Can you believe it took us THIS long to do an episode on bathrooms? I mean, we’re called The Accessible Stall!

    Transcript coming soon!

    • 34 min
    [76] The Americans With Disabilities Act

    [76] The Americans With Disabilities Act

    This episode of The Accessible Stall is sponsored by the law firm of Bizer & DeReus. The Law Firm of Bizer & DeReus concentrates on increasing access for persons with disabilities and minority groups through litigation. For a free consultation, call Andrew Bizer at 504-619-9999. Or, email andrew@bizerlaw.com. The attorneys at Bizer & DeReus are admitted to practice law in New York, Louisiana, Illinois, and Missouri, and often partner with attorneys in other states.

    The transcript for this episode was sponsored by SeamlessDocs. The transcript for this episode is coming soon!

    NB: The acronym ADAAG is used a lot in this episode. This is what it refers to.

    • 35 min

Customer Reviews

Sara gahehen ,

Unique podcast that finally is talking about disability issues!

I’m not sure how I found this podcast but I’m so happy I did! As someone who has a disability but feels like I don’t know much about other disabled people’s issues I really appreciate learning about others. It is also such a relatable podcast. I love being able to hear about other people’s horror stories in hotel bathrooms, as well as their good stories about people truly helping people out.

bbbun_bbgun ,

Provocative & fun to listen to

The Accessible Stall is a really great listen. Emily and Kyle have a pretty funny dynamic, which makes some tough/dry topics a lot easier to digest. I'm all for more representation in the media, and seeing people close to my age talk about stuff that matters to me is awesome.

jenorbit ,

love this podcast

I heard about this podcast through a friend of mine who knows Emily. It is a great program to follow. Emily and Kyle talk about disability issues in a very respectful fashion, while using a sense of humor that I think is necessary if a person has a disability. Additionally, I love the name; how did you guys decide to call the podcast the Accessible Stall?

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