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Everyday adversities, trending injustices, and overlooked heroes/sheroes. Get inspired, face your truth, and find the tools to overcome the everyday obstacles in your way.

The Adverse Effect Kenneth Cheadle

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Everyday adversities, trending injustices, and overlooked heroes/sheroes. Get inspired, face your truth, and find the tools to overcome the everyday obstacles in your way.

    Ep.75 | Why Bitcoin is Bigger than Bling with Justin Rhedrick

    Ep.75 | Why Bitcoin is Bigger than Bling with Justin Rhedrick

    The Conversation:  Gaining More Control of Your Money 


    In our last episode, we talked about different ways to gain control of your money, from stocks to forex and more. In this episode, we’re going to add another tool to your money freedom toolkit, Bitcoin. 


    Whether you love Bitcoin, are confused by it, or hate it, this digital money has changed lives. 


    One of those lives is Justin Rhedrick. 


    Justin Rhedrick aka “Bitcoin Vegan” was a man who was tired of being trapped. He spent two years in college, only to learn that he would be graduating through the recession. He served his time in prison, only to find minimum-wage level jobs available. He started his own business, but felt trapped by the high amount of work he had to put in just to keep it alive. 


    Then he found Bitcoin, and his life changed. 


    Justin found something that he could understand, something that would not only build income for him but also for generations to come. 


    Tune into to learn how Justin made that transition from someone who felt trapped to someone who is running his own life through the power of Bitcoin. 


    Topics We Cover 

    Why it’s important to let go of anger toward your parents   Generational habits and curses  How to change your mindset after a bad decision 

    How to get out of the “hustle” mentality into an entrepreneur;s mindset  When to let go of a business  Knowing how to pivot a business  Why Justin loves Bitcoin  What is inflation? 

    Generational wealth  How do I get involved in Bitcoin if I don’t have a lot of money?  How to learn money 

    3 Important Things to Remember 

    Our habits affect generations The things we do and the things we believe affect not just us 


    Understand money Money is a tool to get what you need or want. The more you learn about money, the better you can use it as a tool 


    Money does not define you, but how you use it does  Every dollar (or Bitcoin) you use is a decision 

    The Homework: 3 Personal Questions About Money 

    Define money 
    Using your definition of money, now imagine that you had enough to make you happy. What amount would that be? 
    Imagine that you were told that the money you have will be worth less in the future, would you save it, invest it, or spend it? What do you think that says about you? 

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    About Our Guest 

    Justin Rhedrick aka “Bitcoin Vegan” turned his financial life and health around 3 years in prison and 2 years in college to become an entrepreneur, coach, investor, and educator 



    Bitcoin Vegan on Twitter (Secret Code: “Adverse Bitcoin”) 


    Bitcoin Vegan on LinkedIn (Secret Code: “Adverse Bitcoin”) 


    Bitcoin Vegan Resources 


    Additional Info 


    What is Bitcoin 


    What is inflation? 


    The First Step To Passing On Wealth: Deciding What's Important To You 


    Check out kennethcheadle.com for more information, podcast episodes and blog posts! 



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    Ep.74 | Tapping into Your Financial Power...No Matter How Much You Have with Kevon L. Chisolm & Kevon Kamari Chisolm, Jr.

    Ep.74 | Tapping into Your Financial Power...No Matter How Much You Have with Kevon L. Chisolm & Kevon Kamari Chisolm, Jr.

    The Conversation: Tapping into Your Financial Power...No Matter How Much You Have 


    Money is one of the most essential things we need to survive, but is one of the things most of us know so little about. 


    Most of us don’t know what’s in our 401(k), yet it’s OUR 401(k). 


    Many of us believe the stock market is only for certain folks, yet place our bets on winning a lotto ticket. 


    Many of us look our paycheck, and lose it before we can even think of a “budget” 


    On top of this, the majority of us believe that we don’t have options to grow our money. 


    Kevon L. Chisolm and his teenage son Kevon Kamari Chisolm, Jr. aka “Junior Wallstreeter” will share with you why we need to tap into the full power of financial literacy. We don’t just mean budgeting and saving.  


    We’re talking about giving your money options to grow: 401(k)s, stocks, and more. 


    Tune in if you are ready to learn how to start maximizing your money, no matter where you are in your financial journey. 


    Topics We Cover 

    Why financial literacy is more than budgeting and saving 

    How do I become proactive about my money?  Do you know what’s in your 401K?  Investment clubs-scams or opportunities?  Opportunities to teach younger children about money  How do I pick a stock? 

    Bitcoin-good or bad investment?  How do you research stocks?  What are dividends?  Foundation of maximizing your money: How do I start?  Why our community needs to learn financial literacy 

    Why knowing your history is key to your financial future 

    3 Important Things to Remember 


    Start by asking questions  The first step to maximizing money is to open your mind and start asking questions about the financial habits you already have 


    You can grow your money No matter how much you have, everyone has an opportunity to grow their money through a lot of ways: investing, learning new skills, real estate, and more 


    Connect with people who respect money Once you are ready to change your financial future, find people and resources (books, podcasts, courses) that can help you reach your financial goals. 


    The Homework 

    Today’s homework is simple, but requires deep thought...just 3 questions to ask yourself 


    How much money do you need to be happy?  Where did that amount come from?  Do you ever believe you will achieve the money you need to be happy? 


    Ask yourself the above three questions  


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    About Our Guests 

    Kevon L. Chisolm and his teenage son Kevon Kamari Chisolm, Jr. aka “Junior Wallstreeter” are building a business and legacy of financial literacy and African American history to empower the African American community. 


    Kevon is a trademark lawyer, financial educator, educator of African American studies and the father of Kamari. Kamari is a freshman in high school who has used his father’s knowledge along with finance camps and his own interest to become a financially savvy financial educator for youth.  



    The Black Wallstreeter website 


    The Black Wallstreeter on Facebook 


    The Black Wallstreeter on Instagram 





    Books Mentioned in the Podcast 


    Millennial Takeover: A Clear Roadmap to Identifying Your Purpose, Enhancing your Skills and Building a Satisfying Career and Life. 


    Destruction of Black Civilizatio

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    Ep.73 | Building Bigger Dreams with No Limits with Reggie Calhoun Jr.

    Ep.73 | Building Bigger Dreams with No Limits with Reggie Calhoun Jr.

    The Conversation: Building Bigger Dreams with No Limits 


    In our first episode with Reggie Calhoun, Jr, we talked about his dream of creating his own college. Reggie shared how he was able to ignore the critics and naysayers who tried to get in his way.  


    Reggie is back. 


    This time, his dream has grown even bigger. Reggie’s dream of starting a college prep academy that focused on helping student athletes has now expanded into a college that offers Associates, Bachelors, and certificates programs (online and on campus) along with branches now getting started in Haiti..with other countries to come. 


    This transformation, from dream to even bigger dream, is what Reggie and Ken talk about in this follow-up episode.  


    If you’re looking to grow your dream from where it is to where it could be, you don’t want to miss this episode. 


    Topics We Cover 

    How to expand your dream...when your resources are low  Getting the motivation to take a big leap 

    How to turn your “failing moments” into learning moments  Creating a dream that is bigger than you  Growing your dreams without a roadmap  Why upgrading your dream is like playing monopoly  Expanding your worldview 

    Why nobody can tell you the exact way to build your dream  Letting go of limiting beliefs  Taking the right advice from the right people (and why you need to ignore people who can’t help your dream)  Where Reggie’s dream is growing next 

    3 Important Things to Remember 

    You don’t need permission to build your dream your way Your dream is the permission 


    Every dream starts in the dark. Dreams aren’t given. They are built as you take action. 


    To build bigger dreams, find the why Understanding your “why” will helps connect you to other people’s “why” for a even bigger dream 





    The Homework 

    Following your dream can be harder. Growing your dreams can be even harder.  


    To help you start expanding your mindset to help you start expanding your dreams, ask yourself 3 questions: 


    If I had $1 million today to fix something, what would I fix first? 

    If I were the CEO of a business, what business would it be? 

    If I were on a reality TV show, what would I want to be? 


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    Episode 29 Taking Control of Your Dreams with Reggie Calhoun Jr. 


    About Our Guest 

    Reggie W Calhoun Jr. is a former college student athlete who turned his experience into a movement. He is the founder of RPA College and The Rezolution Conglomerate who also worked as a combat engineer in the Army National Guard. 



    Reggie Calhoun Jr. on Twitter 


    Reggie Calhoun Jr on Instagram 


    RPA College 


    RPA College on Instagram 


    RPA College on Twitter 


    Additional Info 



    NCAA plans to have temporary student athlete compensation measures in place by July 1 





    Check out kennethcheadle.com for more information, podcast episodes and blog posts! 


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    Ep.72 | COV1D-19...One Year Later with Dr. Galiatsatos

    Ep.72 | COV1D-19...One Year Later with Dr. Galiatsatos

    The Conversation: COV1D-19….One Year Later
    In this follow-up episode, Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos (“Dr. G”) is back to talk about COVID-19.
    This time around, he is sharing what the medical community has learned about the disease that completely changed the world.
    Dr. G will be sharing how to handle the huge amount of information (and misinformation) that comes from the media, vaccinations, and how we can stay healthy going forward.
    If you’re someone who has vaccination concerns or are confused about news about the virus, this quick episode will help give you the facts to make clear and informed decisions about your health.
    Questions We Explore
    What have we learned about COVID-19 a year later? Why do viruses always come from animals? Should I trust some of the “horror stories” I read? Does the vaccine have side effects? Is a vaccinated person contagious? How should the medical community communicate to people who are hesitant to take the vaccine? Why do COVID-19 use mRNA? Will we need vaccine boosters? What should you do  if you don’t get vaccinated?  
    3 Important Things to Remember
    Skip the fear, follow the science  Look for information that gives facts, not opinion
    The best weapon against a virus is information  Having science-based information that can help the world make the best decision is key to stopping the spread
    Make the best decision for you Decide base on YOUR circumstances, not someone else
    The Homework
    As the coronavirus pandemic continued, there was another thing that spread: information. In some cases, this information was helpful. In other cases, it was less than helpful. In extreme cases, it was harmful.
    As Dr. G shared, one of the best tools we have to fight against a virus is information. Information helps us make decisions, for our own families and as a society.
    Yet, we often don’t question where we get our information.
    For this “homework”, let’s focus on the “information” piece of the conversation. 
    Take a minute to ask yourself the following:
    1, Where do I get my information about the COVID-19 virus?
    2. Did I trust the information? Why?
    3, Did I verify the information? Why or why not?
    Think through your answers and ask what those answers mean for your health.
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    Episode 61 Staying Healthy Through the Pandemic
    Episode 69: Getting the Medical Help (in a Complicated Health System)
    About Our Guest
    Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos (“Dr. G”) is a Critical Care Medicine physician, co-director of The Greater Good, the director of the Tobacco Treatment Clinic,the Co-Chair of Health Equity, and an associate professor of medicine at John Hopkins School of  Medicine. He has become a recognized authority on COVID-19 who also speaks out about the non-biological factors that impact the health of our communities.
    Medicine for the Greater Good
    Dr. G’s profile on John Hopkins School of Medicine
    Dr. G on Twitter
    Dr. G on TedX
    Building Healthy Communities through Medical-Religious Partnerships (Book by Dr. Galiatsatos)

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    Ep.71 | Following the Flow of Your Life with Alienor Salmon

    Ep.71 | Following the Flow of Your Life with Alienor Salmon

    “We need to do things that are uncomfortable or you will never grow.”
    - Alienor Salmon, Former UN researcher, Dance Ambassador, Author  
    The Conversation: Learning to Flow With Life
    For most of us, a “comfort zone” might be speaking on stage or doing a Zoom call on a bad hair day….but what about leaving a high-profile job to go dancing around the world in a country you’ve never been to?
    Alienor Salmon knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She was going to work with the UN.
    She did everything right: graduate college, spoke multiple languages, and completed the difficult application process.
    But after a few years of working, she started to realize that she had gotten stuck. She stopped chasing what she wanted in life. 
    So, she did something bold.
    She quit her job and followed her three passions, Latin America and dance...and found her new calling.
    Tune in to learn where Alienor’s  jump into the unknown took her and how it can guide you to upgrading your comfort zone into a trophy zone.
    The importance of learning to navigate different cultures The keys to learning difficult subjects Chasing a big opportunity...when it’s not your dream Stepping forward when you’re scared  Why diving into your passion when you’re afraid to learn  Expanding your mind with 1 simple question How to turn a big dream into a reality Finding safety when you make a big change The power of dance  
    Takeways of the Conversation
    Communication is a dance Communicating effectively is about adapting to who you are talking to
    Learning is a dance Like a dance, learning is about learning the fundamentals and stepping into the unknown
    Your life is a dance  Take time to enjoy it!
    The Homework: Expanding Your Time Zone
    Want to know what you’re really about in 2 minutes or less? Imagine you have $1,000,000,000 in your bank account right now.
    Write down the top three things you do.
    Take a minute to review those things. Feel free to ask yourself these three questions:
    What do these 3 things say about the priorities in my life? Am I proud or ashamed of those 3 things? Why am I not pursuing one of those things now?  
    If you feel comfortable, share your victory on social media with the hashtag: #changeismynarrative
    About Our Guest
    Alienor Salmon is a former UN educational researcher who has worked in Mongolia and Thailand and other places pursuing research in policy, education, and research. She left her position at UNESCO to travel to Latin America and ended up pursuing her passion of dancing to become a dance ambassador. She is author of “Finding Rhythm: An International Dance Journey”
    You can find her at www.bailandojourney.com
    Social Media Channels
    Other Resources to Check Out
    Rio Carnival
    Salsa for Dancing

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    Ep.70 | Going From Wife to Widow...Now What? with Rachel Engstrom

    Ep.70 | Going From Wife to Widow...Now What? with Rachel Engstrom


    "Ultimately good can come from bad….” 

    - - Rachel Engstrom, Widow, Author, Cancer Advocate  


    The Conversation: Navigating Towards Your Hope 

    We are used to stories of a widow after a couple reaches their advanced years, but imagine if that couple was in their 20’s and 30’s? 


    Imagine if the husband in that scenario went through the up and down journey of acute lymphoblastic leukemia-chemo, losing their hair, having to relearn how to walk, losing weight drastically, and having to get treatments regularly through the week? 


    Now imagine that you, as the wife, are diagnosed with endometriosis. 


    Now, imagine that your husband’s cancer returns...but he doesn't return. 


    What do you do in this situation?  


    How do you handle the finances?  


    How do you navigate health insurance?  


    How do you handle the funeral? 


    In this powerful episode, author and advocate Rachel Engstrom shares the chaotic journey she went through as a hopeful 25-year hopeful to a widow navigating her own illnesses at the same time while trying to keep it all together. 


    Rachel shares how she did it and how she used that experience to help others better navigate the world for the better when your world continues to turn upside down. 



    Supporting your significant other during a cancer diagnosis  Getting support...when you’re the primary caregiver  Dealing with illness...when your significant other is also dealing with illness  Life….when cancer comes back 

    Making the hard decisions as a primary caregiver  The things you don’t know...until you become a widow  How to start finding yourself after you lose someone  Turning adversity into advocacy 


    Takeaways of the Conversation 

    Get support even if you are the primary support We all need help 

    Find the resources The healthcare system can be a scary system to navigate. Look for advocates that are inside and outside of the healthcare system to help you 


    Keep fighting for your light  Even when you feel overwhelmed, know that there is  

    always wishing you a better future 


    The Homework:  

    Rachel talked about the power of finding hope after experiencing major losses in her life. She also talked about how she used the hope she found to inspire hope in others.  


    If you look hard enough, I’m sure that you can find it in your own life. 


    To prove it, take a moment to reflect on your life’s story. Imagine if someone were to screenplay of your life and asked you to answer the following questions within 5 minutes 


    What songs would you choose in your screenplay? 
    What actor/actress would you choose in your screenplay? 
    Who or what would be the villain? 

    Think through your answer at a later time and see how you could recreate it. 


    If you feel comfortable, share your victory on social media with the hashtag: #changeismynarrative . 



    About Our Guest: 

    Rachel Engstrom is an author who turned her story of grief, pain, and loss into advocacy and resources for others  


    You can find her at https://linktr.ee/wifewidownowwhat and her book at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08K6477RL/. 




    Social Media Channels 





    Facebook group (Health Heredity) 

    [Text Wrapping Break]Other Resources to Check Out 

    Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treatment  


    Be the Match 


    Donate Cord Blood 


    Stupid Cancer 

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61 Ratings

Nate Dukes ,

I’ll be back for more

This is my new favorite podcast to binge. Ken has created a safe space for these important conversations to happen!

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An Adversity Community?!!!

This guy is cold! The way he engages with his guests is amazing. So natural. It makes me feel like I’m there during the actual interview. He laughs and has other emotions during the perfect time. You can tell he is a professional speaker!

The best part is the community he provides for us! A place we can go to hear others adversities but also how they made it through! How they triumphed! He even has guests who are professionals talking about different topics. Provides us with additional resources too! If you go to his IG page he posts videos to get our community talking more about the things that we struggle with. You don’t see a lot of podcasters doing this and really trying to engage and help us! It def helps to know I’m not the only one feeling the way I do or going through the things I go through. It even connects me with other people I can network with. Thank you Ken Cheadle! Keep killing it!

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Life Changing Podcast!

There are very few podcast shows out there that have such heartfelt stories derived from a very unique interview style from Ken Cheadle!

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