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a weekly hour of the best live Grateful Dead music

    Dead Show/podcast for 11/26/20

    Dead Show/podcast for 11/26/20

    Happy Thanksgiving! 
    As is our tradition, I present an acoustic Dead show for your pleasure this Thanksgiving morning. While it is becoming difficult to find an acoustic set (in good quality) that  I haven't presented before, this is a wonderful recording and while the songs will be familiar to you they are still a joy to listen to, I think. 
    Grateful Dead
    Warfield Theatre
    San Francisco, CA 10/13/80 - Monday    
    On The Road Again [2:52] ;
    Bird Song [7:21] ;
    El Paso [3:57] ;
    To Lay Me Down [7:53] ;
    Heaven Help The Fool [5:42] ;
    Jack-A-Roe [3:50] ;
    The Race Is On [2:43] ;
    Deep Elem Blues [4:03] ;
    Ripple [3:24]
     You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 
    Allow me to give my thanks to you, for it is a privilege to be able to present this music to you. I thank you for your attention, your kind comments and your support. 
    I do so hope that this finds you and the ones you love healthy and safe, and that our world not simply return to 'normal' but becomes more peaceful and kind for all of us. 

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    Dead Show/podcast for 11/20/20

    Dead Show/podcast for 11/20/20

    Two factors influnced this week's Deadpod; first a request for more 1969 Dead from a friend of the 'pod, and secondly my desire to find a one-set tape that wouldn't run over into next week's Thanksgiving podcast. The result, I think, is this outstanding recording from October 25, 1969 at Winterland. 
    Sure, its only four songs... but what songs these are.. I know I played a 'Dark Star' last week but I'm confident you'll forgive me when you hear this rendition, complete with the very first 'feeling groovy' jam..
    The 'Lovelight' is totallly unique as well, with Steven Stills sitting in on guitar and vocals. Man I wish we had the rest of this night! 
    Hope you enjoy it, and be sure and check on Thanksgiving morning  for the annual Thanksgiving day Deadpod... 
    Grateful Dead
    Winterland Arena
    San Francisco, CA 10/25/69 - Saturday
    Dark Star [21:42] >
    Saint Stephen [6:00] >
    The Eleven [9:26#] >
    Turn On Your Love Light [21:57]*
    Ending remarks from Bill Graham

    * w/Steven Stills on guitar and vocals

    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 
    thanks for your support!!

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    Dead Show/podcast for 11/13/20

    Dead Show/podcast for 11/13/20

     Here is an appropriate Dead show for Friday the 13th! This is the second set from the band's performance at the Hofheinz Pavilion at the University of Houston on November 19th, 1972. A fine second set and while the tape has a few imperfections (the quality of the Sugar Mag>GDTRFB is degraded sadly)  I think overall it is certainly worth your time.. 
    Why do I say its appropriate for a Friday the 13th? Take a good *long* listen to this Dark Star.. :) 
    I'm going to leave the music speak for itself this week but I do hope you'll enjoy this fine 90 plus minutes of 1972 Grateful Dead. 
     Grateful Dead
    Hofheinz Pavilion - University of Houston
    Houston, TX 11/19/72 - Sunday    
    Two - [1:36:00]  ;

    The Promised Land [2:52] ;
    Ramble On Rose [6:08] ;
    El Paso [4:05] ;
    Stella Blue [7:13] ;
    Jack Straw [4:39] ;
    Dark Star [30:53] >
    Weather Report Suite Prelude >
    Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [8:05] ;
    Around And Around [4:39] ;
    Big Railroad Blues [3:48] ;
    Sugar Magnolia [8:24] >
    Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:32] 
    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 
    thank you so much for listening, and for your kind support. 

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    Dead Show/podcast for 11/6/20

    Dead Show/podcast for 11/6/20

     Long considered a classic show, I decided to start off our November here on the Deadpod with this gem from 1972.. from November 19th in Houston Texas. While this tape does have some faults I think overall it is well worth a listen.. The band was originally scheduled to play this show with the Allman Brothers, but the tragic death of bassist Barry Oakley the prior week left them to fill the evening alone - and they more than did.. 
    The opening 'Bertha' suffers from poor mixing but that clears up in time.. nice versions of Uncle, Sugaree and BIODTL follow but things heat up with a wonderful 'Bird Song'. A still relatively new 'Black-Throated Wind' is quite entertaining. Another highlight is one of the best versions of both 'Box of Rain' and 'Tomorrow is Forever'.. Of course the 20 minute long 'Playin' In The Band' is a highlight for any of us who enjoy the spaces the band explores.. 
    Grateful Dead
    Hofheinz Pavilion - University of Houston
    Houston, TX 11/19/72 - Sunday    
    Bertha ;
    Me And My Uncle ;
    Sugaree [6:47] ;
    Beat It On Down The Line [3:02] ;
    Bird Song [10:44] ;
    Black Throated Wind [6:28] ;
    Don't Ease Me In [3:10] ;
    Mexicali Blues [3:20] ;
    Box Of Rain [4:40] ;
    Tomorrow Is Forever [5:21] ;
    Big River [4:07] ;
    China Cat Sunflower [7:04] >
    I Know You Rider [4:46] ;
    Playing In The Band [20:12] ;
    Casey Jones [5:48]  
    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 
    Thank you for your support of the Deadpod !

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    Dead Show/podcast for 10/30/20

    Dead Show/podcast for 10/30/20

    We close out October.. and welcome Halloween :) with a great second set from October 21st, 1971 in Chicago. While this may be Keith Godchaux's second night of his tenure with the band, he sure doesn't sound tentative here - especially on his first 'Dark Star'! This one is made even more unusual when the band goes into 'Sittin' On Top of the World' then back into the Star.. (the first Sittin' since 11/5/70).The 'Brown Eyed Women' is only the 3rd time they've played it, and this is the second time for 'Ramble on Rose'.. The band is clearly stretching out and trying those new tunes that will come to perfection in the great shows of 1972. 
    An unusual 'St.Stephen' leads into 'Johnny B.Goode' as a double encore - they'd only play Stephen twice more in '71 before putting it on the shelf until its return in 1976.
    Grateful Dead
    Auditorium Theatre
    Chicago, IL 10/21/71 - Thursday    
    Casey Jones ;
    Me And My Uncle [2:48] ;
    Dark Star [15:09] >
    Sittin' On Top Of The World [3:16] >
    Dark Star [2:03] >
    Me And Bobby McGee [5:56] ;
    Brown Eyed Women ;
    Ramble On Rose [6:06] ;
    Sugar Magnolia [6:08]
    Saint Stephen [5:49] >
    Johnny B. Goode [3:54] 
    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 
     Best wishes for a safe and fun Halloween!! 
    thanks so much for your support.. 

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    Dead Show/podcast for 10/23/20

    Dead Show/podcast for 10/23/20

    This week's Deadpod features a show from the Fall tour of 1971.. this one was the 2nd night for Keith Godchaux in the keyboard seat.. and features a whole bunch of songs that were still finding their way in the repertoire.. in fact five songs in this first set are being played for the 2nd time.. the first time being the night before for Tennessee Jed, Jack Straw (with some out of tune guitars :), Mexicali Blues, Comes a Time and One More Saturday Night! 
    For the most part these sound great.. and Keith really sounds like he's been here for much longer than one night as he sounds great in this set. Pigpen was home sick, but you'll still hear some of that organ that Keith plays at times. 
    This was the last 'Frozen Logger' although it was so short here it hardly deserves mention.. 
    Grateful Dead
    Auditorium Theatre
    Chicago, IL 10/21/71 - Thursday    
    Beat It On Down The Line
    Tennessee Jed
    Playing In The Band [5:54]
    Big Railroad Blues
    Jack Straw
    Cumberland Blues [4:57]
    Comes A Time [6:52]
    Mexicali Blues [3:11]
    The Frozen Logger [0:13]
    Cold Rain And Snow [5:22]
    One More Saturday Night 
    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 
    My thanks for your kind support of the Deadpod
    From day to day just letting it ride
    You get so far away from how it feels inside
    You can't let go 'cause you're afraid to fall
    But the day may come when you can't feel at all"

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4.6 out of 5
1K Ratings

1K Ratings

fart poopooppoopfarts ,

Love this show!

Never written a review before, but after listening to this for - can it be over ten years? - it’s about time I give credit where credit’s it due. The Professor is reliable and consistent and never lets you down! Nothing elaborate, just straight from one head to another.

Thanks for the years of great listening!

pat bateman ,


I haven’t missed a Friday with the Professor for over a dozen years and there’s no finer way to kick off the weekend. 💀⚡️🥀

JohnnyHasbeen ,

Great deadication!

I’d been listening to only 1 podcast for years. And this was the one! You have always picked the best stuff! Thanks Professor! Many thanks!!!

My sentiments exactly so I’ll leave them live on brother

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