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InnerFight's Marcus Smith is a high performance coach that gets results. In his podcast he talks performance with a range of people. From some of the worlds leading health and fitness gurus to those searching to get more out of their life.

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InnerFight's Marcus Smith is a high performance coach that gets results. In his podcast he talks performance with a range of people. From some of the worlds leading health and fitness gurus to those searching to get more out of their life.

    #895: Why we hate running

    #895: Why we hate running

    In Episode 895 of the InnerFight podcast, we explore why many people "hate" running despite its numerous benefits. Marcus discusses childhood experiences with running as punishment and how it affects our perception and also share the secret on how to enjoy it.

    Key Highlights:

    Why people dislike running, starting from childhood experiences.
    Negative associations with running.
    Developing a positive relationship with running.
    Overcoming disliking running through self-reflection.

    • 6 min
    #894: Ozempic with James Hamilton

    #894: Ozempic with James Hamilton

    Ozempic gone wrong!

    Is the new miracle weight loss drug really the answer to a good old fashioned but of food control? Do we know the true dangers short and long term.

    James Hamilton joins us this week and walks us through his "experiment" with the drug as we talk:

    Key Highlights:

    Getting hold of Ozempic.
    How much weight he lost
    How much weight he gained
    The nasty side effects

    • 58 min
    #893: Vitamin B12 Injections

    #893: Vitamin B12 Injections

    In Episode 893 of the InnerFight podcast, Marcus explores the world of B12 injections.

    Discover the importance of B12 for bodily functions, common causes of deficiency, and why supplementation may not always be the solution. Learn how to address deficiencies naturally for long-term health benefits. Tune in now for valuable insights!

    • 5 min
    #892: Education with Heather Harries

    #892: Education with Heather Harries

    In Episode 892, we delve into the evolution of education with special guest Heather. From outdated systems to fostering resilience, we explore the need for transformation in today's classrooms. Join us for a passionate discussion on reshaping learning for the modern world. #Education #Resilience #Transformation

    Key Highlights:

    Education issues and resilience in children.
    Believing in children's potential and overcoming limiting beliefs.
    Parenting and education in the modern world.
    Childhood stress and technology's impact on kids.

    • 57 min
    #891: April @ InnerFight

    #891: April @ InnerFight

    In Episode 891, join us for a detailed breakdown of InnerFight's April training programs. From intense workouts to fun team sessions, coaches Toby, Steph, Sandro, Tom and Rob share what's in store for members. Get insights on mainline classes, ladies' run club, gymnastics, and endurance training. Don't miss out on the exciting lineup for April at InnerFight!

    • 8 min
    #890: Modern Journalism with Carlin Gerbich

    #890: Modern Journalism with Carlin Gerbich

    In Episode 890 of the podcast, long term member and friend Carlin Gerbich joins the conversation all about journalism in the modern era. Reflecting on personal experiences, Carlin discusses the trustworthiness of newspapers versus digital media sources and delves into the importance of accuracy and ethics in reporting.

    Key Highlights:

     Modern journalism and its impact on society.
    The relevance of newspapers in the digital age.
    The use of sensational headlines in journalism.
    The pros and cons of tech-driven information consumption.

    • 1 hr 19 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

aR_4952 ,

Addicted to this podcast

This is one of the best podcast I came across. I have just listened to 13 episodes but now everyone morning I am keen to listen while doing some exercise ... relevant topics that I can connect personally... thanks for putting this together and wish you all the best.

danielcates ,

Best health fitness podcast in the Middle East

In my opinion, this is the best health and fitness podcast in the Middle East. It’s informative, interesting and entertaining. Keep up the great work!

YogaLawyer73 ,

I learn something every time.

I first heard about this podcast via Create Media’s Facebook Live show. I haven’t missed an episode, since. This is my favorite fitness podcast. I always walk away with something new to implement into my fitness routine. Kudos on a great show that is not only motivational, but also practical. 5 Stars.

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