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A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self. More at: http://richroll.com
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A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self. More at: http://richroll.com
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    Our Social Dilemma — Thoughts on Technology, Addiction, and the Illusion of Free Will

    Our Social Dilemma — Thoughts on Technology, Addiction, and the Illusion of Free Will

    Welcome to another edition of Roll On—my bi-monthly deep dive into (semi) current events, topics of audience interest, and of course answers to your questions.
    Commanding co-host duties is my hype man Adam Skolnick, an activist and veteran journalist perhaps best known as David Goggins' Can't Hurt Me co-author. Adam has written about adventure sports, environmental issues and civil rights for outlets such as The New York Times, Outside, ESPN, BBC, and Men’s Health. He is also the author of One Breath, which chronicles the life and death of America's greatest freediver. He's also currently hard at work on a novel and just welcomed his newborn son into the world.
    Some of the many topics explored in today's conversation include:
    The new Netflix documentary, 'The Social Dilemma,' and the dangerous human impact of social mediaThe mental health effects of the pandemic on teensRich's exploration of barefoot runningEthan Hawke's new TED Talk, Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative30 Day Single-Use Plastic Challenge UpdateThe ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World ChampionshipTony Riddle's #3barepeaks challengeMaya Gabeira's big wave surfing world record In addition, we answer the following listener questions:
    How do you balance climate consciousness with realistic needs?How do you know if you are living your purpose or should pursue a career change?How do we navigate professional relationships in the age of Zoom?Thank you to Mark from Germany, Josh from outside D.C., and Victoria from Ottawa for your questions. If you want your query discussed, drop it on our Facebook Page, or better yet leave a voicemail at (424) 235-4626.  
    The visually inclined can watch our exchange on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    Peace + Plants,

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    Show Notes
    Connect With Adam: Website | Instagram | TwitterAdam's Books: Can't Hurt Me | One BreathNetflix: The Social DilemmaThe New York Times: ‘The Social Dilemma’ Review: Unplug and RunWall Street Journal: ‘The Social Dilemma’ Review: Sharing a Sense of DismayLA Times: A call to digital arms, ‘The Social Dilemma’ demands changeGQ: The Conscience of Silicon ValleyMaking Sense: What is technology doing to us? A Conversation with Tristan HarrisScribd: A Call to Minimize Distraction & Respect Users' Attention by Tristan HarrisNon-profit: Center For Humane TechnologyYouTube: Who owns your data? Jaron Lanier has the answer. | Andrew YangT

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    Health is About the Little Things: Rangan Chatterjee, M.D. on How to Feel Better in Five Minutes

    Health is About the Little Things: Rangan Chatterjee, M.D. on How to Feel Better in Five Minutes

    As 2020 continues to unfurl in a fashion beyond surreal, more and more are descending into the anguished abyss of distress. Awakening to acrid tangerine skies that have transformed sunny California into a Blade Runner dystopia, I myself vacillate between melancholia and a commitment to forge a better world.
    When the darkness descends, I find sanity in focusing only on those things I can control: my actions and reactions. Nonetheless, waves of anxiety -- and sometimes even despair -- continue to break on the shores of my consciousness. It is in these moments that I resort to a battery of simple but generally quite effective contrary actions. I spend time in nature. Double down on meditation and human connection. I eat better and move more. And I extend myself in service to others.
    To further explore the many practical and unexacting things we can all undertake during this stressful time to course-correct our emotional disposition, reframe our reality and sustainably serve our well-being, I'm joined by my friend Rangan Chatterjee, M.D. -- who today returns for a third spin on the RRP flywheel.
    One of the most influential doctors in the U.K., Rangan is a pioneer in the field of progressive, functional medicine. He is double board-certified in internal medicine and family medicine, holds an honors degree in immunology, and has appeared on seemingly every prominent media outlet from the BBC to The New York Times. 
    In addition, Rangan prevails over the wildly popular Feel Better, Live More podcast. His TEDx talk, How To Make Diseases Disappear, has been viewed almost 3 million times. And he is the author of three #1 Sunday Times bestselling books. The focus of today's conversation is his latest well-being tome, Feel Better In 5.
    A close cousin to my podcast with Atomic Habits author James Clear (RRP #401), today's exchange is all about habit change and habit formation. It's about the power of bite-sized actions. And how, when undertaken regularly, short and simple practices can rapidly and completely change your health and life.
    We discuss the difference between breaking bad habits versus crowding them out with new, better habits.
    We explore the realities of food addiction. Our epidemic of emotional eating. And Rangan's personal theory on cause and solution.
    We talk generally about holistic health and lifestyle medicine, and why progressive wellness should be accessible to all -- now more than ever.
    Interspersed throughout, Rangan shares how he has helped patients relieve stress, find fulfillment, and engender peace in these chaotic times.
    But most importantly, we explore his very simple, almost effortless, methods for building a new and sustainable lifestyle to serve our long-term health.
    The visually inclined can watch it all go down on YouTube (courtesy of Zoom). And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    I always enjoy time spent with Rangan, even when it's remote. My hope is that you do as well -- and put his advice into action.
    Peace + Plants,

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    Think Like A Monk: Jay Shetty On Purpose, Compassion & Happiness

    Think Like A Monk: Jay Shetty On Purpose, Compassion & Happiness

    Last week we went deep with an actual monk. Today we extend this exploration with a former monk -- a renounced renunciant who returned to relate the wisdom gleaned for the betterment of all.
    Meet Jay Shetty.
    If that name rings a bell, it's likely due to his social media omnipresence. With a global following in excess of 20 million people, Jay has a knack for creating what he calls viral wisdom -- snackable videos based on ancient tenets that have surpassed 7 billion views -- making him one of the most viewed people on the internet.
    A graduate of Cass Business school with an honors degree in Behavioral Science, Jay has been named one of Forbes magazine’s 30-under-30. He's been invited to keynote at companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. He is the host of the popular On Purpose podcast. And the occasion for today’s conversation is Jay’s new book, Think Like A Monk --- a distillation of the timeless wisdom learned during his ascetic days on an ashram into practical tools we can all use to live a less anxious, more meaningful life.
    Today the man Russell Brand (RRP 448) calls 'a cat-eyed mystic' shares his story.
    This is a conversation about Jay's most unusual journey. His decision to shirk the predictable post-college path and instead move to India. The three-year exploration of austerity that indelibly changed his worldview. His decision to return home, fueled by a desire to make an impact. And the most remarkable path that followed.
    We discuss the insights he gleaned along the way -- and the many tools freely available to underscore our lives with greater meaning and purpose.
    Among many other subjects, we explore the plausibility of conscious capitalism. The double-edged sword of social media. And how to use commerce and attention for good. To spread love. Encourage laughter. And arouse souls from the waking dream that defines the lives of far too many.
    Note: This was taped pre-pandemic over 6 months ago, when the world was a very different place. Coronavirus delayed the original release of Jay’s book from Spring to Fall, so I agreed to hold on publishing this episode until now.
    You can watch it all go down (in my original home studio) on YouTube. And as always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    This conversation is more than just whimsical ramblings. Jay’s methods for mindfulness and self-actualization are evidence-based and platitude-free. Just perceptions and practical takeaways you can adopt right now that will positively reconfigure your reality.
    I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
    Peace + Plants,

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    Radhanath Swami On The Search For Light

    Radhanath Swami On The Search For Light

    As a reminder that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a material world -- wandering this rotating orb as it hurls across the multiverse — it's time to once again transcend the mortal coil to connect with all things ethereal.
    Our guide for today's celestial adventure is the candescent Radhanath Swami.
    A New York Times best-selling author, monk, philanthropist, activist and teacher, his Holiness Radhanath Swami is a man that radiates love, compassion and grace with a sweet and joyous disposition that has immeasurably impacted millions of souls across the world.
    Born Richard Slavin to middle-class parents in Chicago, he came of age amidst the strife and upheaval of the 1960s. A social activist, he slowly became disillusioned with the structural mandates of the western civilized way of life. So, still in his late teens, he left Chicago behind in search of greater meaning. After hitchhiking across the world, he felt called to India. There he met his spiritual teacher, catalyzing his transformation into the mystic he is today.
    Along the way, Radhanath Swami has founded multiple spiritual communities throughout the world, the most prominent of which is the Radha-Gopinath Ashram located in Mumbai, India. Under his inspiration and guidance, the project has grown to include hospitals, orphanages, a UN-awarded eco-friendly farm, schools, temples, emergency relief programs, and a food distribution program that feeds more than 300,000 children in India every single day. 
    In addition, he teaches Eastern philosophy and spiritually throughout Europe, Asia, and America. His wisdom has reached over 100,000,000 views on social media in the last year. He has been featured as a guest speaker at Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia and Stanford, and at corporations such as HSBC, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Intel and Oracle. Along the way he has met with many a world leader, including Barak Obama and former Prime ministers Tony Blair, David Cameron and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
    Today he shares his story.
    This conversation is fueled by my concern for cultural cohesion -- a desire to help mend the vitriolic division and existential tension that is tearing us apart.
    Therefore, beyond exploring Radhanath Swami's story of origin, we spend the gravamen of our exchange examining what he calls 'the light'. It's about how to embody the space within ourselves that brims with compassion and empathy -- and why a committed spiritual practice is more important now than ever.
    I understand that some may recoil when it comes to topics spiritual. But this is not about religion. And it's not about dogma. Simply put, it's about why love is the answer.
    So look past the robe. Set aside preconceived opinions. Open your heart a crack. And be present to receive what this evolved human has to share. If you do, I think this powerful conversation will leave you feeling nourished, more hopeful and immensely more positive about our global predicament. 
    Today's mind meld is viewable (via Zoom) on YouTube. And as always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    Final Note: I intended to publish a Roll On episode today. However, good fortune prevented my bi-weekly confab with Adam Skolnick due to the birth of his son, Zuma James Kalu Skolnick (perhaps the most epic baby name of all time) who arrived in the 3rd dimension this past Saturday at 6:11pm PST. Massive congrats to Adam and momma bear April Wong. Baby and parents are doing well. Adam and I will be back together soon. In the meantime send them some love.
    And with that nugget of good news, I hope you enjoy today's episode in the spirit in which it is offered -- with radiant love.
    Peace + Plants,

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    Darin Olien is Down to Earth

    Darin Olien is Down to Earth

    Hot on the heels of Down To Earth -- the #1 hit Netflix series in which he co-stars alongside Zac Efron -- today my superfood hunting, brother-from-another-mother Darin Olien returns for his 4th appearance on the podcast to blow minds and drop wisdom on all things nutrition, hydration, ecological preservation, longevity, and living a high-vibration life.
    One of my most popular guests to date, Darin’s biography reads like a Hemingway adventure novel. Devoted to advancing human health, ecological preservation and sustainability, he's spent the better part of the last 20 years embedded in remote farming communities across the Himalayas, South Pacific, Latin America and Asia, scavenging for the most nutritionally potent plants, nuts, and seeds on the planet.
    His most recent obsession is Barùkas (aka the baru nut) -- an incredibly nutrient-rich superfood known to the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Cerrado for millennia, yet virtually unheard of anywhere else. This discovery led to Darin to an epiphany: he could help preserve the Cerrado (which is a tropical savanna ecoregion three times the size of Texas) by employing its indigenous communities to harvest the native baru and importing them to North America. A win-win to preserve precious environmental resources, support indigenous communities, and simultaneously introduce North America to the healthiest nut on the planet.
    Everything Darin has learned over the decades is laid bare on the pages of Superlife, his New York Times bestselling primer on all things health and well-being. His 121Tribe.com app will put you on a 21-day lifestyle-changing diet and exercise program. And his recently launched podcast, The Darin Olien Show, is already killing the game.
    Down To Earth introduced to a broad, mainstream audience what I've always known about this incredible human:
    A man who truly walks his talk, Darin is the real deal.
    Picking up where we left off two years ago in RRP 382, Darin and I discuss all things Down To Earth. The show's origins. What it was like collaborating with a global superstar. The show's overnight impact on Darin's life. And the show's impact on countless people across the world.
    We discuss his commitment to forging a more sustainable food system. The impact of Barùkas on the indigenous farming communities of the Brazilian Cerrado. And his plans for leveraging new found fame to cultivate community around well-being and drive global ecological preservation.
    Finally, we explore Darin's daily habits. The overlooked importance of hydration. And Darin's personal water routine (it's intense).
    May this conversation leave you understanding why Darin is the first person I turn to for advice not just on nutrition and fitness -- but on all manner of subjects related to living my best authentic life.
    For those new to me and Big D, we’ve logged about 6 hours of extraordinary back catalog conversation over the years. I highly suggest you visit those archived episodes, which you can find here: RRP 382, RRP 268, and RRP 153.
    The visually inclined can watch our exchange on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    Note: In the interest of total transparency and because I believe wholeheartedly in Darin’s mission, I am a Barùkas ambassador. So if today’s conversation leaves you interested in checking out the baru nut, Darin has a special offer for you guys: Visit barukas.com/richroll or enter coupon code RICHROLL at checkout and receive 15% off your first purchase.
    It is with pride, love and gratitude that I share the wisdom of my friend and mentor with you today.
    Peace + Plants,

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    The Crazy Benefits of Water-Only Fasting With Dr. Alan Goldhamer

    The Crazy Benefits of Water-Only Fasting With Dr. Alan Goldhamer

    When you hear the word ‘addiction’, our attention typically turns to mind-altering substances -- illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications.
    Typically overlooked in this conversation? Food.
    But food addiction isn't just real, it just might be our biggest problem. In fact, the hyper-industrialized western world is firmly entrenched in an epidemic of dysfunctional eating, fueled by an outsized appetite for an ever-increasing array of highly processed foods that are scientifically designed -- with just the right amount of sugar, salt and fat -- to hijack our nervous system. Enslave us to compulsive habits that lead to illness. And ultimately render us wards of the pharmaceutical industry.
    Meanwhile we’ve normalized this twisted and deleterious relationship. So much so that right now, more than two-thirds of adults in the industrialized world are overweight or obese. 
    Nonetheless, millions of people find it extremely difficult if not downright impossible to change their dietary habits -- and simply break the fatal, addictive grip.
    So how does one effectively transition to a healthy diet sustained over time? 
    According to Dr. Alan Goldhamer, a great place to start is by fasting. 
    I'm not talking about a couple days of drinking juice. I'm talking about nothing but water for upwards of 40 days.
    Even with strict medical supervision it sounds like scary quackery. But over the last few decades, Dr. Goldhamer has successfully supervised over 20,000 patient fasts. Along the way, he has seen lives transformed wholesale. Unhealthy eating habit addictions broken. Medications ditched. And countless illnesses overcome.
    An iconoclastic pioneer in his field, Dr. Goldhamer is the founder of True North Health Center, one of the first (and largest) facilities in the world that specializes in medically supervised water-only fasting, along with medical and chiropractic services, psychotherapy and counseling, and more.
    His work and studies have appeared in countless medical journals. He was featured in the hit documentary What The Health. And his book The Pleasure Trap (co-authored by Dr. Doug Lisle), has helped countless thousands transcend their prison of compulsivity when it comes to food choice.
    Today he joins the podcast to walk us through all things fasting, food addiction, and the power of a whole plant diet to prevent and reverse the many chronic lifestyle ailments that unnecessarily impair millions of people across the world.
    We explore all things water fasting, from it's origins dating back thousands of years across many cultures and religious traditions to the protocol Dr. Goldhamer administers today.
    We discuss how fasting can create the foundation to transition to a sustainable, healthy whole food plant diet.
    And we explore why he advocates an 'SOS' (very low salt oil and sugar) version of that diet.
    But more than anything, this is a powerful discourse on our uncomfortable relationship with food. How most of us don’t realize we are killing ourselves with our fork and knife. How our food, and our food culture, is making us fat, sick, and frankly miserable. And how almost all of us, despite weight and health, use food as an emotional crutch. 
    I'm well aware that Dr. Goldhamer is controversial in certain circles. His approach represents a radical departure from our traditional western medical paradigm. But he also makes a lot of sense. And his results speak for themselves (I have several personal friends who have undergone his protocol).
    Final Note: Under no circumstances should anyone undertake a water fast of any length without the medical supervision of a trained professional. In other words, please do not try this at home.
    The visually inclined can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    My hope is that Dr. Goldhamer will inspire you

    • 2 hr 9 min

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4.8 out of 5
7.7K Ratings

7.7K Ratings

Trail lust ,

Barefoot running, but not!

To be honest loving the “ROLL ON” more than regular show, and I’ve listened since first episode in Hawaii, but tapered off. As far as minimalist running, you tried it already ( mentioned in Finding Ultra) but I felt you we not patient en to have an effect. DONT run in five fingers, they limit your toes movement. That was the mistake I did back in 2011. Run in sandals, try; Luna sandals, that’s all I run in on trails, even in your area, Malibu Creek State park. They give the freedom of toe movement. I’m 55 and have been doing this now for about 10 years and will never go back to shoes. I never even herd of that dude you mentioned running barefoot, only because this has been going on for a long time, nothing new, just not payed attention to since maximist shoes started trending. Good luck and be patient.



Rich Roll brings thoughtful knowledge to the forefront ever so eloquently. He has amazing guests and inspiring content. I Can not say enough good things about the podcast.

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Rick Roll

I haven’t seen it but Rich Roll sounds like Rock Roll

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