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The Savvy Scribe, a podcast for high performing health writers and creatives who want to grow a profitable business. Podcast episodes feature interviews, inspiration & laughter! Your Host, Janine Kelbach, RN know that you want to master your craft AND do more good while making money. That’s a vision I am behind 100% and want to help you create.

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The Savvy Scribe, a podcast for high performing health writers and creatives who want to grow a profitable business. Podcast episodes feature interviews, inspiration & laughter! Your Host, Janine Kelbach, RN know that you want to master your craft AND do more good while making money. That’s a vision I am behind 100% and want to help you create.

    Episode 145: Tips to Make Traveling Easier for Remote Workers

    Episode 145: Tips to Make Traveling Easier for Remote Workers

    There are plenty of strategies to help you stay motivated and focused while working remotely. When you’re traveling, it can be difficult to find those perfect conditions for getting work done; or sometimes it’s just hard to focus on the task at hand with so many distractions. Today I’m going to share with you some of the tips I have and that I’ve used when we’ve been traveling as a family. When I started my Freelance Writing Coach it was always a goal of mine to travel more. Now that I’m able to, I have to remember that I’m still working. I always bring my laptop with me and my power cord as well as my iPad.
    Create a workstation that is conducive to your needs
    When you’re away it’s important to find a workstation for you as you’re still going to be working. If you were taking a true vacation and need to shut off do not set up a workstation. I understand though that when you’re starting out you still need to be available for client needs. Check-in periodically during the day but don’t live at your laptop. Some ideas for this I’m going to refer to the future to be taken as a family and how I have set up for success.
    If you follow me for a while you know that my family and I love to go camping. We used to just do tent camping which was interesting when you have to bring a laptop. I would always keep my laptop in the car until I needed it. I was always nervous about water sun damage or really cold temperatures. But, now that we have an RV, I usually have my computer set up on our table in there. In the morning I get up before my family and brew a cup of coffee. This is when I get most of my work done. Then, once the family is awake and breakfast has started I shut down for a few more hours.
    We enjoy each other, we enjoy your trip, and so our travel experiences, and then usually, in mid-afternoon and everybody’s chilling out again I will revisit my laptop. Note that you should have a hotspot available or use the camping Wi-Fi if necessary. If not, make sure your documents are available in an off-line mode which you can do within Google docs.
    My oldest is in hip-hop dance. In the first quarter of the year, we do a lot of traveling for his competitions. It’s much easier to travel with a laptop when we have a hotel room. Wi-Fi is usually very accessible and quick.
    Take breaks
    It’s important to take breaks when traveling and working. If you’re in the airport, take breaks by walking around the airport and returning to your laptop. You hear me often talk about the Pomodoro method which is what I use to help me take breaks throughout the day without multitasking. It gives me enough time to refresh my brain and come back for a fresh start. I take Pomodoro with me on the road as well.
    Find a quiet place to work
    This is sometimes easier said than done. If you’re with your family in a hotel room or like we are inside an RV you know that I have to get up early to avoid loudness from the family. If you’re at a hotel room moon most hotels Have business conference rooms or lobby where you can go to work if you need to.
    Bring your coffee maker and snack
    When traveling it’s very hard to find good coffee and good snacks. Anytime we’re on the road especially when we’re going to hotels I make sure I know where there’s a coffee shop and or bring coffee that I like. On top of that, I also bring yogurts to fit in the mini-fridges protein shakes, and other fruits and vegetables to just have healthy snacks to grab.
    Try not to schedule any meetings
    Plan for distractions – don’t schedule meetings or calls during your travel time, instead plan them and be ready for any delays in the itinerary. I like to follow a batching schedule especially when it comes to my meetings.
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    Episode 144: Create a Process for Your Content That Can Be Replicated​

    Episode 144: Create a Process for Your Content That Can Be Replicated​

    Scale your content business by creating a process for your writing that can be replicated across multiple pieces of writing. You should develop a system that would allow you to write the same type of content repeatedly without it feeling stale or repetitive to you. This will also help you stay on track with deadlines, which many writers struggle with.
    Many people think that they need to have a lot of technical knowledge to succeed in content marketing. However, this is not the case. You just need to understand what’s going on around you and how it might affect your business. That’s all!
    Today I am going to help you hash out 5 ways to help you create a process, starting with landing the client.

    1. Get to know your client
    When you schedule an onboarding call with a client, be the best listener you can be, with strategic questions. You want to know who are your client’s direct competitors, ideal client, goals with their content and other pertinent information you’ll think are helpful for them.

    2. Look at the competitors for pitch ideas
    If your client is looking to you to pitch ideas, go to their competitors’ websites and check to see the popular content and understand what is working right now for your client.

    3. Strategize the content
    Hop on another call if needed with the client to hash out some content for them for 3 months or so (then you’ll keep them as a client for a while).

    4. Finally, you get to write
    Notice we are already on number 4, and we haven’t even started writing. If you have a client who wants to just assign work, you still have some work too. In this writing step, you still have to do some research. When you research the topic, you have to again, find what’s working out there and work your piece a little differently.
    Then, you create your outline based on your research. Then, write, my friend. Write it ugly. Then go back and edit. Send it to the editor (that I hope you hired by now to make you a great writer), and you my friend have a piece of content.
     Good editors can do wonders for authors whose grammar isn’t perfect (and who is?). Their real value comes from two factors: editors are much more likely to provide an outside perspective on the writing. They may not be experts in the field, but they are more like the people who will be reading your work than you are. As a result, their interpretation of a book is frequently far more correct than that of the original author.
    5. Send it off
    When you send it to a client, you can add a little something special by incldiing some social emdia captions fro them. Remind them to use your piece as something other than a blog post.
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    Episode 143: Featuring Plan, Produce, Profit Graduate - Julie Scott, DNP, ANP-BC, AOCNP

    Episode 143: Featuring Plan, Produce, Profit Graduate - Julie Scott, DNP, ANP-BC, AOCNP

    Julie Scott, DNP, ANP-BC, AOCNP is an Oncology Nurse Practitioner, adjunct faculty member, wife, mom, and freelance writer. She took Plan Produce, Profit in 2021 and is here to share her results!
    About Julie Scott
    Julie has been a nurse since 2006 and has been working on an oncology practice for 10 years now. She even got a certification in oncology and went back to school to finish her Doctorate degree and finished it last year. She also teaches online for Master’s students while running for schoolwork and raising her kids, ages 7 and 8.
    Julie can say that she loves her career and treats it as her home. She joins the Plan Produce Profit course not because she wants to leave that job. Instead, she is looking for more flexibility or something that she can do on her own time. As she searched for that kind of role, she stumbled across The Savvy Scribe Podcast. The first episode that caught her attention was the one I did with my guest, Deanna Gillingham. So glad to hear that she is a regular listener of my podcast!
    The Obstacle in Starting a Freelance Writing Business
    Julie’s main obstacle is time because she works as a full-time nurse practitioner, has two kids, and has a lot of things going on like teaching, schoolwork, and many more. Yet, she is grateful that everything she spent for the Plan Produce Profit course is time and money well-spent. When she started her business, she earns back every single penny she invested for the course. It was worth it!

    What Julie Likes About the Plan Produce Profit Course
    The Plan Produce Profit has got everything together.The course is a good resource to continue to go back to. It allows you to review the course materials over and over again.The membership offers a great package! It includes a Facebook Community, a podcast, group meetings, and all other resources that make it a one-stop shop.A lot of FREE content! It is very helpful when you are starting out and want to see if this membership can help you before you invest money.It is also worth noting nurse writers can access the job board before even becoming a member. It’s like a free gig opportunity and yet you are still getting paid for it.
    Her Life After Graduating From the Plan Produce Profit Course
    I am so excited to hear that Julie got clients and signed contracts to write a standard number of articles in a month. She also accepts freelance writing where she only writes when she has the time or can get that content done on the delivery date. And of course, if she has extra hours more then she can write more content. The majority of Julie’s content is oncology topics since she is more experienced in this field.
    Benefits of the Plan Produce Profit Course
    Flexibility not only on time but also the entire businessThe course has everything that you needed: resources, tips, etc.Connections with like-minded individualsThe Feeling of Fulfillment
    This past summer, Julie thought of leaving her job because she is feeling a little bit burnt out. The pandemic has truly added to that “burnt-out” feeling and a few other stress factors. But then, her realizations tell her that she is not yet ready to leave her job.
    It’s fulfilling for her to do her freelance writing whenever she wants it, or if she has free time, she can do the pitch. It gives her the confidence that she can do a lot more than it is today.
    Julie is excited to see if where she can take this content writing career from here. It made her realize the things that are missing in terms of content. It motivates her to create resources for Oncology Nursing.
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    Episode 142: 5 Tips to Avoiding Burnout as a Freelancer

    Episode 142: 5 Tips to Avoiding Burnout as a Freelancer

    Hello guys, and welcome to another episode! You are probably like who’s the guest today? But my friends, it is just me and you. So sit down, get something good to drink, or take a walk and take a listen today. I am going to be talking all about tips for avoiding burnout as a freelancer.
    The term burnout is something we definitely have heard in the nursing world at the bedside. It’s obvious when we’re taking on too many patients, having too many tasks, getting frustrated with coworkers and families, and sometimes even our patients. In the freelance world, burnout looks a little bit different but it’s still there.
    As a freelancer, you might feel like you’re scurried to get a deadline done, or maybe you’re getting annoyed with clients. Either way, when we take on too much in our lives we’re taking from a different cup just to fulfill another cup. It’s always at the expense of ourselves.
    It is not good and we know this. But today, let’s talk all about some ways we can address it.
    Identify your needs
    Start to get to know yourself. You can even take a personality test. I really like the one called 16personalities.com. It takes about 12 minutes and really has results that relate to you.
    As an introvert, I recharged by being alone, usually in nature. My husband on the other hand is a very active extrovert and he really enjoys having company with friends around them when he’s trying to relax. That doesn’t mean I don’t frequently see family and friends, but it’s just not the way. My brain likes to react and relax. I also know when I am stressed. I need to do some sort of activity that involves nature. Sometimes walking, sometimes running. I always feel better when I come back and I feel refreshed and just ready to go. I’m also a person who likes to start and complete a project at the same time. If I’m cleaning out, I need to get that done or I can’t relax. It’s always like an obsessive-compulsive thing. When it comes to my writing and stuff, I know where to take those breaks and where to batch it out.
    I say you find out what your needs are. What you need to do to relax – do you like people around you? Do you not? Would you rather be alone? Do you like nature? Do you like to exercise? What do you do to recharge?

    Take time for yourself
    You need to block out some time for yourself. Taking time for yourself needs to be something that you can fit into your day. It doesn’t need to be hours long, does not need to be expensive, but it’s something even as simple as reading a book alone or taking a shower is sometimes all you need. Take that time for yourself.
    Take some rest periods
    You need to take some rest periods. You guys know, if you’ve listened to me for a while, one of the time management productivity hacks I love to use is the Pomodoro method. The Pomodoro method helps me keep focused on activities throughout the day. Take some vacation and just breathe.
    Fuel up and eat well
    Eat the right kinds of food.
    Connect with others
    Loneliness is very common for those who work from home. As human beings, we need people. Sometimes, taking a break to be alone is healthy but being secluded all the time is not. Make sure you connect with others, especially if you’re freelancing full-time.
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    Episode 141: How to Make Your Profile Stand Out When Applying for Freelance Jobs With Aly Goulet

    Episode 141: How to Make Your Profile Stand Out When Applying for Freelance Jobs With Aly Goulet

    Today, I have a guest, Aly Goulet. She is a full-time freelance copywriter. She’s passionate about building tools and resources to help start and scale their own freelance writing, businesses, or businesses in general. Most recently Ali collaborated with a team of developers to create a genius portfolio for WordPress.
    She’s going to talk to us all about what clients look for in a profile and then we’re going to go into our live workshop. We will also tackle all things about how to make your profile stand out amongst the rest when you’re applying for freelance jobs, or when you’re pitching.
    During interviews, your portfolio does not become timid or bashful. It does not lose its line of thought or utter anything inappropriate. Clients are searching for an unbiased, objective perspective of your work in your portfolio.
    It seems self-evident in today’s world that you must have an internet presence. Your portfolio will almost always be the initial point of contact between you and your ideal client. It’s critical that it has all of the information about you and your work that you want clients to know. It should be a concise representation that highlights your skills, showcases your best work, and communicates who you are as a content writer.
    There’s no getting around it: your portfolio is the most significant tool you have when it comes to attracting new clients. As your clients’ expectations and perceptions of value quickly develop, your approach to your content must keep pace.
    According to Aly, the portfolio has always been a pivotal piece of her business, and then as she has grown her business, she had a really hard time figuring out how to display in the right way what to do and what to add. And so just earlier this year, she ended up launching a portfolio plugin for people to use.
    A portfolio is the foundation of a solid freelance business and that is a WordPress plugin. It’s called the Genius Portfolio for WordPress and there are free and premium versions. If you want to go grab the free version, you can check it out right now. It is the easiest way to set up a freelance portfolio. You can ditch those Google Drive links. If you use them, it makes it really easy to add images to your portfolio and makes it really visually appealing. You can add like, descriptions with context and actually upload your snippet of code that we generate for you that you just plop into the page and you’re done.

    What do clients look for in a portfolio?
    → Verify
    → Quality
    → Meet the need

    Connect with Aly:
    Twitter: @alygouletwrites
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    Episode 140: How to Make a Blog Content Editorial Calendar

    Episode 140: How to Make a Blog Content Editorial Calendar

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4.9 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

Morganne Skinner ,

Love it!

As a fellow RN and aspiring writer, I am so so happy I found this podcast. Every single one is super helpful! Highly recommend!

Dulcegirl707 ,

Great podcast with lots of life hacks

I’ve been following this podcaster for a while - she’s very inspirational and understands the challenges of work life balance as a working mother . I think 2022 will be my year to write ! Thank you

Okie Medical ,

Love this podcast!!

I have listened to this podcast for about 2 years and it just keeps getting better. She always has the best tips and tricks as well as solid guidance to assist nurses who want to become writers! If you like her podcast you will LOVE her trainings and courses on her website! She is personable yet super professional!

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