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if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to live life from a van, what it takes to travel the world, or how to transform your ideas into a business, you’ve come to the right place. The guests are fully committed to the heroes journey, and host Timo Way distills their stories to your brain.

Warning: explicit content that may illicit change of being, life or thought. Contained herein are auditory medicinal musings from beyond the oort cloud.

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if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to live life from a van, what it takes to travel the world, or how to transform your ideas into a business, you’ve come to the right place. The guests are fully committed to the heroes journey, and host Timo Way distills their stories to your brain.

Warning: explicit content that may illicit change of being, life or thought. Contained herein are auditory medicinal musings from beyond the oort cloud.

    Face Your Fears and Travel the World

    Face Your Fears and Travel the World

    Editor’s note: Originally published Jun 3, 2016. Podcast added August 2, 2017 with the first 16 minutes of the Face Fears and Travel talk at Hostelling International. The camera stopped recording at that point! 

    Book Your Ticket. Shed Your stuff. Experience Life.

    In January, 2013, God showed up for me.

    As the Fiji Airways representative placed me on hold to check availability on a flight to New Zealand, Master Fear cried out one last plea for me to be sane and stay in Ohio:

    “Your life is good, Timo. The money is good. You’ve got the clothes, the car, the girl, the friends, the office, the title. Everything you want is right here.”

    Then from another room I heard God’s divinely clear voice call to me:

    “Either get busy living, or get busy dying. That’s Goddamn right.” -God

    Morgan Freeman. Clear and perfect delivery. Thank you, you sonofabitch.

    With self-doubt defeated by divinity, I booked my one-way ticket for New Zealand, including a stop-over in Fiji. Departure date: April 27, 2013. Peace.

    With the ticket booked, all that was left to do was, well, everything. To uproot and fly away, and not knowing if I was ever going to return, required shedding relationships, habits, dependencies and lot’s more.

    Before, during and after the uprooting part, is Master Fear stroking his mustache.

    Fear. Face It.
    Inevitably, if you are planning to quit your current life — your job, relationships, sports teams, restaurant habits — you will face resistance. You will face a thing called Fear. How do you defeat Fear and Resistance? Action.

    Action is the Enemy of Fear.

    Tattoo it backwards on your forehead.

    As a reminder, these are the steps that I took to make the jump, face my fears and travel the world. Your journey will look different. My steps might lead you to fail. You might also gain excessive weight, burn all your bridges, and lose so much of your comfortable life that all that remains on this planet for you is the spiritual satisfaction of Oprah reruns.

    I love Oprah, but to develop the travel mentality the journey must start today.

    1. Book Your Ticket
    As demonstrated above, God approved of this first step. Importantly, I booked the one-way ticket without flight insurance so that missing the flight would be extra painful. (Note: booking a one way flight to New Zealand requires a visa, or proof of onward travel).

    Scared to commit to the purchase? Good. That’s a sign you must book it. I think people get the idea of commitment wrong. Commitment is often treated as a form of selling your soul, or slavery. Conversely, I’ve found that commitment is liberating.

    Buy the ticket and commit. No insurance. Tell your Mom and your Dad and your girlfriend and your squad of hedonist friends that it’s happening.

    And if you’re still living the life that they, especially your parents, are expecting you to live, then that’s an even more compelling reason to leave your hometown.

    Independence is calling for you.

    2. Shed Your Stuff
    Sell all the things: The car, the TV, scarves, cats, vintage v-necks, your big box of japanese condoms. No mercy. Do it Immediately. a class="markup--anchor markup--p-anchor" href="http://manvsdebt.c

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    Mountains and Momentum

    Mountains and Momentum

    We are master extrapolators. We dream up the ultimate reality. With our imagination we can dream real an experience that has yet to manifest itself in our waking world. Athletes dream the perfect play, business people imagine a winning deal, a chef conjures up the most artful dish.

    We dream of the perfect spouse, having financial success, an amazing body.

    Whatever the dream, there is a distance between us and its realization. That distance can crush us with anxiety, or motivate us with purpose.

    Are you up for the challenge? Or will you be crushed by the weight of your own dream?

    This is our power as humans: The ability to turn thoughts into words, words into action, action into behavior.

    To succeed, to reach our dream’s summit, we must focus only on the next right step. Not step 12, or step 12,000. Step one. Every single step is step one.

    To see step 12, and miss step one, is one misstep away from doom.

    So with every step we move frustratingly closer, inch by inch, to the top of our mountain.

    The momentum of the climb is a contradiction: We must be patient enough to see only the next immediate step in front of us, and be disciplined enough to stay motivated by the mountain ahead. Remember and forget the summit. Remember and forget the next steps.

    And remember that not even the greatest mountaineer can climb a mountain in a single step.

    There is no lottery that will place you on top of the mountain.

    There is no pill that will give you perfect health.

    There is only one step, and one breath at a time for the rest of your life.

    Those who make it

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    Meet People Where They Are

    Meet People Where They Are

    “Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.”

    – Malcolm X

    When was the last time someone said something to get you to change your mind on a subject? Think about it and be honest. Did someone get you to change your diet, your workout plan, or your position on the candidate you were going to vote for?

    When, honestly, was the last time someone else made you change your mind? Probably once upon a time, or never ago.



    People do things for their own reasons and we are blind to what those reasons are. It’s far easier to see the shortcomings of others than it is to see our own.

    We have to meet people where they are. And that’s the tough part. To meet someone where they are on an issue requires humility, and detachment from our stance. Ask yourself:

    Do you care about your stance on the issue or do you care about the issue?

    Often people care about their stance, and that leads to an argument, not a conversation.

    Remember that when diplomacy fails, war is on the horizon. Are you willing to go to war for your stance?

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    Reactive Reptiles Audio Experience

    Reactive Reptiles Audio Experience

    This is the audio experience for Reactive Reptiles.



    James sits with his butthole clenched, teeth gritting and eye balls twitching. That stupid gorilla meme Sandy shared is the most xenophobic, misogynist, bigoted, racist thing since ET the Extra-Terrestrial.

    Sandy is obviously a supporter of Hitler. And she definitely loves Trump and doesn’t think black lives matter. James hates Sandy.

    James gets his ticket puncher out, because she just booked a one way ticket to Troll Town. James stretches his fingers. It’s time to PwnD0z3 this bih.

    This is primitive, reactive James. The reptilian brain says, “Fight.”

    Triggered by a meme, his mind and body tense up and reject the entire essence of Sandy’s being.

    There’s a lot of reactive James characters in the world today. It’s natural, and it’s within all of us.

    How can we not be so triggered by a meme of a gorilla, or by a sentence that indicates an opinion different from our own world view?

    As James showed, it’s a physical and mental defensive reaction.

    Like stepping on a rattlesnake after being deaf to its warning rattle. The warning signs are the

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    Eden Koz: The Journey to Just Be

    Eden Koz: The Journey to Just Be

    One year before Eden Koz and I spoke on the podcast she found out that she had a rare infectious disease that spread from her lungs to her brain. Two brain surgeries and two near-death experiences later, Eden is a thriver who radiates positivity.

    In this episode we discuss her journey of transitioning from the world of Mad Men to opening her own Meditation school at Just Be Meditation, and the role of meditation/mindfulness in her road to recovery.



    In her own words:

    “Simply put… I am a strong woman with a passion for meditation/mindfulness and helping people really to connect to everything around them… their life, work, family and community. And, I have a desire to create a tribe full of like-minded warriors bent on living with heart, calmness and authenticity.”

    Show Notes

    Eden’s teacher, Dr. Neala Peake’s website.

    The three ways to use to enhance meditation as a tool, to become who you were meant to be: 

    Meditate in a group: Group meditations tend to go deeper than an individual practice.
    Have a teacher: Not just anyone, but someone who you trust with your soul.
    Trust: When we come together in a group it’s like a microcosm of your life. If you can trust the other people in this room it resonates outside: Your work, your family, your spouse, everything.”


    “I did

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    Chucky’s Fight

    Chucky’s Fight

    “Win with what you’ve got. If you want it bad enough you’ll figure it out.”

    Before our conversation, Charles Rosa had just taken a swim in the 50 degree water of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s his daily ritual and today the June water is refreshingly warmer than the winter, when the windchill falls below zero and the water below freezing.

    The ocean is where the ashes of his sons Domenic and Vincent’s ashes were spread after they died of drug overdose. And the ocean is where Chucky starts his day, regardless of the weather, to connect with his sons.

    Charles Rosa is a man who provides a black and white perspective of life. Live clean, or die. The choice is ours, so will you step up and live, or step aside and stubborn yourself into an early grave?

    Today, Chucky is a non-profit public speaker and runs a nonprofit called Chucky’s Fight.

    In this conversation, we talk about his story, his message, how he walks people through taking the plunge into the ice-cold waters, and more.

    Click Here to Listen on Apple Podcasts and iTunes

    Watch his story on FOX 25 here:


    Chucky Takes a Snowy Swim:

    “Say it straight and it will never come out crooked.”

    Connect with Chucky’s Fight
    Website | Facebook | YouTube

    Listen HERE:

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9 Ratings

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One of the best things I've ever heard! Timo is so authentic, his wise thoughts about life are so exquisite, they all make you think and go deep into your soul!

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The Way In will stimulate your mind, body and soul. Timo and his guests are nothing short of captivating as they deep dive on a variety of topics that are guaranteed to tickle your noggin. Sometimes witty, sometimes wise, sometimes heartwarming - The Way In is auditory deliciousness and I can't wait for more episodes.

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