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Welcome to the UNfiltered Healing Podcast with Dr. Rachel Hamel. We'll talk with alternative medicine innovators, bringing to light all the ways to create balance naturally, while uncovering what they aren't telling you in medicine. Topics to challenge and empower you, balancing your body and mind. It's raw, it's real and it's unfiltered.

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Welcome to the UNfiltered Healing Podcast with Dr. Rachel Hamel. We'll talk with alternative medicine innovators, bringing to light all the ways to create balance naturally, while uncovering what they aren't telling you in medicine. Topics to challenge and empower you, balancing your body and mind. It's raw, it's real and it's unfiltered.

    The Power of Metacognition with Tracey Armstrong

    The Power of Metacognition with Tracey Armstrong

    How will you be successful if you do not have success thinking? How will you overcome challenges if you do not believe in yourself? Enabling your quality-control thinking redirects your perspective and attitude to improve your chances of successfully achieving your goals.

    Going deeper in the realm of thinking is where Tracey Armstrong is an expert on. Today we will talk about how powerful our metacognitive mind is. Once we master our metacognitive ability, we can achieve our goals and waste no time in our journey of success. Tracey also adds the importance of believing in yourself and taking actions, because action is the only way we get the results we want.

    Feed your mind with encouragement and the right information with Tracey Armstrong!


    What is metacognition and how does it workAuto-suggestion principleHow Tracey started his coaching businessHow Tracey get people think at a million dollar levelExperiments done on how auto-suggestions workHow to get stuck in a pattern of successSuccessful stories of how Tracey help his clients and his mother The way to success is manifesting your destinationImpostor syndromeThe biology of the body works with metacognitionInterrupt the “ I can’t” pattern in your mindThe importance of taking actions to change your lifeDaily actions to be consistently motivated

    Connect with Tracey:

    Website | traceyarmstrong.comLinkedIn |  Tracey Armstrong Facebook | Tracey ArmstrongYouTube | Tracey ArmstrongInstagram | @traceyarmstrong

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    Gettin Moldy with Dr. Jessica Peatross

    Gettin Moldy with Dr. Jessica Peatross

    Does mold contribute to major health issues?  Is all mold bad?  Where can it be found?  What's a good way to test your home, or your body?  What are some ways it effects the body, and what do we do about it?  All this and more in this episode with environmentalist expert Dr Jessica Peatross MD.

    Dr. Jessica Peatross has a passion for uncovering the mystery behind the chronic illness, whether that be stealth infections, heavy metals, stress, trauma or other environmental toxicities. She is visionary for the future of healthcare and left her position as a board-certified, internal medicine hospitalist to pursue Functional Medicine in order to better serve her patients. By getting to the real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning. 
    Dr. Jess left her hospitalist position and became trained in Gerson Therapy, Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics, and Ozone Therapy and quickly uncovered that 90% of disease is a result of lifestyle, diet, and environment. The body has all the answers to heal and reverse chronic disease. 
    She has gained notoriety for her Kill*Bind*Sweat method, a timed method of using herbs, binders and sweating to eradicate stealth infections and invaders from the body. Recently Dr. Jess launched her Wellness plus subscription app where she is helping thousands learn how to heal themselves. 
    Kill - use of herbal supplements to kill off stealth infectionBind - by using a binding supplement, it acts like a sponge to “soak up” the die-off Sweat - by sweating via exercise, sauna or hot baths, the deceased toxins are excreted by sweat out of the bodyShe previously devoted her time to consulting with clients around the globe and educating thousands of people worldwide, however with a waitlist more than a year long, Dr. Jess launched a comprehensive online platform and app called Wellness Plus to better serve all those hoping for an appointment. The new platform offers a plethora of educational courses, live webinars, root cause Quickies, Q&A, and guest vlogs that address the root causes of Lyme, Epstein Barr, mold, parasites, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, mitochondrial dysfunction, censored topics, and more--- the common root causes her patients seek help with from her. 

    Dr. Jess is able to heal people without the need for narcotics, immunosuppressants, antidepressants, antibiotics or steroids and in 2020, made the decision to not continue her board certification with the AMA as she no longer practices pharmaceutical-based medicine.

    When she is not consulting with patients or speaking at national and international conventions, she can be found, practicing yoga, playing with her fur baby, Blaze, traveling the world or eating her favorite food, blueberries. 

    For more information, visit drjessmd.com, follow @dr.jess.md on Instagram.
    Please contact Ashley at hello@drjessmd.com to work with Dr. Jess 

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    We are Electrochemical Beings with Vagus Nerve Society Founder Dr Marc Tager

    We are Electrochemical Beings with Vagus Nerve Society Founder Dr Marc Tager

    In this episode we chat with Dr Tager all about the importance of the health of our electrical system, specifically the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve is the missing link to a lot of health issues, and this episode highlights many that could he helped regulating this nerve.  We hear about the Gut/Brain axis, but more emphasis needs to be placed as well on the Brain/Gut axis.

    Dr. Tager is known for the synergistic and entertaining approach he takes to educating and training his colleagues and consumers. He is most passionate about building skin health and beauty through combinations of personalized nutrition, intelligent supplementation, and aesthetic treatment. He has served as the founding Vice President of Marketing for Reliant Technologies, where he launched the Fraxel® laser and as Chief Marketing Officer for Syneron. Most recently, Dr. Tager created the 40-hour CME course on Personalized Nutrition for Practitioners on behalf of The American Nutrition Association. He serves as Director of Practice Management for Miami Cosmetic Surgery and is on the faculty of Duke Integrative Medicine. His most recent book is Feed Your Skin Right: Your Personalized Nutrition Plan for Radiant Beauty. He did his medical training at Duke Medical School and Family Practice at the University of Oregon. He lives outside San Diego where he grows impressive tomatoes.

    PERSONAL SITE: drtager.com
    IG: @drmtager


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    Digging into the Microbiome with Expert Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum

    Digging into the Microbiome with Expert Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum

    In this week's episode we dig into the microbiome with world renowned expert Dr. Ghannoum.  We chat about what the microbiome is, and that is not JUST bacteria.  How the microbiome not just in your gut, the health implications of these colonies, what disrupts them and what feeds them.   No one has done more research of the microbiome that Dr G., and he continues to research more everyday.

    Dr G is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, BiohmHealth
    Received an MSc in Medicinal Chemistry and his PhD in Microbial Physiology from the University of Technology in Loughborough, England, and an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. A tenured Professor and Director of the Integrated Microbiome Core and Center for Medical Mycology, and Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Published > 450 peer reviewed publication and 6 scientific books, and was on the top 1% of cited Scientists Worldwide Established a multidisciplinary Center of Excellence that combines basic and translational research that spans test tube to the bedside capabilities. He pioneered studies on the fungal communities residing in and on our body and coined the term ‘Mycobiome”. Awarded the Rhoda Benham Award from the MMSA, and the Freedom to Discover Award from Bristol-Myers Squibb for his outstanding and meritorious contributions to the fields of medical mycology and microbial biofilms. Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), past President of the Medical Mycological Society of the Americas (MMSA). Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology (FAAM), and the European Society of Clinical  Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (FESCMID).An entrepreneur-scientist who has launched a number of companies focused on the treatment of biofilm infections, as well as microbial dysbiosis.

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    Breaking free from programming with Dr Stella Immanuel

    Breaking free from programming with Dr Stella Immanuel

    People have been pre-programmed how to think, distracting them from the truth.  In this episode we discuss the dangers of programming, the ways we have been programmed globally as well as how to break free.

    Dr Stella Immanuel is a Cameroonian-American physician currently practicing in Houston Texas. Dr Stella did general medicine in Nigeria, migrated to America to complete residency, and became a licensed  pediatrician. Over the years she also worked in emergency rooms to maintain her general practice skills. She currently operates two clinics in Houston TX;  general practice walk in clinics. She has been in the forefront advocating for early treatment of COVID19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine also known as HCQ. 

    Since treating patients with COVID19, she has had tremendous success keeping patients alive, and out of hospitals. Dr. Immanuel recently came into the limelight with front line doctors as their advocate for HCQ being an effective treatment of COVID19. Dr Immanuel believes that HCQ is one of the major arrows that should come out of America's quivers,  and plunge the chest of COVID19. She believes HCQ can stop the pandemic in its tracks!

     Dr. Stella Immanuel is also a minister of the gospel.  As a prayer and deliverance minister she is known as a warrior in the kingdom, Gods’ warrior princess, Gods’ battle axe, and a sniper in the kingdom of God. Dr. Stella has authored 13 books including the best selling ‘Let America Live: Exposing the hidden agenda behind the 2020 pandemic’. Dr. Stella is the founder of Fire Power Ministries. Located at 3878 Robichaux Road, Pattinson. TX . Fire Power Ministry's goal is to provide you with tools and resources to break free from the devils works and stay free. By the Power and Grace given from God , we have now been able to reach the entire world. Exposing the enemies' plans against the nations, and reviving the church into the coming hour.

    Head to drstellamd.com and use code DRRACHEL for 5% off tele-health or marketplace products. 

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    You can't regenerate if you don't eliminate: Colon Cleansing with Rachel Ellis

    You can't regenerate if you don't eliminate: Colon Cleansing with Rachel Ellis

    In this episode we chat with master colon Hydrotherapist Rachel Ellis, all about the importance of proper elimination, detoxing and why cleaning your colon is so important for your overall health and wellbeing.
    We also chat about coffee enemas, parasite cleansing, how the stool should look and the HUGE importance of incorporating colon cleansing into your detox routine before doing huge nutritional protocols.

    Rachel Ellis has been exploring natural healing methods as a health coach/life-hacker for over twenty years and with the help of some amazing practitioners has self-healed from PCOS, chronic pain/fatigue and other undiagnosed maladies and vitality-stealing symptoms. Rachel is a master-level colon hydrotherapist, lymphatic therapist and detox chef. She came up with the name Longevity Lounge when the business was founded in 2014 and at the time occupied a tiny one-room 150sq ft space but the vision was always clear: Longevity Lounge is a high-vibe-hive where everyone is welcome to come together for support, education, inspiration and celebration. 


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9 Ratings

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