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Fitness talk

    Training Stimulus: Internal & External

    Training Stimulus: Internal & External

    In this episode of Upstate Empire Fitness Radio Brian, Kevin, and Sam discuss different training stimuli and how they may affect your workout. They also dive into their own experience dealing with both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators throughout their lifting careers. This is a fun episode with so many good points being made so take some time to sit down and connect with our coaches!If you find yourself agreeing with Brain, Kevin, and/or Sam throughout this podcast, email Team@upstateempirefit.com to transform your life and become a stronger, healthier you by signing up for personal training OR online coaching.Make sure to check us out on our social media outlets:Facebook: Upstate Empire FitnessInstagram: @UpstateEmpireFitnessBrian Instagram: @devsbrianKevin Instagram: @kconley520Sam Instagram: @sammischultzy

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Mainstream Diets

    Mainstream Diets

    In this episode of Upstate Empire Fitness Radio Brian, Megan, and Kevin go over a few diets that you may have heard of and even have considered trying out. This episode was recorded at an optimal time right around the start of the new year so if you have some weight loss or fitness goals, this is the podcast is definitely for you!If you'd like more support and guidance with your health and fitness goals email Team@upstateempirefitness.comMake sure to check us out on social media:Facebook: Upstate Empire FitnessInstagram: @UpstateEmpireFitnessBrian: @devsbrianMegan: @meganrobinsonmomof4Kevin: @kconley520

    • 51 min
    PED Q&A - Performance Enhancing Drugs

    PED Q&A - Performance Enhancing Drugs

    Coaches Tom and Brian respond to questions about PEDs; SARMS, Steroids and other supplements often whispered about in the arena of fitness, powerlifting and bodybuilding.

    As coaches, knowledge of a clients use of such compounds will change the approach the coach takes. It is extremely important to understand the risks when altering hormones.

    The information on this podcast should not be taken as medical advice. All information within this podcast is theoretical and listeners should know that we do not condone the use of illegal drugs.

    For coaching email Team@UpstateEmpireFit.com

    • 1 hr 43 min
    Should you cut or bulk? The secret to sustainable success

    Should you cut or bulk? The secret to sustainable success

    If you answered with "cut" (fat loss) be sure to listen to this podcast. The team gives insight to different rationale on both the fat loss phase and the massing phase.

    To enroll in our online coaching program please email: Team@UpstateEmpireFit.com

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Are you training to meet your goals?

    Are you training to meet your goals?

    There is exercise and there is training. If you have goals that are not being met, have you considered looking at the intensity you are using in the gym?

    Listen in on the team's round table discussion on overcoming physical and emotional barriers while exercising. For many, there is a process to enjoying some mild discomfort and for most, it becomes a mandatory state in which they like to revisit.

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    • 1 hr 8 min
    Training Specificity - Maximizing your outcome

    Training Specificity - Maximizing your outcome

    Coaches Tom Davis, Kevin Conley and Brian Devins discuss their experiences with tailoring training specificity to their clients

    • 49 min

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5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

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