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Zain Medical Center is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive patient care through multi-specialty clinics in Richland and Sami Anwar is a research director of Zain Medical.

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Zain Medical Center is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive patient care through multi-specialty clinics in Richland and Sami Anwar is a research director of Zain Medical.

    3 Best Abs Exercises by Zain Medical Center

    3 Best Abs Exercises by Zain Medical Center

    When people do workout and lost their fat, it can give them more confidence and they also want to work on their abs. Lot of people want a flat stomach and to improve their abs. And the experts of Zain Medical Center shares the best abs exercises to get a six pack.

    Let’s explore these 5 exercises to get a flat stomach and to improve the Abs with the experts of Zain Medical Center.
    Canoe Twist Abs Exercise

    Stand upright, feet apart. Lock your fingers to create a solid grip. Exhale, and sweep the hands, arms, shoulders, and chest to the left, as if you were rowing a canoe. At the same time, lift the left knee up and to the right. Inhale and return to the starting position. Exhale and perform the movement to the right.

    Cat Kick Abs Exercise

    Stand with feet together, arms out at your sides like airplane wings. Exhale, and lift the right leg forward and up. At the same time, sweep the arms forward at shoulder level and round your spine, like a cat.

    Pilates Zip Up Abs Exercise

    Stand upright with heels together, toes slightly turned out. Bring your arms up, hands joined, below the chin. Exhale and press your arms down. Keep your hands and arms very close to the body. At the same time, lift your heels off the ground onto your tiptoes.

    Final Words
    According to the experts of Zain Medical Center, these exercises will help you to make your body in shape, flat your stomach and improve your abs in a short period of time.

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    Mental Breakdown Symptoms and Signs by Zain Medical Center

    Mental Breakdown Symptoms and Signs by Zain Medical Center

    If you are dedicated and sincere towards your work it’s great! However, it should not cost your physical and mental health. Most time people suffer from an illness or feel overworked and overwhelmed at work, this is when they need a break. Otherwise, it could create a mental health disorder.

    Before you push yourself harder at the workplace, find out these four signs that may cause you a mental breakdown including tips to overcome with an experts of Zain Medical Center.

    1. Not Able To Focus

    When your mind is overuse, you start losing focus on the important things. And this ultimately brings huge stress and health risks including mental breakdown. According to experts of Zain Medical Center, stress is the major reason that causes several types of chronic health problems which include cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, and psychological disorders. And not only employees get affected by it, the company, too.

    TIP: When you find your plate is full, don't hesitate to ask for help. Being a team player is a great thing and you should push yourself harder to achieve your goals, but you should not compromise your health. If you feel that your health is getting affected, limit your workload and step away from your desk to give yourself some alone time to prevent mental breakdown. Set accurate diameter for yourself so you don't over-commit and can maintain the balance between personal and professional responsibilities.

    2. Relationships Are Suffering

    To have a happy and peaceful life it is very important to maintain the balance between personal and professional life. Most times what happens in your professional life affect your personal life and vice versa. Workload and long working hours can put stress on personal relationships and responsibilities, and in the end, both your personal and professional life will suffer. We all like to have social connections, it is basic human nature. Somewhere it also helps to combat burnout. Otherwise, loneliness, isolation or stress can have serious consequences.

    TIP: Consider your family responsibilities as important as you consider your work responsibilities. Have you missed college reunion, birthday parties or family dinners to stay late at the office to complete the project before the deadline? When you're too busy and neglecting your personal life, you are missing something that won’t come back. So, try to live in present, stick to your commitments and live life to the fullest.

    3. Physical Signs of Stress

    Working for long hours actually hurt your body. While long working hours do not affect in the short run, in the long run, it may affect your mental health and increase the risk of mental breakdown. According to experts of Zain Medical Center, people who work for long hours may deal with coronary disease.

    TIP: First you should acknowledge the cause of stress. Find out if it is your workload, your manager or any specific task that causes you stress. Once you address the problem, make a step by step plan to deal with it – sometimes the smallest step can make the biggest difference.

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    Alzheimer's Disease Latest Research by Zain Medical

    Alzheimer's Disease Latest Research by Zain Medical

    Alzheimer's disease is a neurological dysfunction in which the death of brain cells prompts memory loss and cognitive deterioration said by the experts of Zain Medical Center. During the disease, the symptom may seem delicate but they can become more stringent over time. Recent studies have determined that more than 6.8 million people in the U.S. are surviving from this disease. And due to this, researchers have discovered a new drug research that may protect against memory loss in Alzheimer's disease.

    Let's find out which type of drug research is this and how it will treat the disease with the experts of Zain Medical Center.

    Drug Research on Alzheimer’s disease

    After too much of study on drug research, researchers have been able to find the drug named BPN14770 that can defend against memory loss of Alzheimer's disease. This new drug hinders the impacts of amyloid-beta, a trademark proteid of Alzheimer's that is poisonous to nerve cells. Its benefits could also interpret to Fragile X syndrome says Sami Anwar the research director of Zain Medical Center.

    Drug BPN14770

    Also, investigations have indicated that Alzheimer's pathogeny can be endured by the brain to some measure due to compensatory mechanisms functioning at the cellular and synaptic levels said by the experts of Zain Medical Center. Researchers have also suggested that BPN14770 may be proficient in stimulating complicated physiological mechanisms. It preserve the cerebellum from memory shortfalls, neuronal impairment, and biochemical impairments.

    When the drug BPN14770 was tested on mice it was found that it inhibited the action of phosphodiesterase 4D (PDE4D). It’s an enzyme that performs a pivotal character in consciousness, learning, neuroinflammation, and traumatic understanding hemorrhage. The enzyme named as PDE4D diminishes the cAMP - that has copious propitious roles, including enhanced retention. Also, cAMP acts as an intermediary particle that indicates physiological alterations. It includes cell division, transformation, movement and separation throughout the body, commencing to substantial modifications in the brain.

    BPN14770 acts by an innovative mechanism to enhance cyclic AMP signalling in the brain, which has been shown to enhance memory. According to the experts of Zain Medical Center, the collaborative project has led to clinical trials that will begin to test its effectiveness.

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    Learn About Nutritious Food Items With Zain Medical Center

    Learn About Nutritious Food Items With Zain Medical Center

    According to experts of Zain Medical Center, good food leads to good nutrition, which is essential for a healthy and strong immune system. An adequate, well-adjusted diet coupled with frequent physical activity is a base of good health. Also, inadequate nutrition can lead to decreased immunity, heightened perceptivity to disease diminished physical and mental growth and, decreased productivity. A healthy diet consumed during the life-course aids in countering malnutrition in all its forms as well as a broad variety of non-communicable diseases and conditions.

    So herewith the experts of Zain Medical Center let's explore how food maintains and protects our body.

    How Food Nourishes and Protects Our Body

    There are numerous nutrients in food that promotes health and preserve our body from diseases. Consuming whole, nutritious foods is essential because their sole elements work synergistically to generate an outcome that can’t be replicated by using a supplement says experts of Zain Medical Center.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Vitamins and minerals play an important role in our body. Although, only a few amounts of vitamins are required by our body, but due to the consumption of processed foods, we are unable to bear these vitamins and minerals. Which results in increasing the risk of diseases in our body. For example,  if our daily intake of vitamins are not sufficient, then vitamins like C and D may harm our body, cause immune dysfunction, and can even result in an increase of certain cancer risks.


    Proteins enrich our body by providing us sufficient amino acids - the building blocks that help the cells of the body to do their regular activities. Also, it helps our body to make the new cells and repair the damaged cells, including the production of hormones and enzymes which results in making a healthy immune system. If proper intake of proteins is not done, then our body may take a long period of time to recover from diseases and will be caught by various diseases at the same time. The good source of proteins are meat, fish, poultry products, dairy products, nuts, etc.


    According to experts of Zain Medical Center, fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. It helps our body in maintaining the digestive system and eliminate the unwanted material from our gut. Also, fiber plays an important role in our gut, by feeding the beneficial bacteria. Also, proper intake of fiber helps our body to fight against various diseases decrease inflammation, and boost our immune system. On the other hand, low-fiber diets are linked with an extended risk of illnesses, including colon cancer and stroke. The perfect sources of fiber are vegetables, beans, grains, and fruits. Regular intake of these sources will enrich your body and will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.

    Carbohydrates in Food

    Carbohydrates are the perfect source of instant energy — they immediately go into our blood as glucose (blood sugar), which our body uses for fuel first, before turning the leftovers into fat. Fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, grains, cereal products, crackers, dried beans, peas, and lentils are all good sources of carbohydrates. Many of them are also good sources of fiber, which our digestive system needs to stay healthy.

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    Zain Medical Center | Causes And Risk Factors For Heart Attack

    Zain Medical Center | Causes And Risk Factors For Heart Attack


    Is it possible to prevent the risk of heart attack or stroke? Why not? According to experts of Zain Medical Center, not only advanced medication made treatment easier, but also the awareness of risk factors made things possible. Yes, if you know the risk factors for heart attack and know how to prevent them, you can win the battle over heart disease. 

    Let’s find out a few common risk factors of heart attack and how we can prevent them with the experts of Zain Medical Center.

    Blood Pressure is the Main Reason of Heart Attack

    High blood pressure is one of the common reasons for heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, most people fail to diagnose the symptom of high blood pressure. In result, it causes many different issues, including heart trouble. Usually, blood pressure should remain below 120/80 mm-Hg. If blood pressure goes beyond the normal range, it may cause prehypertension. Those who deal with the pre-hypertension need to make some changes in their lifestyle. Most people have a misconception that blood pressure problem can be inherited from family. In reality, it is just a myth. The problem of blood pressure arises due to various scientific reasons. To know such reasons, you must get a proper evaluation from an experienced practitioner like doctors of Zain Medical Center.


    Although cholesterol is not completely bad for your health, it has some drawbacks. When it comes to benefits of cholesterol, it enhances brain and other cellular functions. Everybody knows cholesterol contains fat that comes from either diet or liver produces it. According to experts of Zain Medical Center, it is essential to maintain the balance of cholesterol in the body. Neither it should increase or it should decrease, and to make it possible its regular checkup after every four months is required. If you find your cholesterol level is above the normal level, make sure you take prevention. Otherwise, it could lead to heart problems or even you might have to deal with a heart attack or stroke. 

    Blood Sugar Level Causes Heart Attack

    The high blood sugar level is one of the major reasons that cause a heart attack. Today almost every 3rd person is dealing with diabetes and this is due to unhealthy habits and lifestyle. People with diabetes or high blood sugar level relatively have more chances of heart attack as compared to a non-diabetic person. Therefore, make sure you maintain your blood sugar level and keep eyes on it. For further advice, it is better to get an evaluation or consultation from the experienced professional doctors. A little carelessness might cause you heart trouble or any other health problem. 

    Final Words

    According to experts at Zain Medical Center, these are the few major risk factors that can cause a heart attack or stroke. So what to do prevent them? The answer is – proper evaluation and regular checkup. Additionally, maintain a healthy lifestyle by adding proper diet and exercise in routine can save you from a lot of health-related issues. If you think we have missed any point or you want to add something, you can share with us below in the comment box.

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    Major Summer Health Risks to Avoid

    Major Summer Health Risks to Avoid

    When it comes to enjoying life, summer is one of the most immeasurable seasons of all time. This season is best suited for outings, traveling and having adventures. Also, it brings a lot of happiness in everyone's face. But do you know what impact can sun and additional heat cause to your health during summer? 

    So herewith the expert team of Zain Medical Center let’s explore, what are the common summer health risks and how to avoid them. 

    Sunburn in Summer Season

    Sunburn is one of the common health risks from which around 40-50% of peoples suffer every year, said by Zain Medical Center. Sunburn occurs when a person comes in direct contact with the sunlight or spends extensive time outside during the hot days. Naturally, during summers, the sun releases some powerful UV radiations that are enough to burn skin. So in order to protect yourself, these summers, try to take some precautions. Also, it has been found that sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer. So here are some of the precautions that you can take to avoid sunburn: - Apply skin creams and lotions, wear sunglasses and hats, and avoid outings on extremely sunny days. 


    Dehydration is a general summer disease that occurs when an excessive amount of fluid is released from our body through sweating or urination. The common symptoms of dehydration are too much thirst, dry mouth, dizziness, etc. Dehydration occurs mainly in summer days when the temperature rises due to the warm air. Dehydration may also lead to a heat stroke. Also, it can cause, headaches, diarrhoea and vomiting, if not treated on time. So in order to prevent it, try to drink enough water and fluids every day so that your body remains hydrated.

    Food Poisoning

    Food Poisoning is another common problem that occurs in individuals during the summer. It occurs mainly due to eating unhealthy, processed, uncooked and unhygienic food that contains viruses and bacteria. Also, the symptoms like Vomiting, Feeling lazy and weak, Fever, Aching muscles, and Diarrhoea can appear during Food poisoning. These symptoms can appear in an individual within 1-2 days. So in order to prevent this type of health risk avoid eating junk street foods because it may be life-threatening. Also, individuals are suggested that immediately consult a physician if you experience such symptoms.

    Skin Cancer

    Skin Cancer is one of the dangerous health risks that can occur in summer due to sunburn or coming directly in contact with the sun for a long period. There are millions of people that are suffering due to skin cancer. If you found symptoms like anomalies in your skin, sunburn then you must definitely consult a doctor. Because skin cancer at an early stage can be diagnosed. To avoid this type of risk wear full sleeve clothes and do not let the sun come in contact with you. Also, apply some skin creams and lotions because preventions are always better than a cure. 


    Final Words

    So these were the five common health risks explored by the experts and professionals of Zain Medical Center. Try to avoid these above mentioned common health risks so that, you and your family can remain safe this summer. 


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