Charlie’s Toolbox Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

Mosetta W ,

Life changing podcast

Every episode feels like a therapy session. So many soothing and reaffirming messages. Absolutely amazing! This podcast has literally changed my life for the better.

Ebony LaNae ,

Thank you Charlie!

I discovered Charlie’s toolbox on Twitter and I’m so happy to have found the podcast too! Thank you for everything you do, this podcast has been so helpful.

chamcloud🦄 ,

Love this podcast

Charlie always gives me a new way of viewing things in an empowering way, no matter how much of an L I think I just took lol

_perl ,


This podcast changed my life. Thank you for everything you've shared with us.

Tulip 🌹 ,

This podcast was MADE for black women!

I follow Charlie on Twitter & I loved her tweets so it’s no surprise that I love her podcast. I’m a DV survivor & been dealing with a traumatic incident that almost took my life away & after months of suicidal thoughts, self destructive behaviors & feeling sorry for myself. I decided to follow the path of healing & this podcast is a STAPLE in my healing journey. To all Black Women who’ve been beaten, abused, forgotten & neglected by society and the people in it, I highly recommend Charlie’s podcast. You won’t regret it. Charlie has such a way of putting everything I feel into words & breaking it down too. Thank you Charlie, your content has saved me & as a Black women in her early 20s, you provide so much wisdom and knowledge that I’ll apply to build the life I want.

Preciousclaytor ,

I love this podcast!!

I’m really not into podcast but I have been trying new outlets lately and your podcast made me fall inlove with them! I’m a mental health clinician and your voice is so therapeutic, the suggestions & interventions are so on point! Hope you keep going! 🤍🤍

ItsMelanin ,

Thank you, Charlie!

If you’re a young Black woman, you need Charlie’s content. She has taught me so much in regards to career, love, friendship, relationships, etc, and I did not understand how much junk I was harboring subconsciously until I started truly following her work. After being a loyal Twitter follower for nearly two years, I finally got around to listening to Charlie’s first podcast episode and I am so happy I did. Just like her content on Twitter and her site, she is incredibly eloquent, compassionate, and intelligent. I can’t wait for more! Thank you, Charlie. <3

Blerdy. ,

Charlie’s voice is like a warm hug 😊

So happy Charlie decided to create a podcast so I can listen to her words of positivity whenever I need it ❤️