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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens\' Climate Lobby. We\'re creating the political will for a livable world.

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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens\' Climate Lobby. We\'re creating the political will for a livable world.

    CCR 74 What Are LGBTQ Responses to Climate Change?

    CCR 74 What Are LGBTQ Responses to Climate Change?

    Speaking with five different guests, host, Peterson Toscano, takes a deep dive to explore how climate change and extreme weather affect lesiban, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-binary, and queer (LGBTQ+) people. 

    Leo Goldsmith (he/him) is one of the co-authors of Queer and Present Danger: Understanding the Disparate Impacts of Disasters on LGBTQ+ Communities. Together with Dr. Michael Mendez, Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning and Policy at the University of California, Irvine Vanessa Raditz from Out in Sustainability who is a PhD student at the University of Georgia, they researched the unique vulnerabilities of this community in disaster relief; the myth of gay affluence; how faith-based groups have a history of discriminatory practices in disaster relief; how cohesive is the LGBTQ community and how race is a problem even in LGBTQ groups. Leo also provides practical ways community members and leaders can build stronger, more resilient LGBTQ+ communities that can bounce back from extreme weather events. 

    Nokwanda Maseko (she/her/they) is a South African economist who identifies as a Queer Black person. As senior economist at Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies, she has written position papers about what a just transition can look like, especially for women and the large sector of the Black South African population who because of unemployment and informal employment are not often part of the conversations around just transition. 

    Isaias Herandez (he/him) aka Queer Brown Vegan was born in Los Angeles, California, also known as Tongva Land. As someone who grew up in a community that faced environmental injustices, Isaias developed an interest to learn about his environment. Living in Section 8 affordable housing, using food stamps growing up, and witnessing pollution affect his body. Isaias turned his anger and sadness to becoming an environmental educator. He earned a B.S. in Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He works on a variety of diversity inclusion work in environmental spaces, academic research, and creative work. Isaias’ work is centered on environmental justice with a lens of localization. Isaias works as a full-time content creator and public speaker on QueerBrownVegan.

    The Art House

    EJ Baker (they/them)  and Rae Binstock (she/her) tell us about Good Energy Stories, a story consultancy for the age of climate change. Their mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate stories in scripted TV and film that reflect the world we live in now–and help us envision a better tomorrow. 

    They talk about the kind of stories and approaches to storytelling that move audiences to feel empathy for those suffering an enthusiasm for solutions that make the world a better place.  

    Rae Binstock is a playwright and screenwriter. Her plays include That Heaven’s Vault Should Crack (The New Group, Lark Development Center, T. Schreiber’s Studios), land of no mercy (Landing Theatre Company, Salt Lake Acting Company, Princess Grace finalist), and WALKERS (The Shelter, O’Neill Conference semifinalist, Jerome Fellowship finalist). Her work has appeared in Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, Jewish Plays Project, and the Fresh Fruit Festival, among others. Rae’s pilot Homecoming was selected for the 2020 WriteHer List, and she is a two-time semifinalist for the Sundance Episodic Lab.

    Rae is a Dramatists Guild Fellow, a Rita Goldberg Playwrights Workshop Fellow at the Lark, and a 2019 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow. She has attended numerous residencies, including the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center, the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, PLAYA Summer Lake, and the Ragdale Foundation. Rae served as the Writers’ Assistant on both FX Networks’ FOSSE/VERDON and Apple+’s shows Schmigadoon and IF/THEN. She is also one of the two authors of the Climate Storytelling Playbook, a writing guide for climate change stories published by Good Energy. She lives in Los Angeles with her ca

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    CCL Reconciliation Update: Let’s Pass The Inflation Reduction Act!

    CCL Reconciliation Update: Let’s Pass The Inflation Reduction Act!

    Join CCL's Executive Director Madeleine Para, Vice President of Government Affairs Dr. Danny Richter and Vice President of Organizational Strategy Tony Sirna for a briefing on the Inflation Reduction Act -what's in it, why CCL supports, it and how to take action with your chapter to help.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Introduction & Opening Remarks
    (2:29) Legislative Landscape Update
    (11:06) Q&A on Legislative Updates
    (15:23) Taking Action w/ Campaign Details
    (18:27) Additional Q&A
    (22:50) Closing Thoughts from Madeleine Para
    (26:35) A Reminder Of Who We Are

    Presentation Slides: https://cclusa.org/final-reconciliation-slides 
    Action Campaign For Everyone : https://cclusa.org/action  
    For Volunteers w/ Democratic Senators: https://cclusa.org/senate  
    For Volunteers w/ Democratic House Representatives: https://cclusa.org/house  
    Social Share Link: https://cclusa.org/share  
    CCL's Nerd Corner Analysis: https://community.citizensclimate.org/groups/discuss/viewtopic/1773/1810/25479 
    Phonebanking Instructions For Chapters: http://cclusa.org/phonebanking-volunteers 

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    Big Tent Climate Talks on Supreme Court’s Decision on West Virginia v. EPA w/ Prof. Robert Glicksman

    Big Tent Climate Talks on Supreme Court’s Decision on West Virginia v. EPA w/ Prof. Robert Glicksman


    Join us for Big Tent Climate Talks, CCL's engaging, quarterly conversation that spotlights leaders in the climate community outside of CCL doing important work in building coalitions around effective climate solutions. At CCL, we know solving climate change requires a variety of policies and perspectives. That's why we do this work under a big tent that includes folks from the right, the left, and every spot in between. In our Big Tent Climate Talks, we'll talk to a wide variety of climate leaders outside of CCL to learn more about how we can all work better together.

    Our July event features a conversation with Robert Glicksman, GWU Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law and Kyle Kammien, Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Government Affairs on the Supreme Court's recent decision on West Virginia v. EPA. 
    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda
    (3:31) Professor Glicksman's Background
    (6:40) West Virginia v EPA Summary 
    (10:59) Major Questions Doctrine
    (24:55) What Can The Biden Administration Do?
    (30:55) Q&A From Audience

    • 45 min
    CCL Extended Q&A with Nathaniel Stinnett, Executive Director of Environmental Voter Project

    CCL Extended Q&A with Nathaniel Stinnett, Executive Director of Environmental Voter Project

    Find out more and get involved at: https://cclusa.org/evp 

    Wanted more time with CCL's July 2022 National Meeting Speaker? Join us for an extended Q&A with Nathaniel Stinnett from Environmental Voter Project. Nathaniel shares how his organization is changing the voting behavior of people concerned about preserving a livable climate. The Founder and Executive Director of EVP,  Stinnett is a frequent expert speaker on cutting-edge campaign techniques and the behavioral science behind getting people to vote. He has held a variety of senior leadership and campaign manager positions on U.S. Senate, congressional, state, and mayoral campaigns.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda
    (3:23) EVP Background & Results
    (19:00) Ways to get involved 2022
    (25:43) Q&A: Are there studies showing more environmentally friendly politicians are being elected?
    (29:03) Q&A: How does EVP know that specific people are environmental voters that don't vote?
    (35:40) Q&A: What's your best elevator pitch to phonebank for a friend?
    (37:19) Q&A: Where do you find hope?
    (41:45) Q&A: Do you reach out to people on social media?
    (42:28) Q&A: What about postcards?
    (44:08) Q&A: What's the most effective outreach approach (phonebanking, texting, postcards, canvassing, digital ads?)
    (50:00) Q&A: Does EVP have internships and which states do you work in?
    (54:40) Q&A: When you founded EVP did you ever dream that it would be this big and important?

    #climatevoter #climateaction #priceoncarbon #grassrootsclimate

    • 59 min
    CCL Training: Trees and Forests as Natural Climate Solutions

    CCL Training: Trees and Forests as Natural Climate Solutions

    Join Dana Nuccitelli, CCL Research Coordinator, for a training reviews the need for approaches to remove and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, the role trees and forests can play, and the other benefits that those solutions provide. The training will provide a background on the need for carbon sequestration, how much carbon sequestration is needed, how much carbon sequestration can trees and forests provide, and other tree benefits and the importance of tree equity.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda 
    (3:12) Why Forests?
    (17:57) Forestry Solutions
    (25:17) Forestry Opportunities, Challenges
    (28:43) Tree Equity & Benefits 

    Trees and Forests as Natural Climate Solutions Training Page: https://cclusa.org/forest-training 
    Presentation Slides: https://cclusa.org/forest-slides 

    • 37 min
    CCL Training: Preventing Burnout as a Climate Advocate

    CCL Training: Preventing Burnout as a Climate Advocate

    Climate work can feel heavy and hard - and it's an especially hard time to stay committed to climate work, with everything else that is happening around the world right now. It can be challenging to allow for the depth and complicated mix of emotions and thoughts that arise in the process of climate advocacy and otherwise, while remaining committed to action. This training is an opportunity to learn about burnout, how to prevent it, and practice a few of the steps that can help with recognizing and improving your own experience.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda
    (3:46) Check-in and Warm-up
    (7:39) Exploring burnout
    (15:40) Five Steps to Resilience
    (28:26) Practice Ideas
    (36:17) Hands-on Practice

    Presentation Slides: http://cclusa.org/preventing-burnout-slides

    More about CCL's Resilience Hub: https://cclusa.org/resilience 

    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

Jean frim Arkansas ,

Citizens Climate

Great podcast! So much good and wide ranging info to help with our climate advocacy.

Laurel Eastman ,

Super inspirational

Love this program and being able to easily stay up to date with CCL. So empowering!

Arlie K ,


So grateful for the work happening on this podcast! Listening to the Citizens' Climate Lobby always leaves me feeling informed, hopeful, and ready to take action. It's so refreshing... very appreciative of this resource!

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