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Educational, Entertaining and Inspiring Health and Fitness Information

    Ep. 015: Redemption - Travis's Path to Revival, Shedding 40 lbs (After Losing 194 lbs, and Gaining Back 76) & Embracing Inner Growth

    Ep. 015: Redemption - Travis's Path to Revival, Shedding 40 lbs (After Losing 194 lbs, and Gaining Back 76) & Embracing Inner Growth

    In Episode 15, we delve into another inspiring "Client Case Study" featuring Travis, who is currently halfway through his remarkable weight loss journey with CSF, and has already shed an incredible 40lbs.
    But here's the twist: Travis's journey is one of redemption and resilience...
    Having once lost a staggering 194lbs, he knows firsthand the highs and lows of transformation. Despite facing setbacks and regaining 76lbs, Travis's story is a testament to his unwavering determination and spirit!
    Join us as Travis shares his awe-inspiring fitness journey from 375 pounds to conquering his first CrossFit open! 
    Listen as he speaks of his battle through depression and anxiety, and how he discovered nutrition, fitness, and accountability to help transform his mindset, and habits to achieve enduring change. 
    And if that's not enough to keep you hooked, stick around till the end to hear Travis reveal his "BIG DREAM GOAL" that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. 
    Tune in now to listen to Travis's incredible story, and get ready to be inspired!

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    Ep. 014 Client Case Study - How Carol Lost 42lbs & Avoided Weight Loss Surgery

    Ep. 014 Client Case Study - How Carol Lost 42lbs & Avoided Weight Loss Surgery

    Episode 14 is a "Client Case Study" with Carol, who has managed to shed an amazing 42lbs, which ultimately led to her cancelling the appointment to undergo weight loss surgery. 
    Carol opens up about the frustrations and fears she faced, as she started the journey, all shaped by past (unsuccessful) weight loss attempts and yo-yo dieting.
    She also uncovers the specific tools and frameworks she learned, and that she believes were the missing pieces to her success. 
    Carol takes us through the surprising role that strength training, not hours of cardio, has played in her weight loss. And, how her confidence has soared as a result. Not only that, she admits she was never a "gym person" before, and now feels herself itching to get back when she misses a workout. 
    We'll reveal a few details behind the "Reverse Diet/ Metabolic Reset". A strategy where we increased Carol's calories through the holidays, to allow more flexibility. Meanwhile, she continued to drop weight, which was mind-boggling to Carol!
    Pulling from her own experience, Carol wraps up the interview with valuable advice for listeners on their weight loss journey, or those just starting out.
    Finally, stick around till the end, because Carol reveals her "BIG DREAM GOAL", which has nothing to do with her weight, and involves a monumental outdoor challenge. 
    Get ready for an inspiring and actionable episode!

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    Ep. 013 Jess H

    Ep. 013 Jess H

    Are you tired of the constant struggle with fad diets and fleeting results? Join us in episode 13 of the Copper State FIT Podcast as we dive into an inspiring story of transformation with Jess H, a remarkable working mom who found her path to wellness with Copper State FIT.
    In this engaging conversation, Jess takes us through her journey of moving to a new state, navigating the challenges of being a mom to two active boys, and striving to reclaim her health. She shares her frustration with fad diets and the moment she discovered CSF, which has changed her approach to health forever.
    Discover the three key lessons that shaped Jess's transformation:
    Fueling for Success: Learn how Jess shifted her mindset about nutrition, embracing the power of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats as the cornerstone of her diet.
    Moderation Matters: Hear how Jess  found a balance between enjoying her favorite foods and staying committed to her goals, proving that it's possible to indulge without derailing progress.
    The Journey of Patience: Explore the importance of trust and consistency on the path to transformation, as Jess  reflects on her remarkable progress and newfound confidence.
    With an incredible 32lb weight loss, 16 inches shed, and an impressive 14% body fat reduction in just eight months, Jess's story showcases the power of dedication and the life-changing impact of finding the right approach to health and wellness.
    Join us in this episode of the Copper State FIT Podcast as we uncover Jess's journey – a testament to the fact that with the right mindset and a supportive community, anyone can embrace change and thrive.
    READ JESS'S STORY: https://copperstatefit.com/2023/02/jess-h/
    📞 BOOK A FREE CONSULT: https://copperstatefit.com/consult/

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    Ep. 012 Unlock Your (Mindset) Formula

    Ep. 012 Unlock Your (Mindset) Formula

    Have you ever struggled with negative self-talk, self-sabotage, or just have a hard time getting out of your own head?
    Do you give up easily when things don't go just right, or find yourself on the hamster wheel of starting and stopping in the pursuit of your health and fitness goals?
    If so, this episode was made for you!
    I had the pleasure of interviewing Lane Farmer, Head Coach and founder of "The Formula" - A Program designed to inspire, encourage and build athletes up through mindset and character development in the pursuit of excellence.
    Mindset development will unlock doors you thought you could never open. Even if you don't consider yourself an athlete (BTW, we're all athletes).
    So, sit back, listen and take notes as Lane shares his "Secret Formula" to a bulletproof mindset!

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    Ep. 011 Brandi B

    Ep. 011 Brandi B

    Brandi is an English and journalism teacher for a High School in Nebraska where she also coaches unified sports.
    She and her husband, also a school teacher and coach, have a passion for fostering dogs along with the 3 dogs of their own. In her free time - as if she wasn't doing a ton already - Brandi also wears an instructor hat teaching Kickboxing classes.
    As you can imagine, Brandi was already keen on eating "healthy" and she was quite active and "fit". So, her reason for working with Copper State FIT was not to lose weight.
    Instead, Brandi was looking for someone to guide her in optimizing her health through nutrition as she navigated the "mine-field" of her rare disease called EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis).
    For Brandi, living with EoE meant living with allergies to the majority of foods she was accustom to eating. She felt overwhelmed, defeated and stuck! She knew that the restrictions of food choices also meant restrictions in vital nutrients that her body needed.
    To be honest, EoE was new for Copper State FIT too! Brandi was the first which made it SUPER fun and challenging for her coach and our team.
    Now, after working with Copper State FIT for the last 2 and a half years, Brandi has learned exactly what foods to eat to fuel her body without flaring up her EoE and she is thriving!
    I'd love for you to listen to Brandi share her experience of working with Copper State FIT and learning to manage life with EoE.
    BRANDI'S STORY: https://copperstatefit.com/2021/10/brandi-b/

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    Ep. 010 Erin Rieschick

    Ep. 010 Erin Rieschick

    Erin is a married, mother of 4 and also works full-time. Yet, she still makes the time to prioritize her health and fitness to be the best "version of herself" in all areas of life.
    This was Erin's second time through our Nutrition Coaching Program. Her first time was after her 3rd baby and this time after her 4th. She also provides a unique perspective of working with two different CSF coaches.
    In the podcast, Erin gives us an inside look at the challenges she faced along the way and she reveals some great tips and suggestions for staying consistent in the journey.
    Listen to Erin's story here, then see his transformation on our website
    ERIN'S TRANSFORMATION: https://copperstatefit.com/2018/10/erin-rieschick/

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