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Welcome home to the magic and mysteries of your soul. Step into your heart on a deeper level with Danielle Paige as she takes you on a journey through your mind, body, soul, and of course the stars to help you understand you’re more than just a human being - you’re truly a cosmic body.

Cosmic Body is a podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life. Danielle will be looking at the world through a multidimensional lens while giving you practical tools, tips, and life hacks to help you find more peace and purpose on your human journey. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Cosmic Body with Danielle Paige Danielle Paige

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Welcome home to the magic and mysteries of your soul. Step into your heart on a deeper level with Danielle Paige as she takes you on a journey through your mind, body, soul, and of course the stars to help you understand you’re more than just a human being - you’re truly a cosmic body.

Cosmic Body is a podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life. Danielle will be looking at the world through a multidimensional lens while giving you practical tools, tips, and life hacks to help you find more peace and purpose on your human journey. Let’s enjoy the ride!

    Unlocking the Magic of Biomancy: Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science with Azra Bertrand

    Unlocking the Magic of Biomancy: Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science with Azra Bertrand

    Podcast Summary:
    Can the key to healing our bodies and our planet lie in ancient wisdom and modern science?Join us for an enlightening discussion with Azra Bertrand, a renowned author, physician, and mystic, as he unveils the practice of biomancy, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Azra illuminates how rekindling our innate magical abilities can foster healing and deepen our connection with the Earth amidst ecological challenges. Delving into the science of belief, we explore the transformative power of practices like blessing water and challenging inherited belief systems, illustrated by a poignant story of cancer remission.
    From reimagining viruses as catalysts for growth to exploring celestial influences, Azra guides us through a rich tapestry of healing and transformation. We discuss the significance of collaborative communities and introduce a new social app aimed at fostering safe connections. Tune in for a captivating conversation that harmonizes mystical insights with scientific understanding, offering practical tools for personal and collective well-being.

    Guest Info:
    Dr. Azra Bertrand is the Founder of Biomancy University and is a multi-award winning author, healer, teacher and mystic, renowned for his visionary merging of sacred science, myth and cosmology. He holds a degree in research biochemistry, as well as a doctorate from the Duke University School of Medicine.  
    Biomancy University is an educational template of holistic reconnection to the biomagic of our body, and the hidden world of nature that is part of our spiritual ecosystem. Studying Biomancy will awaken your quantum biology so you can activate the innate, regenerative radiance of life force energy, which is your birthright, and reweave yourself into the living intelligence of Gaia. Biomancy is a scientific-magical path that is a new emergence of primal alchemy for our times. It also includes Ecomancy and the Plant Mystery School where earth magic and body magic merge.  
    Learn more about Dr. Azra Bertrand and Biomancy University here: https://azrabertrand.com 
    (04:17 - 06:06) Attracted to the Concept
    (10:51 - 12:34) Embracing Our Magical Gifts
    (20:43 - 22:12) Healing Lyme Through Clearing Beliefs
    (25:50 - 27:50) Healing Through Ancestral and Earth Magic
    (41:07 - 42:14) Activating Spiritual Power for Transformation
    (45:31 - 47:16) Indigenous Healing and Connection to Nature
    (50:50 - 53:06) The Nature of Time as Biology
    (55:06 - 56:00) Causes and Effects of Circadian Chaos
    (01:04:01 - 01:05:52) Magical Solstice Membership and Community

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Navigating Death, Grief, & Finding True Meaning with Todd Belfer

    Navigating Death, Grief, & Finding True Meaning with Todd Belfer

    Podcast Summary:

    Embark on a poignant journey alongside Todd Belfer as he shares his path to sobriety, personal growth, and the profound experience of loss. Listen closely as Todd recounts the pivotal moment when his struggle with alcoholism led to a transformative decision prompted by his wife's ultimatum during her pregnancy. Through his narrative, we witness the transformative power of community support within AA, guiding Todd to reshape his identity and spiritual beliefs, ultimately finding solace amidst the heartbreak of losing his son, Grayson.

    Traverse Todd's deeply personal stories of tragedy, healing, and spiritual awakening as he reveals how Grayson's passing became a catalyst for familial unity and emotional resilience. Explore Todd's insights into the enduring nature of love and the transcendent connections that bind us together. In this heartfelt exchange, delve into broader themes of grief, empathy, and the human experience, while also discovering Todd's entrepreneurial ventures and his commitment to creating meaningful enterprises rooted in healing and compassion.

    Guest Info:
    ​​Todd Belfer is a father of two wonderful boys and 25 years sober.  His passions include helping other men achieve freedom and joy in their lives. Todd is also an active volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and has received national recognition for his work with AIPAC and the Holocaust Museum. He holds degrees in finance and real estate from the University of Arizona.
    Todd is also the host of the The Laundry List Podcast.
    Youtube: @thelaundrylistpodcast

    (00:43 - 01:51) Life After Death
    (10:56 - 11:52) Signs From Grayson Everywhere
    (22:30 - 23:37) Deepening Connection Through Vulnerability
    (26:22 - 28:14) Understanding Past Life Soul Contracts
    (34:02 - 34:56) Overcoming Pain and Finding Purpose
    (40:13 - 41:40) Building a Loving Relationship After Divorce
    (43:16 - 44:23) Spiritual Connections and Frequencies
    (52:04 - 52:49) Creating Businesses With Conscious Awareness
    (59:15 - 01:00:01) Unbreakable Connection Beyond Human Life

    • 1 hr
    The Light Work with Jessica Zweig

    The Light Work with Jessica Zweig

    Podcast Summary:
    Embarking on life's journey often leads to unexpected destinations, a truth exemplified by Jessica Zweig. Joining me, Danielle Paige, on an expedition transcending the ordinary, Jessica's story navigates personal struggles to entrepreneurial triumph. Our conversation reveals battles with body dysmorphia, depression, and the rise from a failed business venture to success with Simply Be Agency.
    As we explore Jessica's spiritual awakening, Egypt emerges as a pivotal backdrop. Amid ancient temples, she discovers inner power, grounded yet transformative. Sharing encounters with celestial beings, including Sekhmet and the Sphinx at dawn, Jessica illustrates how such awakenings lie within us all. Our odyssey extends beyond the pyramids, seeking cosmic understanding. Jessica imparts enlightenment on fulfillment beyond the material, guiding us to revelations of universal love and connection. This episode isn't just a transformation tale; it's a guiding star for those seeking purpose and the power of light.
    Guest Info:
    Unlock your infinite potential in every area of your life and become your own inspiration. Using the concept of Light as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, bestselling author and entrepreneur Jessica Zweig challenges readers to hit the proverbial “light switch" and illuminate their own lives. Rooted in the Pleiadian teachings of Light as “Information,” “Truth,” and “Love,” Jessica’s philosophy teaches readers to name, claim, and reframe their inner darkness in order to unlock their infinite potential and remember who they truly are.
    Jessica Zweig is the founder of a multimillion-dollar business, a bestselling author, and a social media phenomenon—but her path was not an easy one. The Light Work distills the highly-evolved spiritual concepts she learned along the way into practical applications, delivered with Jessica’s signature straight-talk. How-to’s, exercises, and journal prompts interweave with Jessica’s powerful personal story to create a guidebook to a more inclusive, loving, and Light-filled life. 
    Within these pages lies radical self-empowerment, because—as Jessica says—when you can claim all parts of yourself (your dark and your light, your power and your shame, your sh*t and your shine), you become... unstoppable. You become the Lightworker.
    Key Points:
    (00:24 - 01:06) Cosmic Body Podcast Business Coach
    (09:50 - 11:15) Divine Journey and Quick Book Writing
    (21:36 - 23:12) Egypt
    (28:33 - 29:27) Channeling Beauty Beyond Societal Standards
    (33:29 - 33:45) Impact of Early Diet Obsession
    (48:53 - 50:14) Discovering Purpose Through Self-Expression
    (54:04 - 56:16) Live Event and Book Bonuses
    (57:09 - 58:39) Community Event With Danielle and Michael
    (01:00:47 - 01:01:36) Emotional Experience in Ancient Pyramid
    Find Jessica on Instagram: @jessicazweig
    Link to The Light Work Book page:
    Link for pre-order bonus: 

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Building an Empire with the CEO of True Classic

    Building an Empire with the CEO of True Classic

    From a struggling musician to a CEO, Ryan Bartlett's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. His evolution into a digital marketing whiz and the brains behind True Classic tees is a story that resonates with anyone who's grappling with career pivots and personal growth. As I sit down with Ryan on the Cosmic Body Podcast, we reminisce about our shared history and dive into the essence of entrepreneurship, discussing how True Classic was born out of a desire to solve real-world problems rather than just sell a product. His insights are a masterclass in value creation and customer satisfaction that you won't want to miss.
    Negotiation isn't just a skill; it's an art form that can shape the future of a business. In our vibrant discussion, Ryan and I unpack the strategies that can turn the tables in your favor with vendors, and how simplifying your business processes can result in monumental gains. We talk about streamlining from the ground up, shedding light on the nuanced decisions that can refine a company's user experience and conversion rates. For those eager to sharpen their business acumen, this episode is a treasure trove of actionable wisdom.
    Wrapping up, we delve into the indispensable role of emotional intelligence and objectivity in the cutthroat business landscape. Reflecting on the transformative power of customer perspective and adaptability, Ryan and I explore how staying grounded and looking beyond oneself can lead to not just business success but also a gratifying journey of philanthropy. From balancing the demands of work and family to the profound personal growth that comes with the entrepreneurial territory, this episode is a heartfelt reminder of the joy that comes from leadership, authenticity, and the act of giving back. Join us for this inspiring conversation that will ignite your passion for making a difference through your professional and personal endeavors.

    Key Points:
    (05:33 - 06:38) Creating Affordable Premium Quality Clothing
    (23:40 - 24:27) Life Lessons and Business Insights
    (29:25 - 30:39) Power of Curiosity in Innovation
    (32:48 - 34:30) Moving the Needle in Business Operations
    (40:36 - 42:09) Communicating Honestly in Meetings
    (46:32 - 47:15) Leadership and Giving Back
    (50:08 - 51:11) Teacher Wish list Payoff Success
    (57:48 - 59:39) Impact of Giving and Balancing Life
    (01:01:10 - 01:02:36) Value of Quality Time With Family
    (01:05:12 - 01:06:02) Recognizing Personal Growth and Potential

    Ryan Bartlett
    True Classics https://www.trueclassictees.com/
    Instagram: @ryanbartlett

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Talking to the Dead with Rebecca Rosen

    Talking to the Dead with Rebecca Rosen

    Danielle Paige speaks with spiritual medium and clairaudient Rebecca Rosen, who, for the past two decades, has served as an ambassador between the spirit world and our day-to-day world, relaying wisdom and insight from angels, guides, and those who have passed on to people seeking answers in the here and now.
    Key Takeaways
    The veil between heaven and Earth is getting a lot thinner. Every day people are starting to receive downloads.
    It’s important to be mindful of when you are in your own mind. The use of meditation is important to get into a more neutral space where readings are more clear.
    To be in your power means being in the now and not stuck in your head worrying about the future or wondering about the past, but the present.
    When communicating with spirits, there are a host of different ways that communication comes through and it takes time to understand how to interpret things like emotions coming through or even a smell or taste.
    There’s no reason to work with darkness. It can wreak havoc on life outside of reading times.
    Heaven is a feeling, a vibration. Some people go towards that feeling. Some people have unfinished business and so their afterlife feels like summer school.
    Rebecca Rosen
    Connecting With The Other Side
     Rebecca Rosen: Spiritual Medium, Author and Speaker
    “We all have different ways. It’s not a one-size fits all. We all receive psychic downloads differently. And so we have to know ourselves.”
    “We have to raise our vibration. Figure out things that make you feel good. Raise your vibe. Lighten and heighten your energy. For some people it’s going to be being alone. For some people it’s going to be hanging out with friends.”
    “When your root chakra is really solid and grounded and open it immediately expands the crown chakra. And then you have a clear stronger connection to intuition and spirit.”
    Website: www.rebeccarosen.com
    Social Media: @mediumrebeccarosen on Instagram and Facebook

    • 51 min
    Astrology & Consciousness with Pam Gregory

    Astrology & Consciousness with Pam Gregory

    Danielle Paige speaks with legend in astrology, Pam Gregory. Gregory brings her nearly 5 decades of experience in astrology to this episode to discuss the imminent changes in our world. Danielle and Pam discuss what it will mean in the coming years for our world to transition from power of the few to power of all people. Changes in how we travel, how we see the medical world and how we relate with the world around us are all discussed. 
    Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for over 45 years, and runs a very busy astrology practice. She has a popular YouTube channel with updates and interviews, is the author of two best-selling books, You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? and How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. Pam offers several teaching videos available from her website www.pamgregory.com and also writes a long monthly newsletter.
    She is no longer doing client work as she is focused on helping the collective through this huge spiritual transformation. As well as YouTube you’ll find her on Unifyd, MeWe and Facebook with regular astrology updates.
    Key Takeaways
    Pam tells the story of growing up lonely but obsessed with time and moving to Canada at the age of 18 and first learned about astrology.
    March is a remarkable month because Saturn has a 29 year cycle and Pluto has a 248 year cycle both changing signs with the equinox right in the middle.
    Water and who controls it will be very important in the next two years
    Pluto shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius will shift power from government and corporations to the people.
    We will be more united with nature in a Lemurian fashion
    Aquarian energy is about service to others
    Lemuria: The Lost Continent
    Pam Gregory YouTube Page
    “What is most important to say is ‘stay in love’. There’s a big fork in the road right now, where you either take the fork of fear or you take the fork of love.”
    “Judgment is actually a very low frequency. It perpetuates division and separation and ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’. And that isn’t going to help any of us to get anywhere.”

    • 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
645 Ratings

645 Ratings

Krshdbebd ,

I love this work!

Danielle is such an inspiration and she shared wisdom in a way where I feel like she is just talking directly to me, everything I need to hear to keep going and it doesn’t feel like cliche motivation it feels so specific! Her story is so powerful and I’m so grateful she recorded the info! 🙌🏻💜💜🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Mcquiggles ,

Life changing cosmic wisdom

I’ve been following Danielle Paige since I discovered her on a guest episode of That’s So Maven Podcast in 2016. At the time I didn’t believe in astrology, energy, etc. and was disconnected from my spiritual side. Since then, I’ve completely evolved and discovered a new side of myself thanks to Danielle’s wisdom and and guidance across her podcast, IG, and Cosmic Body Collective. Exponential shifts n my life and continuing to grow in abundance. For those that may not agree with her, wait until your consciousness evolves and the message lands. I’m grateful it did for me. Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your gifts with the collective <3

Katnip2718 ,


Love listening to the podcast and all the interesting guests she features!!

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