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Welcome home to the magic and mysteries of your soul. Step into your heart on a deeper level with Danielle Paige as she takes you on a journey through your mind, body, soul, and of course the stars to help you understand you’re more than just a human being - you’re truly a cosmic body.

Cosmic Body is a podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life. Danielle will be looking at the world through a multidimensional lens while giving you practical tools, tips, and life hacks to help you find more peace and purpose on your human journey. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Cosmic Body with Danielle Paige Danielle Paige

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Welcome home to the magic and mysteries of your soul. Step into your heart on a deeper level with Danielle Paige as she takes you on a journey through your mind, body, soul, and of course the stars to help you understand you’re more than just a human being - you’re truly a cosmic body.

Cosmic Body is a podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life. Danielle will be looking at the world through a multidimensional lens while giving you practical tools, tips, and life hacks to help you find more peace and purpose on your human journey. Let’s enjoy the ride!

    How to be loving with Danielle LaPorte

    How to be loving with Danielle LaPorte

    Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, creator of The Desire Map series––the book has been translated into ten languages, a day planner system, and online courses that over 250,000 people have tapped into. There are 500+ Desire Map Facilitators running programs in 23 countries. 
    In this episode of Cosmic Body Podcast, Danielle talks about her newest book, How to Be Loving, and why it’s the perfect book for those who are looking for more understanding about how to live and be true to your spirit. Danielle and Danielle touch on so many topics about consciousness, evolution, the heart connection, a BEAUTIFUL surprise at the end and yes even skin care tips! We talk about it all!
    Key Takeaways
    A little bit about Danielle LaPorte and how she got into doing this kind of work. Danielle got fired from her own company! Wordpress changed Danielle’s life. She was able to take her life into her own hands. The way we think about ‘self-love is not true self-love. Everything is expressed through the heart. The awakening is saying hello to your heart and soul for the first time. Why is it so important to feel everything with love? Our power is in our heart and in our grounding nature. Your higher self is constantly sending you messages, but it’s on you to be ready to receive it. Danielle has gone on a lot of manifesting trips, a lot of them have failed. What happened here? Danielle found the love of her life while writing this book. It’s such a great blessing to keep your heart open. Danielle shares some of her skincare tips!  
    Instagram: daniellelaporte
    Danielle on LinkedIn
    Book: How to Be Loving: As Your Heart Is Breaking Open and Our World Is Waking Up by Danielle LaPorte
    “All this self-helping has really been self-criticism.”
    “Being loving doesn’t mean feeling more, it means feeling everything with love.”
    “At some point, you just have to not fight with people that are determined to misunderstand you. They’re living in an alternative universe.”

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    Animal Power with Alyson Charles

    Animal Power with Alyson Charles

    New podcast alert! Episode 21 is a fun one! Journey with me as I interview Shaman and Author, Alyson Charles, as we talk about all things Animal Power (her new book!)
    On this podcast we talk about:
    -Shamanism and how she get into it in this lifetime
    -Her new book, Animal Power, and how it will help the unity and oneness of all beings
    -The meaning of Bees as they always come around (story on the show!)
    -How to connect with your power animal 
    -What we can learn from them
    -An impromptu reading from her on my current power animal (it’s a fun one!!) 
    -Organizations to support the animals 
    -AND her story on how the animals helped connect her with her current fiancé Luke Storey!
    And So much more!
    Can’t wait for you to listen and share!
    Show notes:
    ANIMAL POWER Book - https://www.alysoncharles.com/animalpower
    *To preorder her book and get the shamanic guided journey go to the link above 

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    Awaken Your Magic with Alea Lovely

    Awaken Your Magic with Alea Lovely

    Grab your cozy blanket and some tea because this conversation will give you all the feels - so much so that we both had tears in our eyes at different points.
    Join me on Cosmic Body Podcast as I introduce you to Alea Lovely, Empath, Medium, Energy Coach and the creator and host of the “Spiritual Shit podcast” as we get deep, raw, and real about awakening, spirituality, self love, and so much more!
    We go deep into our cosmic bodies and talk about how grounding and being IN your body is the most spiritual act you can do for yourself. We also touch on the real truth that sometimes it can be a struggle with body acceptance in the different phases of our journey. 
    You’ll learn about how she began to follow her soul’s call and awaken to her magic after growing up in a very religious household and so much more! Spirits, aliens, psychic protection we talk about it all! 
    You’re going to feel like you’re sitting down next to us! Can’t wait for you to listen!
    Links :
    www.thelovelyalea.com  Instagram.com/thelovelyalea  Manifestthem.com


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    8 Essentials of Conscious Living

    8 Essentials of Conscious Living

    On episode 19 of Cosmic Body Podcast I’m so happy to interview Dr. Tommy John who is a medical freedom activist. Join us as we have a causal talk on all things connected to evolving your soul! 
    On this episode we discuss: 
    8 essentials of conscious living  His birth chart  Why the body loves simple and ancient when it’s healing  Planning your life with intention Daily rituals How to not have a bad day  Relationships - What if they were just experienced rather than always trying to force it to be something?  The current awakening that’s happening  How to be your authentic self  His North node in libra  The new wave of energy coming in More about Aquarius energy that we’re moving into  His surprising answer for what instrument would his body be!  And more!! 
    Dr. Tommy John info:
    Instagram: @drtommyjohn  Website: http://healthfreedomforhumanity.org/  
    Blushield EMF device:
    Use code: cosmicbody for 10% off  Link: https://www.blushield-us.com/?ref=66 Also found on my Instagram link in bio and website.   
    2021 Astrology forecast + meditation + reflective journal

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    Breathwork and Healing from Emotional Trauma

    Breathwork and Healing from Emotional Trauma

    This is such an important episode since breath is life and without it we would not be here in our cosmic bodies having this physical experience. 
    Kurtis Lee Thomas (@manfromthestars) is a corporate mindfulness trainer, #1 best-selling author of The World is Yours, the secrets behind "the secret”, the founder of Breathwork Detox and just released his new book titled, How To Thrive in the age of Anxiety. 
    On this episode we talk about:
    -What breathwork is 
    -Why it’s important to be conscious with it 
    -How breathwork changed his life and anxiety 
    -The main energy center behind your belly button and why it’s important 
    -How unblock energetic channels in your body
    -How emotional trauma is stored and is connected to your physical symptoms 
    -Why we put weight on as protection mechanism 
    -How to get trauma out of your body 
    -The difference between meditation and breathwork 
    -The Sigh!! A simple easy technique to move energy! 
    -And more!
    Please make sure to subscribe, rate, and review! Thank you for your continued love. As above, so below - let’s make this earthly experience a better one! 
    Kurtis’ Links:
    Website: www.ManFromTheStars.com
    IG: @ManFromTheStars
    Mentioned in the show:
    Use code cosmicbody for 10% off 
    Link: https://www.blushield-us.com/?ref=66
    Moon circles: 
    VIP list sign up: 

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    Anxiety Free With Food

    Anxiety Free With Food

    In this episode of Cosmic Body Podcast Danielle interviews Certified Nutritionist and three time best selling Author, Liana Werner-Gray as they go deep into intuitive eating and cancer free foods for your cosmic body!
    On the show Liana breaks everything down in an easy to understand manner! 
    She shares about her health journey - how dealing with cancer at a young age changed her life as well as a growing up in Australia with the Aboriginal and how that influenced her life and teachings. 
    She shares with us that the Aboriginal people understood the concept of food as spirit & an expression of source energy and how you can apply this to your life. Getting back to nature is the way our bodies were meant to be and meant to heal.  
    We also covered, topics such as taking responsibility for your health, the science behind cravings and what they are really doing to your body, colonics and enemas, why beet juice is such a powerful healing tool and the top foods for healing cancer as well as the top foods to avoid!
    After this episode you will have a deeper understanding that everything is connected and everything is a living expression of source energy. Enjoy! This is so important for taking care of your Cosmic Body on Earth! 
    Liana’s bio and links:
    Liana Werner-Gray is a Certified Nutritionist and three-time Best Selling Author of The Earth Diet, Cancer-Free with Food - foreword by Mark Hyman, MD., 10-Minute Recipes and 10-Minute Recipes, publisher Hay House, Random House/Penguin. She is currently working on her latest book Anxiety Free with Food set to release December 2020. 
    Liana overcame many health issues including a tumor, chronic fatigue, digestive issues and weight loss with nutrition, and believes that food is medicine. Liana is the Resident Health and Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness NYC, providing eating plans to patients where she works along side a team of expert providers. 
    Liana regular appears on television providing health tips and recipes including Doctors TV, Dr Oz, The Wendy Williams Show, News 12 NY, NBC, ABC News, CBS, and Fox television networks. She has also been interviewed for Forbes, Yahoo Beauty, Bustle, US Weekly Woman’s Own, Pop Sugar, iHeart Radio, WABC, Podcasts including Dr Gundry, Jim Kwik and Max Lugavere. 
    She is an global speaker including visiting the NYPD often with presentations, schools in the USA, Australia and Bali, a keynote at the Nutrition Therapy Association (NTA), Optimum Nutrition in Chicago, Keto Edge Summit 2018 & 2019, So Northwest Womens Show, Seattle, organic stories around the world, Natural Products Expo East & Expo West, Hay House I Can Do It Conference with Wayne Dyer, Truth About Cancer Live, BlackRock NYY, Publicis, BHP, Barnes and Noble 2017 & 2019.
    Liana was born and raised in Outback Australia, and is based in New York City. To purchase her books or find out more about her work you can contact her here: LianaWernerGray.com

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
616 Ratings

616 Ratings

TeresaDames ,

Danielle is the real deal!

Everything she puts out is honest, straightforward and from the heart. I’m happy she has come out with new episodes can’t wait to hear more.

Dani reed ,

Cosmic Body podcast review

Danielle Paige is so raw and authentic that it gives others courage to do the same. So many times when I’ve listened to her I feel more connected and innerstood. The similarities in our timelines has inspired me to see what is possible and I’m grateful to have our paths cross.

astrology123 ,

Young soul trying to convince you she’s evolved

Danielle knows astrology! That’s it for positive feedback. After 2 years of following her, buying her moon circles etc she became increasingly judgmental and massively insecure. Her content used to bring value- now it’s evolved into a one woman ego show. Like many other self described “spiritual teachers” she slung her free content so you’d buy her monthly moon circles and astrology class but her authenticity lacked. Her constant need for validation was exhausting and it seems the ones who scream the loudest about how evolved they are… are far from. Her podcast is basically a long drawn out autobiography of her not so interesting life. She’s not unique, she’s not evolved, she preaches love, evolution and ascension yet if you call her out she seethes judgement and low energy. I also cannot stand her speech impediment. I hope in her next life, she grows a bit more emotionally and spiritually- but in this life, her pre-pubescent soul needs an upgrade from ego.

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