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Destroy The Hairdresser is an industry podcast dedicated to helping salon owners and hairdressers salon differently.

Destroy The Hairdresser Destroy The Hairdresser

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Destroy The Hairdresser is an industry podcast dedicated to helping salon owners and hairdressers salon differently.

    *Clears Throat* lets talk about retail

    *Clears Throat* lets talk about retail

    In this lively episode of *DTH The Podcast*, hosts David and Cyd dive deep into the intricacies of retail sales within the salon industry. Kicking off with light-hearted banter and a call for a musical jingle, they quickly pivot to tackle a listener's question about choosing the best product price point for a salon.

    David and Cyd leave no stone unturned as they discuss the complexities surrounding retail markups, profit margins, and the economics of stocking products. They explore various angles, including working with product companies that provide sufficient support and ensuring profitable markup percentages. They point out the pitfalls of low markup products and the financial strain of constantly restocking inventory.

    The hosts offer practical solutions, such as leveraging affiliate links and partnering with companies like Hair Story, which provide significant commission without the need for physical stock. They also advocate for creating your own product line through private label companies, highlighting Genesis Private Label as a stellar option.

    A special shoutout goes to a listener, Steph Stylist, who shares her eye-opening experience after crunching her numbers and discovering the hidden costs of her retail efforts. This heartfelt testimonial reinforces the importance of doing the math and making informed financial decisions.

    David and Cyd's candid advice, paired with humorous asides and genuine passion for empowering salon owners, makes this episode both informative and entertaining. Tune in for insights that challenge the status quo and provide actionable steps to revolutionize your salon's retail strategy.

    • 18 min
    Do I stay or do I go

    Do I stay or do I go

    In this heartfelt episode of DTH The Podcast, Cyd and David dive into a listener's dilemma about whether to stay in a small rural town or return to the bustling city life of Los Angeles. Our listener, originally from LA, has faced cultural differences and received negative feedback in their current commission salon, leading to doubts about their professional judgment and overall confidence.

    Cyd and David explore the complexities of discrimination in both small towns and big cities, the importance of sticking to one's professional expertise, and the potential benefits of becoming a "big fish in a small pond." They discuss the pros and cons of returning to LA, emphasizing the value of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces, even in the face of adversity.

    The hosts also provide valuable advice on handling negative reviews, leveraging constructive feedback, and considering alternative salon environments. They encourage the listener to assess their core reasons for moving and to consider opening their own salon as a way to foster a safer, more supportive space for both clients and professionals.

    Listeners looking for resources on creating inclusive environments are directed to Dress Code Project and Texture vs. Race. For those contemplating opening a salon, Cyd and David offer their support and expertise.

    Tune in for an episode filled with empathy, practical tips, and inspiring ideas for navigating professional challenges in the hairstyling industry.

    • 17 min
    DTH Sits down with Coach Kat Scott

    DTH Sits down with Coach Kat Scott

    Hosts Cyd and David sit down with their fellow host and coach, Kat Scott, to discuss her transformational journey in the hairdressing industry. Kat shares the pivotal moments that led her to seek coaching, putting pride aside to address financial pressures and past failures. With the guidance of a coach, Kat gained self-awareness, fulfillment, and clarity, which profoundly impacted her business practices.

    The episode delves into Kat's battle with fear and uncertainty, particularly regarding new pricing strategies and transitioning from color to extension services. She redefined her value based on expertise rather than retail sales, viewing extensions as a luxury service. Confidence in her worth and new pricing strategies led to increased success.

    Cyd, Kat, and David talk about the challenges of self-awareness, accountability, and genuine self-intention, emphasizing the need for personal motivation and decision-making over external blame. They discuss the ongoing necessity for support and individual growth, and the misconception of quick fixes, highlighting that true freedom comes from self-awareness, financial success, and fulfillment.

    Kat recounts the confusion of her suitemates about her dynamic working environment, the importance of trust and self-reliance in the industry, and her motivation to help fellow stylists through coaching. They highlight the program's unique focus on emotional intelligence and personalized decision-making, advising listeners to ask questions and cautiously implement changes.

    Kat summarily emphasizes listening to one's own voice, seeking clarity for those who are unsure or indecisive, and the importance of preparation for business complexities. She shares her initial skepticism, attempts to manage solo, and eventual success with coaching support.

    The episode also explores the advantages of operating a micro salon, Rosewood, and how it offers increased profitability and team support over a solo suite. The hosts wrap up with excitement for Kat's future success and launch of her upcoming salon, sharing the Hairdresser Hotline number for listener engagement.

    Join the conversation to learn from Kat's experiences, the value of self-awareness, and the importance of seeking support in your business journey.

    • 36 min
    Am I in coaching or a cult?

    Am I in coaching or a cult?

    In this episode, hosts Cyd and David tackle the fine line between coaching and cult-like behavior in various coaching programs. They kick off the episode with a light-hearted mention of their obsession with Sabrina Carpenter's espresso song, delving into a humorous debate about its lyrics.

    The main discussion revolves around the influence of social media influencers who claim to make staggering amounts of money in short periods and the ethical implications of such marketing tactics. Cyd explains "pain point marketing" and its effectiveness, albeit manipulative and potentially harmful.

    The hosts also discuss how some coaching programs promise unrealistic results, often leading participants to disappointment if they don't achieve the same success. They emphasize the importance of critical thinking, personal accountability, and adaptability in any business venture. Furthermore, they draw a distinction between coaching and consulting, urging listeners to carefully evaluate the promises of any program before joining.

    Listeners are encouraged to participate through the Hairdresser Hotline with questions, rants, and feedback, all of which will be discussed anonymously on future episodes.

    The episode serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering joining a coaching program, underscoring the need for due diligence and self-awareness.

    • 16 min
    Freedom vs. Anarchy

    Freedom vs. Anarchy

    In this engaging episode of DTH The Podcast, hosts Cyd and David tackle the hot topic of "Freedom vs. Anarchy" in the salon business. Responding to a multitude of questions from the Premiere Orlando show, they explore why many stylists are moving towards rental spaces and how salon owners can adapt to retain their talent.

    Cyd and David discuss the critical balance between offering freedom and maintaining order, advocating for a shift away from micromanagement towards creating environments where personal responsibility thrives. They argue that a successful salon owner must hire individuals who respect the principles of freedom and responsibility and let go of those who cannot.

    The episode also emphasizes the importance of always being in a state of hiring to prevent last-minute staffing crises and the necessity of clear communication during the hiring process. The conversation extends into broader business insights, including the pitfalls of excessive rules and the importance of owner freedom in a thriving salon.

    Tune in to hear practical strategies, humorous anecdotes, and thought-provoking analogies that will inspire salon owners to rethink their management styles and create more balanced, respect-driven workplaces.

    • 17 min
    How to get along with others

    How to get along with others

    In this episode, David and Cyd tackle a common workplace dilemma: navigating relationships with colleagues and bosses. Taking a listener's text about hating their boss but not wanting to quit, the hosts dive deep into the importance of communication, respect, and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Whether you're a stylist, salon owner, or anyone working in a team environment, this episode offers actionable insights on maintaining professional relationships, setting boundaries, and fostering a healthy work atmosphere without compromising personal growth or job satisfaction. Plus, the hairdresser hotline is open for your questions, rants, and raves!

    Got a workplace dilemma? Text or call us at 201-564-5007.

    • 17 min

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
135 Ratings

135 Ratings

Naples mom ,

Love DTH

This is the BEST, most real podcast for hairdressers and salon owners. It is not for the faint of heart, or if you have toxic belief systems, it may trigger you. When you’re ready to take some personal responsibility, this will become your favorite podcast EVER. May change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. LOVE!!!

MeggieT5 ,


I’ve tried find good in your advice. In my 20 years in the industry, I have seen quite a bit of change and I do believe things should evolve with the times. However ALL of the most successful salons have evolved with the times and still sell retail (with profits to pay for things like education, salon updates, team building trips etc) they don’t have confusing hourly rates with titles like “high tea hour” and people can just book their hilight. The way you talk about people who don’t take your advice is bullying and you come off very shady with your connections to your affiliate link recommendations.

jarrodmelloncamp ,


Probably the least experienced “coaches” in the beauty business giving some of the most hurtful advice to people that may not know better. Stay away from this advice. This is the epitome of toxic information

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