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Welcome to Drama Free Healthy Living with Jess Cording, a registered dietitian, health coach, and author. We'll talk about easy ways to upgrade your life, streamline your wellness routine, and explore health and diet trends.

Drama-Free Healthy Living With Jess Cording Jessica Cording, MS, RD, CDN, INHC

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Welcome to Drama Free Healthy Living with Jess Cording, a registered dietitian, health coach, and author. We'll talk about easy ways to upgrade your life, streamline your wellness routine, and explore health and diet trends.

    Episode 215: The Surprising Neuroscience of Manifestation w/ Dr. James R. Doty

    Episode 215: The Surprising Neuroscience of Manifestation w/ Dr. James R. Doty

    📌Make sure to check out James’ mental health app Happi here: happi.ai

    In this episode of the Drama Free Healthy Living podcast, host Jess Cording interviews Dr. James R. Doty, a professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University and founder of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE).

    Dr. Doty, also a New York Times bestselling author, discusses his insights on the neuroscience of manifestation and the misconceptions surrounding it. They delve into the physiological impacts of intentional and unintentional manifestation, the importance of compassion in enhancing manifestation abilities, and the role of self-awareness and emotion regulation.

    Dr. Doty shares personal anecdotes, including his transformative experience from a challenging childhood to achieving material success yet finding true fulfilment in being of service to others. They also touch on systemic issues in healthcare, the benefits of compassion in clinical practice, and innovative mental health solutions being developed by Dr. Doty.

    🖋️ Some key points 
    (01:49) Discussion on Manifestation
    (07:38) Personal Stories and Reflections
    (19:54) Understanding Unintentional Manifestation
    (23:04) The Science Behind Manifestation
    (29:46) The Influencer Culture Crisis
    (31:00) The Power of Authenticity
    (31:48) Energy and Its Impact
    (34:26) Compassion in Healthcare
    (41:07) The Reality of Physician Burnout
    (48:38) Manifesting a Healthier Life
    (51:09) The Importance of Gratitude
    (51:32) Final Thoughts and Resources

    James R. Doty BIO
    James R. Doty, M.D., FACS, FICS, FAANS is a renowned American neurosurgeon, neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He retired as a distinguished professor of neurosurgery in 2020 having been affiliated with Stanford University since 1997.

    🌎 Connect with James Doty

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jamesrdotymd/?hl=en
    Homepage and books: jamesrdotymd.com 
    Mental health app happi.ai (currently being tested)

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    Episode 214: Food Freedom and Business Growth w/ Deanna Wolfe

    Episode 214: Food Freedom and Business Growth w/ Deanna Wolfe

    📌 Check out Deanna’s exclusive program “Online Entrepreneur Academy” (https://dietitiandeanna.com/online-entrepreneur-academy ) 
    In this episode of the Drama Free Healthy Living Podcast, host Jess Cording sits down with Deanna Wolfe, a registered dietitian, business coach, and pioneer in the online health space.

    Deanna shares her journey from working as a hospital dietitian to founding her own business focused on food freedom and business coaching.

    They discuss the challenges and realities of being a dietitian today, balancing work and life, managing mom guilt, and overcoming imposter syndrome.

    Deanna also talks about the importance of setting boundaries, charging what you're worth, and the value of hiring support. Tune in to learn about Deanna's programs and get inspired by her insights on creating a sustainable and successful business in the health and wellness industry.

    🖋️ Some key points 
    (00:35) Introducing Deanna Wolfe: Business Coach and Online Health Pioneer
    (01:37) Deanna's Journey: From Hospital Dietitian to Food Freedom Advocate
    (10:25) Navigating Imposter Syndrome and Money Mindset
    (20:29) The Journey of Pivoting in Business and Life
    (21:05) Overcoming Perfectionism and Taking Action
    (23:31) The Importance of Niching Down
    (24:41) Hiring Support and Overcoming Mom Guilt
    (28:02) Emotional Presence and Family Dynamics
    (32:16) Charging Your Worth and Making Changes
    (34:24) Exploring Deanna's Programs and Offerings
    (36:53) Defining Healthy Living
    (37:46) Final Thoughts and Farewell

    Deanna Wolfe BIO: 

    Deanna is a business coach and pioneer in the online space, creating a loyal community of over 300K through her Instagram and TikTok  @DietitianDeanna and blog, dietitiandeanna.com, and her top 10 mental health podcast DEATS with Deanna where her audience trusts her with sound non-diet nutrition advice and health entrepreneur inspiration. Deanna is featured as "The Most Influential People in Wellness of 2022" by Ness.
    Deanna helps dozens of coaches, nutrition, fitness and health professionals grow a sustainable online business in her Online Entrepreneur Academy. She is regularly featured in articles from Health Magazine, The Today Show, the New York Post and speaks to many dietetic & entrepreneur focused organizations. 
    As a speaker, writer, 7 figure business owner, food freedom activist, and coach, Deanna takes her Instagram community along her compelling journey of disordered eating, motherhood & business growth.

    🌎 Connect with Deanna Wolfe

    IG: @dietitiandeanna  https://www.instagram.com/dietitiandeanna/?hl=en
    Website: https://dietitiandeanna.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/dietitiandeanna
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deanna-wolfe-ma-lwmc-cpt-8ab52b1a
    Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/deats-with-deanna-discussions-around-food/id1582740459

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    Episode 213: Low-Carb Dietary Innovations and Healthy Living w/ Arash Hashemi

    Episode 213: Low-Carb Dietary Innovations and Healthy Living w/ Arash Hashemi

    In this episode of Drama Free Healthy Living, host Jess Cording speaks with Arash Hashemi, the creator of Kaizen, the world's lowest carb, highest protein rice and pasta, and the founder of the online community Shred Happens. Arash shares his inspiring journey from being a Fortune 100 finance executive weighing 350 pounds to transforming his life and health through diet, mindset, and lifestyle changes.

    The discussion covers his favorite Persian dishes, the evolution of Kaizen foods, and the importance of finding sustainable, enjoyable ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Arash also talks about the mental challenges associated with weight loss and the role of social media in shaping perceptions about health and fitness. The episode emphasizes the importance of adapting to life changes and maintaining a positive, practical approach toward health goals.

    🖋️ Some key points 
    00:41 Guest Introduction: Arash Hashemi
    01:10 Arash's Health Journey
    02:13 Persian Cuisine Favourites
    04:11 Creating Kaizen: The Healthiest Pasta
    05:29 Jess's Personal Health Adventure
    08:49 Arash's Weight Loss Strategies
    18:08 Mental Shifts and Small Goals
    20:40 The Reality of Fitness on Social Media
    21:18 Practicality in Fitness Goals
    23:37 Adapting to Life's Changes
    26:20 Weight Loss Surgery Considerations
    28:44 The Mental Aspect of Food
    30:55 Kaizen Foods: A Healthier Option
    34:18 Defining Healthy Living

    Arash Hashemi BIO

    Arash Hashemi is the creator of Kaizen, the world’s lowest-carb and highest protein rice and pasta, and the personality and recipe developer behind @Shredhappens, an online social media community of millions. 
    A former Fortune 100 finance executive, Arash battled an unhealthy relationship with food for all of his adult life. In 2017 at 350 lbs., he decided to leave his flourishing finance career and devote himself to getting healthy and changing not only his diet, but mindset and lifestyle. 
    With no immediate plans other than losing weight and discovering health, Arash began @ShredHappens as a simple accountability tool to share recipes and chronicle his weight loss. He fell in love with creating and sharing healthier versions of his favorite foods. The Instagram account quickly grew into an engaged online community, which allowed Arash to focus solely on his passion: creating healthy recipes, often with a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern spin, reflecting his Persian roots.
    Despite his remarkable success, Arash missed his favorite food – pasta. He could not find an alternative that suited his new dietary lifestyle. He and his wife Madalina were determined to create an option that would satisfy his cravings and meet his needs. 
    After years of fine-tuning, Arash and Madalina introduced Kaizen Food Company’s pasta and rice in 2021. Kaizen is a continuous improvement philosophy, which places emphasis on small, consistent changes – like what drove the success of Arash’s health journey. Kaizen is the world’s lowest-carb, highest-protein gluten- and grain-free pasta. Made with lupini beans, Kaizen has 85% fewer carbs and three times the protein of traditional pasta. 
    Arash resides in Amherst, MA, with his wife Madalina and enjoys traveling the globe in search of inspiring cuisines and time with their two dogs.

    🌎 Connect with Arash Hashemi

    Social media links 
    Kaizen: https://www.instagram.com/kaizenfoodco/
    ShredHappens: https://www.instagram.com/shredhappens/
    Kaizen: https://www.facebook.com/KaizenFoodCo
    ShredHappens: https://www.facebook.com/shredhappens
    ShredHappens: https://www.tiktok.com/@ketorecipes

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    Episode 211: Trauma Healing and Embracing Self-Love w/ Karena Kilcoyne

    Episode 211: Trauma Healing and Embracing Self-Love w/ Karena Kilcoyne

    📌Grab a copy of “Rise Above the Story” HERE
    In this episode of 'Drama Free, Healthy Living' host Jess Cording, a registered dietitian, health coach, and author, talks with Karena Kilcoyne, a former trial lawyer turned wellness expert and writer, about trauma healing and establishing a more balanced relationship with food and fitness.

    Kilcoyne shares her personal journey from facing traumatic experiences and her transformation into a wellness advocate. She discusses the importance of acknowledging trauma and taking steps to heal, the role of the stories we tell ourselves, and how these narratives shape our lives.

    Kilcoyne emphasizes the importance of releasing suppressed emotional energy and rewriting limiting stories to find true peace and emotional freedom. The conversation covers a range of topics from early career challenges, the impact of trauma on personal and professional life, to self-care essentials and the significance of acknowledging and honoring emotions. Jess and Karina explore how trauma affects daily life and relationships and offer insights into creating a supportive environment for healing in both personal and professional settings. They conclude with the definition of healthy living as tapping into self-love and changing negative brain patterns.

    🖋️ Some key points 
    (00:37) Deep Dive into Trauma Healing with Karena Kilcoyne
    (02:35) Journey from Law to Wellness
    (03:17) The Power of Storytelling in Healing Trauma
    (06:27) Exploring the Impact of Trauma on Daily Life
    (11:40) Taking the First Steps Towards Healing
    (22:33) The Role of Therapy and Self-Awareness in Recovery
    (30:22) Creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace
    (35:02) Self-Care and Emotional Honouring in Healing
    (37:55) Connecting with Karina and Closing Thoughts

    Karena Kilcoyne BIO

    Karena Kilcoyne is a former trial lawyer who specialized in criminal defense, including complex white-collar and civil litigation in federal and state courts. Later in her practice, she worked as in-house counsel for a publicly traded worldwide manufacturing company.
    Karena now passionately shares her own personal story of trauma and healing. Through vivid, evocative, and transparent storytelling, she teaches others how to rise above their own stories and find true peace and emotional freedom. She shares these powerful ideas through video and personal posts on Facebook and Instagram. Karena also corresponds regularly with the subscribers of her email newsletter.

    When she’s not helping others rise above their stories, she’s curating a colorful life full of books and art from far-flung places. Karena lives in Florida with her husband, David, and their furry son, Irwin.

    Learn more about Karena HERE. See VIDEO of Karena discussing the book.

    🌎 Connect with Karena Kilcoyne

    Website: riseabovethestory.com 
    Social media: @karenakilcoyne

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    Episode 212: Stress-Fighting Travel Snacks

    Episode 212: Stress-Fighting Travel Snacks

    Welcome to The Drama-Free Healthy Living Podcast! In today's episode, we're diving into the world of travel stress and how to eat well on the go. Whether you're jet-setting across the globe or embarking on a road trip adventure, we've got you covered with practical tips and delicious food suggestions to keep you fueled and feeling your best. Here's what we'll cover: 
    Segment 1: Acknowledge the Stress
    Traveling can be overwhelming, but it's okay to feel stressed.
    We discuss the challenges of overstimulation and anxiety during travel.
    Emphasize the importance of acknowledging stress without beating yourself up about it.
    Segment 2: Fuel Your Body
    Eating well is crucial for managing stress while traveling.
    Highlight the stress-fighting properties of certain foods.
    Prioritize blood sugar balance, hydration, and stress-fighting ingredients in your meals.
    Share personal favorites like greens powder for convenience.
    Segment 3: Have a Plan
    Planning ahead is key to eating well on the go.
    Discuss strategies for finding healthy options at airports or packing snacks for the journey.
    Recommend using insulated lunch bags to keep perishables fresh.
    Segment 4: What to Eat
    Let go of perfection and focus on stable blood sugar levels.
    Offer a variety of travel-friendly food options, including eggs, nuts & seeds, berries, leafy greens, oily fish, whole grains, yogurt, avocado, and raw vegetables.
    Highlight the importance of nutrient density and convenience.
    Segment 5: Snack Combos
    Provide quick and easy snack combinations for busy travelers.
    Discuss the benefits of hummus & veggies, yogurt with nuts or fruit, and nut butter with banana, apple, or crackers.
    Encourage listeners to experiment with different flavor combinations and find what works best for them.
    As you embark on your next travel adventure, remember that eating well doesn't have to be complicated. By acknowledging stress, fueling your body with nutritious foods, having a plan in place, and packing smart snack options, you can stay energized and nourished no matter where your journey takes you. Thanks for tuning in to [Podcast Name]! Safe travels, and bon appétit! 🌍✈️
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    Episode 210: Navigating ADHD with An AI-Assisted Life Coach w/ Shimmer founder Chris Wang

    Episode 210: Navigating ADHD with An AI-Assisted Life Coach w/ Shimmer founder Chris Wang

    📌Check the Shimmer website HERE (https://www.shimmer.care/) 
    In this episode of Drama Free Healthy Living with Jess Cording, host and registered dietitian Jess Cording interviews Chris Wang, the founder of Shimmer, an AI-assisted ADHD life coaching platform.

    They delve into Christal's personal journey with ADHD, diagnosed at 29, and how it led to the creation of Shimmer aimed at helping others cope and thrive.

    Key topics include navigating ADHD symptoms, understanding its impact on daily functioning and relationships, and exploring self-care essentials for those affected by ADHD.

    The discussion also covers gender differences in ADHD presentation, the process of getting diagnosed, and the importance of advocacy. Highlighting Shimmer's unique approach to ADHD coaching and personal self-care insights, the episode offers valuable support and resources for individuals with ADHD and those seeking to understand more about the condition.

    🖋️ Some key points 
    (00:37) Deep Dive into ADHD with Chris Wang
    (00:42) Understanding ADHD: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Personal Journeys
    (14:18) Navigating ADHD: Strategies and Self-Care
    (16:50) Introducing Shimmer: A New Approach to ADHD Coaching
    (22:16) Personal Insights and Self-Care Essentials for ADHD

    Christal Wang BIO
    For Chris Wang, she was 29 when she was diagnosed with ADHD. While a light went off with the diagnosis, she lived most of her life feeling frustrated and like she was failing. Now, she's on a mission to help women just like her. 
    Chris created Shimmer, an AI-assisted, ADHD live coaching platform that meets women where they are in life, helps them cope, stay accountable and see real results. They have already helped thousands of women – 83% of their members have reported improvement in symptoms in just six weeks. Shimmer is affordable too, costing up to 10 times less than traditional coaching methods.

    🌎 Connect with Christal Wang

    Shimmer https://www.shimmer.care/
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/adhd.christal/
    LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/wangchristal
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shimmer.health
    X https://twitter.com/shimmer_care

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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Deirdre Tshien ,

One to add to your rotation

Navigating nutrition can be complex, but this podcast offers insightful discussions and actionable tips that make sense of it all. A great listen for anyone looking to understand their relationship with food a bit better. Deirdre

TessaMTovar ,

Love this podcast

Jessica has such a refreshing and honest approach to interviewing and story telling! I especially love the new year episode regarding “things to let go of”! I feel light already.

Kathleen Gage ,

Nice cross section of experts

Wow! Such a nice cross section of experts on the show. Jessica covers a wide array of topics as they pertain to health and fitness. Great job.

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