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The Durable Dad podcast gives men the skills and tools they need to be rock solid for their family, their work and their community.

Durable Dad with Tommy Geary Tommy Geary

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The Durable Dad podcast gives men the skills and tools they need to be rock solid for their family, their work and their community.

    058: Get More Buddies in Your Life

    058: Get More Buddies in Your Life

    If you feel isolated, you’re not the only one. 
    We don’t make friends as easily as we did in high school and college. 
    Yet, having guys at your back – guys you can count on – is something every man can use in his life. 
    To talk about real stuff – below the surface conversations. 
    To check in when things are rough. 
    All men need that. 
    Today’s episode talks about the benefits of fellowship vs friendship, and how to go about creating both in your life. 

    • 9 min
    057: Rules for an Apology

    057: Rules for an Apology

    Learning to say you’re sorry is one of the best tools you can have in your tool belt.
    Because we all screw up. Especially with our kids.
    If we learn how to apologize, not only do we build trust and respect with our kids, but we model what it means to own up to our mistakes. 
    Today, I’m going to cover five rules that’ll help you apologize effectively:
    1: It’s never too late.
    2: Don’t do it while you’re still heated.
    3: Don’t blame your kid
    4: Don’t apologize for your anger. Apologize for your actions.
    5: Drop your expectations.

    • 10 min
    056: A Reminder for Dads

    056: A Reminder for Dads

    Our calendars reflect our priorities.

    So take a look at your calendar – Is it full of appointments that matter?

    For most guys, what matters more than anything is your relationship with your wife and kids. Quality time with your family.

    But if you're like most guys, that time is tough to squeeze in on a regular basis.

    We let soccer practice, work meetings, and our phones get in the way. 

    This podcast is a reminder of what matters most.

    Your kids are only this age once. Tune in for motivation to make a shift so you don't look back at this year and wonder what you did with it.

    • 10 min
    055: 4 Tactics to Stop Avoiding Conflict

    055: 4 Tactics to Stop Avoiding Conflict

    Why do some of us avoid conflict? Especially with our wife?
    The main reason is because we look at conflict as a competition. 
    We wanna be right.
    And if we’re not going to be right, then we avoid the conversation altogether. 
    This doesn’t strengthen the relationship. 
    Today's episode will teach you 4 ways to communicate better with your spouse and CONNECT when there’s a disagreement:
    Don’t look at it as a competition. No one “wins” or “loses.”Don’t take it personally. It’s not about your competence or level of smartness. It’s about getting on the same page.Communicate your thoughts. You have an opinion. Share it… respectfully. Agree to create safety. This means respect and sticking around for the conversation.It might feel like a stretch, but conflict will actually bring the two of you closer.

    • 15 min
    054: "I miss life before my wife and kids."

    054: "I miss life before my wife and kids."

    "Life was easier without my wife and kids."

    This thought might bubble up, especially when your to-do list is overwhelming and work pressure is high.

    It's an urge to go back to simpler times with less responsibilities and less people to take care of. 

    It's not a thought men are proud of. Not something they talk about.

    Yet, talking about it and giving it some airtime is usually the most helpful way to navigate it.

    The more we shove it down, the louder it tends to get. Then it's running in our subconscious mind and dictating our actions. 

    We're easily annoyed and build up resentment toward situations or people at home. 

    In today's episode, we lean on Dr. Richard Schwartz's "parts" work to help understand why the thought is there, and how to quiet it down so we can be a solid dad and husband.  

    • 12 min
    053: Need Less

    053: Need Less

    Money can't buy happiness. We know, we know, we know. 

    YET, our brains (and social media) talk us out of this wisdom daily. Hourly. 

    Today's episode of the Durable Dad podcast will take you closer to that freedom of needing less. 

    It's not about making less money. It's NEEDING less that feels good.

    A lot of men create their own pressure just by wanting more.

    Tune in to loosen the grip finances have on you so you can earn your money from a place of freedom and gratitude rather than pressure.

    • 13 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

JB Denver ,

Awesome podcast for men, for brevity and for getting better

I was introduced to Tommy recently and was excited to listen to his podcast for a couple of reasons. Not only is he a straight shooter and gets right to the point, he’s real, he’s vulnerable and focuses on brevity in his podcasts. Most episodes are between 12 and 20 minutes (all I’ve listened to so far are 12-15), so it’s really easy to take in at the gym, the car or while walking the dog. You’ll appreciate his subject matter, his expert resources and great takeaways to be a better man, dad and human being.

P. Sorensen ,

Short but powerful

The Durabke Dad podcast is the perfect length to give you valuable advice while leaving you with a lot to think about when it ends. I highly recommend this for both moms and dads as well as anyone just trying to be a better you.

Todarm ,

Totally Durable

Tommy reveals insights to our everyday reactions to situations we find in life. He will probably make you question decisions and some of your past actions with work and family.

But, who taught us that!

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