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In depth discussion of Essential Craftsman videos, related topics, spec house series, and more.

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In depth discussion of Essential Craftsman videos, related topics, spec house series, and more.

    Dealing with Risk as a Contractor: Dean Kilgore

    Dealing with Risk as a Contractor: Dean Kilgore

    Nate and Scott met Dean in the Essential Craftsman Academy twice monthly zoom chat. Dean is an attorney in Texas with decades of experience in litigation and is now working in mediation. He works with many general contractors and people in the trades and was willing to share a lot of information and tips for staying out of the court room.
    0:00 Intro
    2:20 Litigation & mediation
    4:53 Handshake not enough
    9:10 Details & quality matter
    10:31 GC owns the risk
    13:45 Sense when it feels risky
    17:50 Spouse A & Spouse B
    21:20 Lawyer advice on the front end
    25:29 Documentation
    28:18 Guessing & clarity
    32:00 Job delay claims
    36:08 Nate learns lessons
    37:51 Protecting against the bad ones
    39:54 Skilled insurance broker
    41:53 Best time to pull payments
    44:38 This makes me uncomfortable
    46:40 Ultimate honesty & trust
    51:55 Know these 3 things
    56:01 In your wheel house
    57:57 The process of mediation
    1:04:30 Commercial detailed contracts
    1:09:50 Evolution of your business risk
    1:11:22 Do you have question for Dean?
    1:13:44 Dean's blacksmithing projects

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Some of the Great Blacksmiths Who Kept The Craft Alive with Bob Bergman & EC

    Some of the Great Blacksmiths Who Kept The Craft Alive with Bob Bergman & EC

    Scott and Nate talk with Bob about his 52 years blacksmithing and running a sawmill. Scott and Bob have been friends for years and share many common interests. They discuss blacksmithing mentors and so much more.
    0:00 Intro
    2:00 Currently blacksmithing
    3:10 VIP blacksmiths
    27:37 Bragging rights
    32:30 Sharing knowledge
    36:44 Woodpecker sawmill
    1:02:31 Forging an anvil
    1:05:05 Visiting British blacksmiths
    1:15:48 Where to find
    Bob's YouTube channel:

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Grass is Greener, and Worms: Natalie Argo

    Grass is Greener, and Worms: Natalie Argo

    Nate shares some thoughts about career paths and paradoxes, and changing seasons. Nate also chats then Natalie, and expert on worms, about worm castings, composting and all things garden.
    0:00 Career Paradoxes
    5:48 Change of Season
    8:44 Worm castings
    10:12 Composting components
    12:07 Vermicomopost
    13:13 Screening the castings
    15:23 Natalie's background
    16:26 Small spaces
    17:43 Mass production
    19:13 Worm species
    20:41 Increasing food yields
    22:23 Why worm castings?
    24:41 Worm maintenance
    26:20 Wood chips & soil
    29:57 Worm myths & characteristics
    32:28 Where to find
    Instagram: @heyyitsagoodlife
    YouTube: Hey It's a Good Life
    Website: https://heyitsagoodlife.com/
    The Gardener's Guide To Worm Farming Course: receive 30% off by using the code ESSENTIAL30 at check out.

    • 33 min
    Making A Living From Blacksmithing: Ryan Sanden

    Making A Living From Blacksmithing: Ryan Sanden

    Nate and EC chat with Ryan about Stagecoach Farm and Forge (Ryan's blacksmithing business) the cookware he makes and how Ryan and EC both turned their blacksmithing hobbies into something much more.
    0:00 Intro
    :43 Background
    4:12 Cookware & gambling
    7:36 Billable work
    9:30 Cy & installation
    10:55 Bidding iron work
    14:18 Custom v repeat work
    17:28 Creating & branding
    19:32 High end work
    23:40 Priceless & timeless
    33:22 Hobby into business
    40:32 Buying tools
    45:07 Marketing
    53:32 Wrap up
    Instagram: @stage_coach_farm_forge
    Website: https://stagecoachforge.com/home-page
    EC videos mentioned in podcast:
    Making a Carbon Steel Pan with Stagecoach Farm and Forge
    Forged Pan and Blacksmith Course Giveaway

    • 55 min
    Engineering in the U.S. Coast Guard: Jeff Zamarin

    Engineering in the U.S. Coast Guard: Jeff Zamarin

    Nate met Jeff during a Live Chat inside the Essential Craftsman Academy. In this interview they chat about engineering, the pros and cons of serving in the Coast Guard and much more.
    0:00 Intro
    3:22 Background
    8:33 Merchant
    9:44 Responsibilities
    14:12 Agreements
    15:41 Academy & training
    19:13 Types of engineering
    26:16 Overlap with trades
    30:27 Ship operations
    37:58 Pros & cons
    45:23 Career now
    48:20 Resources & advocacy
    52:55 Naval architecture
    55:36 Fork in the road
    57:38 Craftsmanship & mentor
    1:01:42 gocoastguard.com

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Interior Design - Making Beautiful Rooms: Kaitlyn Wolfe

    Interior Design - Making Beautiful Rooms: Kaitlyn Wolfe

    Nate talks with Kaitlyn about some basic advice for interior design, how to avoid trends and much more.
    0:00 Intro
    2:31 Copy cat
    3:35 Contractors & design
    5:31 Outdated
    6:47 Photos
    8:12 Opinions
    11:42 Basic advice
    15:38 Balance
    17:59 Trendy v classic
    23:43 When to hire
    27:38 Trial & error
    30:17 Aesthetic
    32:00 Having favorites
    34:41 Current projects
    IG:  @iconic design build 
    Website: www.iconicdesignbuild.com
     @Light and Dwell Interiors 

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
336 Ratings

336 Ratings

Sawdust makr ,


Love the podcast. Have learned so much. Really enjoyed the episode with Rob Cosman!

photovoltaic scrimp ,

Best podcast in the trades

Just wish they had the time to make more!

Snarpalous ,

Civil Engineer in the GC World

Nate and Scott- discovering your YouTube channel and podcast has been such a delight for me. I first saw your video of skilsaw pro tips and thought “who is this guy handling a skilsaw like it’s a colt 45”. I’ve enjoyed following along with the whole spec house series and I have applied so many things from your videos to my career as a Project Engineer/ Asst Superintendent working for a GC in the water/wastewater/landfill field. I love the hands on style videos of actual work, and I’ve also loved some of the videos where Scott describes how to deal with subcontractors, what is a GC, what is Civil Engineering, the values of heavy machinery, and the list goes on. You have instilled a new level of pride and motivation in me to do a good job. I look forward to the future, and I feel I would enjoy any direction that your content goes....because I truly enjoy and appreciate you guys as people. Merry Christmas to you all.

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