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This podcast features people with chronic health conditions as they share their positive coping tools and practitioners of mind-body and/or alternative health who have helped people with a chronic health condition.

Glass Half Full with Leslie Krongold, Ed.D‪.‬ Leslie@GlassHalfFull.online (Leslie Krongold, Ed.D.)

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This podcast features people with chronic health conditions as they share their positive coping tools and practitioners of mind-body and/or alternative health who have helped people with a chronic health condition.

    Movement is Medicine: Get Your Daily Dose

    Movement is Medicine: Get Your Daily Dose

    It's the May Movement Challenge! This episode explains all you need to know about the #MayMovementChallenge2021 featuring Stanford University's Research Physical Therapist, Tina Duong.

    Tina's worked with both children and adults with spinal cord injury, stroke rehab, and neuromuscular disease. She talks about stretching, diaphragmatic breathing, and how to take care of yourself when starting a movement practice. Learn about the FITT Principle (Frequency, Intensity, Type, and Time) as it applies to movement and exercise.

    Once you've listened to this episode, don't waste any time in registering for any of the five information sessions on Saturdays during the month of May. Take a look at the Events Calendar for May with over 75 movement classes -- all free, online, and most with accessible accommodations.

    Each Saturday in May will feature movement instructors leading a stretch, discussing a different aspect of movement as well as motivating us to select attainable movement goals.

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    Two Facts & A Feeling: Telling a Patient Story

    Two Facts & A Feeling: Telling a Patient Story

    Telling a patient story can be a highly emotional task for anyone. Thankfully, there are people who can help. Emily Newberry - author, speaker, coach - at the Kaiser Permanente in Oregon, is one of those people.

    Emily was a natural story teller having spent part of her youth helping others tell their stories through song. Over the years she's perfected the craft and simplified the process. It's not rocket science, she says, just remember two facts and a feeling.

    As part of Kaiser's Person & Family Centered Care, high impact storytelling is important for patients as well as healthcare professionals. A patient story can create a call for action.

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    Five Years of Self-Care

    Five Years of Self-Care

    Self-Care, or radical Self-Care, is the theme for the 5-year anniversary of the Glass Half Full podcast. This short episode features my brand of self-care -- daily routines that are my sustenance, not just an end-of-the-week treat. Whether it's nutrition, movement, or attitude my waking hours are spent minimizing symptoms associated with a progressive neuromuscular disease and maximizing a limited supply of energy.

    As part of the anniversary celebration, join me in a streaming Facebook Live event on Sunday, March 21st at 11:30 a.m. Pacific. I'll be joined in a lively discussion on Self-Care with previous podcast guests.

    On Friday, March 26th at 11:00 a.m. you can participate in an interactive presentation, A Journey With Movement & Exercise at the Virtual Abilities Expo. Registration is free.

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    Starting a Contemplative Practice

    Starting a Contemplative Practice

    A contemplative practice includes meditation, prayer, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi or qigong, journaling or anything that helps ground you. Some people uses affirmations while others use music to help them ease into a more tranquil state.

    Shameka Andrews (pictured above) shares her meditation experience with individuals and organizations and even at a local farmer's market in upstate New York. Positive affirmations and mirror work have helped Shameka move through feelings of depression and isolation associated with having a physical disability,

    Gareth Walker talks about finding mindfulness meditation and how it's helped him cope with Multiple Sclerosis.

    Mary Holt, RN, went through a mindfulness meditation training that changed how she works with patients and families dealing with neurological conditions like muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's disease.

    Melissa Felsenstein used sound meditation to help her move through depression and anxiety.

    Molly Lannon Kenny, a yoga therapist and graduate of a program in Christian mysticism, discusses similarities between prayer and meditation.

    Author Toni Bernhard offers her Buddhist perspective on meditation and how it has helped her deal with a chronic illness.

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    Media Representation: Do you see your life reflected in popular media?

    Media Representation: Do you see your life reflected in popular media?

    Do you see images of yourself reflected in popular media? As a person with a chronic health condition and/or disability, is your life reflected in movies, television, print, or social media?

    In this themed podcast episode you'll hear from Christophe Zajac-Denek -- an actor, musician, surfer, skateboarder, and little person -- whose podcast, I'm Kind of a Big Deal, explores the unique lives of people with dwarfism. Christophe has worked in Hollywood movies for 11 years but rarely do you see his face.

    Lindsey Kizer, recently diagnosed with narcolepsy, appeared in an earlier podcast episode. Her experience of narcolepsy reflected in media has often been as a joke with the character falling asleep mid-sentence.

    John Poehler is a published author and award-winning blogger in Colorado. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1999, John's memory of mainstream media's representation of people with bipolar disorder was far from accurate.

    Daniel G. Garza, an HIV/AIDS patient leader, advocate, and educator talks about the first movie where he saw characters portrayed with HIV/AIDS. Daniel has a blog/podcast and YouTube channel.

    Ania Flatau, an avid dancer born with spina bifida, was featured in a previous podcast episode, Ania has never seen spina bifida represented in popular movies or television but she is quite proud of a certain wheelchair skater, Aaron Fotheringham.

    For those with myotonic dystrophy, like myself, all we have is this documentary, Extremis.

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    If I can't dance to it, it's not my pandemic

    If I can't dance to it, it's not my pandemic

    If Emma Goldman were alive and experimenting with the virtual life, she may have said something like this. Why not dance through the pandemic? It's good physical exercise, ignites oxytocin, and can bond you with a community.

    Several accessible dance organizations have brought their talents online and thus expanded their reach nationally and internationally. One organization, Dance for All Bodies, co-founded by two recent UC-Berkeley grads -- Yagmur Halezeroglu and Tess Hanson -- feature a variety of professional dance instructors teaching accessible dance in a variety of styles from salsa to urban jazz and even chair tap.

    Another group, Wheelchair Dancers Organization, pairs wheelers with walkers, and offers online classes in Island Fusion, Hip Hop, Latin Jazz, and Bollywood. One of their wheeler instructors, Ania Flatau, also offers dance classes on YouTube Live through her Facebook group, Cat Daddy's n Krew Virtual Fitness with Ania.

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5.0 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

MomOfEighteen ,

Outstanding Show!

Such a great resource for people wondering what to do, what’s next and how to live a full life!

Rootla ,

A Must Listen ....

For policy makers and patients alike! Leslie asks thoughtful interview questions, links whole health best practices, and approaches disability care seamlessly in this podcast. This podcast should be a trendsetter not just in the health care industry, but down to how we design our infrastructure and shapes our attitudes about what health means.

Wxz1J7u ,

Great Show

So glad I found this podcast. My partner has DM1 and this show has been inspirational. Informative and compassionate.

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