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Taking the founding principles upon which Lab Coat Agents was created; collaboration, sharing, & education of the best systems for maximizing lead generation & lead conversion, sharing tips & techniques to grow your business, and discussing the latest tech to help leverage your time...and re-purposing into the Lab Coat Agents Podcast! We are here to "explore the science of real estate."

Lab Coat Agents Podcast Tristan Ahumada, Jeff Pfitzer & Nick Baldwin

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Taking the founding principles upon which Lab Coat Agents was created; collaboration, sharing, & education of the best systems for maximizing lead generation & lead conversion, sharing tips & techniques to grow your business, and discussing the latest tech to help leverage your time...and re-purposing into the Lab Coat Agents Podcast! We are here to "explore the science of real estate."

    What It Takes To Grow A Brokerage, With Cory Rosier- EP 202

    What It Takes To Grow A Brokerage, With Cory Rosier- EP 202

    If you are a leader in the industry, a broker, a broker owner, if you want to grow a team, Jeff says the best advice he can give you today is to learn from someone who has recruited over 1,200 agents in 4 years. Cory Rosier, nicknamed “One Speed”  joins the show today to share some of his secrets and strategies, what he does that makes him so successful. Tune in now!
    Episode Highlights:
    Jeff introduces Cory Rosier who is with Big Block Realty based out of San Diego, CA.
    Cory talks about how he got into real estate and what led him to where he is today. He is originally from Syracuse, NY. 
    To get to CA, Cory had an internship his senior year of high school, afterward he sold everything he had and moved in with his aunt and uncle there. He ended up meeting his business partner there as well and started with mortgages in 2003.
    Cory talks about how he learned a lot when he chose to diversify in the 07-08 downfall when he was bouncing around in different things.
    Jeff asked Cory how he ended up getting back into real estate through his friends and Big Block Realty. 
    Big Block was an independent brokerage; They actually have franchises now which is fairly recent. The corporate office has a little 0ver 1,000 agents that closed about 6,000 transactions last year and they have 10 franchises right now.
    Jeff mentions that as a part of the podcast he is going to start a “Broker Blitz” to let brokers highlight themselves. 
    When Cory started in 2014, Big Block had 250-275 agents doing around 600-700 transactions.
    Jeff talks about how the word “recruitment” cna carry such a negative connotation for many and asks Cory for his take on it as he has mastered recruitment so well.
    Cory explains how when agents switch to different brokerages, they often do so in a high stress situation; With that understanding, he placed value on that big important move they are making for themselves.
    Cory talks about relationship building as opposed to just trying to promote your brokerage and talking about how great your brokerage might be. What about personality assessments? Jeff says that one thing many good coaches have in common is understanding the people you help on a personal level and approaching them as such. The questions that you ask are always important. Cory says to ask them as open-ended as possible. He also talks about how body language plays a role. Why is mirroring important and how does it work over the phone? Jeff and Cory discuss the different types of DiSC personality. Jeff asks Cory what has helped him to get to where he is now with understanding and managing people.  Narratives change with different generations and styles of communication. Jeff asks Cory how he tailors his approach. Jeff talks about the importance of being a good listener. You have to stop over talking  people. Cory reiterates to not keep saying how great you are and instead listen to their needs before sharing how you can help.  How do you grab attention away from a screen?  How have manners and dynamics shifted around the use of phones?  Cory had a lot to do with 3-4x of the growth in the brokerage. Jeff asks him what he does to create so many conversations.  Culture matters. Cory explains how he has seen that play out and explains how to find out what else matters for people. Do you get our feelings hurt easily? Jeff and Cory talk about looking at the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in the emotions of people coming and going and seek to support them. Cory talks about his company, Sweet Assist, how it works, and who it is best suited for.  The goal of it is to be the one spot for running the back end of your brokerage efficiently. There are ways to customize it for different needs as well. 

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    How To Build A Successful Real Estate Business?-with Lauren Rosin- EP 201

    How To Build A Successful Real Estate Business?-with Lauren Rosin- EP 201

    Coming out of a year that has been difficult and going into a year that could potentially be even more difficult, agents should have a lens to think of other ways to create wealth, especially for the long term. How should you invest in your future now? Tune in today to hear Jeff talk with Lauren Rosin. She has been in the business for over 20 years and has a ton of knowledge and experience to share.
    Episode Highlights:
    Lauren Rosin introduces herself. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY. When she was about to turn 20 she left to attend school in Arizona and was waiting tables to make money. Her neighbor told her when she graduated to call mortgage leads.
    As Lauren grew in her knowledge of finance she also educated herself on taxes and strategy.
    Lauren shares how she got her real estate license and started out.
    As a realtor, you have more options than most to find good deals.
    Lauren now runs a large team in Scottsdale, AZ and San Diego.
    When Lauren interviews real estate agents she asks if they get into the business to have more time. If that is their main reason she tells them that they are in the wrong business. She discusses how the recent strong market has created weak realtors and many need retraining.
    Are you struggling in your real estate business? What are you doing or not doing to succeed in the business?
    Write down everything you’re doing and evaluate it honestly then make a calendar to set up a plan for success.
    What about plugging into a team with real systems and processes?
    Jeff says,  “If someone is relatively new to the business, who should they be calling every single day?”
    What about specializing? Lauren gives some examples of focus.
    How can you make a mark on a community and become known?
    Niching down may be a cliche statement this year but it also may be a really important concept, too. Jeff and Lauren discuss.
    What if you’re hiring for your team? Lauren says to stop hiring out of desperation and talks about how you can ask better questions.
    Lauren shares her process for interviewing and hiring.
    What are “must ask” questions during an interview?
    Lauren’s sales manager taught her to stop setting other people’s goals.
    How many realtors invest in real estate? The answer might shock you.
    Lauren shares how she built her business by teaching people to buy rental properties and manage them. Jeff and Lauren discuss the objections about the market and investing. How are you going to plan for the future?  
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    Lab Coat Agents | Website | Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter | Instagram  Jeff Pfitzer   | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter Follow Up Boss (Sponsor) Chime (Sponsor) Z buyer (sponsor) lauren@laurenrosin.com https://www.instagram.com/laurenrosin/?hl=en https://www.rosinteamsd.com/splash-page

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    How To Create Habits That You Keep That Lead To Success- with Andy Rosas & Michael Manrique- EP 200

    How To Create Habits That You Keep That Lead To Success- with Andy Rosas & Michael Manrique- EP 200

    As a new year starts you probably have many plans for what you’re going to do this year. Today on the podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer addresses habits that real estate agents need to build into their business to survive and sustain. Andy Rosas and Michael Manrique are the habit experts who join the show today, called “The Habit Guys”. Maybe you know what to do but you just aren’t doing it and the success is not coming like you expected? There is advice for you today!

    Episode Highlights:
    Andy and Michael introduce themselves; They are business partners and they brought behavioral science into real estate. This topic is so important as NARS predicts many more agents will leave the business this year. Andy says, “ It is getting harder to close deals and agents are still not prospecting.” Michael talks about consistent action and the importance of understanding things that are outside of your control and how to optimize your body and brain so you desire to take change on the things you can. Andy went to Florida Atlantic University and was a kicker in Division 1 football. Right after college he realized he wanted to have his own business. He started in the seminar business  as a motivational speaker. In 2007, he became a CE trainer for brokers and agents. Mike and Andy have been friends since high school. Andy realized in training agents that they did not know what to do. They were just trying the next thing YouTube or a friend told them to try or going through the motions of what someone told them when they showed up which inspired the need for change that they saw. What about the analytics and tools? Why then do so many agents quit? Michael shares how he just went with the flow and thought he found success until everything he had started to fall apart. He shares how he redefined what success looked like and how he and Andy actually started out. Are you too anxious to take action or too tired?  Whether you know it or not you are building habits -once you understand them and can approach them with intentional fashion you can apply the knowledge for real change. What is it about  belief systems? Why are there so many formulas for disaster? Andy talks about things that can kill the identity of a realtor if they don’t know. Michael talks about confidence and how many can get caught in the trap of just looking for the next book, course, or conference. Do you believe you can take real action? He explains the difference between internal and external emotions.  As an agent you need to do one thing over and over again- it it prospecting.  What can you do to shift your mindset and overcome? Michael and Andy talk about how systems of actions and systems of beliefs work together. What is an actual habit? Michael explains and says, “At the end of the day you have to take consistent action and at the core of taking consistent action is this mechanism -habit formation.” Your belief system determines the action that you’re going to take and determines whether your vision of your life will become reality or not.  Nail down a morning routine; Be specific. It can be a major reason why agents don’t prospect. Know what is serving you and not serving you. Get rid of all the negatives. On paper, have a master list of all the things that you should be doing. Get away from technology when you need to focus.  If you’re having difficulty following through with what you say you want to do, you have to build the integrity in what you say but taking control of the things that are outside of your control. How does desire affect your actions? Michael talks about how you habit pair to link new emotions to hard tasks. Find people who are doing the same things that you want to be doing. Maximize your technology. Michael talks about redX and how they find it so helpful. Data, desire, and action gets you to take the action.  The sense of achievement is what matters for you doing that again and again. How do you use dopamine tha

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    How Authenticity Helps Real Estate Agents Achieve Success With Social Media-with Rachel Adams Lee-EP 199

    How Authenticity Helps Real Estate Agents Achieve Success With Social Media-with Rachel Adams Lee-EP 199

    Today on the podcast, learn how to go deep in authenticity as Jeff interviews Rachel Adams Lee who shares her journey with her real estate career and key strategies to being more effective and efficient on Social while also being real. People want to know who you are and people work with those who they feel like they can relate to. Don’t miss this one!
    Episode Highlights:
    What if you’re not thinking about the potential engagement and connections because you’re so focused on who is liking and commenting? Rachel has some really good advice. Rachel grew up in a really small town called Lake County. She shares a little bit about the rural town. Rachel has been in real estate for eleven years. The business runs in her family and she always said she would never do it. She was managing a small boutique real estate  Struggles in her personal life made her realize that she wanted more but she didn’t know what it looked like. When Rachel went to a conference called Bold, a quote rocked her world, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” She talks about how she had been in such a scarcity mindset. She then decided she was going to do an accelerated program and jump into real estate. Through grit and determination, Rachel pushed through four months of now sales and went on to sell 39 homes her first year, 109 her second, then 123 and found herself hitting Wall Street Journal’s top 1,000 agents in the country. Rachel committed to learning Social Media on her own before it was as big as it is now  and the referrals have grown and grown. The first year brought 7 referrals;  Last year, 
    they had 131 referrals come through Social Media. 
    If you feel the pressures of always being everything to everybody on Social, Rachel has advice for you. How do you know the difference between Social Media experts and eloquent speakers with microphones? What is the mindset? Jeff asks Rachel to talk people through the innovation and going from trying to show perfection to actually being honest. Rachel recommends to pick a platform and then pick 5 things that you will talk about on Social. People stick around because of who you are and how you make them feel. Her two goals are to either educate or entertain. What does the algorithm actually mean? Rachel breaks it down and shares how she uses ‘Google Keep’ to have her next posts ready to go. Have you heard of hashtag expert? Rachel shares how she uses it as well as her ratio To business versus personal content. Do you have a professional/creator account on Instagram? How do you evaluate what is working and not? She has shifted passions to share personal things and build real connections with people over the things she is actually experiencing in her life. A lot of people struggle with creativity. Jeff asks Rachel to share about the idea of being ‘on the ready’ for content. Rachel shares how her and her husband got marriage coaching around healthy boundaries with cell phones. If you’re so concerned about just getting Social content but missing your life, it is time to change. You don’t owe anybody anything in a certain timeline. Capture the content but you don’t have to share it at that moment. Rachel got into real estate to be financially free and to spend more time with the people you love. What about mom guilt? How can you be fully present?  The point of Social Media is to have engagement. Rachel gives the top 3 things to dial t in. What are the 3 questions your audience will be asking? Rachel has a rule of 5:5:5. She explains how it works and what her real estate team does every month to wake up the algorithm, get engagement, and grow referrals. For her posting on Social gives her energy rather than draining. If she feels like she ‘has to post’ she doesn’t. What can you do to be more effective and efficient?

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    How To Cut Through Life's Noise In Order To Make Personal Decisions- with Alex Rivlin- EP 198

    How To Cut Through Life's Noise In Order To Make Personal Decisions- with Alex Rivlin- EP 198

    Today there is so much noise. You turn on your laptop or open Social Media apps and there are more messages being thrown at us than we can keep up with. On this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, Jeff talks with a good friend of his and is a part of the Lab Coat Agents, Alex Rivlin, who also authored the book, “Static”. How do you focus on really being present where you are? Tune in!

    Episode Highlights:
    Alex Rivlin is the guest on the podcast today. He is a good friend of Jeff’s and the author of a book called Static. Alex operates a team in real estate but he has been an entrepreneur for many years. He lives in Las Vegas with his girlfriend and two children. At 18, he started his first business in auto repair. He exited that business at 26 when he got into insurance. He then spun that off into a technology company, still with insurance where he grew to 165 employees in 3 years. When Alex exited that business he was looking to solve a new problem and help as many people as possible.  Alex shares the reason that he got into real estate specifically. He shares the stats in Las Vegas for real estate agents- 82% of agents don’t renew their license for the second year.  What is it that sets apart the people that could make it? Alex first looked into developing and as he was researching and analyzing he decided he could make more of an impact in the real estate side. Success has different definitions for everybody. Alex has a passion to help people achieve what that is for them whether more money, harmony within the areas of your life, passive income, etc. Alex owns some portion of five different companies and is happy to show people the paths he has followed. Jeff talks about why people often shift to real estate. He also talks about the difference between balance and harmony. Do you feel like balance is elusive? Alex has advice about reaching for happiness. “If you’re chasing happiness, it is an issue”, he says. How do you focus on really being present?  Society creates our narrative and we try to measure up with it but what if it is not what's right for you and your life and family? Create your own narrative, be proud of it and own it. Jeff asks Alex to touch on tactical things that many people struggle with.  When you compare the highlight reels with your behind the scenes, it's not good and it is often not what it seems. Alex shares a personal story about worry and being the person he thought everyone else expected him to be. He also shares how he navigated out of self-doubt. What is the difference between self-doubt, negative self talk, and areas of improvement? How does Social Media work along with good harmony and perspective? Alex talks about the questions he asks himself before going through with his plans, posts, etc. “Fake it till you make it” is one of Alex’s least favorite things. He recommends to throw that to the trash and instead, be authentic; Be who you are. You have the aptitude and ability to do fulfilling things.  Alex talks about an American socialist, Charles Cooley and how a quote of his really summarizes self identity. You don’t need to be what you think others are wanting you to be. In Alex’s book he goes through how the brain works and how influences shape us. Advice comes from a personal lens and personal experiences. It is important to be aware of that and consider if you should take or leave it. Static goes deep in all aspects of life, the best tools you can gain are those that help you sort through. 
    Resources Mentioned:
    Lab Coat Agents | Website | Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter | Instagram  Jeff Pfitzer   | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter Follow Up Boss (Sponsor) Chime (Sponsor) Z buyer (sponsor)
    Alex Rivlin: 
    Paperback book STATIC by Alex Rivlin on Amazon https://www.instagram.com/alex_rivlin/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/alex.rivlin.1

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    How Not To Fail In Your First 2 Years Of Real Estate-with Jake Dixon - EP 197

    How Not To Fail In Your First 2 Years Of Real Estate-with Jake Dixon - EP 197

    On this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, Jeff talks with Jake Dixon. He coaches a lot of broker owners, focusing on the agents who sell 24 or fewer homes per year. Jake calls out those who say that the agents who fail just aren’t motivated enough. What if team leaders and coaches are too focused on giving professional advice rather than asking good questions to find someone's strength zone? All new agents should tune in to this episode in order to jump-start their 2023 business.
    Episode Highlights:
    What is the differentiation among coaches? There are a lot of struggling agents coming out of 2022. There is no secret with the stat of 87% of agents failing and leaving the industry in the first two years. Jake is from Wisconsin and a cardinal fan. He is a father of two young daughters, and his wife is also his business partner. Jake is very passionate about serving the underserved in doing God’s work.  Jake was drafted as a hitter which he turned down and then took the draft offer as a pitcher with the Anaheim Angels. He had a Tommy John surgery and then re-tore the ligament which eventually took him out of professional baseball.  Jeff asks Jake when and how he got started in real estate. He got his license in 2013 and sold one home and the owner of the company brought him in to interview as the team lead which he got and led to another opportunity to be a team leader in a  top 20 market in NC. Next, he got an offer to be a coach in 2016. In 2016, he transitioned out of the TL role into the coach role and he then looked at beta testing for a coaching platform. Very quickly, the coaching platform took off. In July 2017 they expanded into their first location; By the end of the year they were at 35. The end of the following year they were upwards of 150. Jeff asks Jake what it is that truly helps new agents. He says success lives in your strength zone. He has the ability to ask questions to see what motivates people internally, not just being a good advice giver like most coaches. How do you have your own custom lead generating plan that plays to your strength? Jake explains the 5 to 25 challenge that they use. 5 real estate conversations a day for a year works out to be 1,250 conversations over time. He has tracked this for 7 years and has found a 50 to 1 conversion rate- about 2% which works out to 25 transactions. There is just as much of a leadership problem as there is a “motivation” issue. Jeff asks Jake how he advises people to get started on a conversation list. Jake chunks everything down to time on task over time.    Where does someone start to conceive a list to have real estate conversations who could be legitimately in their market? Jake explains the difference between not having a bigger database and cherry-picking your database because of preconceived ideas. What do you like to do? Find friends and build a circle around there. Jeff talks about how so many get on Social and spam people about their awards and want to sell, sell, sell.  When you are authentic and use that to your strength, Jeff talks about how it truly works and compounds. Jeff reviews his birthday list on Facebook to intentionally make sure there is relevance to his friend list. Once you have a built in CRM, you need to be intentional about how you show up and engage. Jake says he is big on lifestyling. He sees it like Gary Vee talks about - don’t create content- document what you’re doing. Jeff talks about how the younger crowds drive the future of Social and how people prefer to interact. In real estate there is fatigue in trying to do too much too fast. Jake simplifies it. Jeff talks about how life derails you and you have to play the consistency game. Jake advises, “Show up and do the work. Surround yourself with other like-minded positive people.”

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5.0 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

Vito Pal ,


The host always is polite and ask tough questions to a guest and gives enough time for guest to respond. Rarely seen on other podcasts.
Love this one.

Trevor Oldham ,


One of my new fav podcasts!

VelvaGreen ,

Such a great show!

I really liked the episode on CRM - it’s such a valuable tool to use right and 6+ follow ups - wow! Good to know!!!

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