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Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. Every week, Claudia Cometa will bring you experts in mind, body, and spirit to help you begin minding your wellness, and ultimately your state of being.

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Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. Every week, Claudia Cometa will bring you experts in mind, body, and spirit to help you begin minding your wellness, and ultimately your state of being.

    Panel Discussion on Healthcare Insights and Improvements

    Panel Discussion on Healthcare Insights and Improvements

    In this episode, I am joined by a panel of experts in the healthcare field to discuss some key issues and concerns as well as insights into methods for improvements.
    Our panel:
    Dr. Jerrica Dodd 
    YourPharmacyadvocate.com Facebook:Your Pharmacy Advocate IG:@yourpharmacyadvocate @doctorjdodd Dr. Marie-Christine Dix
    Chiropractor. Functional Medicine Practitioner. Medical Acupuncturist https://drmariechristinedix.com/ info@drmariechristinedix.com Social media: @drmcdix https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dr-marie-christine-dix-d-c-9247b433 Brandt Markl, RPh
    brandtmarkl.isagenix.com Dr. Chase DiMarco, MD/PhD-C, MBA
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/chasedimarco/ Zachary Ryland

    • 1 hr
    Diving Into Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino

    Diving Into Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino

    Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. Scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world, space and universe. It originates from the sun and stars. He theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; and that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points of origin, “the storehouses,” for scalar energy. He further theorized that scalar energy is instructive energy, as the entire universe is instructed by this Divine Essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical action in the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy instructions.
    In this episode, we dive into:
    :: Tom's interest and passion in the field of scalar energy
    :: what scalar energy is
    :: how it plays a role in wellness
    :: how Tom works with scalar energy
    :: how this work has impacted people
    You can find Tom at:
    To find out how to work with me, go to https://www.peaceadvocacygroup.com

    • 34 min
    Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Noise Cancellation with Janne Kyllönen

    Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Noise Cancellation with Janne Kyllönen

    Janne Kyllönen is the Founder and Chief Product Officer at QuietOn. With a background as a physicist, Janne is a technological expert and uses his extensive background to drive product creation and improve user experience. Janne aims to create technology that makes life better. Before co-founding QuietOn, Janne worked at Nokia and Microsoft.
    In this episode, we talk about:
    :: his technological background and interest in this field
    :: what noise cancellation is and how it compares to white noise
    :: the environments in which this technology would be beneficial
    :: the results of their research
    For the book he mentioned click here. 
    For more info on QuietOn, click here.
    To work with me, click here.

    • 28 min
    Sarah Dionne on Honoring All Aspects of the Self

    Sarah Dionne on Honoring All Aspects of the Self

    Sarah's work as a mind body spirit mentor for the high preforming woman began 25 years ago as a spiritual seeker. After 12 years in the world of mental health and psychotherapy, 15 years of Yoga practice and a lifetime of self exploration and healing, she stepped out of mainstream practice and into the entrepreneurial world. Through all of these years and her work as an entrepreneur, she now puts it all together for the incredible and powerful women she mentors.
    In this episode, we chat about:
    :: her journey and expansion from traditional psychotherapy to a holistic approach
    :: what parts of traditional mental health practice no longer resonate with her
    :: her insights on connectedness vs oneness
    You can find Sarah online at https://www.wholehealthcollab.com/sarah-dionne
    To learn more about working with me, visit peaceadvocacygroup.com
    OR leave me a voicemail at speakpipe.com/MindingWellness

    • 51 min
    Making Medicare Simple with Joanne Giardini-Russell

    Making Medicare Simple with Joanne Giardini-Russell

    Joanne Giardini-Russell owns and operates a family insurance agency that specializes in Medicare. Medicare can be a stressful process for most people. She and her team have created a system to navigate people into the Medicare insurance system. They put you into the right Medicare products for your lives and your specific situation. Giardini Medicare is located in Michigan but can work with people in a number of states.
    In this episode, we keep things simple with Medicare, covering:
    :: what Medicare is and who is eligible
    :: when people should start thinking about Medicare and planning
    :: common mistakes people make regarding Medicare
    :: a breakdown of Medigap and Medicare Advantage
    :: what it looks like to work with a Medicare broker
    You can find more info on Joanne at www.gmedicareteam.com and their YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCultc0MbUwceEfGkjZIGbxQ
    To work with me, go to peaceadvocacygroup.com or claudiacometa.com. 

    • 38 min
    Tapping Into Food as a Prescription with Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio

    Tapping Into Food as a Prescription with Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio

    Authors Anthony Lo Cascio (Tap Dogs) and Staci Lo Cascio (Sesame Street Live!) are also professional tap dancers who understand the importance of the body’s well-being. When health challenges put their dance careers in jeopardy, they sought answers and eventually found food was their prescription. Their own journey to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle led them to write the best-selling handbook, “Food As A Prescription: A Handbook for Those Currently On or Prescribed a Gluten-free, Soy-free, Corn-free, and/or Dairy-free Diet”.
    In this episode, we talked about:
    :: their individual health journeys and how they ultimately came together
    :: how their passion to help others developed
    :: the challenges they faced as they altered their food choices and take
    :: practical advice for others seeking to make dietary lifestyle shifts
    :: what it's like to advocate for others in the health and wellness space
    :: how the flow of dance parallels the flow of a healthy lifestyle
    :: why they decided to write a book and what readers can find inside
    You can find Anthony and Staci online at: www.foodasaprescription.com or www.locafoodsinc.com. Follow them on IG and Twitter @LOCAFoodsinc and on Facebook @FoodRxBook. 
    You can find them dancing by searching #TapLife or www.taplifecompany.com.

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

JMommy2345674 ,

Curious host, great information

I was a guest on Minding Wellness and thought Claudia asked great questions and was genuinely interested in learning more and helping her community live well. This is a podcast offers something for everyone looking to improve their physical and emotional health. Take a listen. You’ll be hooked!


Just listened to Esther Blum podcast

Loved the interview. So much to think about. She brings in a good speaker to peak your interest

tinkur ,


Claudia is a person who genuinely wants to help her fellow human beings. She is a pharmacist and has been down the "typical" established medical path and has questioned some of the things she has learned along the way. Her background offers her a unique prospective and her open mindedness is admirable. Her guests are intelligent and interesting and Claudia does her homework before her interviews so that she can get the best of her guests out to her listeners.

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