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Interviews from the best and brightest minds in the real estate industry. We cover topics like Investing, listings, buyers, brokerage, technology, entrepreneurship and so much more. Brought to you by KevinandFred.com

Next Level Agents: The Kevin & Fred Show - Interviews with the best and brightest minds in the real estate industry Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver

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Interviews from the best and brightest minds in the real estate industry. We cover topics like Investing, listings, buyers, brokerage, technology, entrepreneurship and so much more. Brought to you by KevinandFred.com

    Focus on The Billion Dollar Idea and Dump Everything Else w/ Andrew Abernathey

    Focus on The Billion Dollar Idea and Dump Everything Else w/ Andrew Abernathey

    As driven entrepreneurs and hungry investors, we’re always searching for that big idea or once-in-a-lifetime deal. Then we find ourselves in a bunch of random businesses and investments in a bid to increase the odds of success. 

    More often than not, that only leads to a loss of focus and ultimately, a loss of wealth. What if getting to that billion dollar idea is as simple as picking something and concentrating on that? There’s a ton of different things we could be doing, the real challenge is learning to focus and be patient.  

    For Andrew Abernathey, concentrating on one idea allowed his business to ramp up to $250 million in a very short space of time. At one point, he was involved in a slew of random areas. It took losing a ton of money for him to realize that he didn’t know who he was or what exactly he was good at, and that’s why he was trying everything. That was the major turning point that made him think about his billion dollar idea and let go of everything else. The effect of his concentration can be seen in his results, and it’s something all entrepreneurs should think about. 

    The urge to do everything will never go away for entrepreneurs. If you follow that urge, it might just rob you of the big idea you’re looking for. Instead of searching for the perfect idea and trying to do everything, think about what you can be great at and just focus on that. It’s hard and goes against every instinct we have as investors - just like the instinct to never sit on cash. Ultimately, putting your hands in too many pies and doing a deal for the sake of doing a deal is how big mistakes are made. 

    Guest Info

    Andrew Abernathey is the founder and CEO of Abernathey Holdings (AH), a leading real estate holding company driven by a passion for business and inspired by the value investing approach of Warren Buffett and the simplicity approach of Gary Tharaldson. His investing journey began at the age of 13, exploring a diverse range of public securities. Established in August 2012, AH initially pursued a diverse investment strategy. However, in 2019, they strategically shifted their focus to developing and owning class-A self-storage facilities across the sunbelt region, while also owning the operating companies to ensure vertical integration. This streamlined approach has not only enhanced their returns but also propelled AH to achieve remarkable market-beating results, elevating their assets under management (AUM) to an impressive $250 million.

    For more information, go to https://www.andrewabernathey.com/,  https://abernatheyfoundation.com/ and https://unseen.org/. 


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    What I Learned from the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

    What I Learned from the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

    This year, for the first time ever, I went to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting AKA Woodstock for Investors AKA Coachella for Capitalists.

    Warren Buffett is by far, the world's most successful investor, and I was keen to hear what he had to say about the economy, his investing strategy and his mindset in the wake of the death of his business partner, Charlie Munger.

    As usual, Warren had a lot of insightful things to say - things that I’ve been thinking about in my own business and my approach to building wealth. Berkshire Hathaway has made a few surprising moves over the last year, but hearing Warren Buffett talk about the governing strategy, a whole lot made sense.

    Today, I share the most powerful lessons I took away from the meeting and how we can apply them to our own businesses.

    Key Points  

    The right way to evaluate a stock 
    Look at stocks as a business and realize that the market is there to serve you, not to inform you. When Warren Buffett is evaluating whether or not to buy stock in a company, he's evaluating it the same way he would if he was buying the whole company. Whether you're buying a piece of a company or the whole thing, you should be evaluating the decision the same way. The market tells you when it’s a good time to buy or sell, and you should follow that. If you don’t listen to what the stock is saying, you're going to make a lot of mistakes. 

    It's interesting how many mistakes you can make if you just keep going
    If you're in business, mistakes will always be part of the game. If you're not making mistakes, you're probably not doing a lot of things. If you're intelligent and reflective, you'll learn from those mistakes.

    Do what moves the needle 
    With the recent passing of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett has been thinking about what happens to the company when he passes away. He provided a simple but powerful blueprint for Berkshire's management team after he's gone - increase operating earnings, decrease shares outstanding and have a sizable cash investment for the occasional big opportunity. 

    Cash is king 
    There was a lot of buzz around Berkshire selling some of its holdings in Apple. Warren Buffett said his approach is all about reducing tax and increasing cash. It all goes back to the succession plan - having a sizable amount of cash so they could make an investment when there's a great opportunity. This is how I read deeper into this: Warren Buffett doesn't foresee things getting a whole lot better in the economy, and he foresees some more sales or good deals being available over the next 2 years.

    Look for good deals, not just any deal 
    When asked why Berkshire Hathaway’s cash hasn’t been invested, Buffett said, “I don't think anyone sitting at this table has any idea how to use it effectively, and therefore, we don't use it”. He then added, “we only swing at pitches we like”. If you’re sitting on a lot of cash, knowing where to put it is a big question and it's really easy to get antsy when you want to put the money to work. But when the world's most successful investor says “we only swing at pitches we like”, it's a good reminder to stay patient and look for great deals instead of just putting cash into any deal that comes your way. 

    Navigating the noise 
    The world that we live in is full of noise 24/7. When you go on social media, watch the news and read the economic reports, it’s hard to make sense of all the information coming your way as an investor. Warren Buffett’s insights and approaches are very simple. They cut right through the noise. This is not to say that none of the noise matters, but the key to investing is focusing on the things that matter the most. 


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    You Can Be Stupid and Succeed in Real Estate…Here’s Why w/Dave Fanale

    You Can Be Stupid and Succeed in Real Estate…Here’s Why w/Dave Fanale

    There are a lot of stupid people who have been massively successful in real estate. This isn’t an insult, just the reality of how uncomplicated it can be to build a beautiful business. But if you lack in intelligence, there are a few things you can’t lack if you want to succeed. 

    You can’t be impatient, inconsistent, undisciplined and undetermined. There’s a reason why the most successful agents came up in the toughest markets. It forces you to do all the right things in order to survive and live to sell another home. It forces you to pay attention, become a true student of the industry instead of burying your head in the sand or being stuck in your ivory tower. 

    When you’ve learned how to do things the right way, it doesn’t matter what’s going on, you’ll always win. High inventory, low inventory, great rates or challenging rates, it doesn’t matter. If you have the right behaviors in place, your business will be market-proof. 

    Today, I’m joined by real estate industry leader, Dave Fanale. We talk about what it takes to survive and thrive in this business


    Never put your head in the sand, no matter how successful you are, never sit in the ivory tower. -Kevin Kauffman  

    Don’t go after the business with the money in mind. See how you can help people and the money will follow. -Dave Fanale 

    Don’t listen to someone on Instagram just because they have Reels that look good. Actually look at the fruit of their labor. There’s too many people out there that sound like experts but don’t have any results to speak of. -Kevin Kauffman

    Guest Info

    Dave Fanale is the founder of Real Estate Skill Builder, a new type of coaching company. Focusing on accountability, production, and focus. He has been in the real estate business his entire professional life, spanning actually 6 decades. David has experienced many different markets, from 20% interest rates to the mortgage crisis to the 2022 Shift. Dave’s real estate career has included Realtor, Property Manager, Leasing Manager, Home Builder, Mixed Use Property Developer/Builder/Designer, Developer, Broker/Owner of a Century 21 Franchise Company and Real Estate Coach.  Dave believes the most important thing a real estate agent has to have is adaptability. He has helped many agents build businesses as well as reinvent themselves over the years. Go to https://www.reskillbuilder.com for more information and subscribe to the RET YouTube channel. 


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    Ben Riehle Returns! Institutional Buyers Aren’t Killing Real Estate, They Can Make You a Killing

    Ben Riehle Returns! Institutional Buyers Aren’t Killing Real Estate, They Can Make You a Killing

    Ever since hedge funds started bundles of single-family homes, institutional investors have been demonized. They’ve been blamed for ruining affordability, taking homes away from innocent consumers and killing real estate entirely. Reality isn’t quite as dramatic - that narrative is drastically overblown. In fact, many real estate professionals are missing out on massive opportunities by buying into this narrative. 

    Here’s the truth: single family has become a huge asset class and it will continue to be one over the next decade. That’s why so many investors are getting into it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s killing real estate as we know it. Ben Riehle saw the opportunity and shifted his business model from a traditional broker/property management operation to asset management in single family rentals. 

    As a real estate agent, you actually have a huge advantage because of your local knowledge, that’s what these companies are looking for. You could easily add this offering to your business and earn a lot more. 

    How do you get into a conversation with these companies? Why is the current state of single family decades in the making? Are institutions destroying real estate? In this episode, Ben Riehle returns to talk about the pivot in his business and why he’s bullish on single family rentals. He also gives us the lay of the land in single family investments and how agents can use it to be more valuable. 

    Guest Info

    Ben Riehle is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and managing partner of First Floor Capital Management, a company building institutional grade SFR portfolios across the Midwest and Sunbelt. With 12 years of single family rental experience and over $250MM deployed, and $45 Mil. of assets under management (mostly SFR and a few legacy multifamily assets). Ben and his team are in the process of launching their next fund that will buy quality homes in great neighborhoods in Louisville, Kansas City, Phoenix and Tucson and hold them for the next 10 years. Follow @SFR_investor on Twitter/X, go to https://www.thesfrinvestor.com/ and https://www.ffcm.com/ for more information. 


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    Marketing Lessons From MLMs: Get Rid of the Emotion, Make It About Math w/ Michael Hamburger

    Marketing Lessons From MLMs: Get Rid of the Emotion, Make It About Math w/ Michael Hamburger

    Whatever industry you’re in, marketing is something we all have to worry about. It’s our job to deliver eyeballs to whatever it is we have to offer. The challenge is, the rules of marketing and the platforms that can get us traffic are constantly changing, it’s hard to predict what will work in a few months. 

    What we have to be aware of is that people are using these marketing platforms to do their due diligence before they even think of hiring us. We have to be authentic and tell a story that connects because that attracts the right clients and repels the wrong ones. 

    As much as we use marketing to connect with people and build a relationship, we have to take the emotion out of it. To succeed at the marketing game, you have to focus on the math - the numbers and the dollars behind the strategy. If we get too emotionally invested, it can be hard for us to make the shifts and pivots that give us the results we want. 

    What are the critical boxes our marketing content has to check? How do we succeed when the marketing landscape is always shifting? In this episode, I’m joined by CEO and Founder of Ezzey Digital Marketing, Michael Hamburger. He talks about the mentality we need to have about marketing, and how working in MLMs prepared him for the industry. 


    Be who you are at all times, whether you’re on camera or not. -Kevin Kauffman  

    Try to remove all the emotion from the marketing side of things when it’s decision making time. Make it about math. -Michael Hamburger 

    You have to be authentic to who you are, inauthenticity has a stench people can sniff out real quick. -Michael Hamburger 

    Guest Info

    Michael Hamburger is the CEO and Founder of Ezzey Digital Marketing. He’s dedicated over 20 years to innovating the field of digital marketing. Ezzey Digital Marketing, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is renowned for crafting bespoke digital strategies that drive search engine rankings, generate leads, and amplify revenue across diverse sectors. At Ezzey, they take pride in being a mainstay of full-service marketing. Their forward-thinking solutions enable businesses to excel in the complex and competitive digital environment. Beyond these services, Michale also indulges his passion for coaching and training business owners, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales teams. Empowering others with tools and insights to navigate the digital age is a mission close to his heart. Go to https://ezzey.com/ for more information and follow Michael on Instagram. 


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    Scarcity Brain: Why We Do What’s Bad for Us and How to Stop w/ Michael Easter

    Scarcity Brain: Why We Do What’s Bad for Us and How to Stop w/ Michael Easter

    There’s a reason people keep gambling even though we know the house always wins. There’s a reason we compulsively open apps on our phone without realizing it. Human beings are prone to falling into the trap of behaviors that feel good in the short term but hurt us in the long-term. 

    It’s the scarcity loop, and some of the ways our world has changed make it easier for us to get caught up in it. From food to slot machines and social media, there are whole industries pouring billions into keeping us stuck in the loop. 

    In order to escape the trap, we have to embrace short-term discomfort in different ways so we can live better and healthier lives. The good news is, the scarcity loop can be leveraged to work another way - to get us to install and maintain positive habits. Sneaking the broccoli into the Mac and Cheese, if you will. We’re naturally attracted to the scarcity loop. If we can find a way to leverage it for good, that’s the ultimate hack for doing the right things. 

    Why can't we escape the things that are bad for us? What can we learn from other parts of the world about doing what’s good for us? In today’s Book Club, we’re joined by speaker, professor, and New York Times bestselling author of Scarcity Brain, Michael Easter. He talks about the book, the research that inspired it and interesting insights about habits - good and bad. 

    The faster and easier you repeat a behavior that’s rewarding to you, the more likely you are to keep repeating it. -Michael Easter

    Use the scarcity loop to your advantage 
    There are 3 parts to the scarcity loop - the opportunity, the unpredictable reward (with a crazy range of outcomes) and repeatability. Once we know what’s going on, we can leverage this loop for our benefit. Humans are naturally attracted to the scarcity loop. If you can find a way to leverage it for good, that’s the ultimate hack for falling into a positive habit. One way we can turn the scarcity loop on its head is to slow down the repeatable behaviors. With phones and apps you use too much, you can use an app like Clearspace to delay the gratification we get from them. Research has even found that having grayscale on your phone reduces your screen time by 40 minutes because colors direct behavior. 

    Don’t underestimate the insights of experience
    It’s easy to do research on the internet but if you’re researching everything that means someone else already figured that thing out too. Experience is one of the greatest teachers that can lead you to experiences that aren’t already out there. 

    The truth about happiness 
    There’s no perfect path to happiness, though it often gets communicated to us that there’s a formula. The commonalities happy people have is they figure out what brings them deeper satisfaction, they focus beyond the worldly trappings like possessions, titles and money in the bank. They also have a bigger reason and higher purpose that will help other people. The promise but also the peril of living is you have to find that path for you. 

    Guest Info

    Michael Easter is a speaker, professor, and New York Times bestselling author of Scarcity Brain and The Comfort Crisis. He has made a career of traveling the world to uncover practical ideas that help people live healthier, happier, and more remarkable lives. Michael’s research has taken him everywhere – from war zones to the Arctic to the Bolivian jungle. He’s interviewed thousands of experts, from Nobel laureates to world-class athletes, and pored over countless studies to find the best science-backed tactics you can use to optimize your life. His goal has always been to take these insights from the edge and make them accessible and actionable for readers. Go to https://eastermichael.com/ and sign up for The 2% Newsletter.  


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