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The most engaging conversation between health professionals happens in chance meetings in the hallways. During these moments so much is learned .*One Thing* brings together thought leaders in conversation and we share it with health enthusiasts , practitioners,and learners. Our conversations primarily focus on one significant thing in the arenas of gut health, brain health, metabolism, performance, and aging . Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/adam-rinde/support

One Thing with Dr. Adam Rinde Dr. Adam Rinde

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The most engaging conversation between health professionals happens in chance meetings in the hallways. During these moments so much is learned .*One Thing* brings together thought leaders in conversation and we share it with health enthusiasts , practitioners,and learners. Our conversations primarily focus on one significant thing in the arenas of gut health, brain health, metabolism, performance, and aging . Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/adam-rinde/support

    Biofilm in human health . Dr. Deanna Berman

    Biofilm in human health . Dr. Deanna Berman

    Biofilm are communities of bacteria that form in many places in the body including the lumen of the gut where bacteria transition from a free forming and moving organism into joining a community of bacteria living in a unit called biofilm.

    Biofilms are most acknowledged in dentistry as the purpose of flossing is largely to disrupt biofilm. Also, they are of grave concern in medicine as biofilms often form to the detriment of the host on implants, tubes, and catheters.

    The significance of biofilm is generally around the concept that bacteria and other organisms (i.e. Yeast) in a biofilm generally evade the immune system and can resist antibiotics.

    In this episodes we speak about how biofilm appears in the body, how it is tested,  what conditions are most effected by it, and what to do to treat it.

    About our guest:

    About Dr. Berman: Dr. Deanna Berman is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and a certified Midwife practicing in Vermont. She is a graduate of Bastyr University, a four-year, post-graduate, medical school just outside of Seattle. She has a special interest and advanced training in Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Urinary Tract Infections, and Lyme Disease.

    Her website is www.drdeannaberman.com

    Her Instagram handle is @drdeannberman

    She also has Facebook Group called UTI recovery

    Links mentioned in episode:


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    WIALD : Breath Hydrogen Sulfide Testing

    WIALD : Breath Hydrogen Sulfide Testing

    Welcome to the next episode of WIALD , a feature of The One Thing Podcast, that stands for What I AM LEARNING DAILY. Today, I speak about Hydrogen Sulfide Breath Testing which may be the missing gas or missing link in identifying dysbiosis, sibo, or IBS factors.   I recently learned a lot about it and I am excited to share. 

    #ibs #sibo #dysbiosis 


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    Disorders of Gut Brain Interactions with Dr. Douglas Drossman and Johannah Ruddy M.Ed.

    Disorders of Gut Brain Interactions with Dr. Douglas Drossman and Johannah Ruddy M.Ed.

    Receiving diagnosis like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), often comes with a stigma.

    Some believe IBS is a diagnosis a doctor uses to describe digestive symptoms when no serious pathology has been found.

    Thankfully we are moving a way from this definition. 

    And now we recognize that conditions like IBS involved scientifically proven imbalances in both the gut and brain and must bet treated as such.

    The progress made can largely be attributed to the work of The Rome Foundation and the guests of this episode Dr. Douglas Drossman and Johannah Ruddy, M.Ed.

    Dr. Drossman and Johannah are the authors of the new book, Gut Feelings, Disorders of The Gut-Brain Interaction and are pioneering the efforts for patients and doctors to unite to have better approaches to treatment and care of these digestive disorders.

    Disorders like IBS have now become part of a larger group of digestive disorders now called Disorders of Gut Brain Interactions.”.

    In this episode we discuss:

    ● From a “diagnosis of exclusion” to where we are today.

    ● How the Gut and Brain Interact. What science tells us.

    ● Doctor-Patient teamwork

    ● Modalities of treatment for Brain-Gut Interactions

    About our Guests:

    Dr. Douglas Drossman

    Dr. Drossman is the president of the Drossman Center for the Education and Practice of Biopsychosocial Care, the President, Drossman Consulting and Drossman Gastroenterology, the President Emeritus and COO, Rome Foundation, a Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and the Founder and Co-Director Emeritus, UNC Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders. His list of publications, research, and contributions to the field of functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders is tremendous.@ddrossman

    Johannah Ruddy, M.Ed.

    Mrs. Ruddy is the Executive Director of the Rome Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors of DrossmanCare, and is a Co-Facilitator for Teaching Communication Skills to Patients and Providers. Mrs. Ruddy has a BS in Political Science and an M.Ed. in Curriculum Development and 20 years of executive leadership experience working with a variety of nonprofit organizations nationwide. She has a strong background in grant writing, and is a speaker at GI practices, medical centers and conferences in the area of communication and patient advocacy. In this capacity she facilitates patient communication, education and advocacy programs within the Rome Foundation and DrossmanCare. @johannahruddy


    Presale Page for Gut Feelings: https://theromefoundation.org/gut-feelings-presale/

    #tuesdaynightibs, #gutfeelings #ibs #motilitydisorders #functionaldigstivedisorders #gutbrainaxis #gutbraininteractions #romefoundation


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    A Fat Loss Lifestyle with Alex Leaf, MS, CISSN

    A Fat Loss Lifestyle with Alex Leaf, MS, CISSN

    There is an obsession in this world with weight loss.

    The search term “weight loss” outpaces the search term “fat loss” by leaps and bounds.

    In fact, on May 3, 2020, “weight loss” reached the most popular search term status on google in The United States. Reaching a popularity score of 100/100. On the same day the term “fat loss” only had a popularity score of 4 out of 100.

    It may seem trivial and semantic to some; but to me that says a lot about the mentality and understanding of metabolism, body composition, and largely why the dieting culture frequently fails.

    On the subject of metabolism, fat percentage and fat quality are what matters in the grand scheme of health, fitness, and longevity. Not weight.   However, most “diets” are designed to set you on the path of reaching a specific weight that somehow reflects health.  These weight focused diets often overlook the impact of their weight loss program on your emotions, muscle mass, bone health, brain health, and hormone health.

    The topic of weight and fat can be very triggering to discuss. Especially for those of us who have had ongoing struggles with metabolism and have reached a point of frustration and even mental health concerns around weight.

    When approaching this topic, I could think of no one better to bring on Alex Leaf, MS, CISSN one of the up and coming stars in Nutrition Research and one of the pioneers of the Fat Loss Blueprint.  After learning about his approach on this topic, I felt that it was one of the most responsible and integrative approaches to fat loss I have come across.

    In this episode we speak about:

    1. Fat loss factors such as ghrelin, orexin, AMPK, protein muscle synthesis, cortisol, and satiety

    2. Resistance training and its effect on metabolism

    3. Discuss the impact of sleep and circadian rhythm disruption

    4. His take on macronutrients such as protein

    5. His take on calories

    And much more.

    One of the things about Alex is that he is not hype. He’s grounded, full of science, and his approach to fat loss is very thoughtful and careful.

    About Alex Leaf, MS, CISSN

    Alex is a nutritionist, researcher, writer, and scholar. He is a graduate of  Bastyr University’s  master’s didactic program in dietetics . He received his undergraduate degree from Washington State University.  He has worked with Examine.com and has performed research on overfeeding with the esteemed Dr. Jose Antonio through ISSN.  He is also on faculty at the University of Western States in their  Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine master’s program.  Along with his wife, Briana Theroux, and Ari Whitten he has recently developed a comprehensive online program in fat loss called The Fat Loss Blueprint. He is an advocate of a non-dogmatic and evidence-informed approach to nutrition.

    Social Media Links:



    Facebook Page

    Fat Loss Blueprint

    Keywords: #fatloss #weightloss #ghrelin #adiponectin #orexin #protein #ampk #fatlossblueprint #alexleaf #cortisol #circadianrhythm


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    Joint Pain with Dr. Angela Cortal

    Joint Pain with Dr. Angela Cortal

    Chronic Joint Pain often leads to a diagnosis of degenerative joint disease (also known as osteoarthritis) and patients are given the array of physical therapy and anti-inflammatories with the hope of delaying and preventing joint replacement surgery.  This is a standard approach and joint replacement procedures often need to be redone 10-20 years late. .
    A multi-disciplinary approach to the same problem might look at diet, lifestyle ,exercise, nutrition, hormonal health, and other factors to prevent or delay surgery.  
    In this episode I welcome Dr. Angela Cortal who is an expert in Joint health and regenerative therapies and the author of Younger Joints Today.
    This episode covers:
    1.  How hormone health matters in joint pain. 
    2. Nutritional and lifestyle influences
    3. Regenerative therapies
    4.  Dr. Cortal's  7 step plan for Joint pain .
    Short BIO:
    Dr. Angela Cortal is a Naturopathic Physician based in Oregon, and the best-selling author of Younger Joints Today. She is passionate about reversing degenerative joint disease by addressing the root causes. She loves partnering with her patients to optimize their health, happiness, strength, and well-being.
    In addition to her clinical practice, she teaches and speaks online on addressing your own joint pain, instructs physicians on advanced injection skills and lectures to professional audiences (on hormones, joint health, and injection therapies). In her spare time she tends to her rural property with her husband Xavi and their two rescue dogs.
    Social Medial Links:
    Facebook Page
    Keywords:  #connectivetissue #ligaments #tendons #hormonehealth #osteoarthritis #collagen#regenerativetherapy


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    Performance with Idan Ravin

    Performance with Idan Ravin

    Idan Ravin Esq., MSc, CSCS is an elite performance coach for many of the top NBA players.  He is also the author of The Hoops Whisperer and
    It Takes Patience.

    Idan has a very unique life journey and also a gift for the craft of improving and fine tuning performance.  Whether you are trying to improve your fitness, health, or life situation I think you will learn a lot by hearing from someone who trains individuals who are the best in the world at their craft.

    When I first heard of Idan, I was inspired by his ability to think out of the box and his ability to help his athletes push past boundaries.  He joins me in a  special episode of The One Thing Podcast .

    In this episode we discuss:

    How Idan went from an orthodox upbringing, to law, school to becoming a performance coach for some of the top NBA players.
    How he transitioned from training people more as a personal internship to being compensated greatly for doing what he loves.
    What it's like to try and improve the performance of the top athletes of the world such as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Steph Curry,  Lebron James, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin.
    How he focuses on progression and performance and how his sessions involve progressions and regression.
    How he creates training sessions that mimic the outcome he is trying to achieve.
    How he likes to work with athletes that have been overlooked or who have been given up on.
    Structure and Rules . How to apply rules to specific situations but not as a generality.
    How he communicates with athletes and the importances of being calm, thoughtful, direct, and analytical.
    Seeing things different and asking different questions.

    Links Mentioned in the episode:

    Idan on Instagram

    Idan on Twitter


    The Hoops Whisperer

    It Takes Patience

    #performance #innervoice #outofthebox #details #trainlikeyouplay #trainsmart #authenticity #dowhatyoulove #playwithlove #itakespatience #thehoopswhisperer


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7 Ratings

Dr. Leslie Meyers ,

Excellent health podcast loaded with the wisdom of some impresssive docs!

I loved hearing Dr. Hirst share her overall philosophy on PCOS and hear the compassion and understanding she has for her patients. Dr. Iyers knowledge of postpartum depression was incredibly informative as well. Thank you. Very cool. Great interviews, Dr. Rinde!

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